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Remington S9950 Shine Therapy Moisturizing and Conditioning Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener, 1″

Get 86 percent more shine with the Remington Style Therapy: Shine Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron. This straightener features ceramic plates infused with avocado and vitamin E conditioners that are evenly emitted onto the hair during styling to add shine and protect hair from unnecessary thermal stress. The straightener reaches a top heat of 430 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds for fast, long-lasting results. An LCD display with temperature lock makes for precise temperature adjustments. Style Therapy: Shine Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron At a Glance: Ceramic plates infused with avocado and vitamin E conditioners Floating ceramic plates for constant contact and better heat distribution 300-430-degree precise heat range for fast and long-lasting results Heats up in 30 seconds; auto-shutoff after 60 minutes 4-year warranty Infused with shine-enhancing conditioners, the Shine Therapy’s ceramic plates style and condition your hair at the same time. View larger. Heats to a precise 300-430-degree Fahrenheit in 30 seconds. View larger. The floating plates allow hair to flow freely through the straightener for smoother, less damaged results. View larger.Remington’s Style Therapy Collection The Remington Therapy collection–a hair care system that delivers conditioning properties while styling–provides solutions to combat irritating hair problems and works to increase hair health and vibrancy. Because the conditioning benefits are already in the straightener, you’ll add shine and save time normally spent adding conditioning products before styling. Ceramic: The Hair Straightener Essential If you want to achieve salon-quality hair straightening from your own home, meet the Shine Therapy Straightener. Ceramic has become the big buzz word in hair straightening–that’s because ceramic improves heat distribution and helps the selected temperature remain even throughout the entire plate, so there are no hot spots. Ceramic also creates an effortless glide with no snagging, flattening your hair cuticles for silky-smooth results. Plus, it ensures long-life plate wear, protecting the plates against styling products and scratching. Straighten and Condition Hair at the Same Time The Shine Therapy Flat Iron helps you avoid dehydrated, lifeless hair, thanks to its ceramic plates infused with heat-activated, shine-enhancing conditioners containing avocado oil and vitamin E. The plates emit these conditioners evenly onto hair through microscopic pores. This design styles and conditions your hair at the same time, giving you straight, smooth, shiny hair. Floating Plates for Constant Hair Contact Conventional straighteners don’t ensure that all hair comes into contact with the heated plates on the first pass. More passes equals more damage. With the Shine Therapy Flat Iron, you’ll sidestep this problem, thanks to floating plates that allow hair to flow freely through the straightener and maximize the amount of hair touching the plates. User-Friendly Features The Shine Therapy Flat Iron heats up in 30 seconds and provides precise 300-430-degree Fahrenheit heat for fast and long-lasting results. It also boasts a digital temperature display with temperature lock for precise, easy heat adjustments. The vitamin and avocado-infused plates have been tested and are assured to last for up to four years. Safe, Easy Use with Auto-Shutoff Function If you’ve ever left the house and worried that you forgot to switch off your straightener, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The Shine Therapy Flat Iron’s auto-shutoff function takes effect after 60 minutes. And when you’ve finished styling, it’s easy to store away with its handy hinge-lock. For maneuverability, it boasts a salon-length swivel cord. This straightener also features worldwide voltage, so there’s no need to skimp on your style routine, whether you’re at home or abroad. The Shine Therapy Flat Iron is backed by a four-year warranty. Remington has been helping the world get ready for over 70 years. Experts in innovation, they offer cutting-edge technology and work with top salon professionals from all over the world to produce hair styling products that really work. Remington’s mission is to help you look good and feel like you’re ready for anything, so you can look in the mirror and say, “Okay, world, here I come.” What’s in the Box Remington Style Therapy: Shine Therapy 1-inch Flat Iron. Style Therapy 1-inch Flat Irons Frizz Therapy Shine Therapy Damage Therapy

Key features

  • Damage reducing conditioning plates are infused with Avocado and Conditioners that prevent moisture loss and cuticle damage
  • Plates formulated to last the lifetime of the product- 4 years
  • Digital Precise Temperature Control with Temperature Lock
  • Salon High Heat 430°F With 30 second heat up and Turbo Boost Mode
  • Our straighteners are no longer dual voltage. However, this product may be used with a voltage converter

Honest reviews


Didn’t work for my Naturally Curly Hair

I almost wish I hadn’t read the reviews before trying out this straightner. Maybe then I wouldn’t have been so disappointed, especially when I saw that someone else preferred it over my favoriteHealthy Infusions by Wahl Pro Straightener, 1 1/4″. I opened up theRemington S9950 Shine Therapy Straightener, 1″this weekend when I knew that I would have at least an hour to spend trying it out. If you take a look at my profile picture you can see I have mid-back length, medium thickness, naturally curly hair. It is not easy to straighten, but it is fun to do every once in a while so having a quality straightener is important.Before turning the iron on I read through the instructions and got an idea of what temperature setting I should use along with some tips. I set the unit at 370*F, locked it in and waited for it to heat up.I then started piece by piece on my hair, but unfortunately less than one third the way through I had to stop and here’s why: With my hair thickness and curl, a straightener needs to clamp down tightly for me to be able to get a smooth result. This straightener doesn’t close tightly without you holding the ends together because of the floating plates. Now this wouldn’t have been a problem if it weren’t for the fact that the outside of the unit gets nearly as hot as the inside. Fifteen minutes in and my fingers were red, scorched and burning – so I gave up! I ended up plugging in myHealthy Infusions by Wahl Pro Straightener, 1 1/4″and finishing the job. (There I have posted before and after pictures on my review of it)Now onto the good. Just because it didn’t work for me didn’t mean I was giving up, so I lent it to my daughter to try out and she loved it! Her hair is much finer with just waves, no curls and doesn’t require so much pressure. Previously she was using thisAndis 67690 1-Inch Nano-Silver Tourmaline Wet or Dry Ceramic Flat Ironand although she was happy, she says the Remmington is so much better for her hair. It kept it straight even over night and that really surprised her.So my recommendation would be that although this might not be great for those of us with thick curly hair, based on my daughters review and that of many others it probably works just fine on other types of hair. I can say that I like the look of the Remington Straightener, very feminine. I also wish I could give it more stars, but because the unit gets so hot on the outside I really do feel this is a huge flaw and potentially a recipe for disaster.

Lucia Meadow Bluff, WV

Pleasantly surprised

I really was not expecting much at all from a flat iron in this pice range. My regular flat iron is a Sedu that cost close to $150, and this little flat iron gives it a run for its money. It doesn’t get as hot as my Sedu, but it gets darn close (430 vs 450) and it heats up much faster.Remington is doing themselves a real disservice by calling this a straightener. The size and shape of the barrel allows it to do everything my Sedu does, and nearly just as well. I was able to use it for volume, root lift, curls and waves. It also added a lot of shine.I marked it down one star for two reasons:1. The button placement is awkward. If all you are doing is straightening this might not be an issue, but once you start trying to twist the barrel to add curls or volume you will end up hitting the buttons. Eventually I will probably get used to them and it won’t be an issue anymore.2. The plates could be tapered along the edges more. I have to be careful not to put lines in my hair, and my Sedu almost never does that. This is an issue that can come up even with just straightening.Even with those two “dings” this is an excellent deal. It sort of makes me sad I spent $150 on my stupid Sedu!

Verna Suffield, CT

Works great if you know the 2 tricks

This is my third iron in 2 years. This one works just as well or better then the expensive ones I have over 150 dollars. Your hair will be silky smooth and stay that way just like when you get it done.The reviews point out 2 issues the user of this iron has to deal with to get best results.1. It is easy to hit the buttons by mistake as you use it. So put your temp chosen on lock. You hold the plus minus button down until you see a lock.It is in the instructions so be sure to read them2. The plates are supposed to float.It did not bother me at all but you may want to practice on a low setting or not turned on at all, if it is an issue for you.It is a great product that leaves my course ( from gray covered by color over 10 years) hair really looking hairdresser good.

Myrtle Nordland, WA

For straightening hair

OK, this is for those stubborn curls that need extra attention. Easy to use. Portable.

Elma Lafitte, LA

Does the job

Full disclosure — I don’t use this myself, however the recipient of the straightener tells me that indeed, it straightens hair. Taking only a few minutes to reach optimal straightening temperature, it’s well formed for easy gripping. Nice large heat area to get the job done swiftly. After regular use for the past few months no problems reported.

Cecilia Spring Grove, MN

Great flat iron for the money

This flat iron does the job. Pro’s – adjustable temperature, on/off switch, and ready signal. None of which are available on some more expensive irons. Con’s – could use a longer cord. Heated up quickly, and straightened my hair nicely with no frizz. Not sure how long the conditioners are supposed to last or if they really make a difference. I recommend buying it.

Clarice Round Hill, VA

Does a wonderful job of straightening, but could use a better design

This straightener does a wonderful job of making my hair shiny and straight very quickly.I love the digital temperature display, and it heats up incredibly fast, much faster than my previous 3 straighteners. However, it does have one design flaw. The lock mechanism is a bit difficult to work. The should have made the finger turn stick out a bit more for a better grip.I like this straightener because it’s very lightweight and small. It would be ideal for people with shorter hair who like to straighten their hair quickly.Tip for keeping hair straight: After straightening, let your hair cool to normal temperature before combing and the straightening will last longer than if you comb it while warm.

Anna Pike, NH

Works even on thick hair

My sister has been using this for a while now and she likes it. She feels that its light weight, easy to use. She said it does get very hot and you need to be careful. Also don’t hold it on your hair too long as it will burn your hair.The trick is to use a smooth, non-stop, slow moving motion, this way your not letting the iron sit on your hair in one section too long as it will burn it. Heat up time is quick and the iron stays very hot. There is a slight oder from both your hair and the special avocado oil pads the iron has but its not that bad. Her hair was also very shinny after using it.She has long hair and she said it didn’t snag or pull. She did say that you have to be careful how hard you clamp it because if you use too much pressure the hair doesn’t slide as easy and you get crimp marks so again to use even pressure and slide it over the hair in an easy motion.Overall its a great hair iron.

Lena Miles, TX

Stopped working after 2 months.

I bought this item at the end of January, and it was great while it worked. I have very fine hair, so I always kept it on the lowest heat setting. Unfortunately, as of about two weeks ago it stopped working! Very disappointed.

Elsa Colrain, MA

Dries out my hair

I have very fine, thin, slightly wavy hair. The first few times I used this iron, I liked it. I read several flat iron reviews before purchasing a new flat iron and decided to go with this one. The reviews seemed to be true…it made my hair silky. However, after the first handful of uses, it has made my hair very dry and increases my split ends and breakage drastically. I always use a product to protect my hair from heat tools before using this or other irons, but it doesn’t seem to help much with this iron. Even though it does straighten my hair well, it makes my hair feel like straw (not attractive looking either!)I was trying to save money by going with this one, but I’m disappointed. My next flat iron will be a Chi.

Edythe Pompton Lakes, NJ

Great Flat Iron!

This iron left my hair nice and smooth. I did note that it’s default temperature is much higher than that of my other flat iron and it takes a bit longer to heat up. But, it does a great job and my hair doesn’t seem damaged by the heat…it’s left flat and smooth.

Kaye Pointe Aux Pins, MI

Light Weight, easy to use, adds shine, body and straightens well

This iron is easy to use right out of the box, has variable temperate, that only took a few minutes to figure out, and is infused with avocado oil as well, which I’m sure helps the shine! It also only takes a few minutes to heat up, so if you’re in a hurry, the iron heats up in about 1-2 minutes.Does NOT burn scalp while working close to it, which is better than other irons I’ve tried.With this iron, it is surprisingly easy to use to straighten AND style (curl hair, flip ends, etc.), and one can change style easily in minutes, even with long hair!If your New Year’s resolution is to take better care, to look better, loose weight, etc., this tool makes a great edition to one’s toolbox of beauty tools! I wish I’d had this before my son’s wedding, as my hair does tend to fly away and get the frizzies. This takes that out of the equation, and unlike using a ton of moose, that makes one’s hair stiffer, this product makes one’s hair easily manageable, AND you can add extra style, and if you don’t like it, you can change it back in seconds! I can also get it right next to my scalp without getting burned! Also great for damaged/overly dry (And probably processed hair) hair as the low temp setting is made just for those of us who have thin hair that gets bleached by the sun easily!VERY kewl product! Also comes with 3 year warranty! Hair irons have come a LONG way over the years! This one is well worth the investment, and works as well as much more expensive irons I’ve tried!

Sonja Diggs, VA

Just Ok straightener

I got this straightener for my wife. Here’s what she had to say about it:Overall, this straightener is just OK. I mean, it does the job…my hair is straight now, but not without some struggle. I have very fine, basically straight hair, but I have a short haircut that tends to get frizzy if I don’t use the straightener.Pros: It’s small (only 1 inch), so you can get pretty close to the root. Also, it has an auto off feature, which is huge for me as I’ve definitely left the house with my straighteners plugged in. The last pro is that it has a locking feature so it’s easier to store.Cons: The temperature control is on the front of the straightener. I kept hitting it with my thumb and changing the temperature while using it. I also felt like it left my hair unbelievably hot to the touch, to the point where I burned my hand when touching my hair (and this was on the lowest setting). Now I know this is a hot iron, but all the straighteners I’ve used in the past never actually burned me. You also have to clamp the straightener down really hard as just closing it around your hair doesn’t quite do the trick. And with using this extra pressure caused my hair to get extremely static-y, where I had to use static guard just to tame it. I read other reviews where people noted a smell coming off the straightener, but I didn’t notice any smell.Overall, I’m happier with my old hunk-a-junk straightener that I’ve had for 5 years. It’s bigger, doesn’t burn my hair and gets the job done much quicker with less stress.

James Mansura, LA

In Love

The low down – One amazing flat iron. Great product for the price, works like something I’d expect to be at least $100. It heats up quickly and begins to straighten my hair after just the first stroke. I have shoulder length dark brown hair which is extremely thick and curly (and I mean THICK, I have hair that is so thick it’s hard to braid or put into a pony tail). My hair is naturally curly which makes it thicker and easily tangles. If it works on my hair it’ll work on any hair. I use it at the lowest setting it starts up at which is 390 degrees and it works great at that temp, I’ve rarely had to turn the heat up. My hair also has some dryness and frizz issues which shampoo doesn’t help no matter what-this flat iron cures everything for me. It makes my hair silky & shiny and makes the tangles more manageable and makes it thinner & flatter which makes it easier for me to braid or put in a pony tail if I want to though I usually wear my hair down. I have to wear a small glove on my left hand so I don’t burn my hand on my hair (I hold the iron in my right hand), it does get that hot and will make your hair extremely hot for a few seconds afterwards so beware it’s easy to burn yourself on this iron. It doesn’t dry my hair out, doesn’t make it frizzy. I use Got2b flat iron spray on my hair before & after which enhances the shine, I recommend this stuff to everyone. Only thing I have not done is try to put curls in my hair with this iron, I have been hesitant to do this since I’m worried about burning my hair if I keep the iron in one place for longer than 5 seconds.So……….PROS:Flattens even the thickest, curliest, unruliest hair perfectly and quickly.Produces a beautiful silky shine & sheen on the hair without frizz or burnt hair.Will not dry out my hair no matter how many times during the day I use it.Can make my hair appear to be clean or just washed if I should skip a day or two of washing my hair, a nice quick fix if I’m going out with slightly dirty hair.No undesireable odor of burnt hair or the “hot” smell of a hot iron.Offers very high temperatures from 390 degree and up.Heats up in under a minute after plugging it in, gets extremely hot in seconds before even getting to the set temp.Extremely easy to style your hair in a 60s flip-do or curling the ends under, my hair will stay this way all day without using any hairspray-this thing truly is a miracle hair appliance.Will make your hair pin straight and shiny in under 20 seconds, just like on the shampoo commercials where the models have shiny straight hair, this thing makes my hair look just like the commercials no matter what kind of shampoo I use and even without using any other product on my hair. And gives some great bounce to my hair.They do sell wider flat irons but I have found this size to be sufficient for my thick hair.Helps keep tangles at a minimum and makes it easier to braid your hair or put it up in a pony tail or even a French braid since your hair will be thinner after using the iron.Easy to flatten your bangs as well, I have done this many times without burning my forehead, makes my bangs straight and bouncy.Seems pretty durable, I dropped it once on my bathroom’s linoleum floor, nothing broke and it still works great.Has a dial/lock on the side which keeps the iron/wand closed when not in use so it doesn’t sit on a bureau wide open and the plates won’t get dirty, nice feature, this also makes it compact to transport if you’re packing it to go away somewhere, it won’t pop open in a suitcase or purse.LED display is an easy to read bright blue color with big digital numbers, as soon as you turn it on the display turns into this vibrant blue color, just looks really cool.When the iron gets to the set heat temp it will beep at you to let you know it’s ready to use and has reached the temp you have set it to.Just has a really beautiful attractive color to it, like a bluish-green muted color, not only does it work great but it’s pretty!CONS:It is sometimes very easy to burn your hands while holding the flat iron since most of the wand gets very hot, you must keep your hand closer to the bottom & this can sometimes be hard to remember when you’re going to town on your hair.Takes up a lot of wattage and electricity, makes the light in my bathroom flicker when I use it (whether this is an issue in my house or not I don’t know)but I’ve yet to blow a fuse, just a nuisance so far.Have to wear a glove on my free hand or I will literally burn my hand since my hair gets just that hot, not a major issue but an FYI.Pulls hair sometimes however this doesn’t happen often enough to write home about.Sometimes produces a small amount of steam, or smoke, if your hair is slightly wet from spraying it with a product or if it is wet from water, this is a given but you can’t keep it in one place too long since this iron gets very hot, not really a “con” just another FYI.Iron stays extremely hot for a while after using it & after being unplugged, you cannot place it on anything that will melt or get heat damage. I have to put it on a metal radiator in my bathroom for about a half an hour after use, this is one of the best places for it if you have a radiator or anything metal…it WILL burn anything else.The “on” button and heat setting buttons sometimes get accidentally turned on & off when I’m using it, my fingers sometimes hit the button and turn the iron off, although I believe there is a way to “lock” it so this doesn’t happen but I haven’t messed with trying this yet.To sum it up, you won’t be dissapointed with this flat iron, since I’ve bought it I feel like I absolutely need to bring this with me if I ever go away on vacation, a definite must have for me. It works great and does what it says it will do and then some. Made sturdy, looks great, works great and that about sums it up. If it works on my thick hair it’ll work on anyone’s hair. It gives me salon results and that alone is why I’m in love with this thing. Gets an A+++ from me.

Darlene Hogeland, MT

Sides of hot plate get very hot!!

I agree with the previous reviewer that the “sides” of the hot plates get hot. However, over all it is a decent flat iron. I tried it on my mom and she has pretty course hair (but kind of short only touches her shoulders) and it straightened her hair in 25 minutes. Mine is longer (waist length) but not course-just curly, and the flat iron took an hour and twenty minutes.

Evangelina Tiplersville, MS

Serious shine!

Was so surprised that this flat iron actually does what the advertisment says it does.. it actually DOES leave your hair shiny,smooth, and the conditioners calm the ends of my hair. When I opened the package something that struck me was.. wow this would make a nice gift.. its a very feminine pretty iron and the packaging is pretty too. A easy 5 stars!

Pam Bamberg, SC

I Really Like It

This is a good priced hair straightener and certainly meets our needs. It works great as a hair curler to make flips in shorter layer cuts as well. My daughter has fine hair and it creates a flip in no time.It only takes seconds to heat which is very important when getting ready in the mornings. It’s light blue color is pretty and looks nice with our bathroom countertops!We’ve had no problems with it and I highly recommend this as a decent iron at a low price.I really meant to give this 4 Stars= I Really Like ItI accidentally clicked 3 stars…Amazon won’t allow me to change it. 🙁

Angeline Hamburg, AR

Perfect small hair straightener

I recently cut my hair and was looking for a straightener that could handle my thick, wavy, unruly hair. I think I found it! The straightener heats up quickly and lived up to its promise of leaving my hair silky and shiny. I realize it’s best to straighten your hair in small segments, but I have to admit I prefer a larger straightener, so it doesn’t take as long. Regardless, this absolutely did what it said it would. I definitely use it every morning, at least on my bangs, before work. No muss, no fuss. Two thumbs up.

Guadalupe Pecan Gap, TX

Great product…

This straightening iron is great… perfect contour to hold. I use this to straighten my daughters hair and it doesn’t get too hot for her and it works the first time around. I don’t have to go over it again and again. The features that standout for me are: it heats quickly and is lightweight! The swivel cord was another plus as well. The only thing I can say that was a “con” was that it had a weird smell to it. Nothing horrible just something weird. My daughter first noticed it and made a comment. Don’t think I would have made an issue out of it but she did.

Amelia Schurz, NV

have a hinch that its a fake copy

i had this model before and wanted to buy it as a gift for my sister in law… my original remington model came with the keep bag and was of a better quality.i have bought the same model again but i guess i did not get a genuine one as it dont have any keep bag and it is not of the same quality.if these two are placed side by side, u can easily tell the difference between my original remington and this fake copythe model of remington is excellent but be careful of the fake ones.. make sure you get the original one.

Lindsey Sunbury, OH

Serviceable Straightener

This is a typical flat plate-type hair straightener, which certainly competently straightens the hair, but its nothing special. My hair is quite thick, and quite curly, and this worked for me, and did not take very long at all. The plates are somewhat narrow and so one must use it on fairly small sections at a time. The plates, as a safety feature no doubt, don’t completely clamp together closely enough, and they seem to be farther apart when clamped than others I have used with the result being you need to put more hair between the plates to be able to clamp down onto the hair to straighten it. There are certainly several positive features: the unit heats up quite rapidly, there is a choice of 3 temperatures (although I didn’t see much difference in effectiveness), the unit has a light to indicate when it is ready to use, it has a safety feature which turns it off, after an hour I believe (should be quicker for safety reasons) and it locks shut (not all the way) for more compact storage. I cannot judge certain of the claims of the product such as being gentler on the hair, infusing it with conditioners, etc., because I have not used the product over an extensive period of time. My hair did not seem shinier than with other straighteners. This claim may be deceptive as hair reflects like better in general when it is straight, appearing shinier. and is not the result of the straightener itself. However, in the short term, I saw no impact on my hair health or shine, negative or positive.My one true complaint about this straightener is less about this product, and more about another straightener that I really think is truly superior. Maxius (you’ve seen it sold in infomercials) makes a straightener whereby the plates are not flat, but have combs, which pull through and detangle and smooth the hair as it straightens, instead of just crushing the hair flat and pulling it straight. I recommend the Maxius straightener for anyone with thick hair.

Milagros Oklee, MN

Good, But Small

Pros-30 second heat up-light-weight-easy to use buttons with digital screen-30 second heat up-floating plates which help the straightener glide through your hair without tugging on it-straightens well-pretty blue color!cons-the plates length is short-it doesn’t have quick heat recovery, once you start using it, you have to wait a bit for it to get back up to the temperature you wantOverall I really enjoy this straightener. It does not work as well as some I have used, but this would work really well as a travel iron.

Kristina Grafton, WI


My wife love the supposed effects of a flat iron but has had little luck with the ones she has tried. Her main complaint was that the iron tended to dry out her hair.Happy to say she’s delighted with this Remington iron. The infusion of avocado oil leaves her hair shiny and soft with the effect she wanted from a flat iron. It heats in a jif, and the temperature control is on-spot accurate.When she’s happy, I’m happy!

Fran Larkspur, CA

Suprisingly good straightener.

My wife claims the Remington S9950 works just as well as her CHI straightener which costs nearly double the price of this straightener. The unit heats up quickly and glides very smoothly over her naturally wavy and thick hair. She likes the “floating” plates which have a bouncy play while pressed together. And yes, I can also personally confirm it smells a little “funny” while its in use, but leaves no permanent odors.

Louella Verndale, MN


A great little flat iron! Works great on my coarse thick short hair, and is perfect size for travel!

Angelita Kent, PA


Great item! Love it.Straightens my hair quickly and effectively and doesn’t damages hair. Absolutely satisfied!!! Thank you Remington and

Addie Grottoes, VA

A hit with my me and my daughter

I was very skeptical about getting this since they never seem to do what they say they will do. We were both pleasantly surprised. It’s not cumbersome and very easy to use. You have to remember to press the button firmly and not just once as we started out doing. 🙂 My 12 year old was able to use it by herself and it heated up very fast and left her hair straight and shiny. She loves the blue color and so do I. I would recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat. We usually go to the hairdresser and get our hair ironed out but this will definitely save us some money in the future as we can do this at home without worrying about damaging our hair. Not sure how the avocado oil works but it does.

Libby Eaton Rapids, MI

Best flat iron ever!

I have gone through 3 flat irons in the last few years. One I still have as a backup but it pulls my hair so I dont like to use it. The other two died at some point. The last one I bought from a beauty supply store and was supposed to be professional grade and I paid about $50 for it. It died right after the one year warranty ran out. It did “okay” before that. Now in comparison to this Remington, that professional grade iron gets a “C” in my book. This flat iron is wonderful. The moisturizing ceramic plates really do what they claim to do. My frizzy ends that I have bought product after product to try to fix are GONE! No change in product, its this amazing flat iron. My hair is so soft, shiny and fizz-free. I have had several people ask me about my hair this week. One lady thought I had my hair trimmed (no frizzys) but my hair looked longer. Remington, you have me hooked and I have highly recommended you to anyone who has complemented me on my hair.

Nancy Villanueva, NM

LOVE the temperature lock feature

This flatiron performs pretty darn well considering the compactness of it. Which is also what drops it from 5 to 4 stars. It’s small and easy to store, but that also means the plates are a bit on the short side so I had to do smaller sections of hair at a time. It heats up quick and has a thermostat that shows the temperature you’ve chosen (not just low-med-high). And the feature where you can lock the temperature setting is the best idea, ALL flatirons should have it! It is really nice not to have to worry that you’ll accidentally turn the temperature up as high as it goes and damage your hair. I burned my finger a couple of times on the edge of the plates while trying to hold them tight closed as I pulled. Never had any hair snag while using the iron. Over all a good iron, and definitely one worth using for travel.

Gale Elgin, PA

Nice flat iron offered at a reasonable price.

I have thick and coarse hair, so I have always spent well over $150 for top of the line flat irons. I am comparing this iron to brand names such as FHI, Sedu and Chi. I can honestly say this flat iron is amazing for such a low price. Besides the pretty baby blue color, it heats up quickly, reaches a high temperature of 430 degrees, nice long flexible cord and a locking handle feature is great for closing the iron shut and storing.I did not notice any residue or unusual/foul odor from the avocado oil or conditioning formula. With continued use I will be able to tell if it does help protect against damage and breakage. I did definitely notice a difference in shine after one use.It does have a locking feature for the temperature (press and hold “-” button) but it does easily become unlocked since you press the same button to unlock it. This is not my first flat iron with LCD display and I have had the same issues with that one as well. Movement of my hands and fingers always unlocks the set temperature.I give it four stars since the plates do not close/touch tightly and the square plate edges. All of my flat irons have rounded edges so it hair glides off without making any indentations.The Remington S9950 Shine Therapy Straightener carries a four year limited warranty. It also has an automatic shut off feature if left on for an hour.This is a great flat and also makes a perfect gift.

Fanny Williamsport, OH