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Renpure Amazing Miracle Deep Penetration Reconstructor, 8 Ounce

Our family has been making hair care products for over 40 years with over a billion bottles produced worldwide. we became concerned about all the chemicals our family was exposed to on a daily basis, so we developed a new line of hair care products free from harmful chemicals. we use only 100% certified organic extracts and safe, fresh, natural ingredients.

Key features

  • This amazing formula will repair, mend and increase moisture retention giving your hair a silky smooth shine every time
  • This Amazing Miracle formula contains silk protein to help repair and mend several layers of the cuticle to increase hair strength
  • Kukui net oil provides moisture and silky shine
  • Aloe to increase moisture retention without frizz
  • Renpure Organics uses 100% certified organic extracts and safe, fresh, natural ingredients. Color safe formula

Honest reviews


My hair neeed it it

Let me tell you first of all that I’ve been struggling with my hair condition (dry, damaged, frizzy and unmanageble). After so many research about the possible routine of curing my hair and turning it into healthier hair. I need to use products which are silicon and sulfate free. As a leave in treatment this Miracle cream really acts like a magic to my hair and it makes me run my fingres within my hari again and again. Above all this and that it is organic so you are using a good product into your hair.

Margot Hudson, SD

Great moisturizing stuff, good smell

Really like this product. Thick, but not too thick, and does a good job moisturizing hair and smells great. I think it’s worth the extra few $$ and I will buy this again. It’s not a miracle, but it’s pretty damn good.

Kelley Concord, TX

Works wonders!

I love what this product does to my hair. After leaving it in for three to five minutes, my hair is soft, silky, shiny, and completely tangle free. I’ll definitely be buying again.

Joni Arvin, CA

pretty good

This is a decent product. It isn’t as moisturizing as one would expect for being a "miracle" product, but I like the smell, and it does okay.

Kathy Caseyville, IL

love it

I like how it feels and smells. i am not sure about the efficiency of the detangling though. i must try again and update my review

Louisa Roseboom, NY


based on amazon reviews, i had high hopes for this ‘amazing miracle’ conditioner. unfortunately, even after leaving on for 3-5 minutes, my hair felt as dry if not dryer upon rinsing? total surprise. what makes my medium blonde color-treated fine, straight hair most happy is dermorganic’s intensive hair repair masque or john masters’ citrus neroli conditioner.

Betty Danbury, IA

Works Great

All natural so no toxins! Love how it makes my dry hair feel after using it. Use it with the matching shampoo too.

Leann American Falls, ID

Works miracles on sun damaged hair

I found this at the grocery store soon after moving to Florida but they discontinued selling it (I was probably the only person buying it). Moving here from Chicago where we had wonderful Great Lakes water, I am not used to the Florida hard water which has a lot of iron in it, so I tone up my hair with a peroxide-based toner about every 3 months and spend a lot of time in the sun as well. This product really gets through the hair shaft and makes it soft and shiny. I even signed up for the subscription so it’ll be delivered monthly.

Flora Cumberland, IA

Didn’t work for me

I have thick, coarse curly hair, and this conditioner didn’t do much for me. I’ve almost finished the entire bottle and I’m wishing I hadn’t even bought it. I think people with relatively “normal” hair will probably love this – but I need something more intense for problem hair!

Mari Freehold, NY

Over-hyped product name

Don’t call your conditioner "Amazing Miracle" if it’s pretty much just standard conditioner. This product is fine. Nothing special though. I’ll use it until it’s gone and I’ll keep looking for an amazing miracle.

Bernadine Suring, WI

amazing miracle

I love this stuff! I always order it off Amazon because I cannot find it in the supermarket or pharmacy where I live. Provides lots of moisture for hair without weighing it down and smells great! Plus it’s all organic and the price is very economical.

Tanisha Eleva, WI

Miracle mask

I ended up first getting this product for free at Wal-mart by way of a mail in rebate. It worked because I am hooked. This is a great rather cheap alternative to going to a salon for a deep conditioning treatment. I use this mostly in the winter and after highlights to give my hair some of it’s moisture back. I usually bunch up all of my hair on the top of my head and leave it in for 5 minutes. It makes a huge difference every time. The Wal-mart by my house stopped selling it so I am glad I can get it on Amazon.

Ruby Waka, TX

It works well for me…

I use this conditioner after I shampoo with baby shampoo (baby shampoo clarifies very well). I apply it on my ends and work my way up. I thought my hair looked amazing even before it dried. It looked healthy and shiny even the next day! I think it’s pretty amazing! The smell is nice and not too over powering. I have long, thick, fine hair with a lot of breakage. Since the use of this and the Ren Pure in the red bottles I have noticed less breakage. Good stuff 🙂

Dianne Sumava Resorts, IN

This mask is nice

But it’s not that different from their other conditioners. I rotate constantly so it hard to know but it seems like this one does tame frizz a little. Their conditioners are on the richer heavier side if you have fine hair

Valarie Rock Island, WA

Staple Product in my hair regime

I have been using this product for over a year now and it is certainly a staple in my hair regime. I am African(Caribbean)-American with…I dunno…3b(?) hair. My hair is “fluffy” and very prone to frizzing. I’m the one who walks in with bone straight hair and I’m Diana Ross by the end of the evening. Yeah, that kind of hair. Anyway, I needed a good deep conditioner and I came across this low cost gem in my local grocery. It honestly was the best $5-ish I ever spent. I know it only says 3 minutes but I have found excellent results by using it with a plastic cap for about 30 minutes. After doing this weekly (alternating with a monthly protein conditioner) my hair flourished! This product is such a staple that I import it now that I have moved. I love this product! I would consider myself somewhat of a mixtress (I am an experimental research scientist) but for the price and performance I see no reason not to buy this product.

Harriet Johannesburg, MI

Amazing Miracle

Gives my Type 4c hair shine and manageability. I use it for 5 min in the shower…and comb my hair immediately. Then gently squeeze excess water from my strands before "t-shirt drying". I like the definition that I get using this technique.[In the winter I often follow up using almond and/or olive oil as a leave-in conditioner. When it’s warm, I like a combination of a Shea Moisture leave-in with Abba’s (grapefruit scented!) texturizing cream (followed by their shine spray).]

Michael Palisade, CO

Miracle? not sure.

This is like a regular conditioner. I didn’t feel too much difference. But since this is organic, I will finish this tube. I have tried coconut oil, it worked much better. The only thing is, I have to leave the coconut oil in my hair for an hour before wash my hair, but it’s worth it.

Margaret Wardtown, VA