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Remington S7211 Wet 2 Straight Straightener, 1-Inch, Black

With Remington’s wet 2 straight 1 inch straightener, you can forget the hairdryer and get going in no time. This straightener allows you to straighten whether your hair is wet or dry with 420-degree professional grade heat across ceramic plates, with 30 adjustable settings, as well as distinctive steam vents that dry and style hair with less damage.

Key features

  • Ceramic plates – remington’s design allows this performance tool to heat up in just 30 seconds
  • Steam vents – our distinctive steam vents allow you to start styling right out of the shower without drying your hair first
  • Salon-quality heat – the remington wet 2 straight 1 inch straightener provides up to 420 degrees of professional-grade heat

Honest reviews


Remington Products S7211 Wet to Straight Straightener, 1 Inch

The Remington Wet 2 hair iron is made to use immediately after getting out of the shower when your hair is still very wet. It takes only 60 seconds to heat up, not matter what setting is selected.The iron has several settings to adapt to hair types from very thick to very thin. And it does get hot – up to 420 degrees F. The hair iron opens wide enough to get the hair in you can’t see behind you. In the open position, grab some hair and squeeze the handles together and slowly pull down the length of your hair. As your hair dries the water evaporates into steam that escapes through the top vents of the iron. The on-off switch is on the inside of the wand which is inconvenient and places fingers too close to the hot wand plates, so the safest thing to do is unplug when done instead of turning off.Some of the features include Teflon coating for no sticking, ceramic plates for even heat, dual heaters for uniform heat and instant heat-up, automatic shut off, 30 different heat settings, a digital LCD display, touch pad controls, dual voltage for overseas travel, and a two-year warranty.You can feel comfortable with Remington’s reputation and feel like a wise consumer with the moderate purchase price that provides value in addition to usefulness.

Rosie Darby, MT

Beware, you get what you pay for.

I am really disappointed. But then again, maybe I expected a miracle. From the description, this flat iron would straighten your hair whether it is damp or dry. I was not even aware that there was something on the market like this. Straightening my hair usually takes 35 minutes after I dry it, so if there was some way that I could shorten this experience, I am willing to try it. What I found was a product that promised miracles, but delivered none.The things that I like:1. The size of the iron. The 2 inch width of the plate is perfect for medium to long hair. You can section your hair in large chunks and use the iron to straighten it.2. The flat iron is easy to hold. It’s light enough that my hand and wrist did NOT become tired while styling.3. There is an easy on and off switch, as well as a dial to control the temperature (highest setting being 420 degrees).4. The price. At under $50 this is an affordable flat iron, especially when I compare the price to some others on the market. I own two flat irons: a Bellezza, which is comparably priced to the Remington, and a T3, which is two or three times more expensive. So I think having a less expensive option is great, especially for those people who don’t have the funds to invest in a more expensive one, especially if the results are comparable (see below).The things I am not sure that I like:1. While the option to straighten your hair while damp seems like a hot idea, I probably won’t be using this feature much. Even using thermal protection or another hair product used to prevent breakage/damage, this product seemed to do more damage than good. It left my hair slightly dry and brittle. *Note, I had to make multiple passes to insure that my hair is straight. My hair is very coarse and straightening it while damp was more work than I am willing to do on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, it left my hair slightly puffy the steam vents might have worked against me, more than helped me. And if the end result is puffy hair, doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose? Perhaps those that have thinner or finer hair, can benefit by using this flat iron.2. The grip and the plates. While I love ceramic plates (they usually add a little shine), these didn’t seem to get close/tight enough when I tried to get to my roots. The plates did not get close enough to really grip the hair firmly/tightly.3. While the price is one of the things that I like about the Remington, it is also what I don’t like. This cheaper flat iron doesn’t work as well as my others. The Remington did not straighten my hair like my Bellezza or T3. As I said in #3 above, having a cheaper option on the market is beneficial because every consumer can’t afford to get more expensive ones, but the results aren’t the same. Saving money on one end but doubling the time it takes to do it on the other, isn’t a good trade off.In conclusion, as a consumer, when I balance or weigh everything….the price….the results…etc, would I recommend this product? Probably not. I think for just a little more money you would be happier with a product that does what it is suppose to, straighten the air. 2-2.5 stars

Judy Keshena, WI


I used this for date night as soon as I received it and I really liked it. My hair was wet/damp…no matter what this product states I will not use it on really wet hair. I have long hair that is thick. This flat iron was perfect for drying the dampness, smoothing my hair and leaving it silky straight. I did use product on my hair with it to further protect my hair. The plates are smooth. My hair did not catch in the plates and it was not as tedious a process as flat ironing hair can be…especially when you have to blow it dry and then flat iron it. It is not as expensive as other flat irons that I have owned but I think it is a good value.Basically…I want a flat iron that heats up quickly, smooths out my hair and doesn’t cost over $100.00…this one fits my needs. Only time will tell how long it will last but right now…it’s a good thing!

Myra Talbert, KY

Works great, ideal price!

I received the Remington Wet 2 Straight flat hair iron thru the Vine program. It allows for use immediately after getting out of the shower when your hair is still wet. It heats up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit and heats up Quickly! You can set it at different levels for thick or thin hair. My daughters have very thick hair with one having naturally curly hair and the other having naturally wavy hair. Both girls had good luck with this straightener. I think they would prefer the 2 inch so that they could do more hair at once, but then this 1 inch is also good for those spot fixes and around the face. With the coating (Teflon) there was no sticking with their hair, it slid thru real easy. It has ceramic plate which usually makes it an expensive item, but the price of this is just right and not overboard at all. It has an automatic shut off, which is a plus for us worry-wart moms! This also comes with a two-year warranty.Very easy to use and great price! I highly recommend it!-1smileycat 🙂

Tricia Warsaw, KY

Remington Wet to Straight Straightener

I’ve never owned a straightener or used one before. Unless it is humid out, I can easily straighten my hair with a blow dryer and a hairbrush. On hot, humid days, I skip the dryer and either put my hair up while wet, or rub some curl product into it and let it air dry into waves.When I saw this Remington Straightener, I was intrigued. Would it be possible to get sleek, straight hair on a hot, muggy day without suffering through the hair dryer?! Oh, the possibilities! I was advised by a friend who went to beauty school to avoid using this straightener on wet hair, so I actually wore my wet hair up all day and straightened it before going out that evening. I have a lot of long hair, so it was still pretty damp when I started to straighten.I followed the included directions and was pretty happy with the results. The straightener was easy to use, although the damper parts of my hair needed more than one pass to both dry and straighten. The unit is light enough that I didn’t start to feel like my arms would fall off, and I definitely didn’t miss the blasts of hot air from the drier. It took about fifteen minutes total for me to straighten my hair, and it did look smoother than when I use the hair dryer and brush. Several hours later, my hair was still quite straight without noticeable frizz.Overall, I am happy to have this as an option. It gives me a little more flexibility when deciding what to do with my hair, which is great because I am not actually good at doing things with my hair. I think this straightener works well for the price and is quite easy to use.

Rosalind Vallejo, CA

A real timesaver

With waist-length, color treated hair I am no stranger to sometimes spending a considerable amount of time on drying and styling. This is my first time using a styler on wet hair and I have to say that I am impressed. To begin with, the styler itself is well made with a much appreciated swivel cord and 30 heat settings. I tried this on both wet and dry hair with good results on both. On dry hair, this is a great stand alone straightener. On wet (more precisely damp) hair, it was happy with my results but can understand some of the negative comments by other reviewers, like having to make several passes over a section of hair before it dries. I am actually used to making a few passes with a straightening iron even on dry hair so this was not a problem for me. I find myself using this as an alternative to letting my hair dry naturally – I can look presentable with very little time and effort. But if you are looking for that polished look, then you will need to put in some extra time, either with this styler or any other.

Jasmine New Holland, SD


Would that these seemingly great ideas are as great in practice as they are in theory. I hate my morning routine of blow drying my hair and then straightening it. Remington proposes that this product will eliminate the blow drying step. They suggest three levels of heat for how you want to use it; low heat for dry hair, medium heat for damp hair, and high heat for wet hair. The flat iron has holes on one side to release steam. I tried it on damp hair, it did dry while straightening my hair. It looked okay but my regular one will work on damp hair as well, same result. I put it on the high heat to do my wet hair. Terrible idea, Remington! My hair dried and dried out. It was straight but limp, it looked quite sad. This can’t replace a blow dryer. It gets really, really hot when you have it on the recommended temperature for wet hair. I blow dry with a cooler temp. As a regular flat iron, it isn’t worth the money. I reviewed another Remington product, Remington Products S8530 Anti Frizz Therapy Straightener, 2 Inch, and it was much less expensive and made my hair so straight, it lasted through the day and even when I slept on it. I love it.But this product is a miss!

Rebekah Central, AK


I love this! This is the first wet to straight straightener I’ve ever had and it’s great. It saves me so much time getting ready!

Patti Madison Heights, MI

Watch Out for the Steam!

I was so very happy to have a straightener that can be used on wet hair. And while, yes, it does straighten wet hair, it is not without it’s issues. Using the straightener on wet hair creates steam, the steam vents must be faced away from your scalp in order not to get burned. While this was easy when I wasn’t straightening the hair close to the roots, straightening close to your head is more difficult. Also, when using my non-dominant hand, it was harder and I often was burnt by the steam on my other hand when separating hair to be placed in the straightener. Using it on wet hair was not faster than blowdrying my hair first, so this saved no time and was a painful process. Won’t be using it on wet again. Maybe damp, but not wet.On dry hair, it works much better. No steam = no burns = yay! It will not replace my usual straightener as it’s a bit heavier and bulkier than it.

Ada Palmyra, MO

It’s about time . . .

Fabulous device! Works great to straighten hair. It’s not perfect at drying/straightening curly or frizzy hair — it actually straightens better on hair that is mostly dry, but it is still pretty amazing. If your hair is just a little wavy, this will dry and straighten at the same time. What a great idea!

Cathryn Lehigh, OK

Great Straightener, but NOT so good on “wet to dry”

Well, the verdict is still out, but for the most part I like this straightener. I have thick, somewhat straight / wavy hair. I used it both ways, wet and dry. While it did dry and straighten in one step like it says it will when I used it on my wet hair, I found I had to pass it over each thin section of hair MULTIPLE times to achieve this and in the end, my hair felt slightly sticky and dull – yeah, had me confused too – and found my hair pulled out more on my brush afterwards… and honestly took just as much time, if not more, to dry this way.NOW, when I used it on my dry hair… it gave me "salon straight" hair that lasted over night, and because I had dried my hair first, my hair was much softer and more manageable afterwards… this was a MUCH MORE desired affect I was looking for!So my verdict is (at least for my hair) that this works great as a straightener, but leaves my hair kinda a mess to straighten AND dry in one step. Love the size of it for my thick hair… but had it done better with the "wet to straight" part found in the name, I would have given it that last star. If you plan to buy, know that it probably will not save you time – stick with drying hair first then straightening.

Guadalupe Redlake, MN

Great addition to hair care arsenal…

TheRemington Products S7231 Wet to Straight Straightener, 2 Inchhas even heat with wet and dry hair. It’s nice if you’re short on time and don’t have time to blow dry your hair before you flat iron it. The price is great for what you’re getting. I could actually see people paying more just because it has so many options.”It’s great for my hair type, which is thick, curly, coarse, and dries easily. Using the wet option skips the blow drying process, which causes less damage. When hair is damp, I only had to do two passes on each section to get the desired look I wanted. When my hair was wet it took up to four passes to get the same look. The smaller the sections, the better results I got with less passes. By using the flat iron with damp/wet hair around the face, I recommend pulling your hair up and away from your face just because you get steam kickback and it can get hot around your face.The light indicator has two different colors – one for wet hair and one for dry hair. The green light is for wet hair, which is 20 – 30 on the round dial and the amber light is for dry hair, which is 1 – 19 on the round dial.I wish the cord was longer so I could move around more but not really a big deal. Where you hold the flat iron, it does get warm so I like to put it down for a few seconds before I start a new section.It left my hair super straight and I didn’t have a lot of frizz, which is really nice.My biggest con on this was that when you use it with damp/wet hair, it leaves a slight after-smell due to the water being steamed away. I used a little hair serum and it fixed that issue,” says my daughter-in-law.

Blanca Sheyenne, ND

Quick way to look presentable.

As someone else said this is a game changer. I walk my pups in the morning, get kids off to school, remind my husband of everything he has planned for the day and what he needs, then a shower before I go to work. In the past month or so I have been resorting to letting my hair lay limp and do its own thing…why, because I just didn’t have the time to dry and then style. This is fantastic. I have fine hair, and I use the straightener while it’s damp. It heats up quickly I use it on setting 20. My hair dries and straightens and flips in less than 7 minutes. It’s perfect for me. Does my hair look amazingly perfect…no…do I look like the hot mess I had been looking like…no. I look like I spent a little time making myself presentable. I’m satisfied with the look, the ease of use, and the quick time it takes.

Felicia Saint Elmo, AL

Time Consuming, Too Hot

I have long, curly hair, and a ton of it. If I want to wear it straight, I have to let it air dry a little, then use my blow dryer, then flat-iron it section by section. It’s not a quick process. 🙂 So this product sounded really cool! Dry your hair quickly into a sleek style right out of your shower! Well, yes and no.In order for my hair to dry, I had to pass this iron over the same section over and over and over. Since the heat is high, this can’t possibly be a good thing. And it took forever to do my whole head. The end result is yes, straight hair, but very flat and limp at the same time. I prefer a fluffier straight look.Also, you have to be careful about the steam that shoots out of the vents, as it’s QUITE hot and could potentially burn your skin, scalp, or eyes.I think this product is good in theory, but not in reality.

Adelaide Yancey, TX

Interesting idea

Remington Products S7231 Wet to Straight Straightener, 2 InchWell this is a practical idea that saves time. It depends on your hair type as to whether it will work for you or not. I have thick curly hair so I let it air dry for a bit while doing my makeup and then it worked better. I do not think it works well on hair dripping wet straight out of the shower. Maybe it would for someone with a different hair type. My hair is naturally curly and on the wild side. This worked nicely when I sectioned my hair after letting it air dry a few minutes and then put the wet to straightener to work. It took longer in some ways than I expected but it was nice to get the job done without switching hair tools.

Zelda Madison, MO

Tremendous Time-Saver!!

My hair is quite long, and a frequently put it up in a bun or pony tail. The problem is that the bangs get oily looking while the rest of my hair is actually quite fresh. So to save time, I will shampoo the very front of my hair on alternate mornings, but wash it all on the others. However, it is quite a time-waster to have to haul out the blow-dryer and regular iron. That’s where this new Remington Wet to Straight Straightener actually gives me extra time in the morning to attend to other things (like drink more coffee!)When my hair air-dryes to just damp, I use this iron. In a few passes, my bangs are just as smooth as the rest. I am totally thrilled with this Wet to Straight iron because it is so totally perfect for my needs! LOVE IT!

Kristina Henderson, TN

Good product, but maybe not for truly wet hair?

I have baby fine, thinner hair, with just enough wave to look messy. This flat iron is the perfect size to smooth and curve my chin length bob without making a bubble head or limp super straight. I tried it on fully air dried hair on a very low setting and it worked perfectly. Today I tried it on a much higher setting, as they say, with towel dried hair, after I did my makeup. It works, but takes a ridiculously long time to dry. I quit after five minutes and pulled out my hair dryer, flipped over my head and dried most of the way. Then I used the iron, with Redken Iron Shape 11, without fear of damaging my still slightly damp hair. A great style in just a few minutes!I like the steam vents, because I can use it on damp hair, and the heat settings, because I can set it low and not fry my delicate hair.

Lula Leola, SD

Best straightener I have ever used.

I love this thing. I have always loved the "idea" of straightening my hair…however, the reality always ended up with those lines. Those lines that straighteners make between where the iron ends and there’s nothing. That crimp line leftover in my hair. No matter what my technique was, in the past I never got good results.WELL…that has now changed with this iron. I didn’t learn any new trick, apparently you need a flat iron that is designed properly, and this one is. I easily straightened my chest length baby fine hair in about 10 to 12 minutes the first time I used this iron. I love that the heat is adjustable and the plates are wide so you can get done with the task of straightening quickly. Thank you Remington Products!

Elma Lyons, OR

Heats quick, dries hair quickly, gets hair much straigher, but not completely straight.

I was very pleased at how fast this heated up. It took less than the time to turn it on, and run to the bathroom for serum and a brush. Maybe it was 2 minutes and it was ready to go, if that. Heats VERY fast.It works well on wet hair. I used a smoothing serum and it was faster than a blow dryer on very wet, thick, very long hair that can take all night to air dry. It took maybe 5-6 minutes to get hair dry and finished. I would take this traveling instead of a blow dryer. I would say it takes half the time of a powerful blow dryer.It might be hard to use on shorter hair. I had difficulties getting it very close to the scalp. It does steam out both sides, especially when it gets to hair ends. It sounds like they are frying which is a bit scary, but it has not damaged our hair at all. It’s just steam.Very wavy hair becomes almost straight. It pulls through the hair very, very easily, but the trade of is that it maybe doesn’t clamp down to get all hair super straight. I do like it, and we’ll continue to use it. I give it 4 stars only because it could get hair straighter than it does and I imagine that’s why most people would be looking at it. I really do love how fast it dries hair, and it smooths hair and takes a lot of the wave/curl out, just not all of it by a good measure.

Rosario Watonga, OK

I had a Remington Wet to Straight Flat Iron and loved it. However

Previous to this, I had a Remington Wet to Straight Flat Iron and loved it. However, it got stolen on a plane trip from Baltimore to LA and I never replaced it until now. This product is a little smaller than my original one, so it fits in my purse if I want to take it to work. It is also great for a quick straightening after getting out of the shower when time is running out in the mornings. I have curly hair, so I do not straighten everyday but maybe once/twice a week to change up my look, so this product is perfect for that. It also came with coupons for Garnier hair care, made especially to keep hair healthy if you straighten more often than I do, and so far I have nothing but great things to say about the Remington S7211 1-inch flat iron. Highly recommended as a reasonably priced and good product for your straightening needs.

Marietta Waco, KY

Replaces 3 appliances for me!

I have been wanting a wet to straight flat iron for years but most good ones were expensive and the cheaper ones were so cheap I worried about them dong a good job. This one is perfect. Well,as close to perfect as you can get.It certainly does a great job of straightening hair and dries it very well. The only problem I see is that it take a ling time to dry it. If you can live with your hair a bit damp, then it’s not going to be an issue. I like that it replaces 3 other appliances for me (blow dryer, flat iron and curling iron) makes my hair straighter and softer than my Chi flat iron and I don’t get overheated with a blow dryer in the summer. I imagine my hairs condition will improve,too because I am not using so many appliances. Nice price, too!

Tamika Seagraves, TX

This is a keeper

I have really enjoyed this straightener since I got it. It heats up super fast and has several settings, depending on your type of hair.I have super long, thick slightly wavy hair.I wash my hair, and let it dry a bit, and then use the straightener. It helped dry my hair quickly, (which usually can take a long time) If I let my hair air dry, it appears kinky but with this straightener it appears shiny and silky.I am not sure about other hair types, but this is a real keeper for me.

Meredith Charleston Afb, SC

Phenominal product: We love it

We tested this on the family member with the most experience with straighteners, at several price points all well above the suggested price for this one. This exceeds all expectations. The speed of heating was fast. The efficiency of straightening with dry hair was great, and with wet hair was outstanding. This definitely replaces the earlier models for our household. Our "test subject" felt like her hair has looked better since acquiring this straightener than it has ever looked before, when not professionally done at a salon. We did not know what to expect, and went at this completely unbiased, and are charmed by the results.

Flossie South Union, KY

This is a game changer!

I’ve only had this flat iron for two days and already, it is a total game changer for me. The thing I love the most about it is that it heats up literally in seconds to a temperature perfect enough for any style. Also, I don’t have to run it through my hair multiple times to get the smooth, shiny straightening that I like. As for the wet feature, this is really handy if you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time for a hair dryer and a flattener. You can also flatten it when wet and it dries without the crimps and creases as usual. Definitely a great deal. It’s compact and fits easily into a drawer or under the sink. Give it a try!

Justina Davis, IL

Watch for steam burns

It’s nice to be able to get your hair dry and straight in one shot but be aware of steam burns. I am sure this goes without actually saying but I am saying it anyway.The directions say to make sure vents are away from scalp but I still found that some steam escaped the sides too.I found if I started a couple inches away from scalp for the first pass through then go closer to scalp that helps with too much steam by your scalp.The directions are missing a line too. They state under wet/dry setting "when light is amber it is safe to use on dry hair. It is safe to use on wet hair". I am guessing they meant to say when theight is green? That is the only other color it went to.I have pretty curly hair and this straightener was able to get it pretty straight. I would not call it salon straight and shiny. I did not feel that this iron clamped down hard enough on the hair. It was too easy to pull through compared to my other straight irons.

Ana Pettisville, OH

Good but not great

I was excited to try this product because I was thinking that I could eliminate one step while getting reading in the mornings. I tried using this several different ways. On wet hair, on damp hair and different temp settings. No matter which combination I tried it took several passes to dry my hair which means it took longer to complete my morning routine. Once my hair was completely straightened I didn’t have that smooth finished look that I normally do. My hair tended to look like I just stepped out into a humid day. Overall I would say this this is just okay and not much of a time saver.

Lucy Providence, KY

Remington Products S7231 Wet to Straight Straightener, 2 Inch

I love this straightener! LOVE.I have very short, medium thickness hair that is colored. I use shampoo, mousse and gel in my hair to get my hair it’s straightest. Right out of the shower I turned this on to a medium high setting and proceeded to towel dry, then brush my hair and apply the mousse.I grabbed sections of my hair and took the straight iron straight to it. It takes about 5 passes to dry the hair, but it does dry the hair! I work 1st shift and my boyfriend works 2nd shift, so the less noise I can make while getting ready the better. Using this straightener means not having to use my hair dryer… at all. Well, at least if I had the 1 inch model. Getting the back of my head is a chore, but that’s not the straightener’s fault, it’s mine.The ceramic plates are offset by the thick Teflon so the chances of burning your skin are reduced dramatically.The power cord swivels 360 degrees (over and over and over again) so no fighting with the power cord while doing your hair.I truly can’t find anything wrong with it. It’s going to replace my trusty old digital Remington (oh, yeah, this one could’ve been digital for a 6 star rating) who’s going to sit there on standby.And the price? Perfect! Not too expensive, does the job of two products. Win!

Dionne Wilson, KS

Great Unit

This is quick and easy to use. Heats up fast. Good gripping handle. Works well on wet hair that has been towel dried. It is 100% better then the older pink remington wet/dry unit I have. They really improved.

Patti Summit, KY

Not for me.

I have natural spiral curls that don’t straighten all that well on the best of days. Blow dryers make my hair frizzy and flyaway, so I was hopeful that this would let me straighten my hair right after a shower instead of waiting a day until it’s all dry.Nope.I only managed two sections of wet hair before giving up. It did dry my hair, but it took at least five or six passes to get something resembling straight hair in these small sections. At high heat, that’s way too much for my hair; it feels fried now. This works okay for me as a regular flat iron, but I will not use it for wet hair.Also, beware steam. It blasts out the holes that surround the plates and promptly burned the crap out of my forehead/scalp.If your hair is less delicate or less curly than mine, this might work out for you, but it’s definitely not for me.

Ronda Newton Hamilton, PA

Removes a tool but not a step

So this product is advertised as being able to cut out the step of blow drying your hair. It doesn’t. You don’t need to use a blow drier as it does a good job of drying the hair quickly, but you still need to do a second pass to get it straight.The main issue with this product is as follows:steam=frizzy and curly hair. This product lets off steam as a function.So yes, it dries hair very well and very quickly, but it takes AT LEAST 2 full passes around the head to get it straight and less frizzy. Even after applying multitudes of product and 2 full passes on various settings, my hair was still very frizzy because of the steam involved.I DID LIKE that the dial for the heat setting was set back inside the handle. I have had serious issues with my old straightener where the dial would continuously get bumped during use, causing it to inch higher and higher in temperature.I WISH it had a way to stay closed while not in use, or a sleeve for cool down or something. It also doesn’t have anything to rest on the counter. I have roughly 15 square inches of counter space in my bathroom, and was terrified it would fall off onto my foot

Jeannine Coto Laurel, PR