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Remington S9620B T|Studio Silk Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Straightener, 2-Inch

Get sleek, straight hair with the Remington Silk 2 Inch Flat Iron. Featuring the most advanced ceramic coating infused with real SILK proteins, this flat iron provides more ceramic content than traditional flat irons giving you an effortless glide and smooth, healthy hair with less frizz and damage. The wide Silk ceramic plates combined with 455-degree high heat and professional performance create a silky, smooth salon finish for any hair type in no time.

Key features

  • 2 Inch silk protein-infused wide ceramic plates
  • 455-degree digital salon high heat with digital temperature controls
  • 20-second heat up time and 60-minute auto shutoff
  • Floating plates for constant contact and faster styling
  • Temperature control lock to prevent overheating and a 4 year warranty
  • Color may vary

Honest reviews


Works really well

I recently cut my hair to shoulder length and needed a narrower flat iron. This product works great, is light weight and easy to use. I have very thick, very curly hair, which I wouldn’t trade, but sometimes you just want a more sleek look. As recommended I put the heat to higher settings, which works best.TIPS: Remember not to use on damp hair (when it’s more fragile), If you have the time, let your hair dry naturally (maybe pull back into a bun or scrunchy to keep the curl down). If not, blow dry with a big brush, then use your flat iron. After straightening your hair, hit it with the blow dryer set on COOL. This will will close the hair cuticles and also “set” the hair to minimize any slight frizzing later.

Tanisha La Center, WA

Excellent Ceramic Flat Iron

My wife has long generally straight hair almost to her waist. She thinks this flat iron is especially well suited for people with long thick hair. And when using common sense, it is very safe to use without worry about burning your skin or hair. The temperature adjustment is excellent and easy to set and read. She used a relatively low temperature which was sufficient because her hair is almost naturally straight. Even so, I saw an obvious improvement in her hair’s appearance after she used this flat iron. She really likes this flat iron a lot.

Aida Penokee, KS

Love it

I previously had a flat iron that was a fairly cheap, one inch ceramic. I was excited to give this one a try because my old one took forever to straighten my hair.What I love:1) it heats up in less than a minute, and has a light up digital display to let me know the temp2) the cord is plenty long enough for wrangling around my head while plugged in3) the plates float over my hair – my old one used to get tangled in my tresses, this one slides right through4) hair straightening time has been cut from almost 30 minutes to 10 minutes5) it shuts off if ignored for an hourImprovements I would make:1) my old one came with a carry bag that made it easy to store it and the cord under my sink without the cord getting tangled up2) I wish it laid flat on my counter better – with the rounded finish it doesn’t balance well on the edge of the counter and I’ve knocked it off into the garbage can on more than one occasion3) I wish it was good to use on damp hair – the instructions say dry hair only… since I don’t blow dry my hair this doesn’t get used as much as I would like.I love this flat iron, and highly recommend it – the minor things I would change are not enough to prevent me from recommending it to anyone looking for a high quality flat iron.

Maryellen Lake View, NY

Not Wet to Dry

This is an okay flat iron. The positives first. It is a nice 2 inches wide, which is particularly good for people with long thick hair. You won’t believe how much easier it is to use a 2″ instead of a 1″ flat iron. It has a very high heat option, also very good for people with course hair. It is lightweight and easy to use. Now for the negatives. This is not a wet to dry flat iron. I don’t always use a flat iron on damp hair, but I would at least like the option. What’s perplexing to me is that theRemington S7230 Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron with Soy Hydra Complex, 2 Inchis by the same company, is wet to dry, and is over $10 cheaper! I own both and much prefer my Remington S7230. In addition to the wet to dry option, it seems like the 7230 is easier to move through hair. This S9620 is a decent flat iron, but the S7230 is a much better buy.

Maricela Hannaford, ND


Heats up quickly and is so easy to use! Leaves my hair shiny, soft, and silky with no frizz! I love the color and would highly recommend this to anyone!

Pat Ravenel, SC

Leaves my hair silky smooth straight!

I have had many different flat irons, but I think this is my favorite. It leaves my hair silky smooth. I have had some that leaves my hair with static or just didn’t straighten my hair but this one does.It has a digital screen which shows you the temperature. The temperature goes from 300 to 455, I like the highest setting. The buttons to turn on and off the flat iron and the heat buttons are on the edge of the handle. My hand doesn’t accidentally change the temperature setting, so the buttons are nicely placed. On my old flat iron the buttons were where I put my hand when I was flat ironing my hair so I was constantly changing the temperature every time I touched it. This one is nicely tucked into the side and out of the way. But even if it does happen to get in your way there is a temperature lock mode. You just press and hold the “-” button for about 2 seconds and all the keys will be locked and the LCD will display a lock symbol.My hair is pretty short, above my shoulders. So, shorter hair is harder to straighten with this 2 inch thick flat iron. I am used to using a 1 inch flat iron. But this flat iron works so much better than my old one. It heats up in 15 seconds, which is great when I am in a rush. It has floating ceramic plates, and I can really feel the difference, it just glides along my hair. It reduces static and frizz.This flat iron automatic shuts off after about one hour. It also has a hinge lock for storing. Just squeeze the plates together and turn the switch to the locked position to store.

Angelia Fort Wingate, NM

Great for long hair

I have long, curly hair. I own several flat irons. I have used Chi, Sedu, Babyliss, and others. They are all expensive irons. Considering this Remington is only $35 I didn’t have much hope for it, but I was happily surprised to find that it works well. I still like my other irons better, but this one is still good. It heats up quickly. It heats up to 455 degrees. It has a swivel cord. This is a really nice feature because it keeps the cord from getting all twisted up.I really like that this flat iron has an automatic shut-off. It will shut off after 60 minutes. I often forget to shut off my irons and wish they all had this feature.The plates are 2 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches long. I wish the plates were a bit longer. 5 to 5 1/2 inches would have been even better.

Vickie Petroleum, IN

Loose Hair Grip Sinks an Otherwise Good Product

Having used theRemington Wet 2 Straight 2″ Wide Plate Wet/Dry Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron with Tourmalinefor a few years now, I was excited when I opened the box for this product. Unlike the Wet 2 Straight, the power up button is straight forward and easy to find and press. The large, digital temperature display is a great feature with a “-” button to reduce the temp and a “+” to increase the temp. I especially like the swivel cord; no more unwinding a twisted cord!However, Houston, we have a big problem: It doesn’t grip the hair tightly enough to smooth and straighten. Unless, of course, you PREFER to reach over with your other hand to try and press plates closer together. On the box, it claims “2X smooth glide.” Perhaps it is 2X a smoother glide, however I have no idea compared to what? I suppose it is smooth, so smooth that my hair slips right through without achieving the straightness that I desire. I took six passages each over sections of my shoulder length hair before I had had enough. I didn’t get the results I wanted and I don’t have the time required to even attempt to get the same results I get with the Wet 2 Straight.It’s a shame too because I really like its other features.

Dixie Franklin, ID

Great flat iron!

I’m new to straightening irons. I bought a cheap one ($9.99) and couldn’t get the results that I got with my daughter-in-laws. When this Remington came up I went for it!This iron heats up quickly and has a digital read out so you can see the temperature you are applying to your hair. One of the biggest "selling" points for me is the automatic shut off after an hour. I have been known to walk away from an iron or other "hot" appliance and get busy and forget to go back which has lead to the "did I or didn’t I turn it off" scenerio at work. With this, no worries!The cord is nice and long with a swivel connection to the iron which is great when you are twisting and turning trying to straighten your hair around your head. The ceramic plates heat fast and due the job they are advertised to do.Save yourself $9.99 by buying a cheap flat iron and spend a little more. You won’t regret it.

Julianne Kurten, TX

Excellent Styling Tool – I Love It …

The “Remington S9620 Silk Ceramic Flat Iron, 2 Inch” is an excellent hair styling tool, particularly for those whose hair is medium length or longer. It is lightweight, an attractive color, and very reasonably priced. The flat iron heats quickly; because of the 2 inch width, one pass is enough to create a smooth, shiny surface. The ceramic flat iron plates are smooth and do not catch or pull hair. The recommended heat settings worked well for me even on the lowest temperature in that range. This flat iron did not get so hot that it burned my “color-refreshed” medium-fine hair.The controls on the “Remington S9620 Silk Ceramic Flat Iron, 2 Inch” are easy to use. The buttons are not recessed and are not difficult to press. You do need to press and hold the on-off switch for 20 seconds instead of just pressing and releasing it. The cord attaches to the flat iron using a swivel connection. This makes the “Remington S9620 Silk Ceramic Flat Iron, 2 Inch” easy to maneuver and control. The cord never tangled or wound around itself.When the flat iron is heating up, all three bars flash; once it reaches the desired temperature, the number of bars associated with the temperature shows as solid. It would be nice if the number of bars associated with the selected temperature flashed while the unit is heating. Temperature increments move in 20-degree increases/decreases; most flat irons I have used use 10-degree increments. Finally, the automatic shutoff time is one hour. I believe a shorter time would be safer as a fire might start if something flammable was in contact with the unit for an hour.The “Remington S9620 Silk Ceramic Flat Iron, 2 Inch” has a four-year warranty. That exceeds warranties on many comparably priced flat irons and is a real plus.If you are looking for a 2-inch wide flat iron, I definitely recommend the “Remington S9620 Silk Ceramic Flat Iron, 2 Inch”. I love it and think you will, too.

Melinda Sparta, KY


This is a wonderful straightener. It heats up really fast and does a really great job of straightening without damaging. Becuase my hair is so thick I have to use the highest setting. his is the first straightener that has never snagged and my hair out. The buttons and digital readout are easy to see. The power cord swivels which is also a bonus. The only thing I don’t like is the fact the cord has an angle close to the unit and I would prefer it was straight. Overall that is a really small gripe. The unit seems to be well made and I recommend it.

Aurora Tularosa, NM

Great Value and Performance!

I have a Chi flat iron for which I paid $125 (I know – crazy). But to get my hair to straighten and not burn takes a very good iron. Like most ladies out there, my hair is very important to my overall look so I felt justified in my purchase. In hindsight, I can now say that I over paid. The Chi iron cost 4 times as much as this Remington but was not 4 times better than the $30-$40 irons I had owned in the past.Now that I have the Remington, I’ll never buy a Chi again. The Remington iron outperforms my $125 Chi in every way. It heats up quickly, straightens without scorching, and has a silky smooth surface that prevents my hair from snagging or pulling when I use it. All this for $40. When I think that I could buy 3 Remingtons for the price of one Chi, it really shows where the value lies. Get a Remington.

Tameka Bloomery, WV

Heats quickly, great results

My wife has naturally curly hair and she likes to straighten it. Local hair salons charge far more than the price of this flat iron for straightening services, so for us this was a smart purchase. This flat iron heats up quickly and the temperature adjustment is easy and highly visible via the display and 3-bar level indicator. This model has wide silk ceramic plates and is a bit shorter and wider than some on the market.This Remington outperforms other flat irons we have owned in the past. Not only does it heat quickly, it works very well and straightens without burning or sticking. Hair is left silky and smooth and the hair stays straight. The iron shuts itself off after 60 minutes of inactivity which is good if you are in a hurry and forget to unplug it or turn it off. My only complaint is the little locking mechanism which holds the plates together for storage. It feels flimsy but then again it works. The iron itself feels substantial and performs better than some irons three times its price. Recommended!

Lucy Smithfield, PA

The wife loves it

I pretty much have no use for a Remington S9620 ceramic flat iron since I have no hair but I got this as a gift for my wife. She loves it and replaced her old flat iron with it. She says the thing she likes best about it is that it heats up super fast, like in seconds. This is also a plus for me as it cuts down on the “getting ready” time considerably.

Wilda Midland, OR

I like it and it works pretty well.

I got this for my 12-year old daughter – and she says, "So this straightener was okay, but it wasn’t the best. It has all of the cool effects: the lock for store away, a LED screen, temperature change, smooth glide, rotating cord, heating up in fifteen seconds. But it didn’t straighten my hair all that well. I had turned it up all the way to 455 degrees, and even that didn’t straighten my hair all the way like my other straightener did. Even then, when I was using the Flat Iron, I had to use it four or five times to actually get my hair to be ALMOST straight. My hair is really curly though, so that helps this case. It is a great product and I still love the product and will use it a lot."

Alissa Ann Arbor, MI

Not realy comfy to use

I have mixed feelings about the Remington Silk Flat Iron. I have used others in the past and they have been much more comfortable to use. This flat iron just feels a bit klunky in my hands, could possibly be due to the barrel size.I also found myself burning my fingers, there is a ‘cool spot’ area on the end of the iron, but it just doesn’t seem to do the job it’s intended for.Despite the comfort level and the hot fingers, the Flat Iron heats up quickly, have several heat settings and flattens hair just as well as any other flat iron I’ve tried, I have been able to get a curl/wave in my hair with it as well.

Jessica Mc Shan, AL

Also works great on hairpieces

I’m having fun wit this new Remmington flat iron. I’m a wearer of natural hair, wigs and weaves. Usually it is recommended that you not put heat on synthetic hair, but I tried it with this flat iron. I set the heat to its lowest of 300 degrees. The heat added a little life back to my hairpieces. I do suggest using a wrapping gel or foam.This product is easy to use. I use a higher temp for my real hair and it adds tons of body to my style. The box says 455 salon heat but it went higher for me. It doesn’t take long to warm up and that’s great for those days when you are in a hurry. In addition, it has a digital temperature control that locks. With other products I’ve used, I’ve found as I’m straightening my hair, my fingers always touch the temperature controls, moving it either up or down.The product says it has a 60-minute auto shut off that I’m not too comfortable with. I think that 60 minutes is too long for a hot appliance to be idle. Besides that, the only other con I found that the irons were too big to straighten my edges. Overall, I like this product.

Angelica Spring Church, PA

Really Good Flat Iron!

I couldn’t wait to receive & use this flat iron. It is just as good as I was hoping it would be. I love the digital heat settings, it great so that you don’t burn your hair. Also it heats up very quickly. This flat iron is very easy to use and it really does glide threw your hair. The end results is my hair very soft,smooth and straight, I have shoulder length black hair and this really tamed the fizz. My hair is gorgeous. And the automatic shutoff is a just a added bonus, especially if you forget to turn it off.

Cristina Akaska, SD

Great product for the price

This is my daughter’s review since I don’t straighten my hair:I have thick curly hair that can be really hard to maintain. This hair straightener really does the trick, my hair comes out straight and soft every time. It can also do nice elegant curls as well. Before this straightener, I used the Instyler. This one works as well as the Instyler with a much better price range. The only time I prefer the Instyler to this one is when I want to straighten my hair when it is wet. In this case, the Remington does not work as well.

Elisabeth Mc Kees Rocks, PA

Excellent product all around!

The Remington S9620 Silk Ceramic Flat Iron, 2 Inch is a high quality flat iron without the high quality price. I have used very expensive flat irons as well as the cheaper brands and this S9620 Ceramic iron is very comparable to the more expensive brands.This 2 inch flat iron is most appropriate for medium to long hair due to its larger surface area. I have short to medium hair and still found it able to straighten my longer pieces.I was most impressed with the fact that the flat iron heated up almost instantly and was extremely hot to the touch!! The temperature levels are shown digitally on the the top side of the iron. Temperatures range from 300F-455F moving up 20 degrees Fahrenheit at a time.The ceramic plates ‘float’ in a way that move with the hair. There are no tangles or pulling as you slide the iron down. Hair is left smooth and silky looking as well as to the touch. Flick and turn the iron and you can add small waves. I also liked the fact that the cord is attached to a large rotating piece allowing the cord to move 360 degrees without moving the actual iron at all, reducing the chance for tangling the cord.I am very impressed with the Remington S9620 Silk Ceramic Flat Iron, 2 Inch and would recommend it as an alternative to the more expensive brands with confidence.

Lorrie Fogelsville, PA

Salon Quality 2 inch Ceramic Flat Iron!

I like this Remington S9620 Silk Ceramic Flat Iron. It’s 2 inches wide which makes it perfect for long hair. The 15 second heat up is convenient for those tight mornings getting ready for work. After 60 minutes, if you forget to shut the unit off, it automatically shuts of itself.This gorgeous dark red styling tool heats to 455 degrees fahrenheit, which is great for locking in style, but be careful as using high heat too often can frazzle your hair. Use with caution and probably not daily, especially if you are blow drying your hair, or your hair will be frazzled from heat and styling products.The salon length swivel cord is great, because I personally have a lot of things on my vanity, and need a longer cord just to be able to ergonomically use stylish products, as I am fixing my face and hair. I have lighted makeup mirrors, hair dryers, lotions & makeup galore, along with an entire host of hair styling products, hot rollers, brushes and flat irons & face creams.This unit comes with a 4 year manufacturer’s warranty that I hope I never have to use. After a few trials between myself and daughter, who has thick, long hair, we rate this gadget five stars!

Stella Bud, WV

Too loose

Doesn’t firmly hold the hair in. I like the fact it’s a 2 incher and it heats up okay, but nothing spectacular.Too loose.

Eddie Lakeside, CT

Looks and feels like a very high quality iron, and works like one too!

This actually a very nice flat iron. The controls are very simple to use, with two buttons allowing you to set the temperature of the iron right to your preferred heat. It also heats up nice and quick, allowing you to quickly touch up your hair.This really does look and feel like a very high quality iron, and works like one too. I highly recommend it!(Review of Remington Silk Ceramic Flat Iron)

Olivia Irene, TX

Great straightener!

I had to replace my extremely expensive straightener I’ve had for years after it finally blew a fuse and got this one based off of the reviews – I’m quite pleased with it!It heats up really quickly and almost just as importantly it seems to cool down WAY faster than straighteners I’ve had in the past, which means I don’t have to leave it out on the bathroom counter all day, I can put it away before leaving without worrying about it melting something.The self timer is pretty nice too if you’re the forgetful type like me! I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Christina Seagraves, TX

Works like a charm!

Works like a charm with my fiances hair. She has very thick wavy hair and sometimes wants to flatten it out, this solved the issue and it’s way more affordable then some of the higher end flat irons out there.It heats up fairly quick and is the perfect size for handling since she has small hands. The iron quickly flattened out her hair in no time and with a little hair product stayed that way all day! She’s very happy with this.

Ingrid Copper Hill, VA

Narrow Flat Iron Perfect for Straightening or curling hair

I thought it would take forever to straighten my thick and wavy hair with this narrow flat iron but I was wrong. It was went quickly. The iron heats up quickly and gives a nice hot press. The end results is shiny, flat, non -frizzy hair that lasts all day if it is dry and most of the day if it is rainy or humid.There are videos on youtube teaching curling with a flat iron techniques how to curl my hair with this flat iron, which worked well. I have tried it before with a wider iron and got so so results with this iron I got very good results.I’m still practicing but the iron does a good job and it looks like I am replacing my older wider flat iron AND my curling iron with this.

Mary Reserve, NM

Decent Flat Iron

Worked fine- did a pretty good job as far as straightening but would’ve liked for it to have been a tad wider to hold more hair in one pass and get the job done quicker. Outer appearance is nice, deep red color, made well, and has some nice features like the digital thermometer and a swivel cord- also heated up extremely quick.I’d give this one somewhere between 3-4 stars depending on what you’re looking for. I wish it was wider, the one I received was a one inch, not a 2 inch. After using the product hair turned out straight and looked good though I wasn’t blown away though it did the job.Overall, I’m somewhat happy with this one just wish it was a bit bigger.

Vonda Buffalo, WV

Perfect Long Hair

This wider flat iron is ideal for long hair. It seems to close with a little extra space so it’s wonderful for thick hair.You can straighten your hair very quickly in sections using this wider flat iron.It’s attractive in red. It has an extra large temperature LED display, which is also very nice Illuminating blue.The open/close tab is at the base of the iron, which can be more or less easy depending on what you’re accustomed to.It works really well and really fast.Recommended for thick, long hair!

Erna Krotz Springs, LA

The one

It just plain works. It gets very hot very fast. Its dead simple to use the controls. Its grip makes it really easy to hold. More shine is noticeable (but everyones hair is different so your milage on that may vary.) You can even turn down the temperature if your hair is a little more prone to damage. It looks great. The only downside is that its not suitable for traveling as its single voltage. The cord is plenty is long. So long as the size is right for you, you cannot possibly go wrong with it.

Tamara West Liberty, WV

Avid Leo Reader

This is my first flat iron purchase. The price is good, spent less than 30$. I like that you can control the heat setting from 300 to 450. I set it at the lowest 300 and it did not burn my hair and I finished curling my hair in no time. I like this product

Deloris Erie, CO