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Remington S-9951 Frizz Therapy, Humidity Resistant Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron, 1-Inch

Combining high-performance ceramic coating with anti-frizz technology, the Remington Style Therapy: Frizz Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron delivers 15 hours of humidity protection and 65 percent less frizz. Its floating ceramic plates are infused with frizz-resistant micro-conditioners that lock in your sleek, straight style all day. This straightener reaches a top heat of 430 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds for fast, long-lasting results. An LCD display with temperature lock makes for precise temperature adjustments. Style Therapy: Frizz Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron At a Glance: Ceramic plates infused with anti-frizz conditioners for silky, smooth, straight hair Floating plates for constant contact and better heat distribution Heats up to 430-degree maximum temperature in 30 seconds Easy-to-read LCD indicator display with temperature lock for precise adjustments 4-year warranty Infused with conditioning polymers, the Frizz Therapy’s ceramic plates deliver 65 percent less frizz. View larger. Heats to a maximum of 430 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds. View larger. The floating plates allow hair to flow freely through the straightener for smoother, less damaged results. View larger.Remington’s Style Therapy Collection The Remington Style Therapy collection–a hair care system that delivers conditioning properties while styling–provides solutions to combat irritating hair problems and works to increase hair health and vibrancy. Because the conditioning benefits are already in the straightener, you’ll prevent frizz and save time normally spent adding conditioning products before styling. Ceramic: The Hair Straightener Essential If you want to achieve salon-quality hair straightening from your own home, meet the Frizz Therapy Flat Iron. Ceramic has become the big buzz word in hair straightening–that’s because ceramic improves heat distribution and helps the selected temperature remain even throughout the entire plate, so there are no hot spots. Ceramic also creates an effortless glide with no snagging, flattening your hair cuticles for silky-smooth results. Plus, it ensures long-life plate wear, protecting the plates against styling products and scratching. Anti-Frizz Technology for All-Day Humidity Protection The Frizz Therapy Flat Iron provides all the ceramic power you need to flatten the most finicky curls and features technology proven to provide up to 65 percent less frizz all day–even in humid conditions. The ceramic plates are infused with conditioning polymers designed to provide even protection across your hairstyle. Tests show that hair straightened with this iron stays straighter and healthier when compared to a conventional plate iron. Heats Up Fast to 430-Degree, Salon-High Temperature The Frizz Therapy Flat Iron heats up to its maximum heat of 430 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds, and helps you stay in control with an easy-to-set LCD display. Once you’ve chosen the best temperature for your style, prevent accidental temperature changes by securing it with the LCD lock. If you need a boost of high heat, simply hit the turbo boost. Floating Plates for Constant Hair Contact Conventional straighteners don’t ensure that all hair comes into contact with the heated plates on the first pass. More passes equals more damage. With the Frizz Therapy Flat Iron, you’ll sidestep this problem thanks to floating plates that allow hair to flow freely through the straightener and maximize the amount of hair touching the plates. The result is straighter hair faster and with less damage. Safe, Easy Use with Auto-Shutoff Function If you’ve ever left the house and worried that you forgot to switch off your straightener, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The Frizz Therapy Flat Iron’s auto-shutoff function takes effect after 60 minutes. And when you’ve finished styling, it’s easy to store away with its handy hinge-lock. For maneuverability, it boasts a salon-length swivel cord. This straightener also features worldwide voltage, so there’s no need to skimp on your style routine, whether you’re at home or abroad. Winner of the 2010 Best of Allure Breakthrough Product Award There are a lot of hair products out there, but the Frizz Therapy Flat Iron was just one of the items chosen to receive the Allure Breakthrough Product Award . It’s the only straightener that features ceramic plates infused with conditioning polymers that condition your hair while you straighten. The Frizz Therapy Flat Iron is backed by a four-year warranty. Remington has been helping the world get ready for over 70 years. Experts in innovation, they offer cutting-edge technology and work with top salon professionals from all over the world to produce hair styling products that really work. Remington’s mission is to help you look good and feel like you’re ready for anything, so you can look in the mirror and say, “Okay, world, here I come.” What’s in the Box Remington Style Therapy: Frizz Therapy 1-inch Flat Iron. Style Therapy 1-inch Flat Irons Frizz Therapy Shine Therapy Damage Therapy

Key features

  • Say Goodbye to Frizzy Hair with 15 Hour Protection From Humidity
  • Professional ceramic damage reducing conditioning plates-infused with a blend of conditioners and avocado oil
  • Ceramic Floating Plates that Reach a Professional 430 Degrees and A Digital LCD Screen
  • 30 second Heat Up with A Turbo Boost Function That Automatically Sets To the Highest Temperature Desired
  • Other Features Include: Automatic Safety Shut Off, Cool Tip Ends, Swivel Cord, and a Hinge Lock

Honest reviews


Pretty Bad straightener

This thing started off pretty nice and it was the best thing in the world but after just three months it started to turn off automatically and then started to burn off my ends! DO NOT BUT IT! If you are looking for something temporarily i would but it until you find something better. I never write reviews but I had to let the African American community know.

Adrienne Onondaga, MI

Works good but plates are too short

I felt guilty for giving this iron a bad review previously, so am back to edit now. I previously said that I’d used this iron for 2 weeks and thought it weighed my hair down. I’ve now used it for a few more weeks and I think what was weighing my hair down was the tresseme heat protector spray. I only wash my hair every 3rd day, so I kept using that spray every day I ironed my hair. I suppose that probably isn’t necessary (?) Now, I spray once, well, the 1st day, and then on the following days, I do not spray near the roots at all, but just a little on the ends and my hair is not weighed down as much. It wasn’t this iron’s fault! So I feel bad for saying it was ;( Anyway, this iron heats up very quickly and beeps to let you know when it’s ready. Also, you can lock the temperature in by just pressing the minus key and holding it down. Some more expensive irons don’t have this feature and the temperature or power buttons are easy to hit when just trying to hold the iron. The lowest setting is 300 degrees and I’ve found that even this temperature can straighten my hair and then i don’t risk as much damage. But, I’ve had some help straightening it too. I had a Brazilian Blowout 4 months ago, and I do straighten it as a blow-dry it too.I’ve been using this iron daily for 2 weeks now. I think the blowout may have worn out by now though!? says that the plates of this flatiron have a porous ceramic coating that actually emits a silicon-based conditioner and that the liquid inside it lasts about 4 years. I wonder why they don’t put that on the outside of the box somewhere, or in the user manual inside the box? I wonder if maybe they want customers to think the conditioning properties could last 4-ever? Regardless of it being a good iron for the money, I’ve already ordered a different iron from BaByliss Pro BABNT3073T Nano Titanium Straightening Iron, only because the length of the plates on this one are so short, that I can’t get a good-sized chunk of hair in it without pieces falling off the ends of the plate. I’m thinking I could possibly save time ironing my hair if I were able to straighten larger chunks of hair at a time! As for drugstore irons though (I got mine at Target) – I’d say this is about the best one for the money that you’re going to find.

Lillie Van Etten, NY

Love The Results!

This is the first time I have used a flat iron and I am extremely pleased with the performance of this iron.First, I used this on my daughter’s hair which leans toward thin but has some frizziness to it. The results were just beautiful! Her hair is just below her shoulders and took less than 10 minutes to run the iron through her hair at a medium temperature. She loved the look! Her hair looked and felt like silk after using the iron.I also used this on my hair which is thick and processed from dying. While I do not dye my hair every month, my hair is course, frizzy and it is hard to maintain a smooth look.It took me maybe 15 minutes at the highest setting to run the iron though my hair and I just was amazed at the results! The style stayed all day and my look even made it through sleeping! My hair was straight, smooth and the softest I have ever had it; I couldn’t stop touching it all day.

Faith Overton, TX

The ceramic SMELLS; a bit PRICEY; choose something else…

*3/31/14 UPDATE…I was just re-reading my past reviews to edit for clarity, and I’ve gotta say as I read some newer ones. We told you all of the pitfalls so that you can save your $$ & time, yet people kept buying this flat iron??! Now it sounds like someone is selling knock-offs! I feel really sorry for you and of course RETURN your non-U.S.A. seller mdse. *The seller has to state in their ad if what they are selling you is an import* because warranties will not be valid and it’s then your choice if you want to make the purchase. My product was NOT from another land. Original review>>>Hi, I have natural 4b hair wanted to blow out and flat iron it to see how long it is. My natural hair texture has EXTREME shrinkage so it’s fun to see how long it REALLY is (ala YouTube length checks). This item is pretty pricey but I bought it based on other recommendations found here. I feel the ceramic smells so much I’m sure it leaves that smell in my hair. The iron heats up really quickly but it’s just like any other flat iron so if you know of a better brand, buy it. The iron is also not easy to handle (very slippery)if you have product in your hands which most of us use. But most importantly my hair REVERTED immediately after a light freezing cold shower (to preserve the style) 4 mins max. Thumbs down on this one.

Betsy White Plains, MD

Above average

This is a really good flat iron. Unfortunately, with my thick, naturally kinky hair, even when my hair is blow dried straight this doesn’t completely get the job done. It goes up to 430 degrees but that’s not quite enough. When my hair was relaxed though, this worked like a charm. If your hair is only wavy or slightly curly this will be a great product for you but if you have Afro-type hair, you’ll need something else.

Candace Luxemburg, IA

This is a MUST for any girl who wants straight hair

I have thick, frizzy and curly/wavy hair. Straightening my hair has always been a chore, but not anymore! Now I can straighten all of my hair within half an hour. I don’t blowdry it first either! I brush my hair, take a fine tooth comb and straighten section by section. This does keep the humidity out of your hair, my hair stays flat for days until I wash it. Also, it makes nice flips at the bottom of my hair!

Jewel Chino Valley, AZ

Works Great

My Daughter and I use this all the time, her more so than me, and it works great! I have had it for a long time now and have no complaints. Every once in a while I have to clean the plates but other than that, retains the heat well and its always worked. Sometimes I have to turn it down though because its gets very hot. Overall, good product.

Mavis Fairfield, KY

Look Ma, No More frizz

Having curly and often frizzy hair, I have always been skeptical about products that promise frizz-free hair. When I read the review of this Flat Iron in Good Housekeeping, I was so impressed with the rave reviews that I purchased it at Amazon. By George, the thing really works! Not only did it work quickly with minimal damage to my hair, but it left my hair looking shiny, straight and silky and it lasted over several days even in rainy, humid weather. Bravo, Remington! I have since recommended this flat iron to all my friends and those who bought it love it too.

Meghan Terrell, NC

I do like this

It made short work of my curls, waves, frizz. So I’ve got to love it. My new friend, though, stays hot even though I follow , TO THE LETTER, the directions for turning it off. I have no alternative but to let it go the hour for turning itself off. Reviews at this site helped me, but price, in the mid-range was the final ‘decider’. This is my first go at owning a straightner — Remington’s S9951 works, is my new BFF. All through high school I was praised for such lovely curls by the very ones who had graceful self-designed styles. When my hair is straight I appear to have a vast store of credibility. Believe it! And when I see corn-silk hair on a woman I respond by unwittingly crediting HER with something ethereal. Go figure.

Freda Viewtown, VA

I really like it c:

I was surprised that this straightened really really well. The wet to straight one that I had didn’t do that great (I gave it away) I was happy when I took a nap and woke up my hair was still straight and my hair ALWAYS gets messed up when I lay down or toss and turn while i’m sleeping. I’m sure that this will work in the summer time the best it’s winter right now but I’m very happy that I bought this and it was worth the money. I hope this review helps anyone who reads it I bought mine from walmart but there’s only two of them left there now. This straightener is amazing it works and it’s cute c:

Vanessa Longview, TX

Frizz Therapy

Sometimes I straighten my hair and I figured anything that will help with frizz would be better. Not sure how it really works, but it certainly does; sometimes too well. If you have oily hair, be careful you don’t overuse it because it will make your hair look greasy. I just concentrate more on the ends and it works pretty good though. I’m glad I bought it.

Madeline Makinen, MN

Hair Straightner for Super Curly Hair

I have very super curly hair. This puppy straightens and styles in no time, and really helps prevent frizz, but adds like a slight coating to the hair, which is fine by me. It’s just like normal hair product, and my hair was straight for four days and only required touch ups as I styled my pouf, ie the top layer needed a little smoothing out. I love it and it saves me tons of time, requiring only one half hour to completely straighten my super curly locks then lasting through four days, and 2 powder shampoos.

Laverne Mcadoo, PA

Straightens well

I have had this straightener for about a year. I use it everyday. I keep it on a lower heat setting, 320, so that it doesn’t fry my hair. Because of this I do have to run the straightener over my hair several times but it comes out straight. The humidity does affect my hair but I live in New Jersey which tends to be very humid. I am satisfied with how well it straightens my hair as it is always smooth when I’m finished. My biggest complaint would be that the plastic part of the straightener isn’t holding up well. The grey color has rubbed off completely in the areas that my hand touches every day. It’s not a huge deal but is starting to feel kinda dirty. So overall it does a great job straightening my hair but the plastic parts aren’t meant to last.

Cheri Chincoteague Island, VA

TERRIFIC Product for Those With Frizzy Hair

I’ve had this product for just over a month and it is spectacular. My hair in its natural state is very frizzy. I can flat iron it straight, but heaven help me if it is humid or my hair gets damp during the day. I go back to looking like a troll doll.I have loved how this product works since getting it…my hair is unbelievably soft, straight, and manageable.The true test, however, came this past week when we had a sudden, unexpected snow storm. The snow was slushy and mixed with rain. I tried hard to keep my hair covered as much as I could, but it ended up getting fairly wet at least three times that evening. I expected it to frizz up, but it didn’t! It stayed smooth and straight. I simply waited for my hair to dry and then ran a fine comb through it. I was so thrilled!Since using this product I am able to simply wash my hair and go if absolutely necessary. My hair is no longer ridiculously wild…rather, it has soft waves and curls that I can live with if I don’t have time to flat iron my hair.All in all I give this product two thumbs up!

Wanda Meadville, MO

I can’t live without it!!!!

This is by far the best flat iron ever…!!!!! EVER!!!! I love how cheap it was and trust all the reviews it is an amazing flat iron, I do my hair TWICE a Week and I have relaxed curly curly hair (The African American hair gene), is unbelievable… They way It makes my hair smooth and it doesn’t burns it at all… Trust me I’ve gotten more burns in my hair salon and this is always smooth on me… I LOVE THE WAY MY HAIR LOOKS…. I always use the lower setting 300 degrees (I dont even want to try the higher settings) but so far it heats up almost instantly and is so friendly I love you flat iron!!!!

Mildred Pasadena, CA


I mean I’ve used flat irons before but this one is the top so far. I love the color and I love the result, I would recommend.

Cecile Man, WV

Good product

I read about this particular flat iron on a list detailing the top tech products of 2010. It heats up really quickly and gets extremely hot. I have very thick hair and it did a great job of straightening it. My hair also stayed shiny and straight for days afterward. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

Evelyn Deerfield, KS

Remington Shine and Frizz Control Flat Iron

Honestly, my hair still reverts if the humidity levels are really high (90%) no matter what iron I am using, and I have used several brands. Also, a must have to keep my hair smooth isMatrix Sleek Look Shampoo and Conditioner Duo (33.8 oz). This product is a dream come true for unruly hair that does not want to cooperate.S9951 Remington Pros:
• Straightens hair well, and it typically lasts longer(my hair is natural- no relaxer, and very frizzy)
• Makes the hair shine.Cons:
• The flat iron tends to pull strands of hair out if you try to flat iron large sections of hair at a time. You have to do very small sections to avoid snagging the hair.
• The flat iron really does not get as close to my hair roots as I would like. Blow drying my hair with a comb attachment has been great at getting my roots straight.

Sheryl Woodward, IA

Great product for the price!

This is a great hair straightner. I bought it at the local Walmart and I have had it for a little over a year, and it still works just a well. The iron hits up quite fast (within 60 seconds) and you can get it pretty hot. Also it has an automatic shut off. The only thing I have a problem with is just when youre holding it you can sometimes press the heat buttons and make it turn down on accident. But other than that little problem I would most defenitly reccomend this product to anyone.

Vanessa Sunset Beach, CA

Not bad

I don’t want to sound like a Debbie Downer but I found this iron to be just ok. Let me explain, first of all let me start by saying I’m a product snob. I have for most of the time I’ve been straightening my hair (5 years) I have used expensive straighteners. For the past three years, I’ve been using a Paul Mitchell iron. I have also owned a Chi and a Solia. The one I’m currently using is the Paul Mitchel Ion express (silver color). Absolutely love it, thats for another review. Anyway, I’m Italian with thick, course, curly/wavy hair. My experience with the Remington Frizz Therapy iron is this, I will say it straightened my hair better than expected. I was actually shocked how well it straightened, as well as my current iron , Paul Mitchell. As well as all the other high ticket irons I have purchased in the past. The issue that I had with this iron was that this iron fried the ends of my hair. Again it did a wonderful job straightening but for some reason my ends just got totally fried. I experimented with the different heat settings but that did not help. This iron also left my hair dry and kind of lifeless. It’s too bad because I really wanted to like this iron. Coming from a Paul Mitchell iron, I guess I am just spoiled now. If you are currently using a cheapie iron like a Revlon etc, you will really love and appreciate this iron. For the price it’s a steal, I’m sorry it did not work out better for me.

Stacey Laurel, FL

Worth the price

This flat iron is a little more expensive than the ones you may find at Target, but it is also a much better quality. I had a Conair for a long time and this Remmington iron really is much nicer and does a great job. My hair is very smooth and shiney when I use this iron. I usually just do the crown of my head and nick the ends and it really does the trick. I would definitely recommend this product to others.UPDATE:I’ve now had this flat iron for over 2 years and it’s still going strong. I use it several times a week and it still works great. I would definitely buy this product again.

Latasha Sharpsville, PA

Fantastic flat iron

This flat iron is fantastic, especially for the price. The color is really cute, too. It has a wonderful grip on it, so it’s super easy to curve, bend, and flip hair, more than any other flat iron i’ve ever used. it heats up and cools down to the specific temp in seconds. it beeps when it hits that temp. there’s no little ‘hanger’ piece to hang from a hook, so i just tied a loose little knot, and it works great. the lowest temp is 300 degrees, which works great for the more delicate hair around my face. it feels smooth, leaves a nice shine, as a great purchase. i have the keratin smoothing treatment, so i don’t specifically notice high shine or low friz, but it does work great!

Cortney Denison, TX

Honest Review (Would not recommend)

Hi. I purchased this straightener after reading the reviews. I have used it for the past 2 months and I am not satisfied with it. I have shoulder-length hair that is frizzy and wavy. It does not straighten my hair well and I have to go back over it at least three times with All Soft Heat Glide. I expected this straighter to work better than it did, especially with the price.I will be purchasing the HSI Straightener that had much better reviews, which is the same price or more affordable than this straightener.If you have hair that is difficult to straighten or is frizzy and wavy, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this.

Kitty Hartsville, IN

Your hair loves it

Amazing flat iron with the perfect heat and it does heat up fast btw. No complain at all i even used it with my BK treatment and it was perfect.

Leola East Fairfield, VT

As good as the expensive ones

I recently lost my Sedu Revolution at a hotel, and I did not want to spend the $$ to replace it so I picked up this one at Walmart (it’s cheaper on Amazon) because I needed something fast. I was surprised at how well it works – it heats up faster than my old, and gets to that 430 that I need for my very thick wavy hair. Only one pass over each section of hair is needed, just like my Sedu. And it really does seal the cuticle and leave it shiny and smooth. I’m so glad I gave this one a try before spending the big bucks on an expensive version.

Jerri Melville, MT

Great Styling Tool

My first hair straightener was a brick compared to this slim, easily manipulated styler. It heats quickly and is very easily applied for straightening, for lift at the roots, or to flip the ends. I like that I can control the temp and that I can save the best one for my hair. The device handles well and fits comfortably into my hand. It seals tightly against my hair and I don’t have to apply pressure to maintain the grip or to slide the iron the length of my hair. My hair is short to medium length and wavy, and I can go through it with the iron in about 8 minutes. That it shuts off automatically after an hour left on is much appreciated. Frizz control is flawless, as expected, though I was surprised by how shiny it leaves my hair. In winter my hair tends to become quite dry and dull, though with this iron it shimmers and stays soft. I can sleep on it, wake up, and go. It still looks styled and fabulous. This iron is mid-range, as prices for them go, and is well-worth every dime. Durability will be a deciding factor in my choice to stick with this brand and model. For the time being, it’s a perfect straightening tool.

Gena Grant, MI

Great product!

My hair is REALLY curly…. &this product works really well on it! It gets it extremely straight and it takes half the time than my previous straightener. I am so happy I got this!

Jerri Forreston, TX

FYI- You can “lock” the buttons! Haven’t noticed much frizz control, but it does the job.

I am Black with mostly 3A curl pattern and a Brazilian blowout. I was looking for a replacement to my 6 year old iron that broke its spring. It was an ION brand and I really liked the smoothing I got from that iron. But I wanted to try something new and so I was interested in this (Remington) iron because of the humidity resistance and frizz control features. Even though it didn’t tote Ionic capabilities, I thought I’d give it a shot. I thought I could use it to touch up my roots between Brazilians and still have some humidity control on my untreated hair.Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed any extra frizz control or humidity resistance as a result of using it. But, it still does the job of a flat iron (e.g. smoothing and straightening my hair) on the default heat setting, which is a plus for me. I can’t judge the shine factor because my Brazilian already provides shine. It’s not as smoothing as my ionic was, but it still does a beautiful job. I’ll keep it until it gives up the ghost! It’s also light weight and easy to maneuver.Couple complaints-The floating plates feature means, as others have said, I often get my hair caught in the space between and it snags my hair. I have to be very careful not to let any section I’m working on fall on the sides near the plate edges. That does get a little annoying and of course means unwanted breakage. But it is easily avoided by paying attention and working with a smaller section at a time.The little plastic ring where the base of the iron and cord meet recently broke. I think I can easily super glue it back on. I’m not certain what caused it to break, I just one day noticed the ring sliding down the cord. I don’t know if this has any bearing on the performance of the iron at all. I think it was just a little decorative finishing feature to cover the cord, but still…One tip I will share concerning the buttons- I accidentally discovered that if you hold down the “temp down” button for about 4 seconds, it will lock the other buttons. You’ll actually see a little lock symbol on the display. Once it’s locked you can press the buttons all day long and they won’t change. So for those who had complaints about accidentally pressing the buttons while you’re styling, this will prevent that issue. Once you’re done, you simply hold down the “temp down” button again for another 4 seconds and the buttons will work again.So all in all, don’t let the reviews about the buttons being in a bad place turn you away. If you like the other stats about it, you’ll probably be satisfied with this iron.

Charlotte Rocky Mount, MO

Awesome flat iron for the price

My Hot Tools flat iron had been slowly succumbing to entropy over time, getting less and less hot as it aged. When I was on the market for a new one, I despaired of getting a good flat iron for anything less than $100. I really needed one as I was traveling to a professional conference soon and wanted to look presentable for the job market. But after reading all the reviews for this one on Amazon, I decided to take a risk and see what kind of quality I could get for $50.Wow. I am really amazed by this flat iron. I’ve used and had people use Chi flat irons on my hair and this iron performs almost as well as the Chi. You do get what you pay for, but the difference in quality for the level of frizz in my hair? This works just fine. If you have SUPER coarse and curly hair, then a more hardcore iron would serve you better. But I’m Asian-American, have medium to fine hair (rather than super coarse and straight like many of my fellows) and really just need a flat iron just to tame the frizzy waves.My hair slips smoothly through the plates. The iron gets hot fast and beeps to let you know. The temp settings go up really high and the LED screen is backlit for better reading. There’s a little lock on the handle to keep the iron closed when you need to put it away, which is awesome. I’ve get to burn myself on the edges of the iron, but I can see how it might be easy, despite the recessed plates. I can do my medium-length hair in about 10-minutes. My hair steams a bit when I iron it, but it might be in part due to the heat protectant I spray on. My flat-ironed hair looks amazing for nearly 2 days before my naturally oily scalp makes it look greasy. (With no flat ironing, my hair actually looks clean longer) No frizz. No flyaways. Hair is soft and shiny.I got rid of my Hot Tools iron, but kept the heat resistant pouch to carry my new flat iron in. I’m really pleased with my purchase and hope that it lasts for a long time.

Elise New Edinburg, AR