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Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener with Teflon Fiber Plates

The Remington Style Therapy: Damage Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron features plates covered with ceramic fabric for 50 percent less hair splitting and damage. Ceramic Fiber creates more styling surface than flat, slim plates. This added surface helps prevent hairs from rubbing against each other, thereby reducing a major cause of splitting and damage. This straightener reaches a top heat of 430 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds for fast, long-lasting results. An LCD display with temperature lock makes for precise temperature adjustments. Style Therapy: Damage Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron At a Glance: Ceramic Fabric-wrapped plates for 50% less hair splitting and damage Easy-to-read LCD indicator display with temperature lock for precise adjustments 300-430-degree heat range for fast and long-lasting results Heats up in 30 seconds; auto-shutoff in 60 minutes 4-year warranty Made with ceramic fabric, the Damage Therapy has a non-stick, low-friction surface. View larger. Heats to a maximum of 430 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds. View larger.Remington’s Therapy Collection The Remington Style Therapy collection–a hair care system that delivers conditioning properties while styling–provides solutions to combat irritating hair problems and works to increase hair health and vibrancy. Because the protective benefits are already in the straightener, you’ll prevent damage and save time normally spent adding conditioning products before styling. Ceramic Fabric Provides High Protection The Damage Therapy Flat Iron is made with ceramic fabric that can withstand extreme temperatures, is waterproof and chemical resistant, and has a non-stick, low-friction surface. Ceramic fabric is also resistant to product buildup, so this flat iron is suitable for use with all wet hair care products. The Damage Therapy Flat Iron features ceramic and tourmaline styling plates wrapped in this fabric, which provides a highly protective barrier between the hair and the heated plates, thereby limiting heat damage. The result is a more efficient straightener that reduces damage, glides through your hair, and requires fewer strokes. Heats Up Fast; Auto-Shutoff for Safety This straightener heats up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds and offers variable heat control so you can choose the best temperature to suit your hair type. If you’ve ever left the house and worried that you forgot to switch off your straightener, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The Damage Therapy Flat Iron’s auto-shutoff function takes effect after 60 minutes. And when you’ve finished styling, it’s easy to store away with its handy hinge-lock. For maneuverability, it boasts a salon-length swivel cord. This straightener also features worldwide voltage, so there’s no need to skimp on your style routine, whether you’re at home or abroad. The Damage Therapy Flat Iron is backed by a four-year warranty. Remington has been helping the world get ready for over 70 years. Experts in innovation, they offer cutting-edge technology and work with top salon professionals from all over the world to produce hair styling products that really work. Remington’s mission is to help you look good and feel like you’re ready for anything, so you can look in the mirror and say, “Okay, world, here I come.” What’s in the Box Remington Style Therapy: Damage Therapy 1-inch Flat Iron. Style Therapy 1-inch Flat Irons Frizz Therapy Shine Therapy Damage Therapy

Key features

  • 1” Teflon Fiber Ceramic plates, the ultimate styling surface (Technology exclusive to Remington)
  • Tourmaline ion emission for less frizz and more shine
  • High Heat 210C / 410 F with Instant heat up – ready in 60 seconds
  • Variable Heat Settings with Auto shut-off
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use

Honest reviews


Not worth the time, effort or money

First of all heat is not recommended for daily use on hair but because Remington claimed that “The Remington Style Therapy: Damage Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron features plates covered with ceramic fabric for 50 percent less hair splitting and damage. Ceramic Fiber creates more styling surface than flat, slim plates. This added surface helps prevent hairs from rubbing against each other, thereby reducing a major cause of splitting and damage” we decided why not give it a shot.The flat iron does heat up pretty fast but did not straighten my daughters hair, so she was constantly trying to redo portions of her hair. With all that heat being constantly applied to her hair, her hair started looking crunchy and frizzy which is what this is not supposed to do. Because of all the constant retouching it takes a very long time to get her hair done as well. So not worth the time and effort.I’m really surprised at all the glowing 5 star ratings but this just isn’t for everyone.

Enid Bryant, IL

almost perfect

I do have a few straighteners so I jumped at the chance to try a new one.This one is a little different. My hair felt healthy after I used it. It has a nice feel to it, not too heavy, not cumbersome. It really does a good job straightening.However, the one drawback is the my finger was constantly hitting the setting buttons and changing the temps. I even tried to switch it around and my palm hit the buttons.If they would move the controls to inside the handles, this would be perfect.

Lauren Bay, AR

Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener w/Teflon Fiber Plates

WHEW this heats up fast! I have used hotter irons but this sure heated up ASAP!I have naturally curly hair that is also rather fine, this not only heated up quickly,but my hair felt nice and smooth and looked healthy and shiny after the straightening.I was patient and took slow smooth strokes w/the iron and I got the desired smoothingeffect. I am ALL for anything that can help me tame the frizzies AND not add to anyhair damage caused by products.There is a manual heat control you can use too. I am happy to report it’scord is “professional” length and that it swivels is also nice. I am verypleased with this hair item…and its VERY reasonable price, I have paid MOREand received a lot less quality. I think this would be a great gift for a daughter orgrand daughter…well, any woman who wants nice looking straight hair.

Iva Fort Branch, IN


Great for straightening hair. Perfect size for short or long hair. I think it’s great for everyday use. Recommend this if you are looking for a good hair straightener.

Georgia Utopia, TX

Really does minimize damage!

I was very skeptical about the damage therapy straightener really making a difference but it does! I have been using this straightener for about 3 weeks and I really do see a difference in my hair. I have some split ends on the bottom of my hair. This will not take those away but it really does minimize the look of them and seems to prevent new ones. I had trimmed my daughter’s hair before using this to really get a good idea how this works and her hair really looks very healthy, no new split ends. Now I do use a heat protection spray before straightening and I would never go without that. That said, this straightener with the teflon fabric plates really does help. I wash and fully straighten my hair about every 3rd day (bleached blonde = dry hair!) and I also need to do a fast daily touch-up after sleeping on my hair. The straightener has all the features you would look for in a good tool — high heat – up to 430 degrees, quick heat up, swivel cord, temperature control and lock. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a new straightener at a very good price.

Janie Chamisal, NM

My Hair is not going up in Smoke..

This is the first hair Iron that does NOT Burn my hair. It’s truely a Teflon iron.My hair has a blonde weave, and my hair is not smoking or damaged from thisIron , like the other irons I have used.The heat goes up to 430 degrees. I have thick short hair.I used the temp at 340 degrees, and it was hot enough for my hairI also use this to get a little curl in the ends of my hair by twisting the iron, or itwill straighten it flat.No waiting for this iron to heat up.The iron heats up Fast in 30 secs,It has a LCD lite up display. Press the + it gets a higher temp.The – will get the temp down. You can set it at any temp you want.If you should forget to turn it off, the iron will automaticly shut off in 60 mins.I would buy this again.Two Thumbs up.

Winifred Coventry, VT

Great product

I have naturally curly/wavy hair and am always looking for a good straightener. This one heated up faster than I could brush my teeth, so that was great. It beeps when it’s heated. Another bonus. It seemed to work really well, but the plate was a little small for my liking. I currently use a Remington, but with wider plates, so it seemed to take too long with this littler one. I really like the feel of the plates though, and do think it glided through my hair smoothly. It was nice for getting close to my scalp and would work perfect if my hair was about 3 inches shorter.

Karla Bryce, UT

Lightweight, heats up fast

I didn’t think I would like this iron as much as I do. After my first use I wasn’t impressed and wondered if this was a keeper. Then the second time I used it I realized how nicely it slides over my hair shaft and how lightweight it is. I use my straightening iron on occasion to curl my hair (see you tube for curling with a straightening iron) and this does an absolutely fabulous job. I’ve used it two days in a row to do this, and my hair looked really good and it was so easy to do since this is lightweight. I love the digital display (most straighteners have this). My only complaint is the lock, it’s absolutely awful. I’ve had other Remington straighteners with this same lock, and to be honest, I wouldn’t pay $$ for straightener without a good lock. If they could improve this one thing, this would be a top recommendation by me,

Shannon Dunbar, WI

Nice for the $ but don’t expect miracles

This is the 3rd or 4th straightening iron I’ve reviewed on Amazon. I like the price of this one, for sure! However, I think it might be worth it to pay $20-30 more and get a slightly better iron. Here are the pros/cons:ProsHeats very quickly and beeps when it’s readyHas high settings for people with thick or difficult to straighten hairTeflon fiber plates are very easy on your hair and won’t snag itFairly long cordPrice is rightConsTakes several run-throughs to get hair as straight as some irons that only take once or twiceNo lock on the iron to keep it clamped shut (to be fair, only 1 iron that I’ve tried has this, but I love it)Heat setting might be too high for anyone with thin or fine hairThough there are more pros than cons, the con of taking several run-throughs is enough to make me go back to my slightly more expensive stand-by.

Sonia Idaho City, ID

Good for the price

My daughter is the hair expert in our family so I asked her to try the flat iron as well. The consensus was that it did not get your hair as stick straight as some of the more expensive irons, but it did make the hair very shiny and control the frizz. It is hard to tell without long term use, but it appears to also have less of a damaging effect. I personally do not like the very straight look so it is perfect for me. However, it may not quite get you the look you want if you like the absolutely stick straight look.

Virgie Turin, NY

Less Damaging, Leaves Hair Feeling Soft

I am all too familiar with the damage most flat irons cause to hair structure. In fact after cutting off most of the split ends and frazzled hair, I promised myself I’d cut the use of a flat iron down to a minimum. I always use protective products when I use a flat iron.This iron has a cloth covered plates where hair gets more surface coverage but doesn’t rub hairs against each other, which is one of the major reasons hair gets so brIttle and damaged.I’ve been using this product for three weeks and so far I haven’t seen or felt any damaging effects and my hair actually feels pretty good as far as texture, soft and managable.I have not encountered any problems when using this device and will continue to use it.

Susana Evansville, MN

A miracle worker

This is so easy to use! The numbers are easy to read to get the temperature you want and the fit is good in your hand. Its also lighter than some ceramic straighteners I’ve used so very pleased with it.

Clara Egeland, ND

Smoothing Right Along

I have more than one flat iron, all but one of which were gifts. I have tried different flat irons with varying results. I even bought a really good flat iron as a gift for someone who swears by it. What attracted me to this particular model is that it has teflon fiber plates and works to prevent damage.This will gentle hair in dire need of a smoothing over. The price is very reasonable and you get plenty of bang for your buck! You do have to regulate the temperature based on your individual needs and those of your hair.

Angelique Sugar Grove, OH

Just about perfect!

This flat iron heats up in about 20 seconds to full heat (430). The teflon plates are great & leave my hair straight,smooth and shiny. Although the instructions don’t tell you, you can lock in the heat setting by holding down the – button for a couple of seconds so that you don’t accidentally change it while using the iron. I am so pleased after having to return two of the Remington S10-51 flat irons because they did not heat up beyond 375, althought they were supposed to go up to 430.

Delores Manhattan, MT

Nice little unit

This is a fine flat iron. The plates have some kind of special fabric covering to minimize damage. It seems less smooth than other plates, but it glides over my hair just fine. This iron is lighter weight than other I’ve tried. I like the variable temperature, that it heats up quickly, and seems to have even heat. I don’t like the button placement. It’s very easy to accidentally press buttons when in use. There is a feature to “lock” the buttons, but it seems like it should’ve been better designed in the first place. All in all, a nice little flat iron at a great price.

Jacqueline Klamath Falls, OR

I like it…

I have very thin, curly wavy, frizzy hair. I tend not to use a flat iron much as it makes it look like I have less hair than I do- but sometimes on bad hair days there is nothing left to do but straighten the frizzy ball of hair that is sitting on my head. This is a good flat iron- it heats up quickly, gets really hot, has a long swivel cord, and the teflon seems to work really well. After I used it it left my hair flat, smooth and frizz free. It did take me some time to do the straightening but then, I don’t do it often so I am kind of out of practice. The results lasted perfectly until I washed my hair again (a day or two). I have no real complaints.

Zelda Iron Belt, WI

Works Great

I have moderately curly, fine hair. If I don’t keep it long enough and/or there’s any moisture in the air it can pull a total Shirley Temple. (Not a look I can rock at my age!) My hair can also get frizzy. This device smoothed it out wonderfully, made it shiny and did both very quickly. I’d say in five minutes start to finish.Pros:
• Almost instant heat up (Manufacturer states 30 seconds and I’d have to agree with that.)
• Ability to set the heat from 300 degrees to 430 degrees. (Temperature changes happen very quickly.)
• No smell, feel or look of burning at any temperature.
• The on/off switch clearly shows the device status. Cools down very quickly when switched off.
• The heat plates are well protected so you’d almost have to try to burn yourself.
• Even with hair slightly damp, which they tell you not to do with all these devices, the result is smooth hair.
• It has a swivel cord which makes it easy to fix hair at any angle and there’s no cord tangling.Cons:I got nutin! If this changes in the future I’ll report back.

Doretha Rentz, GA

Fast heat, definite buy.

I like the high temp of this iron. It does a great job, my only complaint is that the buttons to turn it on/off, and to change the temp are right where I put my hands to hold the iron closed. It’s minor, and I would still buy it, because it seems like every flat iron or curling iron put their on/off buttons in the same place.

Celia Burkburnett, TX

A great Straightener

Heats up fast and straightens really quickly, too! It does a much better job than my previous straightener (which was a revlong blow and straight, but the straightener part always fell off and I paid over $50 for that). It defrizzes really well, too. I have very thick, naturally curly hair, and it normally takes a long time to blow dry and straighten it. Obviously I’m spending the same time blowing it out before I get to this straightener, but this takes time off of my previous one and less frizz and way smoother, too, for a lot less $! As I mentioned before the other way a two-in-one blow and straighten, too gimmicky and now I just use it as a blowdryer. I had to buy a new straightener when the attachment kept falling off and had bought the smooth and satin one, which still frizzed my hair pretty bad and fried it if I missed a wet spot, which this does not do as it has the teflon plates, so worth it! My hair is so thick even if I spend 20 minutes blowdrying, I always miss a spot of wet hair, so I need the teflon and damage therapy for my hair, so it doesn’t fry when I get to straightening. And I don’t want it completely dry either, so that the straightener has something left to work with. I highly recommend this one, I have used a lot in my time and have the crazy Darlene (Roseanne) hair to prove it! Nothing goes from fro to smooth like this baby!

Mable Dougherty, OK

OMG!! Soooooo GOOD!

My hair is long, curly, wavy, stubborn and color treated. Unless I am in the mood to suffer, I opt for a pony tail, and that’s the end of it. Over the years, I have had a number of curling irons in different sizes and finishes. I’ll just tell you that this one is very, very good. I’ve only just gotten the Remington Damage Therapy iron, but I’ll tell you that if anything ever happens to it, I will replace it at once with the very same iron.I let my hair dry naturally — usually a frightening sight. Then I sectioned it off, working on the lower part first. From the first section, I was floored. After doing all my hair, I could only wonder whose hair was now on my head? The ease of use is wonderful, the results are amazing. Just be sure your hair is thoroughly dry before you start, so that your natural curl doesn’t fight its way back into the picture.If you are in the market for a new curling iron (or a new head of hair) the Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener with Teflon Fiber Plates is most DEFINITELY the one to get. The teflon finish is just wonderful, guaranteed.

Mollie Red Level, AL

Remington has better products!

If I did not already ownRemington S9500 Salon Collection Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener with Pearl Infused Wide Plates, 1 Inch, I might have given this 4 stars. But I do, and so I can tell you this:The S9500 is a dream. I’ve used it nearly daily for about a year, and it’s smooth, heats up amazingly quickly, and just nice to use. This one, by comparison, doesn’t glide easily, doesn’t “feel” as nice, and I don’t buy the claims about it causing less damage. Know why? Because, since it doesn’t glide easily, you’re actually spending more time with the heat on your hair than you need to with their other model. And you can set it at exactly the same amount of heat (the primary cause of the damage), and this one “pulls” on your hair more. So logic tells me that the S9500 would be less damaging.Other issues: the lock button on this is a bit difficult to turn because it’s flat, and you need to rotate it right near the heat plates. AND… it made my lights flicker. Weird, right? I can use my hairdryer and my other straightener without any power problems, but as soon as this heats up, my lights start flickering and don’t stop until I turn it off. Seems like it’s causing power surges.Both straighteners have the same end result: nice, straight hair. But the S9500 feels like a much better way to get that result, and it’s a bit faster and nicer looking, too.Now, if I were comparing this to my really old, non-ceramic-plate, circa 1995 straightening iron, this would be great. But now that I know better, I thought you should, too!

Virgie New Freeport, PA

A gentle straightener

I have shoulder length, fine hair that gets kind of wavy after I wash it. I always use a straightener just to smooth it out. This straightener seems much more gentle to my hair than any other straightener I’ve used. I feel no pulling at all and the iron doesn’t seem to be as hot as you’d expect it to be, even at the highest temperature (430 degrees). The iron is a little smaller than I expected it to be too and is very comfortable in my hands. It heats up very quickly and is ready to use in the time it takes me to brush my teeth.As far as straightening goes, I don’t think this would work very well on someone who has extra curly hair that they want to smooth. I’m basically just trying to smooth out a few waves and it takes a couple times around my head to get the job done. It does stay nice and smooth throughout the day and it has a little body to it too, so it doesn’t totally flatten your hair in a Gwenneth Paltrow kind of style.I don’t have children in the house, but I’d almost go as far as to say this might be a good choice if you are straightening the hair of a little girl. It’s very gentle with no pulling at all, and it’s smaller in size than the Remington straightener I already have.

Clarissa Marion, WI

Affordable straightener

I have been using straightening irons for several years, so I have had the opportunity to try many! I have been using this one for several weeks now and am very satisfied with the results.Here are the features I like:It’s lightweight.Has a comfortable grip.There is a digital temperature gauge, with a choice of 3 settings.Has an auto-off feature.Does a great job straightening hair.There isn’t any burning smell or other odors (a lot of others give off an unpleasant odor).It heats up quickly, and has a low sound-alert feature to notify you when it reaches temperature.There are a few features that I feel could have been improved:Almost the entire iron gets extremely hot to the touch. This makes it hard to grip for long periods, unless you hold it at the very bottom, which does not give you a good grip for straightening.The buttons are easily pressed when gripping the iron – I have changed the temperature and turned it off numerous times.However, just to be fair, I have had this problem with every single iron I have purchased.Overall, I am happy with this straightening iron, and like it much better than the last few I have purchased.

Eloise Scottown, OH

heat up fast and stabilizes fast

Review from a professional stylist, my wife.It heats up fast and the hair conforms to the shape you put it to, even for stubbon hair.Because it heats up very fast, you have to be careful not to burn yourself.It’s light weight enough it will not strain your arm or wrist when using it.For the price, it’s a bargain. She said when this type of ceramic hair device first came out, they were in the hundreds.And now it’s so much cheaper and better.If you need something like this, it is highly recommended.

Doris Anaheim, CA

Does somebody actually try these things before they decide to manufacture them?

I have chin-length fine, straight hair. My mother, rest her soul, must be laughing loud and long at the idea of moi, who only ever wanted curly hair, using a straightener. However, it turns out that fine, straight hair is actually acceptable as long as it is smooth. Who knew? So I’ve been using a straightener for about a year now. My previous straightener is also a Remington, with plain ceramic plates. I’ve been pretty pleased with it — my only quibble has been that I have occasionally accidentally turned it off while styling, and have occasionally been unable to turn it off using the “on/off” button and had to unplug it.I was eager to try this straightener because of the “50% less damage”-causing teflon fiber plates. I also kinda hoped they’d fixed the button problem. Bottom line — the fiber plate is a bit odd. It gives more “traction” and so hair, at least fine, straight hair, doesn’t slide through as quickly. I think it will be some time before any evaluation of ‘less damage’ can be made, although damage wasn’t a big problem with my previous straightener. And the buttons are a disaster.On my old straightener, the “temperature up” and “temperature down” buttons were on the hinge side of the display. On this model, they are smaller and on the open side of the display and basically, at least for me, act as grippy little divots into which my fingers naturally fall as I style. And this causes the unit to change temperature, which I could stand, if it didn’t beep. But it beeps when the temperature changes. Having to fix one’s hair in the morning is bad enough without the stress of knowing you are randomly changing the temperature of your straightening iron, and it is beeping at you about it. Aaaagggghhhhh! It is possible to lock the temperature (although one does so by pressing and holding the “minus” key, not by the method given in the printed directions), but you then have to unlock it to turn the appliance off. Aaaaaggghhhhh!In summary:Pro
• Fabric plate provides more “traction” which may be a benefit to some and may cause less damage
• Unit heats up quickly
• There is a hinge lock so unit is easier to transport
• Dual voltage for international travelCon
• Temperature set buttons are impossible to avoid while styling
• Locking the buttons is a time-consuming on and off process that has to be done each time you use the straightener
• Blue backlight on display is impossible to see in the type of decent lighting one hopes for when styling one’s hair (backlight flashes while unit is heating, stays steady when temperature is reached and you can see those things happen if you darken the room and wait for them)
• Unit communicates with annoying beepsTo me, what would make sense, is a straightener whose temperature I can set once and then lock and each time I turn the thing on, it goes to that temperature. Do people really fiddle with the temperature that much? The on/off button would be on the hinge side of the display and so would be hard to press while styling, and the display would change to something like “READY” when temperature is reached. As things stand, I’m going back to the old, non-beeping unit in hopes that this dream machine will surface!

Kate Danville, NH

Smooth operator!

I am an occasional straightener and my daughter straightens her hair frequently. We both tried this new style with the Ceramic Fabric-wrapped plates hoping for a smooth, straight result on our very wavy hair without the frizzy damage…and we were happily surprised. Both of us found that our hair straightened with only a couple of passes, looked smooth and soft, and it lasted all day.We liked the LCD indicator display with temperature choices (300-430-degree heat range), though I only needed it on the minimum temp for great results. It heated up almost instantly and gave us both long-lasting results. The swivel cord is a great feature too. No more fumbling around with the cord as you work at different angles.Probably most important: it has an auto-shutoff for those times when you might be in a hurry and potentially leave it plugged in.Definitely recommended, especially considering the reasonable price.

Zelda Preston, MD

hair straightener

it’s a fine line- style and damage hair or have unruly healthy hair. I have a tendency use a straightener more often than I should. I don’t know if this is ‘therapy’ for your hair but I do feel that it is ‘damage control’ for my hair. I takes a bit to get used to the feel of you hair sliding through the Teflon plates but after that it’s a breeze. I still have the same complaint about the buttons being poorly placed. Most Remington straighteners have that problem. As you are using the iron it’s difficult not end up with your fingers changing the temperature. You have to hold it further up and try not to burn your fingers.

Lola Uhrichsville, OH

Its not too good

This flatiron is quite disappointing i was trying to get rid of frizz. The hightest heat setting did not get hot enough to straighten my hair.

Velma Cushing, MN


Over the years I have tried different hair styling irons and I would say that this one works pretty well. Some of the positive features are temeperature control, you can set the temperature from 300F for thin fine hair to a maximum of 430F for thick curly hair. It heats up pretty fast and it has a hinge lock so you can lock it when you’re not using it, that’s especially a good feature when you travel. The negative features are the iron is a little heavy and the the cord is a little stiff, but these last two features are comparable to other irons in this price range.I have another iron of better qualify in which I prefer to use, but in all fairness, my other iron is more expensive. I think this is a good product if you don’t want to spend too much money.

Odessa Bradyville, TN


I know a flatiron is supposed to get hot but this gets so hot that it burned my hair. So maybe it wasn’t all the fault of the flatiron and that’s why I have a regular beauty shop appointment but still…I would recommend this for the person that really knows how to operate one and not burn your hair. Thinking about donating this to the local beauty college or maybe one of the students.

Suzette Haugen, WI