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Remwood Prod. 60018 Grandma’s Lye Soap

Grandma’s Lye Soap is an ideal pure soap for face and body. It’s a great cleanser for dry skin types. You’ll feel the difference this soothing soap can make the first time you shower. Detergent and fragrance free.

Key features

  • Lye Soap from Grandma’s Pure & Natural
  • For face and body
  • Ideal for dry skin

Honest reviews



this gave my pimples on my body, i think it might be too emollient? also it smells like pork or something haha. it actually dried out my face..i dont really remember what else i thought about this soap. i still have most of it left.

Eva Sorrento, ME

Didn’t help my dry skin

I think the people who really get a benefit from this soap are people who have an allergy of some sort. There are so many chemicals and dyes in modern soap that it can easily irritate a sensitive person’s skin.I’ve been using this soap for 3 weeks and didn’t notice any discernible improvement in my dry skin. This soap is just lard, lye and water so if you are looking for a basic soap–this is it. However, be prepared for some drawbacks.1) It is a large square block with “sharp” edges. The first few uses can be somewhat uncomfortable until the edges kinda round off.2) It smells like purified bacon fat.3) It doesn’t really lather up well…you’ll get a workout trying to apply it.Having said all that I still give it 3 stars because I respect a business with the guts to be uncompromising. They put out a soap here with the minimum amount of chemicals/ingredients. If your problem is a reaction to chemicals or fragrances in ‘normal’ soap then this may work really well for you. If your skin is dry just because it is winter in North then it probably won’t do much and you may be turned off by all the negatives listed above.In short, it isn’t for everyone.

Anastasia Cerro Gordo, NC

Smells like butter but works very well to dry up skin irritations of any kind

First of all, this soap smells like butter but I wasn’t really expecting it to smell good. I bought it to clear up acne on my shoulders. After only a couple days of use, all the acne on my shoulders and chest area began to dry out. I couldn’t believe it worked as quickly as it did. The acne isn’t completely gone (it’s been less than 2 months) but I expect it will continue to clear up my skin the more I use it.Not only does it help with acne but it works for rashes, too, and I would imagine it would help with any type of skin irritation. When I get really stressed, I will break out in hives maybe once a month or so. I had a couple rashes on my arms and it helped clear that up, too.To offset the smell, I use the lye soap on the problem areas while I’m in the shower (I do not use it as my primary soap). After that, I wash the rest of my body with my regular soap and then use it to rinse the lye soap off. When I get out of the shower, the weird lye smell is gone and you can only smell my regular soap and body wash.I highly recommend this for anyone with problem skin.

Bernadette Winthrop Harbor, IL

Nothing short of amazing

I suffered from a rash (eczema, I think) and was trying different things to help. I am not exaggerating when I say that maybe a couple of hours passed after using this soap and my rash was already diminishing. I have been pretty consistent with using this soap and my symptoms are almost completely gone after using it for a couple of weeks. I am truly amazed and so happy that something so simple and inexpensive could help me so much! I don’t exactly know why it works, all I can say is that it did and I will definitely continue to use this long-term.———–UPDATE: It took about 3-4 weeks of consistent use and my rash is completely gone. I also noticed that it has helped significantly with my dry skin. I used to have to apply lotion many times a day and still had hands so dry that they cracked and bled. One day I realized that I hadn’t used any lotion for weeks and my hands were fine. I’m sold! Even if this is more expensive than regular hand soap, it’s a lot cheaper than buying tons of expensive lotion and other creams to help with the rash!

Yvonne Dike, TX

No Poison Ivy So Far

I do a lot of work in the woods cutting down firewood and am exposed to poison ivy frequently. I purchased this lye soap specifically to wash off after being exposed. So far, this soap has worked like a charm–no poison ivy. If that is what you’re looking for I can say it has worked great for me.

Krystal Springfield, AR

soap choice

i’m a heavy sweater and this soap takes away all odors. it’s not too harsh, but I do make sure to lotion up my entire body following each shower.

Amie Pedricktown, NJ

Remwood Products Grandmas’s lye soap

For years I have used pricey products to wash my face…..not anymore. after using this soap for bath I decided to try it on my face. How surprised was I…dumfounded is the word. It not only removed every trace of makeup but left my face soft and smooth. I even got my husband to try it and he loves it too. Will not spend $$$ on products when I can get this for much much less and still love the way my face and body feel.

Rena Clear Spring, MD