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Remington S8500DS Flat Iron, Shine Therapy, 1 Inch

Outshine the competition with the Remington style therapy. With 100% certified organic Moroccan argan oil infused ceramic plates, you can get the shine you crave without an oily residue. When heated, the conditioning blend comes to the plate’s surface and is transferred to the hair to add shine and protect hair from unnecessary thermal stress. This unique blend lasts the lifetime of the ceramic flat hair iron, leaving you with a pure, beautiful shine.

Key features

  • 450°F high heat with 30 sec
  • Instant turn off
  • Turbo boost to highest setting

Honest reviews


Oh Snap!

Love the look of this. Looks high end, and the iron’s an attractive pastel teal color and sleek in design. Very easy to operate because it’s totally intuitive. You get a pro length swivel cord to boot. Three temperature ranges are provided which you control with the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons. The heating ranges are: 300 – 340 degrees (fine, fragile, damaged hair), 360-390 degrees (normal, easy to straighten hair) and 410-450 degrees (for coarse or resistant hair). What is pretty nifty is that within each heat range you can adjust the temperature as follows: 300, 320 340, 360 etc. My last iron was decent but had only two heat settings, and I really wanted more options. A safety shut off feature is included, shutting off the heat after one hour.OK, here comes the big BUT. The iron comes with “floating plates” that repeatedly snagged my hair even on first use. In other words, being the plates are not level with the base of the iron, my hair got caught more than once under the bottom plate and my hair snapped. As evidence, there was my broken hair practically imbedded underneath the plate. Not good. Did they not test this out before putting on the market? Sorry, Remington that is a real deal breaker, and it’s kind of sad because otherwise this is quite nice. At any price point, no one wants an appliance that’s going to break their hair. I’ve found a solution, however. To prevent your hair from getting grabbed, I suggest grasping your hair together with your fingers while passing the iron over your hair, keeping your hair in the center of the plates. Another tip is avoid selecting too large a section of hair to iron at a time. Note: the snags occur at the sharp outer edges of the bottom plate. I haven’t owned any high end straighteners, but it’s a no brainer that ironing plates must be totally smooth along all edges to prevent any snagging. So, if you see any sharp raised edges on a straightening iron, as is the case with this item, you’re going to have trouble.EDIT (Nov. 2012): This thing is growing on me, I admit it. Aside from the snag issue, this iron does leave your hair nice and smooth and quite straight. The best part is it does not feel dry after using at all – even the ends. That’s huge because who doesn’t have dry ends?

Gussie Marion Heights, PA

I’m Worth It … So Are You!

Sleek Teal Blue with a visually vibrant digital temperature display. It’s so much more than a pretty looking item!I have shoulder length naturally curly/wavy/frizzy hair depending on the weather. I don’t like fighting with my my hair, forcing it to succumb to my daily demands. Like stay straight on rainy or humid days. I finally learned when it’s natural curls and waves must rule. Otherwise, I air dry my hair then flat iron it with my Hot Tools 1 ” Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron temperature controlled, hydration and oil infused plates ; so my hair is straight, shiny, smooth and I’m pleased!BUT I still use lots of hair products … so conditioning potions, serums, gels, heat protectant and hair tools are essential to have various decent looking hair styles in all weather conditions, and occasions. Then the Remington Shine Therapy Flat iron, GAME CHANGER, arrived!Used it yesterday morning knowing rain was coming. It’s damp here today and my hair is still looking good. Yes with the SHINE THERAPY FLAT IRON! I only use heated styling tools ONCE per shampoo + conditioner cycle…no hot tools without hair being moisturized beforehand to avoid breakage & stressed-looking hair. I dye my hair and try to minimize other hair damaging practices… ya gotta do what you gotta do to look good.Pluses & Minuses:+It heats up quickly+The temperature control is digital – you can set it to various temperatures (from 300 to 450 degrees) that you deter mine are bestfor your hair that works for you. There are three levels of heat for different hair types and 10 degree incrememnts within eachlevel so you can really customize the heat delivered+At 330 degrees I can straighten my hair in ONE PASS without the usual 1-2-3 to get it right.+My hair is silky, shiny and straight without heat protectant, serum or any thing else! I’ll figure out what will enhance the 100%Morocan Argan Conditioner effect.+Pressing the “-” sign until the lock symbol appears will hold your desired temperature so accidentally bumping the temp buttonwon’t be a hair disaster! Hold the “-” again to UNlock it too.+Floating plates flex to rise or compress and allow your hair to be in constant contact with the heat whether your hair is thin orthick; compared to fixed plates tailored to a pre-set amount of hair whether thick or thin – period.+The ceramic plates are longer than on my other flat iron so you can grab a wider section of hair at a time for straightening-That also increases opportunities for hair snags. It was the same with my Hot Tools brand one too.-Increased burn incidents – two crispy fingers here. My other flat iron had nearly 2 inches of cool ridges near the tip BOTH topand bottom to grab to avoid burns!+There is an automatic shut off BUT be sure to unplug your flat iron after each use. It resets the temperature and auto-shutofffunction so it will heat correctly the next time.+The swivel cord prevents the electrical cord tangling+4 year warranty compared to Remington usual 2 years OR only one year some other flat irons manufacturers offer.-Get yourself a nice potholder or oven mitt to place under the flat iron, it tends to tip over.+It’s worth the current price compared to more TRENDY expensive flat irons because it delivers what is says it will and thensome…I paid $80 for my Hot Tools 1″ Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron with it’s own hydration and oil infused plates when it firstcame out. My local Ulta store and Hot Tools had to offer bonuses & extras (carrying case, heat resistant combs, hair cutting kit)to move the Tourmaline Tools off their shelves which induced me to spend that kind of money for pretty good results and a ONE yearwarranty!This Remington will be dominating my Flat Iron carrying case. I highly recommend Remington Shine Therapy Flat Iron to my friends! Last but not least, I like the curved/rounded edge of the iron that permits curling ends under or flipping them out with a turn of the wrist.+++I called Remington with a few questions for clarification and was pleasantly surprised to reach the USA center with good answers including the reminder about the 4 year warranty.

Marie Farnsworth, TX

Flat AND Shiny!

I needed a new flat iron, my old one was not heating up that well anymore and it did not have fancy Argan oil infused ceramic plates or an LCD display.This iron heats up super fast, and has “floating plates” (whatever that means) which allows you to make one pass of your hair to straighten it, reducing any heat damage it may cause in the long run.It can heat up to 450 degrees, but I dont even go that hot since I have very thin hair and I think if I went up that high, POOF …bald chick.I love this flat iron, and I dont know about the whole “conditioned plates” thing, I mean how do you infuse oil into a product and have that really last? Its magic I suppose, and I do believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy still so I can believe in this.

Margarita Hilliard, FL

as good as more expensive ones

I have long, middle of my back, thick hair. I dry my hair naturally. People often comment on my hair. I bought combs several years ago infused with oil. I thought that they would last for a short while and be like regular combs. They are still the best combs that I have.So I was glad to get this flat iron with Argan oil. It heats up in 30 seconds, great for those busy mornings. It has auto shutoff, again great for those busy mornings! It heats up to 450 degrees, or less if you want. You have to turn it on. There is a long swivel cord and latch that will lock the plates together. The plates are an inch wide and a little longer than four inches. The hinge is a quality hinge. This not only straightens and smooths my hair but it shines it too.I have two expensive, well-known brand name flat irons, one with tourmaline plates. They don’t have some of the features that this one does and I can’t tell enough of a difference that I would pay for tourmaline plates again. The only thing I don’t like about this is you can’t set the temperature at 450 and leave it there. You have to reset it each time you use it, but that doesn’t take more than a few seconds. Working with my hair like beauticians do in small sections this is the perfect size. I am impressed with this product.

Stacie Princeton, MO


While the design on this is pretty cool. This did not work very well on my hair at all. After spending an hour trying to straighten my hair, I finally gave up and was pretty disappointed with it. I wouldn’t bother spending the money on this one. No wonder it’s only $39.99. You get what you pay for this one 🙁

Tasha Winston Salem, NC

Heats up fast! Very professional looking!

This is my first good quality flat iron that i have ever purchased. I mistakenly bought 2! But i guess i’ll keep it or give it to a friend. Anyways it arrived on time works very well. It has a digital display lowest setting is 300 highest is 450. The color is a beautiful baby blue,swivel cord comes in handy preventing the cord from getting all tangly. So you can move around with this do curls etc. Very long cord. The plates are really nice and makes my hair smooth and straight. I didnt have to wait long for it to heat up either. No heat damage was done to my hair at all. I would definitely recommend this item to a friend

Janet Bock, MN

Great iron, just needs ionic material – still great quality iron (not a cheapy drug-store variety.

Heat up quickly & seems even.Temp control is digital. I use a cooler temp than the max… Because I don’t trust the thermometers, I start at the lowest setting, then go up from there until I can lock in the right temp for my hair. I heat it up a little bit if I’m in a hurry, but am sure to add conditioning oil (even if already infused.)Thicker hair will probably need higher temps.Safety lock for cool down, but I think most have locks today. Can still be hot on the edges.Good, long arms & nice swivel cord.Oil-infused irons are the ONLY way to go IMHO. Works well, adds shine (that stays around) & works well, keeps hair where it belongs without a ton of junk on my hair like the non-infused type (if they are even made any more?)Slides, straightens, curls, makes hair do what you want.If you’re not used to argon oil, it might smell a bit strange… if you use it anyhow, then you’ll know why it’s used. If you haven’t used it, or palm “oil” (hard at room temp, melts on skin & hair), then do! It’s great & if you use it before ironing, it should help replenish the oil in the iron.It could be my other iron is ionic too (part of why tourmaline & other things are used), this keeping the frizzies away more?I can’t imagine the oil will stay in there forever, and because I use argon &/or palm oil (or MaxiGlide) anyhow, I imagine some ends up back in the iron.Anyhow, in effect a great iron, yet I think I like the tourmaline is slightly better, but may not be all that different over time, yet it seems the tourmaline irons made my hair a tad shinier, which could be the oil.Both types are great, but time will be the long-term teller. This one does have a longer warranty. I expect weather the oil holds out will tell over time. A LONG time! I’ve had my tourmaline for a year or two & haven’t noticed a change, although I don’t us it very day.Good stuff either way, to straighten or to curl!

Silvia Windsor, PA

easy to use

This is easy to use, and know when it’s hot with the three heat indicating bars. You can raise and lower the heat and it adjusts quickly. with the long cord, it makes even doing the back of long hair a breeze. locking clip holds the iron shut to heat and cool.

Melody Lupton, AZ

Smoothes and Improves Hine

The plates on this flat iron are infused with Moroccan Argan oil. The oil is permanent and this is what smooths, shines and polishes hair.I like the lock and unlock switches conveniently placed at the base of the iron near the cord.The power button and temperature buttons are placed at the side of the iron and make it easy to set the temperature and turn it on and off.The Argan oil really adds a brilliant shine to hair. Of course it protects hair from the heat.What’s best about this iron is how incredibly shiny your hair looks after using it. Whether you’re using it to straighten or smooth or add some dips or flip the ends you’re going to notice the shine, without a doubt.I definitely recommend this for anyone wanting smoothness and high shine.

Luella Camino, CA

Remington Shine Therapy

This flat iron is great! My old Remington took forever to heat up and this one is completely heated in less than one minute. It is gentle on hair and does not burn it. Very easy to use and my hair looks healthy!

Ida Collinsville, CT

As Good As My Old Chi

My Chi quit working and so I looked into getting another because I loved it so much. In my search, I ran across this flat iron and after reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. This flat iron is just as amazing as my old Chi. I have used it to both straighten and curl my hair with no problems.I love the features on this flat iron. You can change the temperature settings. You can set a lock feature so that if you accidentally hit the buttons while styling your hair, it won’t change your settings or turn it off. It also has a lock that will keep the two plated closed, which will be great while traveling. I always hated how my old flat iron would remain open when I would pack it. Then my favorite feature is nothing new, but I love it – auto shutoff after one hour. I love never having to worry about forgetting to turn it off.There is nothing to dislike about this flat iron.

Lelia Ray Brook, NY


This really works well on my baby fine falling out balding hair in tandem with the ThickerHair Serum I was skeptical due to the floating plates infused with argan oil but they actually make me look like I have hair. I use the low setting and it’s silky smooth and holds its poof. I say buy.

Chris Greenport, NY

For once…shiny hair without a film or that lovely “fried” look

On the outside, this is a visually appealing iron. Powder blue and the plates are a light aqua color. Very pretty.I had minor product on my hair. Something that I added to protect the ends before blowing it dry, and that was about it.The iron does heat up quickly. I didn’t time it to see if it took 30 seconds but I walked out of the room for a moment and it was ready when I returned.The locking switch is a bit awkward at first. It’s placed on the bottom. It took a few times to get used to it. I can attest that it will be difficult for a child to unlock it or for it to snap open and burn anything in the immediate area. It does serve its purpose.The power button is on the side of the base. This is extremely helpful as I am able to avoid accidentally turning the iron off during use.I was able to straighten my hair with a single pass!! I am very impressed. I started out at the lowest temperature setting but did bump it up a bit. From there…one pass and I was done.The results were smooth and shiny. I’m usually leary about flat irons that have any type of conditioning “strip” because I worry about the longevity of the iron after the strip has been depleted. I also had an iron in which a film was left in my hair. This did not happen with the Remington S8500DS. I’m also not worried about the plates being depleted as the conditioning is added into the plates and not something layered over them.I get many compliments on my hair when I use this iron. Day 2 hair is a bit frizzy mid-way down and if I go over my entire head, I start looking a bit greasy by the end of the day.I’ve been successful using the iron to add volume and texture near my roots. I haven’t been as successful using it to curl my hair. Part of that could be the length. The other part is that the plates are thickly stacked and it’s too easy to get burned in the process…my left thumb is not a fan of using the iron to add curls. This wasn’t the intended use of the iron and I don’t recommend it.Overall, I’m highly impressed with this product. My hair is straight, soft, shiny and doesn’t look stripped or fried. Normally I would avoid spending so much on a hair care item but if I had to purchase the iron at the listed price…I would. It really does an excellent job at straightening my hair without the hair looking damaged.

Gretchen Aurora, NE

Love, love, love this flat iron!!

My first flat iron was relatively inexpensive because I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it. The temp dial was almost impossible to read, and although I liked how my hair looked I knew I wasn’t doing my hair any favors by using it too often–my hair is fine and a bit fragile. So I was thrilled to try this for comparison. Here’s what I love about the Remington S8500DS Flat Iron:1) Heats up incredibly fast2) the easy-to-read digital temp display is TERRIFIC!! I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate it until I started using this3) the auto shut-off is a great peace of mind benefit4) the argan oil-infused plates definitely make my hair shinier and smoother–I feel less guilty about using the iron with this feature5) my hair glides through these ceramic plates–no tangles or hair getting caught6) it’s affordable; I cannot justify spending $150+ on a flat iron, but at this price I wouldn’t hesitateBUY IT and make your hair beautiful and happy!UPDATE 12/20/12: Another thing I really like about this flat iron is the plates are a full inch longer than my old cheap flat iron, so I can iron more hair at one time and make the job quicker! Still love everything about it.

Abigail Readstown, WI

Remington S8500DS flat iron

If you are looking for an inexpensive flat iron that really works, this is the one. I love the fact i can control the setting and see what temp. it is set at. It doesn’t overheat and works well. Leaves hair shiny after the first attempt.

Jacqueline Basking Ridge, NJ

Fantastic strightening iron!

I unequivocally love this flat iron! I’ve used a cheaper, though decent, Conair for years, but always had to go over each section at least twice. With the Remington, I’ve only had to take one swipe and it straightens my thick, wavy, and generally unruly, hair like that, and with absolutely no frizz. Totally amazing. And I don’t even have to set it at the highest temperature, usually 360 or 370 degrees is perfectly fine. The Moroccan Argan Oil and other conditioners seems to really work as my hair is left noticeably shinier after use. If that feature will last as long as the box claims – the life of the product – only time will tell, but it’s been working great thus far. I’m a big fan of slender model hair straighteners as they’re easier to use than their bigger, unwieldy sisters, so this model is perfect for me. The floating plates move smoothly down my hair and haven’t snagged once, although I did have hair snag on one of the seams on the iron. The swivel cord is awesome. I’ve used other products with this feature, but never one that moves as well as the one here. Last, but not least, it’s both attractive in design and in its light blue color (not metallic-looking as it seems in the picture), which might not matter to some, but always makes things nicer. I am super happy with this straightener and don’t see me changing to another for a very long time. Highly recommended.List of features:- Digital display, blinks until ready to use, then stays on- Easy press buttons to turn on/off and change temperatures- Temperatures: 300, 320, 340, 360, 370, 390, 410, 430, and 450 degrees- Automatically goes to highest temperature by pressing and holding down the + button- Can lock in temperature so not to accidentally change it or turn off the flat iron- Only takes 30 seconds to heat up- Auto shutoff after one hour- Swivel cord- Plates infused with Moroccan Argan Oil and other conditioners- Smooth and easy to use, no snagging from the floating plates- Lock/unlock switch to keep the iron shut for easy storage and to keep plates safe- 4-year warranty

Darlene Milford, NE

Super upgrade from the wet2straight by remington

I have been flat ironing my hair for years and was always using a Jilbere from Sally’s, which left my hair like silk with zero damage but it had poor heat control and power placement. Couple that with the fact each one I bought only lasted a year convinced me to try a different brand. I got a wet2straight by Remington and it did a fairly good job but didn’t leave my hair with a silky look and it constantly snagged. It wasn’t long before my hair was literally breaking into one inch pieces, even with all kinds of heat tamers and spray on conditioners. So here comes Vine offering me an this unit to try and I jumped at it. Yes my previous irons were 2.5″ and this one is only 1 inch and I have long hair, but it actually smooths more quickly than my larger ones did, and I am using a lower heat setting. Unlike the other reviewer, I have only been snagged once by this unit over numerous uses, but to be honest I have never had a flat iron that didn’t snag at least some, with the wet2straight being the absolute worst. The best part is this flat iron has given my hair back the silky look I crave. Since I got it, I have had several compliments about how great my hair looks, with some people asking if I just had it cut and styled. I haven’t had a haircut in 9 months! Today my best friend was so over the top about my hair I told her it was this new flat iron so she is buying one. On another note, the buttons are placed well and the temperature is easy to read, the cord swivels, and it heats up immediately! So overall, I could not be any happier and am so glad I got this unit.

Alexis Cornell, WI

Really works!

This little unit fits just right in your hand, is small to pack and actually does the job it is described to do. It didnt’ dry my hair out or cause any problems. It is a good design.

Staci Chloe, WV


This is an attractive and well-designed flat iron. I have pretty straight hair that needs just a little touching up, so I can’t speak to how well this works on curlier hair but I couldn’t be happier with the straightening I got from this. It is easy to use and I love that the heat is adjustable so I can ge the reult I want with the lowest possible heat setting.I was sceptical about the shine enhancing properties of this iron, but I does really work- so much so that several people have commented specifically on how shiny my hair was after I used this.

Kitty Paloma, IL

How did I live without this!!!

I have had several flat irons. This one exceeds them all!! It heats up quickly. You can adjust the temperature depending on your hair type & needs. There is an auto shut off if you forget to turn it off.My hair seems softer and healthier. I find that it takes less time to get my hair looking better then before.

Millicent Inkster, MI

Shiny Hair! Smooths My dry color treated hair ~ quickly !

I am impressed with this flat iron! I live in a house full of men that normally don’t notice anything unless it involves food, sports, etc. However the day this flat iron arrived I tried it out right away. I have long hair halfway down my back that is color treated. My hair has just enough natural wave to make it frizzy.But on this magical day I ironed my hair with this for the first time. Later that night, not only did my husband notice my hair but one of my sons did as well. They both(at separate times) mentioned that my hair looked different, shiny, and good! Oh my this never happens. Its a keeper for sure.I sectioned my brushed hair and started with the lower back, and parted my way through. Took me less than 10 minutes to do my whole head. One pass, slowly through does the trick. I’ve not caught my hair yet in the floating plates as other reviewers have mentioned. I even tried to tangled it, just to see what they meant, but I failed. I hope this iron lasts a very long time. I am very pleased with how quickly this straightens my hair & how my hair looks after, and for hours!

Stephanie Wickatunk, NJ

Wow it’s a keeper

I just do not Get this. The plates are infused with this light oil, and I couldn’t find out what to do when the oil runs out..and apparently it does not run out… I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that the oil will always be there. I have extremely thick long hair, nearly to the floor. As you can imagine, the ends can be dry. It must be at least 10 years old, which means a lot of abuse in that amount of time.So at least once a month I put oil on my hair, wrap my head in a towel, and wait for an hour for it to absorb.Otherwise, my hair can look like straw. So I’m excited because apparently it accomplishes the same thing in much less time.It heats up fast. and it works with one pass through the hair. With my thick, coarse, wavy hair it is hard to get it to look shiny. Shiny hair is hair that looks healthy, so this is so exciting. It lets my hair lay down soft, instead of fanning out in a triangle shape from the top of my head. It’s a keeper!

Kathie Johnson, AR

Love This Flat Iron-Leaves My Hair Sleek and Smooth-Automatic shut off too!

I really liked this product. It is simple to use, only 3 buttons. You can choose the temperature which shows on a digital window. My hair was smoother and silkier than the iron I am using now. I did not realize I was frying my hair with my old iron until I used this new one.For all of us who have left the house and turned around to ensure the iron is unplugged there is automatic shut-off..woohoo! No more worries and upset husbands. When I used my older iron I had to say…out loud…today is Saturday and I have unplugged the iron. It must be said out loud to be retained in my overactive brain.Highly recommend!Update: 2-26-13….Super fast heat-up but I noticed lately when I click the power button, it does not come on right away and I have to jiggle it. I hope this is not the beginning of the end.Update 5/29/13….Iron is still going strong. Beware…it does get really hot & keep it movingn as it and can burn your hair off…I know I did it to my bangs to my horror…they are growing back.Still recommend!

Tricia Millersburg, IN

Unbelievable Product

I have very long, thick, wavy hair. Usually I wash and wear but sometimes I want to wear it straight. Usually my hair takes over an hour to straighten so I never really bother and only do it once in a blue moon. I was surprised at how awesome this product is. Over the years I have used many different straightener trying to find the one that really did the job. While I doubt my hair will ever be pin straight this is the closest it has ever come to being straight and it took me only 25 minutes. The iron heats up before you are ready to go. Very fast, only 1 inch but really powerful. LOVE it. You will always have hair falling as you straighten because basically you are heating the hair and hair can easily break especially hair like mine which is dry and thick.So far I have suggested this to at least 8 of my friends allowing them all to come and try it out before buying. Everyone LOVES it and are very surprised by the price which is less than $50.00 You can raise and lower them temp so I set it for the lowest and straightened my daughter’s hair for halloween which she absolutely loved. I think I created a monster. As for the shine therapy. Beautiful. And because of the design, I have yet to burn my hair. Woot! That right there is one of the best parts.

Raquel Croydon, PA

remington hair straightner

This is the only staightener ive found for me.. My daughter whom loved the chi.. Always finds it in her self to get a hold of mine..leaving me to buy another.. I will always come back to this one.. Does great altho the plates float.. You can still get a good curl from this straightener if u want it!!

Latoya Edgewood, IA

Sleek & effective

-This flat-iron heats up quickly & is comfortable to use.-The digital temperature control makes for easy operation.-It straightens the hair quickly without damaging the hair.-The locking mechanism makes for compact storage – it also protects you from burning your fingers-The infused oil does make for a shinier finishAll in all, this is a GREAT item…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Cynthia Minersville, UT

Works great!

I’ve tried a lot of flat irons and this is one of the best. The shine therapy addition really makes a huge difference! My hair looks and feels so healthy when I’m done. The iron is the perfect size and it heats up quickly. There was no burning or uneven heating. I have pretty long hair and it took about 15 minutes for me to do all of it. This one is a keeper!

Maggie Severn, VA

Remington Flat Iron Shine Therapy

I really, really liked this product! It did indeed make your clean hair shine.It does help if your hair is freshly washed when using this type of product. If you haven’t washed your hair recently and tend toward oily hair, then you won’t notice a thing, except maybe even more oily looking hair.Incidentally, I did emergency preparedness for Christmas 2012 and had a 5 gallon mylar bag I needed to seal somehow. I used this iron on a lower setting (I think about 350 degrees), squeezed out all the air I could (I first inserted an oxygen absorber) and sealed across the width of the mylar storage bag. Worked perfectly. Another unexpected use for a flat iron. Lol.As suggested above, this does have an adjustable heat setting to 450 degrees. If you have it on a lower setting and suddenly decide you want it on the highest setting (450), then there is a small button that puts it there instantly…no taking it out of your hair or stopping to look and reset. It also has a 30 second instant heat feature so there’s no waiting for it to heat up. It also has a locking mechanism so the plates are stored in the closed position.As a side-note, it also came with a coupon for 15% off (online ordering only)Remington’s iLight Professional Hair Removal System (instense pulsed light technology). Sounds interesting and intend to check that product out.

Miranda Kinderhook, IL

Love it!

The Remington Shine Therapy Flat Iron is a dream compared to myConair CS3B Ceramic Straightener, Power of Pink, 1 Inchthat I purchased a couple of years ago. Unlike the Conair, the Remington’s plates do not snag my hair, so no more breakage! It seems to give a nice sheen to my hair but I’m not sure if it is because of the adjustable heat control not drying my fine locks out or if it’s attributed to the oil infused plates like the description boasts. I’m hedging towards both to be quite honest.To me, this flat iron is worth its weight in gold. I have had nothing but success and not a single complaint (yet). This one comes highly recommended!

Daisy Cantril, IA

Game Changer!

The Remington Flat Iron Shine Therapy is one of the best new flat irons I’ve tried. After my Chi broke, I was determined to find something less expensive that could do the job as good if not better. And I think this is it!I have dry but wavy hair and this iron gets my hair shiny and stick straight in no time. The iron heats up quickly with an adjustable heat settings. With my hair thickness, I do fine on one of the two lowest settings. But beware! This heats up very quickly!I also love the oil in the plates. I made the mistake of using oil on my hair before I used the iron and it was too much. There is enough oil on the iron to work out all the frizz in my hair and make it look shiny and healthy.

Dee Kingsley, PA