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Remington S1051 Salon Quality, Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener

The Remington Professional line offers new high quality hair tools at an affordable price. The line features Celebrity Stylist Richard Marin preferred technologies: tourmaline, titanium, and ceramic. These technologies help seal the hair cuticle to repel humidity and static which results in incredible lasting frizz-free shine. This 1″ slim flat iron heats up in just 30 seconds, cutting down on styling time. The flat iron also features Turbo Boost, which sets to the highest temperature of 430°F at just the press of a button, as well as Temperature Lock Mode, which allows you to lock your flat iron’s buttons cutting back on accidental temperature changes and shutoff. The flat iron also features Automatic Safety Shutoff after 1 hour.

Key features

  • Tourmaline + Titanium + Ceramic Coating for superior heat transfer and wear resistance
  • Digital Precise Temperature Control with Temperature Lock
  • 30 second heat up and Turbo Boost Mode that Automatically sets to the highest temperature if desired
  • Salon High Heat 430°F with Auto Shutoff after 1 hour
  • Dual Voltage for travel

Honest reviews


Frizzes hair

My wife was really excited to try this, to have an alternate/travel version of her $200 bespoke tourmaline wet/dry straightener that she bought at Sephora. However, she found that it caused her hair to get all frizzy. It went straight into the trash.

Marva Chester, MT

A decent straightener, but there are better options

When I received myRemington S1051 Salon Quality, Professional Ceramic Hair Straightenerand took it out of the box something seemed very familiar. It wasn’t long before I realized that this looked like the exact one that I had tested and reviewed last month. It had been packaged differently and was different in color, but other than that it seemed the same.Curiosity got me and I went to the Amazon product pages to compare them. This model is listed on Amazon as S1051, the other one I have is listed on Amazon as S1051A. (Remington S-1051 Sleek n Curl Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener with Tourmaline and Bonus DVD) Unfortunately because I have both units in front of me, that doesn’t convince me that they’re not the same. I decided to go to the Remington website to look at the actual product pages. This model is shown under their Professional Line as S1051, the other is shown under their TStudio Line as, surprisingly enough, S1051.My conclusion is that Remington decided to package this model up two separate ways to appeal to two separate consumers. This version was definitely made for the individual looking for a high end straightener, but for 1/2 the price. The packaging looks professional, its sleek black styling is very eye catching and adding in a professional stylists name to promote it makes it seem all the part. There’s just one thing wrong, if you’re not picky about color or the box it comes in you can get the same model for less and it also comes with a really great instructional DVD.As for the actual straightener, it performs exactly like the other.Pros:
• Left my hair smooth and straight using the highest setting.
• Outside where you hold the plates closed stayed cool to the touch.Cons:
• To get my hair smooth and straight I had to go over each section 2-3 times.
• Took too long to heat up.
• The temperature lock worked, but because of the button placement I did end up turning it off a couple times.My recommendation is a no brainer. Get better value for your money and purchase this unit.Remington S-1051 Sleek n Curl Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener with Tourmaline and Bonus DVD. Same straightener, less money and you’ll get the bonus DVD! (
• Amazon has been periodically lowering the price on this unit, but I still suggest getting the one with the bonus DVD)~I have updated my review by adding side by side comparison pictures of both straighteners that I spoke of, in the customer images.

Ada Oakley, KS

Good product Good Value

Good product and good value – this little flat iron really does compare to the expensive $200 ones. Also is a very attractive design and fits easily in my hand when I use it. Love the temperature control feature.. no more singed hair !

Ursula Naselle, WA

Good Digital Straightener

The Remington S-1051 Professional Digital Flat Iron is an 1″ hair straightener with a slim design.Pros:
• Has a lock feature that you press and hold a button for 2 seconds and it locks the digital display on so that you can’t accidentally change the temp or turn it off.
• Shuts off after 60 minutes for safety.
• Swivel cord.
• 4 yr. warranty
• Digital Temperature Display
• Small Design, Only 10″ LongMy Personal Experience:Mine took a lot longer than 30 seconds to heat up.My hair gets caught between the edge of the metal plates and the plastic and pulls strands of my hair out.The Remington Professional is practically identical to theRemington S-1051 Sleek n Curl Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener with Tourmaline and Bonus DVD. Side by side, there is no difference except one is brown and the other is black in color. You can use this one to curl also because it has the same design as the Sleek n Curl. I do like the my Remington Sleek n Curl better even though I don’t think that there is any difference between the two products, my Remington Sleek n Curl makes my hair look sleeker. I think the difference may just be in production from one iron to another. My Sleek n Curl may just get a little hotter or something. The Remington Sleek n Curl also comes with a DVD with hair tips so I recommend that one instead.

Patti South Heart, ND

Nice for the price

Remington’s ceramic flat iron hair straightner is a nice product that does the job. I had my three daughters test this and let me know what they thought. All three liked the fast heat up time (30 second to heat). They also like the light weight and precise temperature control. With the slimline 1 inch ceramic heating surface, they liked how fast they could fix their hair. The concerns they expressed had to do with the on/off switch. It takes about 3 seconds to turn on and off. When I looked at the design it made sense to me because the on/off button is easy to find when using and could be turn off right in the middle of styling hair. Much cheaper than the Chi and it does the job.

Irma Oakland, IA

Super Shine!

My hair isn’t curly or frizzy, but it has a slight wave that produces “bumps” in all the wrong places. I’m also afflicted with a couple of cowlicks that are difficult to tame.Now, I’m old enough to remember the 1960’s when women and girls routinely ironed their hair (on an ironing board!) to control the kinds of problems I mentioned above, or just to get the stick-straight locks that were stylish at the time. (Many nearly-scorched strands of hair resulted.)We’ve come a long way baby!The lightweight, easy to handle PROFESSIONAL flat iron by Remington gives a quick, temperature controlled, smooth result with the added benefit of super shine.After use, my “bumps” stayed straight overnight, and my hair looked positively glossy. (I’m a daily shampooer, so I can’t report on longer than one-day/one-night results.)I imagine even more dramatic results than mine are possible if you have full on curls or major frizziness.I’d say if you’re longing for manageable tresses, give this appliance a try. Follow directions, don’t overdo, and you should be pleased with the results.

Ruthie Augusta, MT


I tried this product and I liked it. It’s light weight, it’s easy to use and it makes my hair pretty silky. Although I still like my CHI iron better, the Remington S1051 is a good product for someone who does not want to spend that much for an iron. A good value!

Rhonda Fremont, NC

Good, although I don’t think it can quite compete with the Chi.

For the price, it’s a pretty good product. It heats up quickly, the heat is adjustable for your hair, and the buttons are not in a place where you’re going to accidentally hit them (potentially burning your hair). It straightened my hair, despite the humidity of SW Florida at this time of the year. However, I don’t think it can fairly compete with the Chi. I didn’t find my hair as silky or as easily straightened by this iron as the Chi.

Lidia Stearns, KY

Safe, Easy to use and non static (cling free)

This is simple one of the best hair straighteners in the market – Safe, professional quality at affordable price.Pros:-> Heats up quickly – about 45 seconds even though they claim as 30s-> Cling free – Hair does not stick and curl around the prongs unlike others, maybe it is the ceramic or whatever, but it works-> Safety 1- The temperature adjustment goes only upto 20 deg above with auto temperature shut off when the right temperature has reached-> Safety 2 – remember how in some of the units if you keep turning and twisting the cables can twist around ? This will not happen in this unit, it has a flexible rotating joint, so no matter how much you twist & turn the cable is still going to remain straight ! This is really awesome-> Dual voltage – Just in case if you travel to Europe/Asia-> Light weightHonestly, I do not see any negatives for my home use.

Casandra Fairfax, VA

You get what you pay for

This is a nicely presented set of straighteners, Ergonomically friendly buttons, and easy to use out of the box.The packaging boasts “Compare to CHI a $130 value”They may be good “salon heat” capable, but CHI they are not.For anyone on a budget however they are great.Heat is the key (as with any straighteners) and 430F is not shabby, even if it takes a while to get to maximum heat.The iron surface looks good, only time will tell on it’s longevity, and damage later on (that’s why I held back a star).The old maxim stands true, if you want $200 results you won’t get it for under $50 (current Amazon special price as of 5/27/09).What you will get is certainly your money’s worth. Nice product 4 stars.

Mai Tiline, KY

Sleek and Practical

I love the elegant look of this sleek black straightener.It heats to 430 degrees,quickly.It has automatic shut-off which is good for those in a rush for a quick hair fix,who may to forget to unplug it.With tourmaline and ceramic,it won’t result in a frizzy look.Hair will look fresh and smooth.The price is good for this quality.This is the first time,I read in a straightener manual about how to use it to make curves,swirls or flips.I’m very glad to have read that and try it out from this manual.I am so satisfied with it and will recommend it.

April Ester, AK

Good price, Comfortable, Effective!

I must agree with the other reviews, this is an effective product for the price. And like other reviewers here, I have a professional straightener that I mainly use, aT3 Tourmaline(because it is least likely to cause severe damage). However, as someone who travels extensively, I always like a less expensive iron for “the road” (that way if it breaks or I leave it behind, I won’t feel as bad!!) The Remington Pro fits this order nicely. (And I am a very selective consumer!)There were several positives with this Remington product. Foremost, this iron did not pull my hair (unlike some others with which I have recently experimented … that literally pulled out strands of my hair!) Moreover, it quickly reached an effective heat (in about 30 seconds). (And, yes, it is digital, so there’s no “dial” guesswork!!) Finally, since I am not a fan of larger plates, these one-inch plates were perfect for creating a variety of styles.If you are seeking an iron for travel, to leave at a significant other’s apartment, or just for occassional use, then try the Remington Pro!! I think you will be pleasantly surprised! (And, yes, this straightener is exactly the same as the Remington Tstudio one … so if you are looking for one in powder blue, get the Tstudio!! And, that one is SOOO MUCH CUTER!!)

Ora Mequon, WI

Did a great job!

Firstly I should state that I do not straighten my hair on a regular basis and also I have fine wavy to curly hair that loves to frizz. I got this so that when I felt like taming my hair I could and it did just that. The straighteners heated up quickly and I loved the fact I could lock the controls so that I didn’t have to worry about switching it off or changing the temperature. I found them very easy to use and they left my hair frizz free which in the past has never happened for me. Also I have the peace of mind that if I forget to turn them off they will do so after an hour. They have a nice size about them so that you can get close up to your roots without feeling like they are bulky which I have found annoying with other larger straighteners, I did show these to my friend who is a hair dresser and she said they looked good. Personally I would say that this are a good buy for the price and would tell my friends about them if they were looking for some straighteners.

Angelique Averill, VT

Great straightener with multiple temperatures

I really like this straightener. It is light, and sleek, and has 2 temperature settings for hot/cooler, and that’s particularly nice for people whose hair can burn easily. I would have given it a 5/5 but there is one glitch – I kept turning it off by accident, as the buttons are right where you would hold the straightener over your head to style, and it was a little annoying. Otherwise, the product delivers on the function, and I love the feel and look of my hair afterwards.

Lawanda Tyrone, GA

Excellent value for a great product!

Remington S1051 is truly a salon quality straightener at a bargain price. I was a bit skeptical though, when I saw it compared to my favorite CHI flatiron so I put it to a test. Here are the pros and cons of this iron in my opinion:Pros.1. The first thing I loved about this iron is how lightweight it is compared to the CHI. It was much easier to style my hair due to it’s lightweight. I also like the locking feature on this for easy storage.2. I love the digital temperature setting on this. Although, newer versions of CHI are digital with temp. settings, they are not as good a value in terms of price as this iron.3. Finally, the iron looks professional and straightens hair perfectly in half the cost of CHI. But is it as good as the CHI? Here is where the cons come in.Cons:1.The power button gets accidentally pressed a lot during styling since it is at the exact place where you would probably hold the iron to style the hair. However, this iron has a hold temp. button which prevents the iron from shutting off until you press the same hold temp button again, so it wasn’t such a big deal for me.2. The iron takes a long time to heat up even upto 360 comapared to the CHI. I’m usually ready to style my hair within seconds with my CHI which heats up over 400 degrees. The end result the same but it’s a lot quicker with the CHI.The reason I gave it five stars is that it truly does style hair as good as the CHI in half the price, if not as quickly. So if you’re not pressed for time, the Remington is a quality product at a fantastic price so take advantage!

Bridgette Ansted, WV

Excellent quality, and lightweight

This is a great hair straightener. My daughter uses it almost every day, and loves it. It is very sturdy and well made, but is not heavy like many others. It is easy to use and gives great results, much better than her previous straightener. The temperature gauge is handy and straightforward.

Melissa Haines City, FL

Very similar to a couple of other Remington Hair Straighteners

I recently reviewed theRemington S9950 Shine Therapy Moisturizing and Conditioning Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener, 1″and found these two straighteners to be very similar, but not identical. It also appears to be the same as theRemington S-1051 Sleek n Curl Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener with Tourmaline and Bonus DVD, but without the DVD.The back on this one has a better grip, and the plate technology on this one is different (not better, just different). The plates on here are made of Tourmaline, Titanium, Ceramic; but the plates on theRemington S9950 Shine Therapy Moisturizing and Conditioning Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener, 1″are ceramic and infused with conditioners and avocado oils.Other than that, the temperature, cords, plate size, locking mechanism, digital temp display, and swivel cord are identical.So far, I prefer the blue one (Remington S9950 Shine Therapy Moisturizing and Conditioning Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener, 1″, but time will tell whether or not the infusion of conditioners retains it’s ability to keep working after a period of time.Both include a four year warranty as well.I will point out that my reasons for knocking down a star on this one are the same as on the other one. I don’t care for the locking mechanism. I have other straighteners with better designed locks.

Celia Tangier, VA

It really does work as well as my CHI, perhaps better in some ways, good for guys too!

I have used several straighteners over the past 5 years or so, mostly on sets. I love my CHI, and this product seems aimed at that market.The package is nice, with a nice unisex design,and can be used for storage. The unit heats up quite quickly- plenty of heat in 20-30 seconds.A HUGE plus for me is the digital display of the temp – I like this a LOT, because I truly don’t want or need the 420 degree super hot salon setting for my reasonably short hair!The one inch size is perfect for me, and quite easy to use. I would imagine most guys and ladies with medium to short hair would also find this to be just perfect.I am not an expert but I dont think it (the size) would be ideal for those with longer curly hair- it would work, but might be rather time consuming-better to get a wider unit.As for ease of use, it took me perhaps 2 minutes to get the look I wanted. It was quite easy to get to the scalp without any burning or ‘the sizzle effect’ which is never a good thing.Quality control was great, as the plates fit exactly as designed ( on some inferior units they dont) and all the buttons functioned with ease. This seems to truly be a top-quality unit.Instructions are minimal, and rather oddly printed on newsprint(considering the rather deluxe presentation of the box) – they assume you know what you are doing if you buy this one!What I loved was the temp control and LCD display you just hit “+” or “-” to adjust the temp! In this respect it wins over my trusty CHI.After using it this morning, my hair stayed in order all day -and it was HUMID here! no touch-up required. I first used it at 645am,and as I write this it is 745pm – still looking great.The cord is a bit shorter at 6ft, which I like as well. It has a burst of heat function (turbo) that worked well too. For those that travel it has dual voltage, which is also nice and unexpected at this price level.AND… because no review ( from me anyway) would be complete without some strange multi-use of a product- YES the Remington WILL put a crease in your pants and give a shirt sleeve a razor sharp press as well.( what can I say, learned that wardrobe people on a show…!)Aside from that unintended use, I do give this five stars for ease of use , high-end packaging, and the ability to select the perfect temp for your hair.Were I not to know, I would have assumed this unit would be in the $80-100 range, if not a bit more.I am very pleased, and to tell the truth, did not think I would like it this much. A real winner! Give this one a try.

Autumn Bluffton, TX

Perfect for long, wavy hair or hair with medium curl!

I used this hair straightener on three types of hair.My first test subject has very curly, very thick, very coarse, long hair to her lower back. You guessed it: this iron is too small for her type of hair unless you want to spend hours straightening.My second test subject has wavy, medium thickness hair, down to her waist. This iron was perfect for her!I was my third test subject. My hair is curly, to my bra strap, thick, without being too coarse. It was perfect for my hair as well.Pros:- You cannot beat this price. It truly DOES compare with a Chi!- Very lightweight. If you choose to use it on very thick, coarse, long, super curly hair, it won’t break your wrist since it is lightweight.- The hold temperature button prevents the iron from shutting off until you press the same button again. This prevents you from accidentally shutting the iron off or changing the temperature.- Cool to the touch- Digital temperature display- Auto shut-off after 60 minutesCons:- Slow in heating up. I suggest plugging it in to heat up as you blow dry your hair, or while you get dressed and apply your makeup.

Lourdes Somers, NY

Professional Salon finish!

I have tried 2 other hair straighteners and have been very unhappy with the results. Right out of the box the Remington S1051 Salon Quality, Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener gave me the results I was looking for! My hair looks like when it is done at the salon! The hair glides so smoothly through the iron! I like that I can choose from several heat settings. I found one draw back and that is where the controls are. Remington should put the controls on the under side and not on the top as I kept turning it off or changing the heat settings but I found that if I placed my index finger above the controls and the other fingers below then it wasn’t a problem. I still gave it a 5 star because it does a professional job! I am willing to put up with where the controls are just to get the salon results.

Liliana Fouke, AR

I’m loving it…

I’ve fought extremely thick, curly hair my whole life long & have always dreamed of having straight hair. Dream no more. This hair straightener worked really well for me. I can normally blow dry my hair & get it relatively straight but it’s always way too thick & frizzy. This straightener took care of that problem. It’s my new best friend. My hair is now straight, sleek & shiny. My family couldn’t believe how different I looked.My only complaint would be that the buttons are not placed in the best spot when using the lock. The lock is really just for storing it though so I guess if the unit is unplugged then it shouldn’t be a problem but when plugged in you may accidentally turn the item on without wanting to do so.Overall I love this hair straightener & I would recommend it to all.

Olive Granville, VT

Really Good Straightener

What makes for a really good hair straightener? In my opinion, it should be at a good price, heat-up quickly, smooth heating plates, easily adjustable temperature, auto shut-off, and a good length of cord. This model does/has all of this. It also features a swivel cord, an LCD panel and a 4 year warranty.The size of the unit requirements probably depend on your hair type. If you have volumunous, thick hair and want to work quickly, you might consider a unit with larger plates. If, like me, you have thinner hair, this model will probably meet your expectations.Perhaps the only drawback I have found, and this has been an issue with other models I have tested, is the placement of the on/off switch. Manufacturers always seem to place it on the side and it can be switched off inadvertantly. I suppose the only way to correct this problem would be to design a unit with the switch at the very end, on the cord itself, or perhaps have a cover over the switch.At any rate, this is a really nice hair straightener and I think you will be pleased. I actually use mine quite a bit for creating hair flips and slight curls–works good for that too.

Rosetta Graff, MO

Very nice flat iron for the money…

I knew from the tracking that I should receive my new flat iron today, so I deliberately did not use my Chi…so, it just arrived and I immediately plugged it up and tried it out. I must say I’m impressed. It is comparable in size and results to the Chi. This is a great iron for the money, for sure. The reason I gave it four stars is because it doesn’t grip my hair quite like the Chi…it still works good, just not quite the same grip. The other reason is because it has a temperature control. The Chi does not. I guess you could find out what temperature the Chi comes with, and set this one accordingly. One thing about this thing that is better than the Chi is that this one has an automatic shut-off…so, if you’re like me and sometimes accidentally leave it on, you won’t burn your house down. It will shut off after two hours, I think it is. I will be posting photos of this next to my Chi shortly, so you can see the difference in appearance. I hope this helps=)I just wanted to update this review, since I’ve been using this flat iron for a little while now. One con that I have to add is that I don’t like the button location on the iron. I didn’t really notice it at first, but when I am ironing my hair I press the buttons with my fingers. I’m always afraid that I’m going to turn it off, or even worse, UP! I may just hold the iron funny. So, take this into consideration, if you think you want to purchase this flat iron. It is still very nice for the money, but I wanted to update my review, just in case this would bother another, potential buyer. Also, I’ve added photos of this iron compared to the pricey CHI flat iron.

Margie Martin, MI

2 Duds in a Row

I purchased two of these but had to return them because they would not heat up beyond 375 & took several minutes to do this. Other than that they were pretty good. It’s just my hair needs extreme heat to straighten. I ended up buying & keeping the Remington S20-44 with Teflon plates instead, which is easier on my hair & leaves it very shiny. It gets up to 430 in about 10 seconds and is almost perfect.

Maryann Haymarket, VA

Light and easy to use

This was something for my wife. She liked it because it was light and did exactly what it was advertised to do.The one drawback are the button placements. It’s too easy to turn it off accidently. But, it does heat up quickly.She has a larger one, which she bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond – the Maxius Maxiglide. That one is very good too, but she found this one lighter and more compact for travel.The other great feature is the temperature control. She was able to use a lower heat setting and still got decent results.If you’re a recessionista, this is a good thing for you.

Jannie Duncan Falls, OH

Fast heat, no burn

I got this straightener for my daughter who uses one daily. The biggest points she gave for this item was that it heads quickly and she hasn’t burned herself or her hair with it, unlike with her old straightener. The ceramic iron seems to work better without causing frizz like metal irons can do. Looking at it, I like its basic design and size. Its not so bulky you can just close it and put it away when you’re done without worrying that it’s taking up 3/4 of the drawer because the iron won’t close right or is to bulky. So far, she’s been using it almost daily for 3 months with no issues or complaints and I have to say she is pretty rough on stuff, so that’s saying something. I was impressed overall, as was she, with this item and would recommend it to a friend.

Blanca Ideal, GA

Pretty good, could be lighter

We used this a few weeks to test and found it pretty good with accurate heating going on. It’s a little on the heavy side for a female with tiny arms but otherwise excellent. Love the digital heat indicator that makes a huge difference over the older dial types that aren’t accurate at all.

Lily Colwell, IA

Does the job as promised

I have very little hair, but my wife has a lot of it, so I asked for her critique of this product. She straightens her hair at least a few times a week and has used a variety of irons over the years. She reports that this one works about as well as most at the lower end of the price range. It’s not as high quality as what you’d find in a salon — or what you’d pay a couple hundred bucks for — but most people don’t need that, so this will likely suit your needs. She also appreciated the digital temperature readout, which allows you to set the head to the level you wish. (For many people the super-hot temperatures aren’t needed.) One drawback is that she has long, thick hair and the one-inch width of this straightener isn’t ideal for her type of hair. That’s not a fault of the product, however. Just be sure you’re getting the type of appliance you need.

Shawna Nottoway, VA

Perfect product… perfect price

At just over $50 this straightener is perfect. Cord is a great length – not too long and not too short. Heats up quickly – under 30 seconds. Plates fit well together giving your hair a great straight look. I love the digital readout for the temperature b/c I make it hotter for my hair and place it at a lower temperature for my daughter. Very compact and easy to travel with too.

Vivian Dodge City, KS

Did what was expected

I had gotten this for my straight haired 8yo dd, who wants her hair even straighter. She’s very anti-poof and would’ve never survived in the 80s. This straightener was nice and light weight and stayed cool to the touch. The dual temperature settings is a great feature, so I don’t burn her hair. As the other straightener I own, I hate the location of the on/off, since I’m constantly shutting it down accidently, which I’ve kind of accepted as a way of life. It heats quickly as well. I’m considering giving this to a friend, since her daughters have curly and or kinky hair (which I myself would kill for!), but they’re very into straightening their hair. I believe their opinions would be better for “my” review, so I’ll post back if I do indeed pass it on.

Abbie Navesink, NJ