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Remington S8510DS Flat Iron, Frizz Therapy, 1-inch, Purple

Tame unforgiving frizz and get the look you crave with the Remington style therapy. Special frizz resistant micro-conditioners are infused into each next generation ceramic plate, conditioning and protecting you from the effects of humidity while you straighten. This exclusive blend lasts the entire life of the ceramic flat hair iron and leaves you with only the sleekest results and no oily residue.

Key features

  • Discontinued by Manufacturer
  • 450°F high heat with 30 sec
  • Instant turn off
  • Turbo boost to highest setting

Honest reviews


Remington Flat Iron Frizz Therapy

I gave this a neutral review because I am required to review it, but didn’t receive the product. Instead, I received two of the Remington Flat Iron Shine Therapy which I liked very much.Wish I could’ve helped, but Amazon made a shipping mistake.

Holly Patterson, AR

It’s okay.

I have naturally curly/wavy hair and I’m forever torn between straightening it and leaving it curly. Of course, frizz is a huge factor in my life, and I hate straightening my hair just to have it all puffy and out of control an hour later. I have used Remington straighteners before, so I already liked this brand and though I’d give this special “Frizz Therapy” one a try.It straightened by hair well enough, but I don’t feel like it did anything in particular for the frizz. My hair was still frizzy about an hour later just like with my regular straightener. I does a good job getting close to the hair line, so I like that feature, but it’s nothing to write home about.

Connie Cecilia, KY

Shiny Hair All Day Long

I have very long (all the way down my back) and thin, straight hair. I have had Chi brand straightners and the cheapie Revlon brands too. Since my hair is already very straight, I have been fine with either one. This one, however, has worked extremely well compared to any of the other brands I have used. My long hair doesn’t snag on the plates and it makes my hair nice and shiny, especially when I use it with a heat styling protector spray. This straightner does the flat iron curls really nicely as well… Just as well as a Chi does them in my opinion. I love the digital display and it shows that the flat iron is heating up by flashing until it is at the desired temperature. Ofcourse, I think the big test for any straightner is how long it will last…since I’ve only been using this one for a few weeks, I haven’t had it long enough to know what it’s stamina is, but I will let you know!

Hope Piru, CA

I really like it.

I bought this flat iron one month ago and it does a pretty good job on my natural/non-relaxed African American mid-back length 4a hair type. I used this with my TRESemme heat tamer spray, Garnier Fructis anti frizz serum and Aphogee protein leave-in conditioner. I didn’t have to use an insanely high temperature to straighten my hair. I had it set at 360 degrees. I sprayed my leave-in conditioner, heat tamer and added a little serum to my hair on my towel dried hair then I blow dryed it. I sprayed on a little more hreat tamer and started straightening by using the chasing method. It took me about an hour to finished. It’s a great value for the price. You can pick the heat settings, it has a swivel cord and there is a lock switch. You can also lock the buttons so you wont accidently push the buttons. It didn’t give any heat damage and it managed to straighten my hair very nicely. Before this I bought an Instyler and a cheap Gold n hot flat iron I bought at a beauty supply store. This straightener worked a lot better.I was originally planning to get a CHI or a Sedu but I didn’t want to spend quite that much on something that might break after only one year. I’ve never used either one of those straighteners but I think the frizz therapy is on same level in terms of results. I gave this product the first 4 stars because of how good it straightened my hair and the fifth star for all the extra features it has.

Lucia Barron, WI

Fantastic Flat Iron!

I am in love with this flat iron! My hair has never gotten snagged in this flat iron, which is a plus! The nice, smooth edges next to the floating plates help in styling ends or doing curls. I also feel like the edges that surround the heated plates help guard against burns when I’m working around my face. This flat iron heats up very quickly and can go all the way to 450 degrees. It gets my hair nice and smooth and keeps the frizzies away. I love the locking feature, as I really like to be able to lock the flat iron closed for storage. The swivel cord is a great feature, especially if you’re wanting to do curls. This flat iron works fabulously without an outrageous price. It’s worth every penny!

Ann Citronelle, AL

There’s only one problem…

I really love this flat iron. The only problem I’ve run into is that it catches my hair and ends up pulling a bunch out. I’ve found that making sure I go over the pieces of hair slower helps a little, but it’s a part of the flat iron under the plates that catches my hair all the time. If that could be fixed, this would get 5 stars for sure! I’ve tried tons of expensive flat irons and this one is just as good. It needs to be replaced sooner than the others but that’s expected due to the price.

Noreen Coram, NY

Remington Shine Therapy Hair Flat Iron Has Value And Is Easy to Use

The Remington Shine Therapy does a fine job for ladies with short to medium-length hair but ladies with long hair would do well to try a 1 -inch flat iron.A frizz-resistant conditioner called Argan are infused into the Moroccan ceramic floating plates to condition and protect the hair from humidity while being straightened. The Argan micro-conditioner is said to last the lifetime of the device to produce desired results without oily residue.The iron quickly heats up to 450 degrees in only 30 seconds, features an instant turn-off, and automatic shut-off after 60 minutes – no more trips back home to see whether you turned off your flat iron or not. It has a digital temperature gauge that is very easy to read. My wife especially enjoyed the swivel chord but felt the flat iron tipped over too easily when laid down on the counter.A reasonable price at $50 so the user gets good value for their money.

Deidra Henrico, NC

pretty decent according to the daughter

My daughter and my wife fight over these straightening irons. They have both used this one and like it a lot. My wife who has excessively curly hair has been able to straighten hers with …well not ease, but better than usual.The big question I’m finding about all electrical hair products is that they seem to have a short lifespan. I can’t speak to that…check with me next year. based on early results i recommend this product

Gwendolyn Wilton, ND

Love it!

My teen daughter has thick, wavy hair that tends to have a mind of its own. She hates it and has been begging me for a flat iron for months. She is loving the Remington Flat Iron and uses it every day, even on the weekends when she doesn’t have school. It’s easy for her to use and she loves the results. She likes the swivel cord, the fast heating, and how the plates “float” so that it’s easier and quicker for her to straighten her hair in less passes. So far there has been minimal or no damage to her hair. She did get one small blister on the side of her index finger near the knuckle when she accidentally touched the heating plates but that’s more due to user error. She’s much more careful now. It’s a great flat iron and I’d recommend it.

Bertie Lake Wilson, MN

Love it-my first flat iron

I’m a newbie to the Flat Iron. I just got a haircut and the stylist used a flat iron on my bangs. It looked really good, so I was excited to have the opportunity to review a flat iron. I have cowlicks on my bangs, and in just a few seconds this straightens the bangs. I don’t mind the curl in the rest of my hair, but I like the look of the straight bangs. I’m not sure that my hair looks as good as the picture, but at the end of the day, they still look pretty good. I have received compliments on my hair, when I use this, something unusual for me. I don’t notice any smell. I always remember to unplug it after use, but I noticed that it has a safety shut off after an hour. I have nothing to compare this too, but I have to say, I’m very happy with the Remington S8510DS Flat Iron.

Nina Forsyth, MO

Pretty nice!

So yeah, I have frizzy hair. And… I pretty much gave up on it years ago. Then I spotted this item and thought, well, maybe it could help? And the answer is: very much so!It’s a good looking iron. I like the temperature display. It’s a little awkward to set down — it’s lightweight with a small, slick “footprint” and a fairly long heavy cord, so it kind of wants to slide around. Be careful with that.As others have mentioned, the plate edges do have a little bit of a gap that can catch hair. I imagine if you’re working with real curls it would be especially bad. If I choose a small enough section of hair and work slowly, I can avoid getting caught in the edges, but it takes some effort.I don’t know if the “anti-frizz” coating on the plate does much more then another flat iron would, but my very-prone-to-frizz hair stayed nice and smooth, even in very high humidity (we’re talking fog), so it certainly seems effective.Will take a bit of practice to use well. I really like when I can get a little curl at the ends. Now I need to go get a nice haircut to take advantage of this iron!

Reba Ratcliff, TX

Not perfect!! (See review) Still, Performs Very Well.

Love it. This is my second Remington curling iron, and the second one I’ve really enjoyed. (I also have and like the remingtonRemington S9500 Salon Collection Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener with Pearl Infused Wide Plates, 1 Inch)This performs very well. I find that I need a lower heat setting with this iron than I typically choose. Heats quicking and uniformly. It has a nice weight in the hand. Those the plates of this flat iron are equal in width to the above listed product, the overall size and heft is slightly larger.Major plus: GOOD FOR CREATING CURLS. I feel that creating curls with a flat iron is actually much more simple and do-able with this product than any other flat iron I have tried.It’s easy to lock the iron closed for travel as well (though it’s a big large to choose for travel when space is at a premium).Two Negatives:1) It doesn’t remember the last heat setting. When turned on, it automatically choose a middle heat setting. It would be nice if it went to the setting you last used.2) I’m not sure why, but I have a small issue with the power button. I’m not sure if it’s that it’s slightly recessed or that it requires slightly atypical pressure, but I find that sometimes I *think* I’ve turned it on, only to find that I haven’t pressed the power button hard enough.

Bobby Woronoco, MA

Makes a huge frizz ball..

This flat iron was ok for the price, but after about 5 uses it started to work opposite. Instead of making my hair smooth it was making them so frizzy, very dry looking. I had to apply bunch of products and none of them could kill the frizz.Each time I’ve tried it got worse, maybe defective, maybe some coating came off, maybe it doesn’t work for fine highlighted hair.It makes hair straight with no problems, heats up quite fast, has a temperature controller and it’s not heavy/bulky.I just tried GHD Candy flat iron/ styler and it smoothed my hair instantly with 1 stroke. There is only 1 temperature setting, which I like and it heats up in 2 seconds, smaller, sleeker and fun color. Expensive but makes my hair look good.

Renae Carlyle, IL

Great Frizz Control

This is a lightweight tool that works amazing for frizz control. I have two teenagers that loved the results as their hair is normally extra curly and hard to flat iron. Defintely recommend.

Aline Batson, TX

Excellent flat iron!

I always use an iron of somesort on my hair (just prefer my hair straight in contrast to the natural wave that I have). I previously had used the Remington Shine Therapy model so I thought I would compare the Frizz Therapy to it. I actually prefer the S8510DS Frizz therapy iron over the Shine therapy. I find my hair to be sleek and looks like it was keratin conditioned every time I use it. I love the way my hair shines. If I had any complaint at all it would be in the 1″ size. I have previously used 1.5 and 2 inch irons and I feel they are easier to use for me. But all in all, the Remington Frizz Therapy is a great product and I highly recommend it.

Carlene Daleville, AL

Does a really good job

This is the first flat iron I’ve used, so I’m not an expert. But this does a really good job of straightening my hair and keeping it straight between washes. I have it in a medium setting (to try to avoid overheating my hair) and most times it will work on the first pass (needing a second one if my hair isn’t perfectly dry). I don’t have very curly hair, but frizz is a concern, and as stated, my hair remains straight even with humidity, sleeping, working out, etc after using this.There was a strong ‘new ceramic’ smell that I’ve noticed with other ceramic plate items in the past, but I’ve never noticed it transferred to my hair and it is dissipating the longer the iron is used. I would definitely recommend this iron compared to the more expensive ones I’ve seen out there. It heats up very quickly and is easy to use.

Leanne Devils Elbow, MO

Works well

I have pretty spiral-ly curls that get frizzy easily. This straightener worked well – didn’t take too long to straighten, and after I was done, I didn’t experience any frizz the rest of the day. Remington straighteners work very well for me.

Staci Grove, OK

Not Bad

My wife really like it. It controls the frizzies and wild hairs all day. She is able to curl her hair also making it a great multitasker. It heats up quickly and the heating elements are spring loaded so there is not a lot of extra stress or tension on the hair. The temp read out is nice but the controls can be changed accidentally when in use.

Erica Centerville, SD

my favorite iron

I’ve used several different flat irons over the years and this is my favorite one of them all.The iron gets good and hot with precise temperature controls. I don’t understand the technology of the ceramic plates being infused with moisturizers, but I do know I like what it does to my hair. This iron makes my hair silky, shiny, and perfectly straight.There is really no comparing this Remington iron to the Conair and other brands they sell at drugstores and discount stores. This is in a MUCH higher class. I’ve used some of those cheap ones and they destroy my hair.I’ve owned three Remington irons over the years, liked them all and if this one ever dies, I’ll buy another one just like it.

Shelly Westminster Station, VT

Now I look like the hairdresser has done my hair!

I received the Remington S8510DS last week, and have been using it every day.The iron is nicely built, although the only beef I have is that it is difficultto lay the iron on my counter without it flopping over, although it does have aswivel cord base.The iron heats up very quickly, indicating readiness when its light stops flashing.It gets quite hot, although the temperature setting is changeable. Mine is set at 370F.In fact, it gets so hot that I think it’s possible to almost burn yourself by touchingjust ironed hair! Even so, my hair stays soft and does not feel fried, which it sometimes does with the other irons.Although I have two other flat irons, a 2″ and a 1/2″ width, the 1″ seems to be the preferred width for styling.I was interested in this particular iron because of the “frizz therapy”. Living in Florida, frizzis a constant companion.This is also the only one of the irons that will actually straighten my hair. It also seems toget rid of frizz for me, which is wonderful, since none of the anti-frizz products do much of anything.After washing I blow my hair dry, then use the flat iron quickly to style my hair. This iron does afabulous job and allows me to get my hair exactly as I want it.I see that one reviewer mentioned a bad odor on her hair after suing this iron, but I do not have anykind of odor issue at all.I am very happy with this flat iron and highly recommend it, especially if you have wavy dry hair like mine.My style stays in quite well, and lasts longer, too.I do not have to wash my hair every day now, which is good since I have dry hair.I really love this product.

Leeann Pittsfield, NH

Good value, makes hair less frizzy, performs almost as well as some expensive flat irons.

Remington flat irons perform better than Conair and Revlon irons – some of which are comparably priced. This iron has the same positive features.The ceramic coating makes the iron snag free unlike some others with thinner coating that catch hair. The swivel head helps with the maneuvering. It heats up quickly and evenly and maintains heat, the digital LCD is nice as it tells you the temperature. It also beeps when it reaches the correct temperature and shuts off after 60 minutes for safety.Straightening irons are best used on almost dry hair, and this one is no exception. Spraying some heat resistant products also helps prevent damage to your hair but if you have very thin hair you will have to pick the product carefully, and spray just a little as the frizz reducers in this iron can almost make your hair too limp.Remington iron 1 inch size is nice if you want to create flat iron curls. It also makes it easy to work with being less bulky. We used the Remington S9500 model with the pearl infused plates before this one – and although this iron is better for frizzy hair my daughter prefers the other one as it has more ‘glide’ due to pearl infusion. It is also more rounded on the front, making it more convenient for her specially when she does the hair on the front. However, I like the frizz reducing feature of this particular model.

Autumn Big Sky, MT

Goodbye Frizz! – 4.5 Stars

Goodbye Frizz…This hair straightener creates a smooth and sleek look while reducing flyaway’s. The floating plates are ceramic to reduce heat damage and do not snag the hair as much as some other straighteners. I have fine hair so I only used the lowest heat setting but I’m sure this would also be perfect for thicker hair. In terms of the other features here is a list of the pros and cons:Pros:
• Heat control up to 450 f
• Fast heat up (30-60 seconds)
• Finer hair seems more resistant to humidity and stays straight all day
• Swivel cord allows for better movement during use
• Long durable cord
• Ergonomic design means on/off and temperature dials less likely to be pressed during use
• Less Frizz and no static!
• Superb handling and styling ability for the priceCons:
• Slightly heavy to handle but this will probably make it more hard-wearing for straightening thicker hair styles

Francisca Buck Hill Falls, PA

Instant Shine and Smoothness

This pretty baby blue flat iron is not just lovely but performs beautifully.It instantly smooths frizz and unruly hair and adds a beautiful sheen. It contains micro-conditioners that keep it smooth and glossy for fifteen hours, which is a very long time for frizz prone hair.On the side of the unit are the “lock” and “unlock” symbols. Also on the side are the controls for raising and lowering heat temperature.The LED display is a beautiful, brilliant blue, which is very clear and visible to read.This is an excellent flat iron and I highly recommend it to those who need longer lasting protection from frizz.

Shelley Keenesburg, CO

Works Great

Works great for me. It heats up fast. I’m not a daily straightener so I’m not a good source to talk about how well it holds up.

Dorothea Hilltop, WV

Better Than Expected

I’ll start by saying that I’m REALLY into my hair. It’s long, thick, and curly with a tendency to frizz in humid weather. I usually straighten it so I don’t look like I’m stuck in an ’80s big hair band. I was eager to try this “frizz therapy” flat iron.Overall it’s a nice weight and design, with a digital readout so you can select the proper heat setting. The default is 370 degrees, but can go as high as 450. The first time I tried it at 370 and wowza–I couldn’t even touch my hair after I passed the straightener over a section, it was that burning hot. You’d have to be crazy to use a flat iron at this temperature or higher(!). Turning it down to 300 was plenty hot.This iron got my hair super-straight and shiny and it lasted all day. However, it was not a humid day, so it wasn’t a fair test. I tried it the next time when the humidity was higher. Did it “provide up to 65 percent less frizz all day–even in humid conditions?” Nah. I got the same old frizz I always get.This product also boasts of “micro-conditioners” that magically come out of the plates (forever) and onto your hair for conditioning benefits. Um. Seriously? I haven’t seen any evidence of that.The plates make an off-putting scraping sound as they pass down the hair.Now I know this sounds like a lot of negatives, but I still think this is a good iron in a mid-price range. It gets the hair straight and you can control the heat settings–two major pluses. The anti-frizz claim did not pan out for me, but since no iron prevents my frizzies in humid weather, this straightener is no worse than any others.If you’re looking for “the best” flat iron, I highly recommendFarouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron. Have never found anything better, and as of this writing, it seems to be heavily discounted (I paid about $120 for mine).

Maryann Chaplin, CT

Works well on long or short hair

This iron is very similar to the Remington Shine Therapy iron except this one is focused on reducing frizz. Of the two irons, I like the shine therapy one better. This one left my hair a bit dull looking.Here is a recap of the features of both irons. Yes, some of this was pulled from my Shine Therapy review because, for the most part, these are identical flat irons except for the plates.On the outside, this is a visually appealing iron. Pastel in color. Very pretty.I had minor product on my hair. Something that I added to protect the ends before blowing it dry, and that was about it.The iron does heat up quickly. I didn’t time it to see if it took 30 seconds but I walked out of the room for a moment and it was ready when I returned.The locking switch is a bit awkward at first. It’s placed on the bottom. It took a few times to get used to it. I can attest that it will be difficult for a child to unlock it or for it to snap open and burn anything in the immediate area. It does serve its purpose.The power button is on the side of the base. This is extremely helpful as I am able to avoid accidentally turning the iron off during use.I was able to straighten my hair with a single pass!! I am very impressed. I started out at the lowest temperature setting but did bump it up a bit. From there…one pass and I was done.The results were smooth and free of frizz.I get many compliments on my hair when I use this iron. Day 2 hair was wonderful as well and did not look oily.I also asked my friend to try this iron out on her short hair. Just to switch things up a bit and see how she liked it. She’s never used a flat iron before. Here are her comments:This a great flat iron! It heats up quick and easy to use. After blowing my hair dry I was able to style my short-ish hair with a sweeping bang and that looked and felt great. The iron also minimized my frizzy ends creating a smooth, healthy and flawless style it looks like a professional styles my hair, and it lasts all day. I have had many compliments on my new look and the only thing I changed was the flat iron. I would highly recommend this purchase.

Frances Braddyville, IA

So many compliments!

The Remington Frizz Therapy Flat Iron is totally amazing! First of all, it gives a finished result that actually lasts for two days. For me, that is completely unexpected. No touch-ups required, just fluff and go! Also, it gets pretty darn hot, but you don’t have to take it to the max to get those perfect results — as a matter of fact, I don’t recommend it. After all, hair is hair and over-styling can cause damage.That being said, I have to say that the conditioner built into this iron leaves an excellent result, despite the fact that I don’t understand how it works. The proof is in the style the iron can produce. It is quite easy to work with — the swivel cord is an added plus.If you are in the market for a new flat iron for yourself or for a gift, this Remington Frizz Therapy Iron is certainly one that will not disappoint!

Laurel Lompoc, CA

A great upgrade

I had before the remington sleek and curl, for 4 years or so, and this one works a lot better, it doesn’t pull out hair. And it is very fast.

Estelle Borrego Springs, CA

I love this product

I have very long, thick, wavy hair. Usually I wash and wear but sometimes I want to wear it straight. Usually my hair takes over an hour to straighten so I never really bother and only do it once in a blue moon. I was surprised at how awesome this product is. Over the years I have used many different straightener trying to find the one that really did the job. While I doubt my hair will ever be pin straight this is the closest it has ever come to being straight and it took me only 25 minutes. The iron heats up before you are ready to go. Very fast, only 1 inch but really powerful. LOVE it. You will always have hair falling as you straighten because basically you are heating the hair and hair can easily break especially hair like mine which is dry and thick.And because of the design, I have yet to burn my hair. Woot! That right there is one of the best parts.My hair wasn’t pin straight but the frizz was controlled. Great product. Great price

Connie Daisy, GA

GREAT for taming those “frizzies” …

I have been searching high and low, using various products trying to tame my hair (which gets frizzy if it even hears the word humid). I have been using Bumble and Bumble’s Straight Shampoo and Conditioner, which are excellent for straightening/calming hair, but they are so expensive (and my hair seems to develop an immunity to them with continued usage). So, I decided to try this Frizz Therapy flat iron and am SO happy I did. My hair actually looks nice and calm (no frizzy flyaways) after using it. I do apply a heat protectant to my hair before using AND dry my hair as straight as possible (using only my hand). I can go over my hair with this flat iron at night and then put in big, hot rollers in the morning (for a little body). And, for added body, I apply hair powder directly to my roots (which gives volume and hold). I will definitely continue to use this flat iron.

Mavis Truxton, NY