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Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener with Smart Sensor, 1-Inch, Silver

Strengthen your hair while you style. The unique Remington style therapy: Keratin therapy 1 inches flat iron features Keratin protein infused plates that provide essential vitamins while you straighten, keeping your hair healthy and strong. Don’t fret over too much heat. The advanced, built-in heat sensor uses cutting edge technology to adjust the temperature to your own personalized setting, protecting your hair from overexposure.

Key features

  • Discontinued by Manufacturer
  • Keratin plus heat protective sensor technology
  • 1 inches Keratin infused plates protein infused ceramic plates for stronger, healthier hair with less breakage
  • 450f digital salon high heat
  • 30 second heat-up time, 60 minute auto shutoff
  • Floating plate for constant contact and faster styling

Honest reviews


Heat Sensor Is Like Hair-Care Police. Sentence: Work Twice As Hard

A few things I liked about the Remington Keratin Therapy Straightener is that I had more control over creating waves or “curl under” than with my other straightener, also a Remington. My other one is a Remington S9520 Ceramic Straightener with Pearl Infused Wide Plates.Things I didn’t like:
• It was hard to run thru my hair… it doesn’t glide through like my other one. I basically had to tug it through, ensuring that I became painfully aware of my hair’s damaged condition. FYI, my hair isn’t like crazy-lady damaged like a wild & crunchy mane, just dry from coloring & straightening. I often get compliments on it often because it looks so “silky”.
• Because it has a sensor that senses damage, I had trouble straightening the ends of my hair that are the most damaged. This is because the straightener is built to lower the heat to stop further damage. While the idea is good, if I didn’t persist with the ends of my hair, I’d end up with lampshade shaped hair. Ironed flat on the top, triangular fly-away ends on the bottom.
• I found the same amount of hair breakage in my sink when I used this model. Not sure what that says about their heat sensor technology, except for that it may not work as well as advertised? Not sure.
• The heat sensor prevented me from fully straightening my hair, therefore it didn’t look silky or healthy.In the end, I prefer my wide plated straightener and went back to it right away. Honestly, who wants to think about how damaged their hair is while styling? It was as though I was being punished. Frankly, I damage my hair, then cut, and repeat. Who cares, it’s not like it’s affecting my health or infringing on other’s happiness.BOTTOM LINE: If you have ANY previous damage, this model makes it harder to style your hair.

Rena Wildersville, TN

Great Straightener

Not perfect but nearly. My wife has wavy hair, she sometimes likes her hair completely straight, other times very curly. When she needs her hair straight this does the job without making her work too hard at it.

Alisa Dearborn Heights, MI

Hair is straight and shiny!

I started using the Remington S8590 about a week ago. Until then I was using aRemington S9500 Salon Collection Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener with Pearl Infused Wide Plates, 1 Inch.The Remington S9500 and S8590 are essentially the same aside from the fact that the S8590 adds Keratin and the Smart Sensor. While I can’t really tell if the Smart Sensor is making a difference, I think the Keratin is working. Why? Well, since I replaced my S9500 with the S8590 I’ve been getting quite a few compliments on how healthy and shiny my hair looks. Go figure! A flat iron making my hair look healthy.Both Remington flat irons feel great in my hand. Well balanced and sturdy. With the Keratin shine bonus, I’ll definitely be using my S8590 daily and save the S9500 for travel.

Beatriz Fleming, GA

Remington Straightener

The Remington Keratin Therapy Straightener works great! I use mine more as a gentle curler or flip style to the ends of my hair. It offers the ability to smooth out my hair as I run it through and then turn and flip the ends gently. I’ve used it now several times and am happy with it. I’m still not quite ready to give up my CHI straightener protection spray. It’s a must, I think.

Lilian Waverly, OH

My Favorite Yet

I’ve had several hair straighteners through the years and this one is probably my favorite. Lots of straighteners have things that makes that one unique, the selling point for this one is that the floating ceramic plates are infused with keratin, a conditioner which is supposed to last the lifetime of the product. There really wasn’t a way for me to tell if that made a difference on my hair or not.The feature that I like is a button that controls an optional heat sensor that automatically adjusts the temp if your hair is dry and damaged. Good for those delicate areas like bangs, etc. I usually have to be careful and not singe my bang area but didn’t have any problems with that with this straightener.It also has a one hour automatic shut-off for safety. I always appreciate those features.The hinge lock is also nice. It works well and is easy to lock and unlock, you just slide the switch to open or close. I had one that was a dial switch and it was hard to operate.The buttons are also positioned on the side where they are not in the way when using. I had a different straightener that would get accidentally turned off when I used it because the buttons were right where you held it.It’s also just a good size and feels comfortable in my hand.Highly recommend.

Allene West Tremont, ME

Good for the price

This was my first experience using a straightener on my unruly, curly hair. For the money, it works well. It heated quickly, has three temperature settings and is easy to handle. I appreciate the swiveling cord, which keeps it from falling off my small bathroom counter. My only criticism is that upon closing the iron, there is a noticeable gap, so it’s important to squeeze firmly to get the hair straight. Then again, it’s not a $100+ model, so I’ll forgive Remington and gladly keep the extra $50 in my wallet. Recommended as a bargain alternative.

Verna Eight Mile, AL

Frizz producer

The Remington Straightener fits well in the hand and runs though thick long hair well. (My daughter uses this product) However, the smart sensor doesn’t seem entirely accurate as I’ve noticed frizzed sections of hair which happen when the temperature of the straightener is too high. This is happening to the new growth hair which tends to be finer and more fragile along the temples, for example.On the other hand, this is an inexpensive straightener and to expect it to work as well as one twice its price is probably unreasonable. The straightener has lasted well for several months which is a good sign. So, with the cliched caveat that you are getting what you are paying for, I recommend this product if this is the amount you want to spend and you are attentive about avoiding new growth hair. Otherwise, you may want to keep on looking.

Clara Converse, IN

works as well as the expensive products

I used to have an expensive straightener, and I liked it pretty well, but it conked out. This Remington product works at least as well as the more expensive one I’ve used. It heats up very quickly and one quick pass on my hair and it’s straight. I really think it makes my hair feel softer too, so I’m assuming it lays down the cuticle well. There are two things that give me pause that I should mention. First, it is very easy to burn yourself with this rod, as the heat pads are close to the edge. The second thing is that I think it generally is hotter than I’m used to, so move quickly on your hair so you don’t burn it. Once you get used to it, it’s fine, but just a head’s up from the first few uses.

Darcy Castleberry, AL

straightforward straightener

This Remington straightener keeps my curly hair under control. I like the temperature sensor on the face of it as well as the fact that the controls are on the side. The smart sensor turns the heat down when it senses the hair is damaged. This is a good reasonably priced product.

Alexis Littleton, CO

Pretty good

I have very curly, thick hair that I like to straighten sometimes to look a little more polished, or just to have a different style. I’ve tried literally dozens of hair straighteners. What I like in a straightener is:-display with temp-easy to tell if it’s on or off-a lock for storage-not too heavy-ceramic plates-easy to change the settings without reading the manualThe Remington S8590 does have all of these features. I like the way it feels in my hand and how easy it is to fit in my hair (not too wide, not too narrow). The only thing I don’t like about it is, it doesn’t seem to get my hair as smooth & shiny as my other straightener. It has a strip on it that is supposed to be able to tell if your hair is damaged/brittle/too fine and adjust the temp accordingly, but I haven’t noticed any difference. It also doesn’t run smoothly over my hair, it does feel like my hair catches on the plates and pulls a bit, which makes me nervous because I don’t want to break my hair, especially considering it is summer and my hair is already taking a beating with the sun, surf and chlorine.All in all, it’s not a bad straighter for the price. Because of its size, I can actually leave my hair a bit curly and use the straightener to smooth out my hair a bit, so it doesn’t look so wild/frizzy and that is enough for me to recommend it if you’re looking for a mid-priced, decent straightener.

Elvira Fillmore, NY

Got rid of the frizz

Left my hair shiny and soft. I like this straightener, it did the trick without damaging my hair too much. It is not overly expensive, so I would say to try this one before you go and buy a CHI or an expensive salon one. It worked well for my frizzy curly hair, so I would try this one first.

Bernice Harmans, MD

Great for All Hair Types

I must admit. I was skeptical that this little straightener would work with my hair. I have extremely thick hair, waist length and super wavy. It takes me an hour with my current straightener which is super wide.The Remington Keratin Therapy Straightener not only straightened my hair. It did it in 10 minutes. I section the pieces off and before you know it. Straight hair.When I tell people about this particular straightener, the first thing I mention is that it is “smart”. Straightening hair is very damaging on the hair. The Remington has a senor in the top plate that detects the amount of damage to the hair and delivers only the amount of heat necessary making it the most safe straightener I have ever used. My hair has always been on the dry side so I tend to not over do any kind of heating to it. Knowing that my hair is actually getting less damage, makes me want to straight more often.As for the Keratin, this was the most interesting feature to me. While I know that Keratin is a natural protein in our hair. I was unsure what difference it would make as far as being in a straightener. My hair felt much silkier than ever.Another plus that I keep mentioning to everyone when I discuss the Remington Keratin Therapy Straightener is that usually when I am flattening my hair, I cannot touch the hair. It is way too hot. I thought it would be the same but it wasn’t. I am assuming this was due to the sensor placing less heat but if that was the case I would think it would have taken more run throughs for the straightening that I got.Pluses:Less heat on the hair shaft due to the sensorKeratin conditioning is amazing for your hairHeats up in less time than my last 3 straighteners (ready to go in 30 seconds)Automatic shut off in 60 minutes. Love that. As someone who always worries about this even though I don’t have to (OCD, I guess) it is good to know.Price! I paid over $130 for my current (prior to this one) and it doesn’t do half the job.

Caryn Weslaco, TX

Another super Remington……great for guy’s

This is my third, over the years, and perhaps the best.For a guy, one needs this size or smaller for most cuts. I can style the hair in about 2 minutes, and keep the frizz and wavy stuff away all day.As with all flat irons of this size, one needs to learn how to use it, to avoid a 1960’s “Troll Doll” effect ( not understanding that? Look it up! LOL). We can not ALL look like the star of the original “Footloose” with ease.On the road, this will fix being out in the rain, or high humidity events, and get you looking polished.In the past 5 years or so, I have seen more Remington flat irons on TV and film sets than any other brand, which is telling.This unit has a smart sensor to reduce heat if you over process the hair ( probably not an issue for guys, but might be for gal’s with longer hair).The packaging is high-end, and the addition of Keratin in a flat iron is welcome, if one has frizzy hair.As with other Remington’s – a flat iron is multi-use for guys. Press those pants, and shirts on the road, and a tablecloth for a family celebration!Great item!

Agnes Nixon, TX

A Great Tool

I love this flat iron. You turn it on and can adjust the temp up to 450 degrees. The keratin and vitamins are applied from a strip that is in the middle of the hot plates. The plates are thinner than what Im used to, and that was my favorite feature on this iron. It heats up quickly and stays on. It straightens very easily and leaves very little frizz but I was also using a flat iron spray on each section before ironing. I also noticed that it was easier to curl my ends. I usually use a jumbo curler to curl my ends up and it is always hard after flat ironing. Not after using this. The only downside is that I find my hair curling up faster than usual. My hair does look shinier after using, but that is also temporary. This is my new fave simply for how well it handles and how quickly I can get through my hair.

Christine Greeley, CO

Almost perfect

This straightener is almost perfect. I love the five different heat settings. Love that I can turn off the heat sensor. Love the ceramic plates and the keratin infusion. I love the 30-second warm up and the fact that it will shut itself off after one hour (perfect for those who tend to forget!) I even love the purple lights on the handle-underneath the handle-that shine through, it’s very attractive. The only thing I didn’t like about this hair straightener from Remington is that the plates are just far enough from the edge to make it impossible to straighten the hairs right at the scalp. Thankfully my hair isn’t very curly so it wasn’t much of an issue for me, but for those with ultra curly hair, it may pose a problem.

Nicole Goodway, AL

Love that it self adjusts to your hair

So I love that this adjusts to your hair. We have all used a flat iron by now. What I liked about this Remington S8590 model is that it heats up quickly, it turns itself off when not being used. I also loved that it adjusted the heat level to the damange level of your hair. It doesn’t move through your hair like a ceramic plate does, but I am willing to trade off this glide for a flat iron that will keep my hair healthy.

Laverne Lynchburg, VA

Smart Sensor Is Awesome

I love Remington products, so I was expecting good things from this item, and I wasn’t disappointed. Having fine hair, I have to be careful when using heat for anything (rollers, irons, dryers, etc), but I’m usually in a rush, and I don’t pay attention to the settings the way I should. This smart sensor takes away the idiot factor.Not sure I see a difference with the “keratin therapy,” but I’ve only been using it for about a week. In any case, I love the results so far.

Emily Fish Haven, ID

Works fast

I used a CHI for about 10 years because it was the only thing that would straighten my wavy hair and not have it frizz back up in a few minutes. This gives a similar result, but works much faster.

Consuelo Clayton Lake, ME

Straightens well, runs hot

I already use a Remington straightener. This model works better but I am not sure if it is not simply due to the fact the older one is on the decline since I have been using it for two years.This model straigtened my hair more quickly and did a nicer job. Quicker is important to me. It has a lock feature that I like to have and it also has an automatic shut off–it shuts off after 60 minutes but I wish it was less than that as a safety feature in case I ever forget to shut it off. I always unplug my straighteners when I am done, but it is always good to have a safety feature.I think this unit runs rather hot. When I first turned it on, it was at a default setting of 375 degrees. I use a higher setting on my original one so I also tried 410. Either way, you run the risk of burning yourself with those settings–I ultimately moved to 345. As you run your hair sections through the plates, a LOT of heat is generated and you need to careful about burning hands, scalp, fingers, ears, etc. In summer months it is a lot of extra heat that may cause you to want to jump back in the shower!I am very skeptical about the sensor feature. Sections of hair pass through the blades so quickly I don’t see how it could possibly adjust so quickly. I am also skeptical about infusing Keratin into my hair by using this product.Hair definitely does not glide through the plates as I am used to. In fact, there is some resistance while passing it over sections of hair and I hope that is not damaging my hair.Overall, I am very happy with the straightener. I did not give 5 stars because of having to be extra careful handling it and because it does not allow hair to pass through as smoothly as would like.

Melba Moorhead, MS

Another Hair Straightening Experience….

The S8590 is an excellent product. I already have the Shine Therapy S8500 model and have found it to be a reliable product which performs well. Out of the box, the S8590 is similar. The S8590 is a different color, is infused with keratin, and heats to 450 degrees instead of the S8500’s 430 maximum, but otherwise very much like the similarly-priced 8500.It has a 1 inch ceramic plate. It heats very quickly, getting up to 400F in about 40 seconds. There are numerous heat settings, ranging from 300 through 450 degrees. The controls are easy to work and see. There is a power button, a hinge lock, a temperature control, a display, and a heat sensor indicator light.The cord is over 5 feet long and swivel style, which is convenient. I believe every Remington straightener my family has owned has had a cord of this type.The hinge lock is great, to help prevent little (or big) hands from accidental burns. Also, after 60 minutes the product shuts itself ff.The S8590 also comes with Remington’s excellent 4 year warranty. I actually had a Remington straightener (S9520) fail after a couple of years of (almost daily) use. Remington’s parent company, Spectrum, took back the faulty product and replaced it with a brand new one. That cost me about $7 in shipping, but still much less than replacing the product on my own.I can’t say I notice any difference from the keratin, or how long the infusion lasts on the ceramic, but the product is very good and does an excellent job. I would say it is well worth the slightly higher price versus an entry-level product.

Elizabeth Lewiston, CA

Way better than Wet 2 Straight

I have been using the Remington Wet 2 Straight for years but after a recent visit to a hair salon, I knew there were better options out there. The hair stylist used a 1″ FHI iron which was great but way out of my price range. This Remington performs just as well as the FHI (and way better than Wet 2 Straight) on my thick, curly, fine, dry(!) hair in my opinion. The Wet 2 Straight and Keratin Therapy irons might be from the same company but they are entirely different. I don’t like to use a lot of heat on my hair so I only flat iron it once a week, if that. With the Wet 2 Straight, my hair never looks completely straight and usually becomes wavy in a day or two. With this flat iron, my hair stayed straight until I washed it a week later. It also looks shinier after straightening. As for the heat sensor, who knows if that really works. It sounds very gimmicky but I’m not complaining because they got this flat iron right. If you don’t want to spend a lot on an FHI, I would try this one out first.

Antionette Stow, NY

Sleek Design & Lots Of Bells and Whistles

This flatiron is very pretty silver color and it has a smooth taper on the end that makes it easier to use and hold while using. I have another Remington that I use almost daily but this one’s ergonomic design makes it a little easier to hold for me. This straightener heats up super fast and is ready to use in seconds.There is a digital readout on the side that shows how hot the straightener gets which is supposed to help you not burn your hair, I think this can only help if you know at what temp. your hair begins to burn. This Remington gets super hot so it would be helpful to know at what point your hair gets fried so you don’t turn it up all the way and have your hair start to break off. You can play with the heat with 5 different settings to figure out how high you need the heat to straighten your hair.There is a thin strip in the center of the ceramic plates and this is the heat sensor for the temperature read out, my daughter said it pulled on her hair a bit and she could hear a pulling noise, but I haven’t experienced that. I think her hair is more damaged from using heating products and this may be a problem for her damaged ends. I would consider using the straightener setting in the lower 300s if you have some damage and don’t venture into the 400 zone on this unit at all (it goes up to 450) if your ends are bad. This is a high heat tool. If you are serious about your straighteners this could be one you will really like. It has keratin infused plates that are supposed to last a full four years and it comes with a four year warranty, so it’s a serious straightener and worth the price and I think it’s competitive with the higher priced tools. If you are a casual user and just want a straightener to use once in while, Remington has straighteners without all the bells and whistles that this one has, and they all seem to work very well. We have three or four Remingtons and we pretty much like them all-especially the flatirons with 1 inch plates like this one. There are three of use in the family that use these products on a regular basis.All in all, this is a really nice looking straightener (I use them for curls and waves though and have long thrown out my curling iron)-it has auto shut off, temp read out and you can set it to any temp. you want. It heats up super, super fast, and gets really hot, professional temperatures, so be careful on the higher heats and always use a protector on your hair. I use a Wen cream that heat protects my ends but they can still get burned even with normal straighteners. If you are looking for a pretty, new, super hot unit, this one is great and the four year warranty is a plus. If you already have a lot of damage, this isn’t going to cure your hair but if you want to keep your hair healthy and don’t already have damage, this unit can certainly help you maintain the health of your hair.

Kitty Broxton, GA

Straightens Well, Great Price

My wife uses this, so here is her review. This straightener works very well. It is a great product at a great price. I like that you can change the heat setting and that it has automatic shut-off. Some other good features are that it has a lock to keep the straightener shut and the cord is not too long. Great for storage and travel. I have been using this for a few weeks, and it does a very nice job with my hair. I don’t know that I see a difference from the keratin, but the Remington S8590 works just as well as my more expensive straightener. The only downside is that it does not move smoothly over my hair, there is some resistence. So far, I don’t see any damage from that, but I am not sure long term what that means to my hair. I have never had a straightener do that. If you are looking for a product that has the features of a very expensive straightener, this is a great buy.

Aimee Dwale, KY

Great Straightener for Relatively Cheap

I have a pretty wild mane of curly, caucasion hair and this straightener did a great job of taming it. Even a day after straightening it, my sleek hair has stood up to Chicago’s summer humidity beautifully. The straightener heats up extremely quickly, which is a bit of a problem. It’s a small, sleek straightener, but the price of the small design is that the handle gets extremely warm after several minutes use and heaven forbid you touch the plastic directly behind the iron–it gets *hot.* As other reviewers have mentioned, it doesn’t exactly glide through my hair but it’s by no means difficult to use. I haven’t used it long enough to speak to the keratin therapy aspect, but it sounds promising! All in all, a great mid-grade straightener.

Maxine Moira, NY

Good purchase

Having thick curly hair, I appreciated the strength of the product. It straightened my hair faster than my old straightener and didn’t seem to leave as many fried ends. The only critique I have, however, is that the plates aren’t smooth ceramic, like I’m used to. There is a metal segment running through the middle of the plates (I’m assuming that has something to do with the ‘Keratin Therapy’), and so my hair would sometimes get stuck in the ridges and the hair strands would break. Other than that, this is a great product and I would recommend it to a friend. As far as the damage done to my hair over time, I can’t say that I notice a difference yet.

Lashonda Bertrand, NE

Remington Keratin Therapy Straightener

Bought this after hearing good things about it when my last flat iron crapped out. My hair is pretty seriously damaged and this seems to keep any new damage from forming. I will say if your hair is badly damaged, turn off the heat sensor, from what I can tell it turns up the heat for the damaged parts to get it straight, but will actually damage your hair more.

Araceli Helmsburg, IN

A hair straightener for those who are worried to use hair straighteners

My partner has naturally wavy hair, and always appreciated the idea of a hair straightener, owning several in the past. Unfortunately, the damage to her hair would be always become quite noticeable after only a few uses, making her feel dry and brittle even when using special hair products to compensate. As a result, she gave up on hair straighteners altogether.Warily, at my behest my partner has given “Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener with Smart Sensor” a shot for a few days. She is more than pleased with the results. It is the first time she has used a flat iron that has not dried out her hair; on the contrary, her hair feels soft and luxurious after each use. It is ergonomically comfortable to hold, and the automatic senors work really well at ensuring she doesn’t fry her hair. I can attest: her hair looks great after each use.Rather than waste time extolling all the virtues of the bells and whistles the “Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener with Smart Sensor” (of which this device has quite a few), I will get to the point: it works, and it works well. For those in need of a hair straightener that does your hair right, look no further. Highly recommended.

Mia Hillsboro, OH

Great Iron

Isn’t it time we stop calling these straightening or flattening irons, and start calling them styling irons? It’s true that was the original intention, but even my hair stylist hardly ever uses a curling iron on customers’ hair. She uses a “styling iron” (and I will call it that), and she does great hair. I don’t know what styling iron she uses; I can’t see the brand. But she buys her own tools, and won’t spend money on “professional” tools that don’t deliver. She uses consumer-level straightening irons, one-inch to boot.The product description for this styling iron is similar toRemington S9950 Shine Therapy Moisturizing and Conditioning Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener, 1″, which I received from Vine and reviewed. I love it so much, I bought one for my sister, who is such a dinosaur she was still using a curling brush. Don’t worry, my niece knows how to use a styling iron. She showed my sister how to take at least ten minutes off her morning routine.I like this even better than the Shine Therapy styler. I still recommend the Shine Therapy, but this is a sleeker, more modern product, and it is an improvement. The switches are on the side, rather than the top of the styler. Some people didn’t like the placement of the switches on the Shine Therapy because it was easy to bump them. I don’t know what they were talking about; I never had a problem with that. Nevertheless, that problem is solved with this product. Both stylers can be set to temperatures as low as 300F, and both have a turbo function. Both heat up fast, but the Keratin Therapy doesn’t require the user to lock in the chosen temperature. It also doesn’t require an unlock before powering down. That’s two less button pushes per use. Hey, time is important, right? The display is easier for me to read on the Keratin Therapy. The plates meet better with the Keratin Therapy, though this is nit-picking; the plates are fine on both. This model, however, is lighter and easier to hold than the Shine Therapy, so I give it five stars. Oh, yes, it also has a lock feature to hold the plates together for storage.Between the two, you can shop for price or shop for functionality. I gave the Shine Therapy four stars because of the silly claim of infusing it with avocado oil. I’m not going to bother removing a star for the claims of keratin infusion on this item. You already know keratin is part of your hair, and hair can burn. I don’t know why Remington tries to make their products sound like they can perform magic. They don’t need to do that. I’ve bought more expensive styling irons, and none of them were as good as a Remington.If you have straight hair, you can learn how to use a styling iron by watching your stylist, or check out youtube. It’s amazing how versatile styling irons are, and this one is first class.

Judy Lance Creek, WY

A good budget option

It’s too early to tell whether the Keratin infusion and smart sensor are anything more than gimmicks, but as a ceramic flat iron it gets the job done, if not quite as smoothly as higher priced units.As others have noted, the iron tends to run a bit hot. I set it lower than I do with a more expensive 1/2″ flat iron, both in order not to damage my hair, but also as the larger size of this iron is more likely to come in contact with one’s ears.The biggest difference between this and more expensive irons is how smoothly they glide through the hair. This one pulls a bit, Keratin notwithstanding. On the other hand, the function of a flat iron is to get your hair smooth, and this definitely does the trick. A good budget option for hair straightening and smoothing.

Brigitte Chestnut Mountain, GA

Love It

This is a great straightener. It’s lightweight and easy to use. My hair is fairly straight to begin with, I just use a straightener to iron out the few waves that I have. This straightener does the job well and seems to be keeping my hair in good shape while doing it.

Saundra Taberg, NY