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Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch, Black

You can get professional style results in your own home with the Remington Pearl Pro 1 Inch Flat Iron. The Pearl Pro is a professional quality flat iron with real crushed pearls infused into the 1 Inch ceramic plates for a smooth glide that provides even, ionic heat to reduce frizz and prevent fried ends. This flat iron heats up to 400-degrees in a quick 30 seconds to provide you with a quick and easy way to the ultimate salon finish.

Key features

  • 1 Inch floating ceramic plates infused with real pearls
  • 400-degree salon high heat with digital temperature control and a 30-second heat up time
  • Turbo heat setting boosts to the highest temperature
  • Temperature control lock to prevent overheating
  • 60-minute auto shutoff and a 3 year warranty

Honest reviews


This thing gets hottt…very hot.

I’ve never owned an extremely high end straightening iron, but have owned multiple types of big box store types. Right out of the box, this flat iron is attractive and fits in your hand easily. It is autoset to 380* and that is too hot for my thick, medium textured and highlighted hair, LED read out right on top with a simple up and down +/- control setting to raise and lower the temp made it easy to set exactly. The short instructions indicate the proper temperature for your own type of hair. The rounded edges are nice, and seem to make it easier to use. Not being a teenager, I haven’t quite mastered the art of curling with a flat iron, but attempts I’ve made lead me to believe that I’ll get there. This item seems small compared to my Wet2Set (much more streamlined) but the plates are the same size, and the lack of bulkiness is pleasant. To me, the ultimate test of a flat iron is 1: Does it do what it is supposed to do? In this case, it easily straightens my hair. It just depends on the heat setting as to how fast you want to do it. With this, you can precisely set your best temp. 2: Does is have an auto-shut off, so I don’t have to wonder if I’m going to burn my house down? (this one does). And 3: Does it hold up over time and use with styling products and still work perfectly? I can answer yes to the first two, and get back to you on the third when I’ve used it more.

Marian Calhan, CO

A Flat Iron Success

The Remington S9500pp Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron comes out of the box and literally in under the 30 seconds promised is very hot and ready to be used to straighten your hair. The initial heat-up seating may be too hot but the +/- tabs make it a simple matter to adjust the heat level to fit your needs. The rounded edges make it easier to use.PROS: the Remington Pearl Pro straightened my daugthers’ very curly hair (think Shirley Temple curly) and rather than leaving it dry and dull looking because they often have to go over the hair a few times, left it softer, retaining some of the natural sheen they like but often have to use products to restore to their hair after flattening it. It also worked on my wife’s wavy hair much quicker than the flat iron she had been using on some days. She also used it to curl the ends of her hair and a few front strands, so that was appreciated by her, since she didn’t have to drag out a separate curling iron. This flat iron has an automatic off feature, which I appreciate since family members can sometimes forget in their rush to get ready to turn everything off. It also cools down pretty quickly, which is good.CONS: Nobody noted any negatives about this product when they were using it.Overall, this is a great Flat Iron for my family members’ every day use and it works on a variety and intensity of curly hair.CONS:

Debora Saint Joe, AR

Its Good for the Price Point

Several months ago my 120 dollar flat iron broke beyond repair and that sent me on a quest for a new flat iron that does not cost $120 because that is ridiculous to pay if its just going to break after 8 years. I spent a lot of time on amazon searching and reading reviews and ended up with this remington and a conair infiniti pro. I had the conair first and loved it initially but started feeling indiferent about it, so when the Remington arrived I was thrilled with the way it looked and how if felt in my hands to use it. This became the flat iron of choice for about a week. I liked the digital read out of the temperature and that the plates seemed to "float" more than the con air but…after I got over the things I liked about it, the one thing I did not like, was just too much to overcome. The plates are not smooth enough. I have very fine hair and need the plates to be ceramic smooth and these have just a touch of texture that might be perfect for other types of hair but not mine. Keep in mind neither iron is as good as the high end iron I had, but like I said I’m not paying that much again.

Glenna Ronkonkoma, NY

Amazing iron at an amazing bargain!

I have unruly, curly, frizzy hair that is difficult to straighten. I have tried many flat irons over the years. I own Chi, Sedu, T3 and other irons. I amused to good irons so I was very skeptical that a $24 iron would do a good job. I was amazed at just how well this iron works. It works just as well, if notbetter, than my other irons.Pros:
• Heats up quickly.
• Gets really HOT!!! (It adjusts in 10 degree increments from 300 to 450 degrees F. )
• Beeps when the set temperature is reached.
• Long plates. (The plates on this iron are 4 inches long. My Chi is only 3 ” long. That extra inch really makes a big difference!)
• Inexpensive. I can’t believe how good this flat iron is given the low price ($23.26 on 12-1-13)
• 60 minute auto shut-off. This is a great feature for me because I frequently forget to turn my irons off.
• Temperature lock mode is nice. They promote this feature as something that will prevent overheating, but in my case it prevents the frustrating”under” heating I often get when I iron my hair. I always set my irons on the maximum heat and with other irons I would sometimes unknowingly lowerthe temperature while using the iron because of the location of the temperature dial. That can’t happen in this iron with this feature turned on.Cons:
• The power and temperature buttons are really small. And, what’s more, to turn off the iron you have to press and hold the off button for a few seconds.I find this annoying. At first, I thought my iron was defective because it wouldn’t turn off. I would have to unplug the iron after every use. Then outof frustration one day I just held the pressed position and lo and behold it turned off. By the way, to turn on the iron you just press the button (quickly)and it turns on. I had no reason to assume you had to press it and HOLD it for a few seconds to turn it off. Frustrating!!
• NOT dual voltage. If this iron was dual voltage I would buy a dozen of them to give as gifts to my friends and relatives that live overseas.

Cathy Ironton, MO

Excellent Flat Iron

I thought my Remington Flat Iron was the best, but now it’s been replaced by this flat iron of perfection. This is a new design that has more a more rounded handles that help with curling your hair as well as straightening it. I use the flat iron now instead of a curling iron to curl my hair.The Remington Pearl Pro works great with fine straight hair like mine and heats up so fast it’s unbelievable. I think professionals as well as home users will love the fact that the Pearl Pro heats up in 30 seconds. My old one was fast at 45 but this is amazing.My old flat iron had a tendency to leave burn marks in the cord which was dangerous and I had to keep an eye on the cord to make sure that I didn’t leave the cord touching the heated section of the flat iron, with the rounded edges of this flat iron, that problem is fixed and the cord cannot touch the heated edges which also makes it safer to use with your hands.This flat iron is the best I’ve had and I’ve tried quite a few! I was going to let my daughters use this because I liked mine, but after using this, I am keeping it. This is an excellent flat iron with and excellent design that heats on a dime and works beautifully for curling or straightening! Recommend!

Martha Everett, PA

Standard flat iron

This is a standard flat iron – my niece enjoys using it when she visits it and she says it makes her hair less frizzy than her traditional non-ceramic plate flat iron. It’s small and sleek – the housing seems to be less bulky than the other flat irons I’ve used.

Chrystal Bethel, OH

Great features

This is my first flat iron so I can only compare it to my old curling irons. This product is well made and I do like these features – swival wire to allow tangle-free twisting, LED panel with temperature adjustment so you can change the temperature setting depending on hair type, 30 second heat-up with a beeping alarm when ready. I use this flat iron to curl my bob inward and to straighten one wayward curl that always sticks out. It works well.

Arline Nashville, GA

Very good flat iron.

My daughter loves it. Got it over the holidays and uses most everyday. She ask for this model explicitly and she studies up on hair care products before asking for them or buying them herself. Good job.

Kathrine Cranberry, PA

Rapunzel would buy it.

I bought this flatiron for my fourteen year old daughter after she over-worked two previous flatirons (What can I say, my teen is slightly OCD about her hair looking straight and sleek). It was a good choice.Pros:
• Heats up super fast.
• Plates slide over hair.
• Leaves hair smooth and shiny.
• In expensive.
• Sleek design.
• Easy to hold.Cons:
• The autoset temp of 380 is a bit too high for finer hair.
• It emitted a nasty smell the first two times it was used.

Erna Clermont, FL

Mine stopped working after first use!

I was really excited for a decent priced straightener that had a nice look. From the one time I used it, I liked it. Heated up fast and the plates didn’t stick or pull my hair. I am sad it just stopped working… I thought it was the outlet but it didn’t work in any, at my house or my neighbors. Sad! Had to send back and decided to go with a different straightener.

Donna Peapack, NJ

Straightens wonderfully.

I’ve lost count of the number of Remington Flat Irons that I’ve owned (I loose things). I would say that, overall, I’m been consistently content with the quality of them. This one was not a disappointment.It’s a smart looking little instrument, and it performs well.PROS:It heats really quickly, and I LOVED the cute little "beep" it gives when ready.Digital temperature read out.Buttons are responsive but not easy to accidentally press (I’ve had other models that it was easy to turn off or up by accident, or which you "think" you’ve turned on, only to find you didn’t press the button firmly enough).Long swivel cord.Locks closes easily.Plates seem to be evenly heated, without major hot spots.Good grip for hair.Nice weight (not too heavy, too light).Good smooth shiny results that don’t look fried.I was able to straighten my wavy/curly hair quickly without redoing sections (and had good results on the 390 temp).CONS:First, while it handled straightening quite well, it did not to well with curling (yep, you can curl your hair with a straightening iron, find online videos for instructions). In order for a flat iron to curl well, the sides of the plate need to be hot and contact your hair. I am not sure on which of these details it fails (or if we are dealing with human error), but ultimately, it just didn’t work well for curling. Secondly, the digital temperature display (while completely readable) is not as clear as on other Remington products.

Tonia Colbert, WA

Great product

The Remington Pearl Pro is very easy to use and did a great job straightening my hair. I have used a Chi for years and found the Remington to be superlative. This flat iron gets hot fast. Maybe a little too hot actually, I turn the temperature down a bit. It is easy to use, has a good sturdy cord and swivels well to make some curls. This smooths hair and makes it look shiny. The only drawback is the cord is a little shorter than my chi but otherwise I recommend this flat iron.

Penelope Jones, AL

Great product!

This is a great product! Especially for the $, heats up in about 60 seconds and I can straighten my hair faster, saves me time! I have long natural wavy hair too, would recommend this to anyone!

Ashlee Wyandotte, OK

Great value and easy to use. Highly recommend!!

What I liked most about using this flat iron, was all the compliments I got, versus when I used my old flat iron.I only used the heat setting that came on automatically (380) though it is supposed to go up to 400 degrees, but if I don’t need it that hot I like that I can choose a lower temperature and save my hair from over heating.The design was light and easy to use. The swivel cord made for a nice addition my old iron didn’t have. It really made my hair look smooth and soft even without using any anti frizz serum, like I usually do.I’m really glad I gave this iron a try, it was a great find.

Brenda Rodman, NY

Unique length of plates helps straighten super curly hair

5 out of 5Pros:30 second heat up time is very convenient for touchupsAttractive design and digital temperature readoutLightweight design and swivel cord helps avoid arm fatigueLong plates make straightening longer hair much easierShuts off automatically after 1 hour for when you forget to turn it offKeeps hair straight and frizz free even on humid daysCons:NoneIt worked really well and was way faster than the old one I had. The long plates worked really well. I thought I needed a wider one for my long hair but really the longer plates were what helped.

Dolores Rushville, IL


The Remington Pearl Pro flat iron does a great job of doing everything right. From the extensive packaging to the super-cool blue LCD temperature display, you feel you’re getting something high-end here.Switching it on is a simple as a press on the side button which then reveals just how quick the pads get hot. And when I say quick I mean it; within a few seconds it’s ready to go and thanks to the large display you can set and see the temperature on the top with ease. The cord swivels 360 as you would expect and the temperature lock button is a nice addition and prevents accidental changes to the desired heat level. When done, it auto shuts off adding a layer of safety.My only gripe is the outer plastic does get a little warmer than I’d like, but that may be due to the way I hold it when I do my hair.A great flat iron whose stylish looks and top performance belie its low price.

Adela Manassas, VA

Love the automatic shut-off (after 60 minutes)

I love the design of this flat iron. It makes it easy to work with. I also love the fact that it heats up quickly and has a range up to 450. I probably won’t need to go that high, but it is nice for those who do. My favorite feature is the automatic shut-off as I tend to get multi-tasking a forget that I have the flat iron plugged in. It gives me peace of mind.Notes: The heat it preset to 380F, so each time you start up you will have to set the temperature to your preference. The S9500PP tends to have a short life span (1-2 years) whereas some of Remington’s other flat irons last longer. I don’t know why that is. Hopefully they’ve fixed the problem. I’ll come back to update if we have any issues.

Delores Pachuta, MS

Works beautifully, well designed.

I’ve had an old school hair straightener for about 10 years. Wow! I had no idea how far these have come. This straightener is first and foremost: fast! Lightening fast. It heats up in 30 seconds. It also straightens quickly because it’s so hot. I love the digital temperature read out. You can adjust the heat to any temperature – if you always want the highest setting simply hold the control down and it will automatically set at 400 degrees.My hair is long, thick, and wavy/curly and it does not straighten easily – it’s even resistant to salon keratin treatments. This made it straight and shiny and beautiful – so straight, in fact, that when I tried to add some curl back in to make the ends wavy it wouldn’t hold. I love it.

Rosa Rudy, AR


I love this straightener! Leaves my hair silky and soft with very little frizz. I’m usually in a rush in the morning but it heats up quickly and is so easy to use.

Winifred Fennville, MI

Creates that “hairdresser” curl that I have been seeking out!

I have been looking for a straight iron that will curl my hair, like my hairdresser does after she cuts it. I have tried 2 other flat irons, and they didn’t produce those results. This one, however, did! It is small, so it’s easy to hold and you can twist it around easily to create that elusive curl. I think the fact that it has such a high heat, allows it to really set that curl in. The plates are rounded on the edges, which is what my hairdresser said I needed in order to get the curl.It heats up fast and it displays the temperature on the handle. I have thin hair, so I went with the 320 degree setting. It worked perfectly!I also straightened my hair, and it did a good job. I have naturally wavy hair, so sometimes after I straighten my hair, the curl still shows. This seemed to stop that from happening. Again, I think it’s because of the high heat.It’s a great flat iron, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for one!

Dale Webbville, KY

Great price, great product!

This is a wonderful product for the price! It is a great looking flat iron with quick heat up time and a very hot temperature. There is auto shut off after 60 minutes (which I need!) and a temperature lock, which is the first time I’ve been able to control that on a flat iron. It has a great width, is easy to use, and glides smoothly through my hair without causing frizz. And I have very long hair. (I do use styling product as well.)There really are no cons; but some other reviewer mentioned that you do need to hold the off button for a bit to get it to shut down and I found that to be true as well.

Velma Kimball, NE

Great on my crazy curly hair

Love this flat iron! Temps up to 450, digital, lightweight, and the plates move. Great on my crazy curly hair

Joann Palmyra, TN

Eh. I am not impressed

Honestly, I really wanted to like this hot tool. I heard many good things about it but it did not meet my expectations. Which, is sad because I did not have high expectations for it. This hot tool did not close all the way which is odd considering it has a lock. But when using it, it did not clamp down enough on my hair. Also, the buttons where pretty hard to push, I don’t know if I just got a bad product or what but I am not impressed. I ended up giving it away to a friend who needed a new straightener but did not want to buy one. She says it is okay and it is better than nothing, I agree with that. I would recommend it if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but there are other ones that are a bit more and way worth the money. I think this would be okay for someone who already has bone straight hair, mine is a bit wavy as times. I would not give this to someone with curly hair, I do not think it would do much for them.

Shana Burnside, LA

Fast & Easy

The wife reports that this flat iron is fast and easy to use. She also comments that it is much faster at heating up than her old flat iron which died with a few weeks.The iron is easy to hold and flows through her long red hair without any issues. She happy and I’m happy!

Jacquelyn Amity, PA

Exceptional product!

I have been using the same cheap flat iron for years. I really didn’t think there would be a difference compared to more expensive brands. All the product needs to do is heat up and flatten my hair. I was so wrong! I love this flat iron for four reasons. First, the width is easy to work with as I segment my hair. Secondly, it leaves my hair frizz-free. Thirdly, my hair glistens and shines. Lastly, it automatically shuts off. No more wondering if I turned it off as I am driving to work!I

Imogene Greensboro, AL

very hot, very fast

This Remington S9500 reaches usable temp very quickly. It’s preset of 380 allows for quick styling and thewell located controls allow for fast adjustments. This flat iron is well designed and easy enough for ayoung girl to do her own styling.Would recommend.

Colette Donalds, SC


I was skeptical that this flat iron would heat up so quickly, but indeed it did. It seemed as if it took less than 30 seconds. I like the temperature setting. I also like that I didn’t burn myself easily as I have with another flat iron I own. The whole apparatus stays nice and cool when the heating element is on (and wow it that hot!) It’s a good weight. The only gripe I have is that I couldn’t tell if the thing was actually on or off when I hit the "off" button, so I unplugged it. Not a big deal though.The other thing that I will mention, that is not specific to this model is that I think if one has hair that can be straightened using a brush and a blowdryer, that’s a better choice for the health of one’s hair. I thought my hair was being damaged by using an old flat iron that had no heat setting, so I was looking forward to trying this one. Even when using protectant spray (which you simply must use!) and the recommended setting for fine hair, I’ve come to the conclusion that straight irons do too much damage. But, that’s me. If you have a lot of thick unruly hair, go for it. This model will do you fine.

Lina Barrington, NJ

Working great so far!

The last flat iron I bought for my daughter lasted about 10 days, this one is going strong at several weeks now. She uses it a lot, at least once a day. It hangs nicely and has an auto off. It packs decently into a travel bag and it heats up very quickly. She has really been enjoying it.

Carol Duncanville, AL

A fave tool!

I have really(!) thick, wavy, coarse hair, and I’ve always had a hard time finding a flat iron. I need something tough enough and hot enough to smooth my horse-tail mop, but gentle enough to leave it still healthy. Thanks to the Pearl Pro, I’m done searching. I compared this iron to a ceramic Chi, a Revlon with vibrating plates, and another (lower priced, metal plated) Remington model, and this one came out on top. The Remington has a heat sensor that signals when the iron is hot enough. The plates are quality, and the iron simply gliiiiides over the hair, leaving it silky and truly, honest-to-goodness straight. The Pearl Pro is at least as good as the Chi (maybe even better, since my hair feels less fried now), and it totally leaves the Revlon and the other Remington in the dust. Before, with them, I had to go over each section of my hair at least twice, and I could never get tresses totally tamed, but with the Pearl Pro, one pass is enough to completely subdue the wave and leave my hair absolutely straight. For someone with really coarse/thick hair who doesn’t have $100+ to spend on a flat iron, this tool is heaven sent. I can finally approximate the look I get at the salon. Love, love, love it to pieces!

Inez Goldonna, LA

Excellent flat iron and a very nice value

I replaced my very old, $20 discount-store cheap model Conair 1/4” flat iron with this model. I have longer, thick textured hair just past my shoulders. The barrel size works nicely for my length. I like that you can tune the temperature in 5′ increments. Initially, I took it up past 400′ and it nearly caught my hair on fire… so be careful! I use it at the standard 380′ setting and am very pleased with the fast results. It leaves my hair soft and shiny. I avoid completely straightening my hair more than 2 times a week though because I could see it being very damaging in the long term. My only complaint is that the handle is a little thick and awkard to hold at first, but not a major issue overall. Very pleased.

Gladys Venus, FL