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Renpure Originals Brazilian Keratin 4 Day Straight Flat Iron Spray, 6 Ounce

Styling with a flat iron drives this organic blend of hydrating keratin, deep into the hair structure and locks-in strong, straight hold. Coconut oil penetrates the hair, filling cracks and smoothing the cuticle which helps restore softness and shine. Shea butter conditions and insulates with natural moisture and protects from styling heat and UV rays. The result is beautiful, straight, silky-smooth hair for up to 4 days. How it works: Heat forces hydrated keratin deep into hair. Once keratin sets in, hair is No longer allowed to return to its natural curl or wave, leaving hair straight and strong.

Key features

  • No sodium chloride, salt, dyes, sulfates, parabens or gluten
  • Color safe formula
  • Made in the U.S.A

Honest reviews


Even with easy to straighten hair this one is not a keeper

I have almost shoulder length fine, thin, wavy hair (2C/3A underneath). I used this spray on one side to see how it did. My hair is very easy to straighten and generally will stay that way all day (unless its very humid or rainy!). After sleeping on it though it ends up with waves and odd pieces sticking out which means I never get second day hair. Bummer.I thought this might help me have a shot at second day hair by keeping my hair straight. No such luck. It didn’t. Same old slightly wavy in the morning meaning yet another flat iron round or pulling it back by headband. I’m trying to minimize the flat iron use due to damage while I get my hair to a length it can look good curly or straight.I did not soak my hair with this but sprayed as directed. I do very much like the other products in this line but this one just didn’t do much for me.

Lakisha Furman, AL

Its a Good product

Hope it delivers what it states, has a good smell. and two bottles are more than amazing. Like the spray bottle its easy to use and comfortable.

Janell Smithville, IN

It’s okay…if you work with it

So, this product kept my hair straight for 7 days. BUT, This was not without trial and error. The first time, I used as per directions on my dry (blown out) hair. Then I flat ironed it in. It did not recommend a temperature, so I just used around 350 degrees. It didn’t get my hair as straight, bouncy, and shiny initially or on 1st passing like the Organix BKT line. So I went throughout the day and in a little bit of humidity my hair started to frizz and revert back to curly. (I have 4b natural hair). So next day or so, I started over. I added it to my wet hair. This time I SATURATED the product in my hair. Like I used A LOT. Then I used a blow dryer and brush to blow dry my hair straight. It slightly changed my dry time by making it a bit easier to manage. Then I applied the flat iron @ 400-410 degrees in very small sections, and passed the iron slowly. Within one or two passes I had the super shiny, super straight (like relaxed hair), look that I wanted. And it kept it straight for 7 days until I washed my hair.Now there are other factors that I think could have helped keep my hair straight so long.1. It is fall/autumn so the weather is not hot or humid2. I avoid sweating or high heat3. I’m not taking very hot showers, or getting water near my hair.One thing I will say I really like about this, is that it does not smell. Some BKT’s have an odor when you sweat or wet your hair. This just seems to “wash out” when you wet your hair and doesn’t smell during flat ironing or blow drying.I hope this review helps. 🙂

Betsy Hurricane, WV

renpure organics 4 day straight

You have to try it and experience the silkyness, smoothness and shine that this inexpensive product imparts to my Natural hair. Aaamazing! the ingredients are easy to pronounce, and natural meaning it is not ladden with carcinogenic chemicals estrogen mimickers. No formaldehyde, no parabens. Just fantastic.I cleanse my hair twice a week and apply it consistantly to my wet hair (I modify the insructions to fit my needs) allow my hair to air dry 80%, blow dry minimally and flat iron with my Babyliss nanotitanium.No need to visit salons for expensive, damaging keratin treatment. I feel complete control with this two superstar items.Camille

Teri Salem, SD

Great Hold

Love the smell. It has great hold, you need to play around with it to determine how much you need. It’s a little bit sticky, apply lightly.

Bertha Bamberg, SC


I do 30 day keratin treatments at home. I’m between treatments, although my hair hasn’t reverted back to natural. I also ran out of my pureshine brilliant blowout product. I saw this Renpure flat iron spray on the store shelf yesterday and decided to try it. Absolutely horrible. My hair looks and feels like straw. It’s dry and stiff. The iron dragged across my hair. No silkiness or movement whatsoever. If you’re used to real keratin treatments, then don’t use this stuff.

Vera Winooski, VT