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Remington S8530 Anti Frizz Therapy Straightener, 2-inch, Silver

Ditch the frizz with Remington’s anti-frizz therapy straightening collection. This 2 inch straightener features 450-degree floating ceramic plates infused with micro-conditioners. These frizz-resistant conditioners are transferred onto the hair when used and lead toward as much as 65% less frizz for up to 15 hours, compared to conventional straighteners, even in humidity.

Key features

  • Discontinued by Manufacturer
  • Anti-frizz technology – remington’s floating plates are infused with micro-conditioners, leading to substantial frizz reduction
  • Ceramic plates – our design allows this high-performance tool to heat up in just 30 seconds
  • Salon-quality heat – the remington anti-frizz therapy 2 inch straightener provides up to 450 degrees of professional-grade heat

Honest reviews


and heated up just like the instructions and description stated

This was a decent straightener, but it wasn.t so much on the anit frizz side. It worked well at straightening, and heated up just like the instructions and description stated. This was after regular use if shampooing and conditioning, I will try it after using an extra conditioner, but I if it doesn’t show any difference I will not update this review.

Natalia Montrose, AR

I live in Houston- what else do I need to say!

I have gone through many straighteners but I have to say this one is superb. It’s large and so smooth yet can even do a slight curve at the bottom. For the price this is awesome.

Elvia Smicksburg, PA

Another Gimmicky Straightener?

This is a great alternative to the more expensive salon brand straighteners… first glance. Like other new fad straighteners that are hitting the market now, this Remington Anti Frizz Therapy straightener is claiming to have plates that are infused with micro-conditioners. Unlike the Revlon Nutrifusion straightener I recently reviewedRevlon Nutrifusion Conditioning Straightener, 1 inchwhich discloses which oils are infused in its plates, the Remington S8530 doesn’t seem to have any information on the box or in its instruction manual regarding which conditioners are infused. So, I called the customer service number to ask. After a few minutes on hold, the CSR returned with the information. She said “All we can tell you is that they are a series of Micro-conditioners that are proprietary so we can’t disclose what they are”. I then said “well, that is not only a problem for me but for many other people who have allergies to certain ingredients.” She said she understood but that is all she could tell me. I then asked her about the statement on the box that reads “These frizz resistant conditioners last the life of the product”. I said “How is the life term of the product determined?” She put me on hold again and came back and said “the lifetime of the product is between 7-10 years”. So, I guess that means that the oils infused in the plates will last between 7-10 years based on the actual usage, Supposedly.The straightener itself is heaver than others I have used in the past. The 450 degree temp seems hotter than my high end straightener. The plates are very smooth.The time of year has proven that the anti frizz capabilities works well. I can go 4 days without having to fully re-straighten with this flat iron. I would be interested to hear how long Floridians can go with it however. I used the provided anti frizz hair sheets a couple of times but am a bit confused as to why they are needed if the infused plates are supposedly enough to keep hair frizz free?I like the fact that this straightener has an auto 60 minute shutoff feature. I would have loved that when my daughter lived here as she was always leaving her Chi iron on before leaving for school.Let’s now talk about the warranty. First the good thing. I am not sure if this is a standard for Remington or if this is product specific but Spectrum Brands offers a 30 day money back return policy to the retailer with a dated purchase receipt. They also offer a 60 day return policy if you return to Remington directly. There are of course some terms and conditions regarding this return policy. The product has a general 4 month limited warranty. The wording of the first paragraph of this warranty is as follows: “Spectrum Bands, Inc. warrants this product against any defects that are due to faulty material or workmanship for a four-year period from the original date of consumer purchase. This warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accident or misuse”. What they don’t mention in the warranty text (which the CSR told me) is that if you use any hair spray or any other spray products on the product plates then this warranty will be deemed VOIDED. So, for the cost of this product, you are gambling because honestly, how many of us do NOT use extra spray and oil products when straightening our hair?I won’t recommend this product for the reasons of it being heavy, the warranty, the overheating issue, the fact that it doesn’t come with a thermal storage bag to put it in when it is still hot/warm, but most of all because they won’t tell us what the conditioning ingredients are.EDIT: I just got an email from Spectrum CSR. It said “Just wanted to follow up and let you know that the conditioners are silicone based and are proprietary”. So, who knows what that means? Not sure if these infused plate straighteners are worth it? Maybe just get a normal one like a ChiCHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, Onyx Black, 1 Inchand use your own conditioning products like Living ProofLIVING PROOF PRIME STYLE EXTENDER – 24oz LARGER SIZE WITH FREE PUMP!

Ladonna Homer, AK

Works great on hair

The Remington Anti Frizz Therapy Straightener works wonders on hair and has large plates that heat up quickly (though perhaps not as quickly as it states – at least, I’ve yet to see it heat up in as little as 30 seconds, but it’s almost as quick). It’s created the smoothest strands I’ve seen yet on my hair outside of a salon, and considering how humid it’s been the last few days, that’s saying something. Despite the larger plates, it’s not too heavy or difficult to use, and it has a nice 60 minute safety turn off feature.The buttons are on the side and easy to use, and the iron comes with a couple of trial anti-frizz cloths to take with you (can put in your purse or suitcase). The iron can heat up to 450 degrees, and while it claims to condition the hair w/ the ceramic plates, all I know is that my hair is smooth, straight and feels great.

Nan Miami, MO

Beware of a badly designed hinge – otherwise works fine

Don’t trap your hand when opening the device. The hinge needs to be redesigned. I trapped the edge of my finger in the hinge when I opened the package and again when opening the device to use it.It has a temperature range and I started with the coolest setting, gradually increasing it. I’m terrified I’ll burn my neck with hair straighteners, but so far I’ve managed not to hurt myself. I have used a hair straightening device with a narrow clamp, so it is useful that this one holds more hair.The built-in anti-frizz beads smell when you heat the device and I wonder how good they are for the environment, both when you inhale the air when you use it and when you rinse your hair. My hair did look straighter after putting it between the very smooth clamp arms on higher temperatures. The built-in straightening chemicals didn’t seem to work as well as when you use separate hair straightening cream. So the device does save you time by not having to put cream on your hair for a quick fix. I had to put my hair through it about 3 times to get it really straight and I couldn’t put too much hair at once. Also I had to raise the temperature from my initial cool temperature to get a good effect.The straightener came with sheets like dryer sheets to remove static from one’s hair – you could probably use dryer sheets. They flattened my hair a little, but are not essential for the product to work.In summary, I like the width, am not sure about the built-in conditioning feature, and don’t like the hinge.

Serena Vaucluse, SC

… mainly because you can set the temperature and how easy it is to see

My daughter (12) likes this straightener mainly because you can set the temperature and how easy it is to see. It only changes in 20 degree increments, though. By default it’s set at 380, and she has been using it at 400. This temperature works well for her fine hair, but she does complain that sometimes her hair falls out because it doesn’t clamp it tightly enough. The plates are wider than on her mother’s Chi, but that doesn’t seem to bother her (other than if this contributes to the hair falling out). She hasn’t really come to a solid conclusion on whether or not the anti-fizz of the straightener actually makes a significant difference. Ironically, the straightener came with some anti-frizz wipes that she really does like because they’re able to be used anywhere and whenever she needs them.

Shelia Prescott Valley, AZ

Excellent hair straightener

Excellent hair straightener. The Remington S8530 heats up fast. The straightener also heats up to a hot temperature and gives you the option to choose from different heat settings. The size is just right. Any bigger and it could be dangerous to handle–same if they’re too small. This product has just come out so impossible to say how long it will hold up but the build seems good. For the price it’s a very good buy and recommended. Hope this review helps a little in making your decision!

Alma Williamsville, MO

Great Straightener, Anti Frizz in humidity? Probably not.

I have an old ceramic Wigo flat iron and wanted to try this Remington flat iron in the same size. I do like that you can alter the temperature based on your hair type. Mine is thick and course (never quite curly but always frizzy) so I set it to almost the highest temperature at 425. It on truly only took 30 seconds to heat up. I felt that it did a good job straightening my hair. It took several passes over each section of my hair to become straight. I do like the finger indents so you keep your fingers from burning when applying pressure. I don’t think this does anything for anti frizz. We live in Las Vegas where the weather is dry and I don’t have to worry about my hair frizzing due to humidity. But I can guarantee that if we lived in the south and I used this, my hair would be frizzy! If you want a flat iron without spending as much money I would recommend the Wigo with ceramic plates. If you want to control the temperature for your hair type look into this Remington.

James Hidalgo, IL

Heats quickly, works well

Both of my daughters have hair that can often prove challenging when it comes to morning preparation, so a good hair straightener is very much a necessity in our house. We have been using this for a few weeks, and we’re very happy to this point because we don’t need to spend much time waiting for the iron to heat up before use.The iron offers multiple temperature settings, and it’s a plus to have an actual number display instead of leaving the user to guess at approximate temperatures. We’ve been using the lower setting (350) and it’s done a great job. I’m not sure exactly what microfibers are being used in this straightener, but they work well with the ceramic plates to straighten hair quickly and effectively. My daughters have mildly frizzy hair, and to this point I have found that this product prevents that frizz from returning at least for a couple of days.The Amazon price does seem high, given that the product can be found much cheaper on other sites. However, the straightener itself works very well and I would recommend it.

Angelica Lexington, MS

Highly recommended. Leaps and bounds above the competition.

My wife says that the Remington S8530 straightener has a quick heat up time. The larger than average heat plates cut her straightening time in half. Her hair feels silky smooth and her straight hair doesn’t frizz, even during fairly humid days here in NEw England. Past hair straighteners tend to "fry" her hair and cause a burning smell, but not the Remington S8530. Not even at the highest setting. She even manages to avoid any hair pulling or tangles that can happen with other brands of straighteners.

Araceli Center Hill, FL

No more Frizz!!!! (REALLY!!!)

My wife has spent a lot of money on flat irons since styles went smooth them to work and sleek. The problem lies in that she can never get to look like it does when it comes out of the salon; this iron cooks at 400 degrees and really works well, finally the just out of the salon look!

Rosa Constantia, NY

Excellent product

This is an excellent product. It’s not too heavy, but it’s quite wide so you can straighten your hair pretty quickly. There are various temperature settings and all agree that this is a solid product that does an excellent job at giving the desired results. It actually reduces frizz, as it proclaims to do. This is the best straightener in my house

Keri Newbury, VT

Loving this!

My teen daughter and I have been sharing a straightener. We had two of the one-inch premium variety that they sell in the mall. One broke (my fault — I dropped it), so we are sharing one. I had decided to buy another one, so I’ve been on the lookout, trying to decide whether to get another of the $100+ ones or to go with a less expensive option.I had used a 2inch Remington straightener years ago. It was a less expensive model, but was okay, so I was excited to try this one.I love it! I had forgotten how much I liked the 2 inch over the one inch for straightening an entire head of hair. I don’t know exactly what Anti-Frizz does, but this truly works. Our hair is straight and shiny and stays that way. This is important, because my daughter often opts to do hers at night.There are a few features that I enjoy:It heats quickly and the beep indicates when it’s ready.It’s lightweight and easy to hold.It seems to hold heat very well. My hair is medium coarse and wavy to curly, so I usually use a high heat. I have found with this one that I can turn the heat down from the maximum 450, which is no doubt better for my hair.Two things have taken some getting used to over my other straightener:It has an on/off switch. My previous one began heating when I plugged it in, so I have to remember to turn it on after plugging it in.My old one was the rounder style, so it was thicker on top of the plates. Sometimes I like to put my top fingers on top of the plates to get more traction, I guess, but with this style, the top is actually fairly warm. It doesn’t burn me at all, but I don’t want my hand there while I’m using it. Holding the handle is completely fine, so it’s no big deal.

Gayle Lane, OK

Very impressive product!

I’ve never had much luck with straighteners (or curling irons for that matter). I have naturally thick, wavy hair (about shoulder length) and I’m also very impatient when it comes to taking time to style my hair but The S8530 AntiFrizz Straightener worked so well I was done in under 5 minutes. And I’m sure it will go even faster as I get used to it.I used the 350 degree setting to test it out and that worked really well for me – even though they recommend the higher 420+ for my hair type. It feels screaming hot so use caution when handling. The ceramic plates moved smoothly over my hair. It didn’t feel like it closed tightly enough to smooth my hair but it got the job done every time.As for the anti-static claims, my hair was smooth and shiny after using and it lasted for about 2 days. I live in FL and my hair tends to lose it’s style very quickly (within hours of leaving the house) so I was very happy.I would definitely recommend this straightener!

Kayla Pipestem, WV


I have a teen daughter who hates her hair. It’s thick, curly, and frizzy beyond control. She wants nothing more than to have it straighten permanently, but the cost and upkeep is a concern. I’ve tried several – and I do mean several – flatirons, in an attempt to tame her frizzes. If they worked initially, it didn’t last, and took far to long to straighten.So when I had the chance to try yet another flatiron, this one promising to rid the frizzes, I couldn’t resist the urge to give it a try. REMINGTON PRODUCTS S8350 ANTI FRIZZ THERAPY STRAIGHTENER, 2 INCH, is amazing! I was blown away by how hot it gets, how smooth it runs through the hair, and how much surface it covers. All a huge plus. It’s light weight, and heats up quickly. The buttons are easy to access and use, with an automatic shut off after a said amount of time. A must have safety feature. I’m not real sure if it conditions your hair, but it does leave it smooth and silky. We have yet to use the anit-frizz cloths, though if they work, that will be an extra bonus. One we will look to purchase more of.Wow, am I glad I went ahead and ordered this amazing flatiron!Product information:Anti-frizz technology – Remington’s floating plates are infused with micro-conditioners, leading to substantial frizz reduction•Ceramic plates – our design allows this high-performance tool to heat up in just 30 seconds•Salon-quality heat – the remington anti-frizz therapy 2 inch straightener provides up to 450 degrees of professional-grade heat

Francine Avon, OH

I have used this iron 3 times on different heat …

I have used this iron 3 times on different heat settings and the results were the same. I have very thick, very frizzy hair that takes a long time to dry. My other iron can be used on damp hair, but when I tried to use this on my damp hair it just fizzed and didn’t straighten. I also noticed that the iron doesn’t completely close over my hair so I had to put it over the same pieces at least 3 times. I saw no reduction in the amount of frizz in my hair after using this product. I live in Coastal Carolina so I have to deal with high temperatures along with high humidity. It is very difficult for any iron to go against mother nature.This iron was not for me and at over 80.00 I think there are many more options available at more reasonable prices.

Haley Washington, MI

Fast and Frizz Free

I received the 2 inch Remington straightener via the Amazon Vine program. I have used another ceramic flatiron in the past but this product is vastly superior. The ability to manually select your heat level is better than "guesstimating" as I did on my old iron. The plates on this straightener will insure not only a frizz-free style, but are also less destructed to my slightly wavy color-treated mid length hair. One note: this straightener is two inches wide, making it a great choice for medium to long hair, but perhaps to wide for very short styles. I would definitely recommend the Remington S8530 for anyone seeking a quality straightener.

Addie Bloomington, NY

Comparable to, or even better than, flat irons that are more than twice the price!

For this price, this is comparable to my wife’s favorite flat iron that is more than twice (almost three times) the price… and the Remington may even be better than the expensive one. This goes up to 450 degrees which is very high, and gets up there very quickly. The anti-frizz stuff appears to be working (supposedly it’s good for the life of the product), and the iron allows you to take big blocks of hair which speeds up the whole process! First time using it, it did an outstanding job!!! Definitely a keeper.Just wish it came with a thermal case…

Carla Burnside, LA

Works very well

So far, this has been great. I think it would probably work very well for someone with long, naturally curly hair. My hair is shoulder-length, fine, and wavy (prone to frizz, though) and it seems to have tamed it. It’s so thick that it grabs a lot of hair at once. I probably don’t need quite this much power, but it’s done a good job!

Mercedes Montague, TX

It is also bulkier/heavier than I would like. For the price

It heats up fast, has multiple settings and a twist resistant cord. Unfortunately, strands of hair kept getting caught in the housing and getting pulled out as I ran it down my hair. It is also bulkier/heavier than I would like. For the price, I would rather have a Chi. Overall it is just O.K.

Dolly Tulare, CA

Nice straightener – does the job

For pros, I love the size. Covers a large portion of hair at a time and cuts down the time it takes to iron my hair when compared with my old Conair. It fits well in my hand and is easy to handle and work my hair. For cons, I don’t like the smell. Although it is not a smell that sticks to my hair once it leaves, I am just not sure what is causing the smell. I guess it has something to do with the anti-frizz technology? I also found the temperature setting a little confusing and needed to try setting it to several different ones until I found one I liked (I was more used to a numeric 1-30 setting which I could understand better than 300, 400 or 500 degree settings).

Leann Lothian, MD

Anti Frizz Therapy

This is such an awesome flat iron!! It heats up incredibly fast, is durable (I tend to drop stuff) and the cord is a great length. It is very smooth, my hair looks sleek and gorgeous after one run over. It has a digital read out, and can heat up to 450 degrees. I normally keep mine much lower than that though at about 385. It has so many great features- lock buttons, increase/decrease temperature buttons, turbo feature, 1 hour auto shut off and 4 year warranty. The 4 year warranty is just awesome. Especially because this is pretty pricey. Anyway, I found my new favorite flat iron. Highly recommend!

Antionette Stoneham, CO

Great Flat Iron

This flat iron really impressed me. I use the lowest heat setting (it only takes maybe 30 seconds for it to heat up) and only have to pass over my hair once. Plus, I don’t get those annoying ridges. My hair comes out shiny and perfectly flat ironed each and every time. I also like the bouncy curls I’m able to create. Highly recommended.

Kerry Printer, KY

Quick to Heat and Very Smooth

This product retails for under $43.00 (priced compared on-line)I have been using the same flat iron for years, it is inexpensive but does the job well. It has been the highly rated Remington Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener 1 inch. I have tried other flat irons here and there over the years but I always go back to my inexpensive 1 inch iron. I have now found my new favorite iron.The 2 inch Remington S8530 Anti Frizz Straighter is fantastic.I have chin length A-symmetrical bob with average thickness (not too thin but not too thick) and slightly wavy and frizzy hair. My hair looks terrible after a blow dry and I always feel it is necessary to run a flat-iron through it.This flat iron has a digital read out, which is a must. Flat irons that have a 1-25 dial on it are no good. I need to know the exact temperature I have it set on and this one does the job. It can heat up to 450 degrees but I find 400 degrees for my hair is perfect. The instructions have a guided suggestionTemp. Hair TypeA. 300˚-340˚F Very fine, fragile, damaged hairB. 360˚-390˚F Normal, easy to straighten hairC. 410˚-450˚F Thick, difficult to straighten hairA new feature for me is the lock setting -− Activating: Press and hold “-” button for about 2 seconds. All the keys will be locked and the LCD will display the lock symbol.- Releasing: Press and hold “-” button for about 2I don’t know when I would ever use this setting, but some people may find it useful.This also boosts a turbo mode setting — Activating: Press “+” Button and hold about 2 seconds to increase temperature to maximum 450F setting.- Decreasing: Press “-” Button to decrease the temperature like the normal function mode.Again, I don’t have a use for this, but someone may…4 year warrantyThis flat iron has a wonderful limited 4-year warranty to boot. So hold on to your receipt!If the product should become defective within the warranty period, we willreplace it free of charge. Return your product and sales receipt with your name,address and day time phone number to: Remington Returns Center, 507 Stokely Dr.,P.O. Box 1, Deforest, WI 53532. For more information call 800-736-4648.KEEP ORIGINAL SALES RECEIPT AS PROOF OF PURCHASE FOR WARRANTY PURPOSES.Overall this flat iron rocks. It is so smooth and does a great job. I don’t know if there is a big difference with the Anit-frizz plates, but I defiantly feel a difference when I move the plates down my hair. It stays smooth and frizz free for the whole day, but that is pretty typical for any of the flat-irons I have used in the past.I love that it heats up VERY fast (30 seconds fast!) and that it has floating Ceramic plates. The LCD Indicator lights are big and very easy to see. It also has a 1 hour auto shutoff for those ladies that can be in a big hurry and forget to shut their iron off and it has a great cord length. The iron is more on the higher end of the price point but it is really worth it. I would recommend this tool!

Inez Caledonia, NY

A nice appliance, does a nice job on hair

Both my daughter and I like this straightener. My daughter pointed out the advantage that it is not hot on the sides, so you can lay it down on the sides, or touch the sides. She thought it was much better than her old straightener. The wide surface area means the job gets done quickly, and it does the job well at a lower temperature. It’s a very nice little appliance.

Mildred East Fairfield, VT

THIS will put your stylist out of business! 😮

I am one of those rare women who LOVES her hair! Thick, wavy, bordering upon curly, I wear it very short in a Meg Ryan cut; think When Harry Met Sally.99% of the time, I like to wash it, towel dry it and that’s that. But, for those special Date Night’s with my beloved husband, I like to make an appointment with my stylist and have her “slick it down”, City-Style. She’s a Master with her ceramic straightener and I love the look of a very sleek/sophisticated ‘bob’ for those special occasions.But, there are times my stylist is booked solid or I literally don’t have the time for a quick appointment and NOW, I don’t need to go there for that special treatment any longer.I’m a novice butterfingers with these “girly” things and I found this straightener incredibly easy to use and understand. I wanted to try it on the lowest setting because I have highly coloured hair and the 350 setting has worked out well. Initially, it took me half an hour to fiddle with it and make sure I didn’t leave scarring/burns on my face and neck but now, I’ve got the time down to 15 minutes.Humidity does NOT bother my hair but this product is great to make my hair stick straight and sleek. I’ve not needed to try the locking mechanism; everything works fine on the ‘dumbest setting’ for me. The cost is high, but only if you don’t factor in what it costs at your salon to have the same treatment done at $35.00…with NO shampoo! Having used it 4 times in the past month, I’ve more than covered the cost of it in saving salon visits, and the stress of trying to squeeze in an appointment at the last minute.Great product, simple to use, built to last, especially if you only use it once a week or less. I’ll probably need to add this to my will, for my two daughters to fight over when I’ve gone to the Big Salon In The Sky. LOL

Alisha Lyndhurst, NJ

Leaves hair very smooth; width best for longer hair

I have shoulder length layered hair, and my 14 yr old daughter has hair past the middle of her back. We have both used this straightener, and have really liked the results.We both have straight, fine hair, but lots of it, and it hangs stringy and weird if we don’t straighten it after washing & drying. This straightener glides through the hair extremely smoothly. It really does leave our hair without static and frizz. I noticed this especially near the hair ends when it was time for a haircut, when my hair is normally cranky and won’t lay right – this straightener really did help smooth out those areas.The temperature is easy to adjust, and it heats up very quickly. I appreciate the little beep alert that sounds when it has heated up. I also really appreciate the lock slide button for storage, because a 2" iron is bulkier than smaller straighteners.The only drawback with a 2" straightener is it’s really not suited for creating waves or curls, particularly with shorter lengths like mine. I still need my 1" for that job, even for creating a slightly flipped out style, because the wide width creates odd results with my hair length. I did best with this straightener with a slight bump under, but pretty much just straight. We tried curls with it in my daughter’s hair, but they were still very loose and ended up fallen out by the end of the day. When we straightened her hair with bumping under or flipping it out, the results were best.

Madge Clairfield, TN

Only one drawback

This is a great straightener, larger than the ones I’m used to and perhaps that’s the problem. The only thing that I didn’t like about using this is that the paddles are so large that I can’t get them close my scalp. I ended up with the hair about an inch from my head having a strange crimp to it because that’s all the closer I could get. I did love how quickly this heated up and I also really like the temperature gauge, so easy to use! This claims to be anti-static but as I ran it through my hair, my hair stood up with static and reached out for the iron. I haven’t had any frizz since using it and one spray with hairspray tamed the static.This does come with a warning though, the enclosed paperwork cautions against using where any aerosol products are being used and also where any medical oxygen is being administered.

Tamara Melville, MT

Really great flatiron

I was very pleasantly surprised with this flatiron. It’s less expensive than my other pricier ones but it’s just as good, if not better. I am able to not only get my hair straight and silky but I can give my hair a slight curl at the bottom.The flat iron itself is sturdy and well built. It feels stable and solid in my hand. I especially like the three heat settings– the lowest one would be good for fine hair and/or hair that is colored. On high it goes up to 450 degrees (and FAST) which is great for coarser, curly hair.I’ve used this for nearly a week and am impressed. Beyond its capabilities, it also has a safety turnoff feature so if you forget to unplug it, the iron will turn itself off after one hour. The small booklet offers clear instructions. The handle is comfortable to hold and the power button isn’t in a place where I can accidentally turn it off while using the iron. Overall, I am very happy with this flat iron and can recommend it highly.

Dale Ruther Glen, VA

Great Product

I love this new Remington flat iron. Since I have very long hair, a 2 inch straightener is a must. The auto shut-off is a great feature that all flat irons and curling irons should have. This product shuts off after an hour. There is a nice LCD indicator and a heat guide to what type of hair you have. Looks like I’ve been using too much heat in the past. As my hair doesn’t have any frizz (naturally straight), I can’t speak to the "Anti Frizz Therapy." I just use this to tame flyaways and bed head some mornings. It’s a great product that is now my new favorite flat iron.

Flora Rush Springs, OK