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Remington S7100a Wet 2 Straight 1 Inch Wet/Dry Ceramic Hair Straightener

Achieve the sleek, straight style you’ve been aiming for with the Remington Style 1-Inch Wet-Dry Ceramic Hair Straightener. Using ceramic plates with steam vents and channels, the Wet-Dry allows you to dry and straighten your wet or damp hair in one simple step, giving you fabulous results and saving you time. This fast-working straightener heats up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and removes excess water and locks in moisture as you straighten, ensuring consistent heat transfer to flatten those stubborn curls. 1-Inch Wet-Dry Ceramic Hair Straightener At a Glance: Safely straightens wet or dry hair Ceramic plates ensure even heat distribution Heats up to 375 degrees in 15 seconds for faster use Auto shutoff safety feature kicks in after 60 minutes Backed by a two-year limited warranty With ceramic plates, the Wet-Dry heats up fast and glides smoothly through hair. View larger. Designed with steam vents and channels, so you can style your hair while it’s wet or dry. View larger.Save Time by Drying and Straightening in One Step The Wet-Dry is designed with steam vents and channels that make it safe for wet or dry hair. The channels extract moisture from damp hair and allow steam to escape through the vents, drying hair and sealing the cuticle at the same time. This efficient design helps you spend less time in front of the mirror and still get the look you want, whether you’re headed for class, work, or a night out. Additionally, the straightener heats up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and is ready to use 15 seconds after you switch it on. Ceramic: The Hair Straightener Essential If you want to achieve salon-quality hair straightening from your own home, meet the Wet-Dry Straightener. Ceramic has become the big buzz word in hair straightening–that’s because ceramic improves heat distribution and helps the selected temperature remain even throughout the entire plate, so there are no hot spots. Ceramic also creates an effortless glide with no snagging, flattening your hair cuticles for silky-smooth results. Plus, it ensures long-life plate wear, protecting the plates against styling products and scratching. Safe, Easy Use with Auto Shutoff Function If you’ve ever left the house and worried that you forgot to switch off your straightener, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The Wet-Dry Straightener’s auto shutoff function takes effect after 60 minutes. And when you’ve finished styling, it’s easy to store away with its handy plate-lock. This straightener also boasts a 2-1/2-meter swivel cord for easy maneuverability and longer reach. Warranty Information The Remington Style Wet-Dry Ceramic Hair Straightener is backed by a limited two-year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Remington has been helping the world get ready for over 70 years. Experts in innovation, they offer cutting-edge technology and work with top salon professionals from all over the world to produce hair styling products that really work. Remington’s mission is to help you look good and feel like you’re ready for anything, so you can look in the mirror and say, “Okay, world, here I come.” What’s in the Box Remington 1-Inch Wet-Dry Ceramic Hair Straightener and user guide. Straightening Irons Wet2Straight 2-Inch Wet2Straight 1-Inch 1-Inch Wet/Dry Ceramic 2″ Ceramic Plates Tourmaline Wet2Straight Technology 400°F High Heat 30 Second Heat Up Digital Controls w/ 30 Heat Settings Auto Shutoff 1″ Ceramic Plates Tourmaline Wet2Straight Technology 400°F High Heat 30 Second Heat Up Digital Controls w/ 30 Heat Settings Auto Shutoff 1″ Ceramic Plates Wet/Dry Technology 375°F High Heat 30 Second Heat Up Ergonomic Design Auto Shutoff

Key features

  • Remington is the leader in wet/dry flat irons
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • Patented steam release technology
  • Ceramic plates
  • Instant heat up with auto shut off

Honest reviews


Extremely Impressed

I wasn’t very optimistic about this hair straightener. My hair is very thick and wavy, so no hair straightener among the several I have tried ever managed to straighten it to a noticeable extent. Even when I go to a salon, it takes a hair-dresser well over an hour to straighten my hair. I simply don’t have the time to do this for myself at home. Besides, I dislike using any hair care product on my hair because I think it can be detrimental to the hair’s health.When I used Remington’s Ceramic Hair Straightener, however, I was extremely impressed. I only used it for 15 minutes or so and applied no hair product but it straightened out my hair perfectly. And the hair remained completely straight for the next 2 days, until I washed it.This straightener can be used both on wet hair and on dry hair. I have tried both options and they are both great. Also, after I use it, I notice that my hair remains looking clean for a longer period of time. I don’t feel like it damages my hair at all.This is a really great straightener for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend on taking care of their hair. It’s easy to use, very effective, and a great value for the money. I’ve tried much more expensive straighteners in the past and they were not even half as effective as this one.

Alejandra Seven Valleys, PA

Never Use While Sleeping!!

Can I just say, I hate the packaging! That tough sturdy plastic that cuts my fingers makes the first use of this wonderful straightener frustrating.
• The ceramic plates heated up in 30 seconds and I was ready to roll!
• I like the lock on it that I can use as soon as I’m done. It’s just safer.
• The straightener gets hot and my hair straightens first time through.
• Features ergonomic design- I like the way it handles and it’s not heavy.
• Seriously, at under $20 it is a fantastic price and works great.I got a kick out of some of the warnings:Never use while sleeping- uh, okay.Do not use while bathing or showering- duhDo not place or drop into water or other liquid- Got it!? No liquids.Keep away from children- excellent idea…

Sheryl Ridgefield Park, NJ

Iron Out Some Hitches in This One

I also have the Remington S2044 and love it. That one is a Godsend!I got this one at the same time and was comparing them. I didn’t think this one was as good as the S2044 as you can’t regulate the temperature and the ceramic plates don’t provide adequate coverage on the iron itself. This one is just okay, nothing you have to throw into your travel bag when you go out of town. Get the S2044 instead!Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener with Teflon Fiber Plates

Ronda Poolville, TX

This straightener has outperformed other more pricey models that I have previously owned.

(Ghost Written by my Wife, who actually has lots of hair) The Remington Hair Straightener has outperformed other straighteners I have owned. Although it is a heavier iron, I do not notice it when I am styling my hair. The iron does not allow you to dial a temperature but performs at a high heat setting. I would like it if I could select the temperature, however. I have found that the recessed plates make this iron less likely to come in contact with your skin creating accidental burns. The first few times I used the iron it did have an unpleasant smell but that has subsided with use. I have only used this straightener in the “dry” setting but overall, I am very pleased with it.

Elaine Rocklake, ND

Works Great!

I’ve been using a much more expensive hair straightener for yearsFarouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron, so I was prepared to not like this product. I was wrong.I used this the first time on damp hair, and was amazed how stick-straight it made it. I have thick, curly hair and it looked like I stepped out of a salon. Even my CHI doesn’t straighten that well!A few points to note:- You can’t adjust the temperature, and this device gets VERY hot. I suppose that is the reason it straightens so well. Because of this, I recommend a heat protectant spray before straightening, and refraining from using this iron every day.- It’s best to use this on damp, rather than wet, hair. Yes, you can use it on wet hair but it takes FOREVER to get your hair dry. You have to keep passing the iron over the same section over and over. Unless you have very thin hair, this is a time-consuming process.- They say the plates are ceramic, but they aren’t that great quality. There is a scraping noise when I move the iron along a section of hair.- I don’t think I’ve ever in my entire life found a package so difficult to open. It literally took me 15 minutes of hacking and pulling to remove this product. The plastic is very hard, very thick, and becomes so jagged you could easily slice open a finger.I know the above sounds like a lot of negatives, but I’m very pleased with this product. If you want stick-straight hair, try it!

Jane Conneaut, OH

Great Wet-to-dry Straightener

I’m a huge fan of the Remington Wet 2 Straight Straighteners. I got my first one a few years ago–it was a little bigger (maybe 2 inches?) and have used it consistently and been happy with it. I’m incredibly pleased with this 1 inch version. It’s an improvement from the old 2-inch version, because the older version had the controls for temperature on top of the handle, and I would often push them accidentally while using the straightener. The newer versions of both the 1 inch and 2 inch Wet 2 Straight straighteners have the controls on the side of the handle, and I don’t have the same problem. If I had any criticism, it would be that after using the straightener my hair is not quite as smooth as I’d like it to be. I have some fly-aways I have to deal with. But, a little bit of finishing cream, and I’m good to go! I would recommend this product and will continue to use it. It saves time and works great.

Edith Eastsound, WA

Better than Nothing…

My wife used this and it worked… sort of. She didn’t like that it only had two settings dry or wet. Her other straightener has a high/low setting. She didn’t feel like this got hot enough to do the job. However she really liked the locking closed feature that this has. She didn’t hate it, she just likes her other straightner better.

Sharlene Epping, ND

My girlfriend loves this Hair Straightener

well, properly Iam not happy with the product, but My girlfriend loves this Hair Straightener , now it takes more time to get ready!!

Leanna Greenville, UT

Works ok but hair must be nearly dry

I love using a flat iron on my curly hair to make it not so frizzy and un-brushed looking but I’m always concerned about the damage I might be causing with the hair dryer then the heat from the flat iron so when I saw this, I thought it might be a good solution and a time saver. However, I have very thick hair and when I tried to use this after just towel drying my hair, it made my hair look even more frizzy and took all of the shine out of it. So the next time, I let my hair air dry until almost completely dry and tried again, it was a little better but still not the smooth gloss that I get from my regular flat iron, plus it took over an hour to let my hair air dry so that’s not a time saver at all. I think if you have fine or straight hair, this might be a great tool for saving time and protecting your hair from too many steps. But if you have thick, curly and/or wavy hair like mine, you’re better off just sticking with a hair dryer, using silicone protectant and a regular flat iron.

Kimberley Swisshome, OR

Remington has better Straightners than this.

My wife tried to use this on her damp hair after toweling off after a shower. She was not impressed having to go over the same parts of her hair many times and was still not happy with the results of the straightening. After trying it on dry hair without any better results this straightener met the fate of the drawer never to be seen again. She went back to her “Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener with Pearl Infused Wide Plates, 2 Inch” which she has used for years and absolutely loves. She advises skipping this one and getting the S9520.

Rosemarie Appalachia, VA

Great for my wife…

Before this, my wife would have to fan dry her hair if she wanted it to dry it in any way faster than just “air”. Now with this, she can safely straighten and dry her hair right after towel drying her hair. It saves her so much time. She enjoys using it and thinks it’s great. Affordable and well designed.

Wilma Shamrock, TX

Soft smooth look

I’ve never tried a hair straightener before. I have course layered shoulder-length hair with the bottom ends in ringlets if I don’t do anything with it it. The first time I tried it was on a day I didn’t wash my hair and it had product in it from the day before to keep my hair from frizzing. Not a good combination. Think “jazz hands” to get an idea of the unnatural stiff look I got from it. Lesson learned.The wand gets very hot and it seems for me that the best results come when my hair is slightly damp. I get a soft smooth look that with a twist of the wand adds a little curve to the bottom, making for a more natural look. It’s light weight and easy to use.I would have rated this a 4 star if there was a way to adjust the temperature.

Marina Kempton, PA

2.75 – Decent straightener for the price

Having been impressed with Remington’s products in the past, I jumped at the chance to try out their new wet/dry hair straightener. After valiantly struggling with the plastic packaging for an embarrassing amount of time, I emerged victorious, if exhausted and disheveled, by the process. My impressions about the iron are mixed and will be detailed in the convenient pro/con list below.PROS- Can be used on both wet and dry hair (duh). Great idea that actually works (slightly).- Works better straightening dry hair than wet or damp hair, which when used wet left my thick and unruly hair slightly frizzy.- Auto shut-off after one hour. Great for the forgetful.CONS- Only one temperature (375F), so no adjusting that, only the wet/dry switch. And let me tell you, that is HOT! I usually crank up my other iron for maximum straightening power but it thankfully doesn’t go this high. Even with my thick, wavy hair, I don’t need it so hot.- The straightener doesn’t glide well down my hair, it sorta snags or catches, though not so bad it pulls my hair out.- It’s a bit bulkier than I’m used to, so it’s more awkward to handle, especially while evading the steam vents. This may or may not be a problem for others.- The switches are super hard to move and I’m always afraid of slipping and burning my hand when turning it off. A button would have been a better idea.While I’ll use my other straightener as my main one, I still will break this out any time I may need to straighten my hair fast after having washed it. The iron works fine but it wouldn’t be my first, or even second, choice when choosing a new straightener.

Robyn Ontario, WI

Works well but is better on dry hair

This is a great straightener for under $20 – it works well, works quickly and is safe. It does work on wet hair as well (more like damp) but you will get the best results with dry hair. Barrel stays cool and it’s hard to burn yourself with it. Nice long cord too.

Bertha Astoria, OR

a God send

This is a fantastic tool The best thing about it ts the wet-dry feature. I have extremely long hair The ends can get quite dry and so I am always concerned about using anything hot on my hair But this seemed to help rather than hinder the hair. It smoothed it out so nicely and even made it look longer. MY hair is thick and wavy, and the wavy part is a kind of uneven waviness which makes it puff out away from my head and it appears unruly This tool makes your hair feel and look like silk plus it makes it reflect light and look glossy. I am so thrilled with this invention

Ebony Harrold, SD

a good product

I bought this for my sister’s birthday and she loved it, we have always had a problem with her because she takes hours to be ready, I tought that by buying her this straightener I could do the family a favor because she would not need to wait for her hair to be dry. It totally worked, now we wait less time 😀

Kelley Akers, LA

Wife was impressed

My wife has very curly hair and needed a new straightener as her old one was misplaced during a recent move. I picked this up for her from Vine, and I got this specific one because she was always complaining about how she had to wait for her hair to almost completely dry before she could use her straightener. Well, she loves this one. She says it’s easy to use, is ergonomically-designed, isn’t heavy, straightens her hair on the first go and she liked the lock feature; her only complaint is that you can’t select a specific temperature, which could be done on her old straightener. She said he hair stayed straight all day, even though she didn’t use any gel. She was very happy with this product.

Stella Sandwich, MA

works well for the price!

My straightener was dead,id had it for over 2 yrs so that’s a good stretch. So when amazon offered me this one through the vine program I immediately grabbed it and I’m glad I did. This is a very nice straightener, its has 3 settings; off,wet, and dry. That is different from my old one and although this one doesn’t get as hot as my old one it seems to work quiet well. I have thick hair and it takes no time at all to straighten it. Highly recommend!!

Francine Sullivan, OH

Does the job

I purchased this because the photo looked like the one I had and LOVED for years. When I got this one, it only had a wet and dry setting. My old one allowed you to select the heat level by going up or down numbers. This one does the job, it gets your hair straight and dry from completely wet. My hair is really thin and I would say it takes maybe 5-7 minutes from wet to straight and dry. Because it works so quickly when wet, I rarely use the dry setting.It heats up quickly, from off to wet setting I would say it take 2 minutes max so I plug it in when I get out of the shower so it is ready.The cord seems plenty long.The unit itself gets really hot, on the outside as well so don’t grab the top, especially while using, those little holes let out the steam and will burn you.Overall, I like it and it does the job well I was just a little disappointed it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. Would make an excellent travel hair straightner for someone on the road a lot.

Ingrid Rockland, DE


I am unimpressed with this straightener. I don’t understand how it is so much better with wet hair, as it does not seem to help wet hair dry. Also, the plate seems very small. Although I don’t have long hair, I do have a lot of it. It seems more effort than it’s worth. I’m better off letting my hair dry damp then styling, which is my current routine. This is not am improvement.Sorry, but I just can’t give this item a more favorable rating.

Cathy Orlando, FL

Great price and good job

I am very satisfied with this iron. It takes about a minute for the plates to get to temperature (375) and it’s good to go. I tried this on myself (medium fine hair and thin) and my teen daughter (medium coarse hair and thick). Hair length is about 4 inches below shoulders and wavy for both of us.It only took 15 minutes for my teen daughter to get all her hair done from wet to a nice sleek dry. She loved it. In my case, it took me half the time just because my hair is thinner. I know that it doesn’t have many temperature settings, but most of the time we only use one setting in our irons (flat or curling).I hope it last a long time since we really like it. Oh and it takes 20 minutes to cool off, at least enough to lock it and put it away without any issues. I highly recommend it.

Betsy Shippensburg, PA

not good for my hair

My hair is thick and wavy. If I use the wet setting on damp hair, it creates lots of curls from the moisture. Then it takes some time to straighten it. Also, it creates more static than the one I’m used to. I think it’s easier for me to just dry my hair with a blow dryer, then straighten with a regular flat iron, like my old one (Conair). I’ve been pretty happy with Conair. I’m returning the Remington.

Erin Douglass, TX

Straightener and Dryer in One

I liked this iron a lot. It heats up quickly and does an excellent job of drying and straightening hair in one step. Mine is about shoulder length and tends to want to wave, and I found it this straightener does the job. I don’t think you can beat it for the price. Very nice item.

Rose Naco, AZ