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Renpure Solutions Cleansing Conditioner, Rosemary Mint, 16 Fluid Ounce

Most damage to hair occurs during shampooing, rubbing your hair causes the damaged areas to crack and tear. This miracle cleansing conditioner melts into your hair. Coconut oil gently removes surface impurities while restoring natural oils. Hydrating Keratin loaded with amino acids and protein repair damage and restore strength. Shea butter conditions damaged areas replacing protective lipids, resulting in beautiful, soft, silky hair alive with shine and luster.

Key features

  • Hydrating keratin loaded with amino acids and protein repair damage and restore strength
  • No sulfates, parabens, dyes, gluten, phthalates, propylene glycol
  • Color safe formula
  • These products are not tested on animals, they are tested on the redmonds

Honest reviews


Licensed Cosmetologist and Product Experts review

This is a great alternative to Wen if you have pretty healthy hair. I actually used it last night (I use Wen Fig normally) just to be able to give you an honest review. I was impressed that it actually wasn’t bad! I have damaged hair, so I need to stick to the more moisturizing Wen Fig. If the price tag of Wen shocks the crap out of you, then try this. You won’t be disappointed. If you have really dry damaged hair, leave some in on your ends for extra moisture. I am giving my bottle to my fiance, he will love it. Hope this helps!Licensed Beauty Pro

Gayla Price, MD

Decent product

Update: I’ve finished the entire bottle and actually bought more in the sweet pom scent. It took a few uses of this to not feel crunchy, like my hair had to get used to it. But now that I’ve used the entire bottle, my hair craves it. I no longer have the issue of rinsing constantly, crunchy hair, or waxy feeling follicles. Personally, I’m adoring this stuff. I’ll continue buying it as long as my hair wants it. I feel its a good price since a bottle will last me several months. A lot of people on here are saying that they have to use a ton of the product, but you really don’t. If you follow the curly girl method of washing your hair it’ll only take you 4-6 pumps to do your entire head (I have shoulder length hair).I’ll start off by saying that I haven’t used a sulfate product on my hair in 4 years and I went ‘poo free almost a year ago, with amazing results in my naturally curly hair. But, as luck would have it, I lost my extra bars of homemade lye soap that I usually use and couldn’t wait the time it would take to get more shipped. Off to Walgreens, I searched in vain for 10 minutes looking for Renpure Miracle Conditioner as I had used it in the past in a pinch and it worked to clean my hair without harsh chemicals. Alas, no such thing existed in my local Walgreens anymore. I slunk back to the hair care (using this term loosely because most of those products don’t really care for your beautiful tresses) aisle after asking a blank-faced, gum snapping employee and started my search anew. This time I was searching out every single product that didn’t contain sulfates. Piling them all into my buggy, I started eliminating them right off. Loreal? No. Organix? Tempting because I love the scents but no. It went back on the shelf. Then I came to this product. I’ve heard of cleansing conditioners, I mean who hasn’t stayed up late and seen an infomercial? After reading the back of it and cringing at the unnecessary ingredients that I would be dumping onto my hair and into the water stream, I left it in my buggy. What’s a girl to do when she only has one day to find something to wash her hair with before people start crossing the streets and avoiding eye contact?Earlier tonight, I got up for work and after making a naked mad dash into the livingroom where I had left this, I slathered it on and scrubbed. And waited. And rinsed. And rinsed. And rinsed again for good measure. I spent more time rinsing my hair tonight then I normally spend on a week in the shower. But, apparently, I didn’t spend enough time. After watching my hard-earned dollars fall down the drain in the form of liquid, I stopped rinsing. My hair still felt waxy. Clean, but waxy. And it was as straight as a board that hasn’t been exposed to moisture. This was my first sign that something was wrong. My hair normally curls up in the water. I went trucking on. To match my (hopefully) clean hair, I gave a quick scrub to the rest of me, rinsed everything (hair included)and jumped out.Pure bliss! After squeezing the water out of my hair with a 100% cotton t-shirt (to eliminate frizz), I was able to run a curl comb directly through it without snagging at all. I loved it. I scrunched it and was ready to go. Fast forward an hour. My hair is now completely dry. And crunchy. Good news is that there is no frizz. Bad news is that after wasting 100 gallons of water that third world countries would gladly murder me for, I didn’t rinse it enough.My hair is crunchy even though I have no product in it. It feels light and airy (and a little waxy). Not heavy at all as others are reporting. It formed the most perfect curls my head has ever seen without the use of heated torture devices. But it is f-ing crunchy. Not cool Renpure. Not cool.I’ll continue to use this on the chance that my hair may just need to get used to it. Maybe it’s like growing up at a nudist resort and then suddenly being thrown into corporate America. Sure, they have casual Fridays, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that you have to wear clothes. Maybe, just maybe, Renpure Cleansing Conditioner is casual Friday for my hair and it’s rebelling like a teenager that just discovered that their parents can’t physically remove them from a store for throwing a fit. I’ll let you know after I devise a fitting punishment for the new teenaged attitude on my scalp.

Maritza Romulus, NY


I made the mistake of buying this before reading the reviews. I wanted WEN but can’t bring myself to pay that much, so I found a cheaper knockoff in the drugstore. My hair is long, tends to be oily on the scalp and dried and frizzy towards the ends. This did nothing I could tell, other than weigh down my roots and make them look more oily. So, I washed my scalp with normal shampoo to get rid of the oil, then used this hoping it would at least help condition my dried ends. Nope. I noticed absolutely no difference in frizz and smoothness. In the shower my hair actually felt more coarse while using this product. It didn’t help detangle, either. The smell isn’t too bad, but is sort mediciney like Ben Gay. Don’t waste your money.

Josefina Coalton, WV

I cannot recommend this product

I was born during JFK’s administration and I have probably discarded 2 hair care products in my entire life. This is the third. I have thick wavy and coarse hair. This product does not clean, does not condition, just awful. It left my hair coated and waxy. One is better off using inexpensive conditioners such as Suave, VO5 and the rest. This product is not as good as either the expensive stuff it tries to imitate nor the inexpensive stuff. Unfortunately, one more bad review for Ren.

Joy Avalon, NJ

please stop comparing to wen

every cream shampoo seems to compare to wen you need to stop.this shampoo is nothing like wen,it has a shampoo feel when you apply it my hair was all over the place even after using a hair oil to stop the static,i could not get the brush through it when using it it felt like a regular cheap shampoo that lathers a get what you pay for if you can’t afford wen and want that wen feeling your are not going to get it from this i’m sorry.wen is wen chaz dean got it right no one has come close to recreating his cream save your money take care of your hair your worth it

Eliza Phelps, KY

Sad Substitute for Wen

I bought Wen once & loved every minute of it; however, the cost scared me off, so I went back to the higher-end drug store bransd (John Freida, Organix, etc) When I saw a twin pack of Ren in BB&B; for $13, I figured “why not give it a try?” I wanted to love it for the price, the fact that it is made in the USA, and that it seems to be a family company.So here is my honest to god opinion:Its pretty terrible.I have lots of long thin dry hair. I use abt 20 pumps of the Rosemary Mint in my hair. Massage it for 3 minutes, comb it out with a shower comb, cover with a plastic cap, go about my shower business (abt 5 minutes) and rise out my hair fully then in sections while combing it out for what feels like an eternity (but it probably about 5 minutes) The cream does nothing for in shower detangling. Even with its thickness, there just seems yo be no glycerin in the formula. It does smell heavenly. I love mint.The results are ‘2nd or 3rd day’ hair immediately after blow drying. It isnt horrible, but im used to stretching out my shampoos 2-3 days, so with this product, it is neccessary every day wash with dry shampoo sometimes. On the plus side, my hair feels quite thicker. I havent attempted any heat appliances (curling iron) but im going to assume there will not be good results because of the weight the product adds to the hair. I know that a lot of people will state that I should rinse out my hair more, but seriously, I really do rinse out well, it is just the product sticks to my hair. It might be because I have very dry hair, and it is rebuilding it.I will not be getting it again, but I will finish out the two bottles. If the results get better/worse, I will update.Update 01/29/2013: Well, I tried & tried, but I had to break down and use shampoo in conjunction with the product. It is definitely not for me. I was actually super happy when I got to the end of the bottle. About that–the product is so thick, that it is really hard to get the last bits out of the bottle. Not that I am complaining, I was happy to get rid of it. So sad–for something that smells so good to behave so badly. *Sigh* oh well. No harm done.

Susie Hatteras, NC

This is not for me!

This product did not work on my hair. I have used a few other cleansing conditioners and none of them left my hair extremely heavy and greasy. My hair has never reacted to any product this way. I have used it a few times and have had the same result every time. My hair was so weighed down and greasy. It looked like I hadn’t washed my hair in a week. Pretty disappointed.

Clarissa New London, TX

Not for my hair. Maybe for yours.

This is not a bad product, it’s just wrong for my hair. I have very fine hair and it leaves my hair extremely shiny, but it also leaves it over-conditioned. The shine is nice, but I feel like I need to go rewash my hair. IF you wash your hair everyday (I usually don’t), it may be fine for you, but too intense for me. I suspect it will work better on my husband’s hair. I do use other Renpure products and they are excellent.Not every product is good for every person. If you have very dry hair, or your hair is curly/ethnic/coarse and deep conditioning is what you need, this may be exactly right for you.It’s too much for me, however.

Annette Park Forest, IL

not for certain types of hair

This product may be great for some hair types, but for me it was not. I have long blonde hair which is thick, but each hair is fine (that’s just the nature of blonde hair, each hair has a small diameter). My hair is also a little oily at the scalp and drier at the ends. I have never found 2-in-1 type shampoos to work for me because they add too much conditioning at my scalp where I don’t need it, and not enough conditioning at the ends where I do need it. This product did exactly that same thing, but was actually worse because I could not get it to rinse out. As a result, my hair felt heavy, flat, dull, and just plain not-clean. I had read other reviews that talked about how difficult it was to rinse out so I went to extra effort to rinse, but it still wouldn’t come out. I can’t even imagine the disaster this would be if a person had low water pressure…I was rinsing under the faucet in my tub so it was getting full force water and still wasn’t rinsing effectively. Normally I use a sulfate free shampoo on my scalp and a conditioner on my ends (total cost for both is less than the cost of this product) and my hair is light and bouncy and shiny. I normally wash every 2 days but with this I would have to wash daily because the residue left traps more dirt and oils. When you think about it, it is a rather wasteful product, A. because you have to use so much because it is so hard to work through your hair (recommended amount on the bottle is 10-12 pumps!) and B. because it takes so long to work it in and (attempt to) wash it out that your conservative 5 minute shower becomes a 10 minute shower. I also don’t like that this product contains silicone which is just a cheap synthetic ingredient that I have found breaks me out in little rashy bumps around my hairline, scalp, shoulders, and back (wherever the shampoo touches.) If you have dry or mature hair then maybe this would be a good product for you, but I found it to be both ineffective and a pain to use.

Rena Ebeye, MH

Ren review

I was really excited to try this product when I saw it in walgreens. It was buy one get one free so my mother and I both have our own bottles =) When I got home I looked at reviews here on amazon and was a little discouraged I thought oh great!!!! I tried it anyways and I am very happy with the results it cut out 90% of my frizz and I am 100% frizz ball. The smell is nice and I like how this product gives a cooling tingle on my scalp. when using this product you really have to massage your scalp and hair from root to tip really work this stuff in for a few minutes. Give it a try it might work for you like it did for me =)

Janine Rowland, NC

Works Good; Smells Great

I’ve been trying all the cleansing conditioners. This one is very good. I went to sleep and woke up with not a single hair out of place. The only criticism I have is that it leaves your hair a little crunchy, but brush or comb it out and it’s soft and silky. This might be a good replacement for hair gel or hair spray because my hair was exactly the same when I woke up. My hair tends to frizz out and I use products to control it and keep from getting pyramid head. This eliminated that problem while leaving my natural feeling, not weight down or gross. Also, not crunchy because the crunch can be shook out very easily.Anyway, I will probably use it in between Hair One and maybe Wen Styling Creme. On days when I don’t need as much control, I’ll use others that have less cones and holding power. On days where I need to have flawless hair, I will use renpure rosemary mint.

Kristina Butler, IL

Not as great as Wen, but for the price, a worthy substitute!

PRODUCT REVIEW: I absolutely love Wen and used it exclusively for a couple years, but quit due to the cost. Even with short hair, it was kind of a big expense. Plus shipping costs. Ew. So, I’ve been searching ever since for a substitute. I tried Hair One (did not like – my hair felt way too dry and tangly afterwards), L’oreal Evercreme (which worked well for awhile but then seemed to dull and weigh my hair down), and then I heard about Ren so I had to try that, too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel as “luxurious” on my hair as Wen does, and I don’t feel my hair is as silky after drying, but I’m pretty pleased with the results (especially the shine). The tangly-ness does bug me a bit, but I think I’ll just try using a very small amount as a leave-in conditioner and see if that helps. Bottom line, it’s good for the price, but I still long for Wen.USAGE TIPS: I also wanted to add my tips for cleansing with these cleansing conditioners, since a lot of people complain of oily or greasy hair afterwards. I do have hair that tends to be a little dry, but I don’t think there’s any need for you to suffer and end up with grease-slicked hair with any of these products! 🙂 So, here’s what I do, and I’ve never had a problem with greasiness. I hope it helps! First, make sure your hair is soaking wet throughout. Also, you have to use a LOT of product. I use a palm-full and I have pretty much a pixie-ish cut with longer bangs and layers on top (although I am probably using too much!). Anyway, I rub the product together in my hands for a second and then rub/distribute it all throughout my hair. I stick my head under the shower water for like 1.3 seconds to add a bit of water, and then with my fingertips directly on my scalp I massage vigorously all over my head/hair. It does actually sort of lather when I do this, like sort of a foamy lather. Anyway, I do that first in the shower, then leave the “lather” on throughout the rest of my shower while I’m washing my face, shaving, etc. Right before I’m done with my shower routine and ready to rinse out my hair, I add a little bit of water again and re-lather, then rinse very, very well. I feel like all the foaming/massaging really helps in avoiding the greasiness that I think would be likely if you just slapped it on and then rinsed it out. I use this exact same routine no matter which cleansing conditioner I use and again, I’ve never had any greasy issues. Anyway, I hope that helps anyone who’s having probs!

Allison Dahlgren, VA

Not good

It was being compared to WEN Not even close this is very runny and left my hair feeling funny like it had a residue on it

Manuela Burlington, KS

My 1st No Poo Shampoo

My 1st, experience with a “No Poo” shampoo… My hair turned out soft, plump, and smelling good. In a nice unbreakable bottle with convenient pump 🙂

Cecelia Elmira, WV

okay, but not amazing

This shampoo was okay but not amazing. I decided that I could do more for less by purshasing organix shampoo. Everyones hair is different, so I would classify my hair as 4b african american hair, my daughter 3c, 4a hair and our hair was softer with the organix shampoo.Valen Ford

Aimee Saint Catharine, KY