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Remington HC5950 Touch Control Haircut Kit, Black

Get customized, modern looks and traditional hairstyles quickly and easily with the Remington Touch Control Haircut Clipper. This innovative 40 minute runtime cordless clipper offers digital touch screen technology and a quick and easy USB 90 minute reach.

Key features

  • Precision touch control screen for adjusting comb length and motor speed, also displays battery power
  • Three swappable combs included for 100+ length settings
  • Pro power motor with 40 minute runtime and 90 minute charge time

Honest reviews


Cordless trimmer with good power, but not sure how long it will last

Courtesy of Amazon Vine, I received this Remington HC5950 Touch Control Haircut Kit for review. Overall I like the trimmer and have used it to replace another Remington that I had for several years for my weekly use. Here are the pros and cons that I have used it in the last six weeks (so six times).Pros:- This is cordless, and it does make trimming quite a bit more natural when compared to my corded model.- Since it is brand new, the battery holds a very good amount of juice. Since my weekly trimming is only 5 minutes long each, I have yet to deplete the battery after a full charge since I received it. The claim of 40 minute runtime is likely to be true.- The blades are indeed very sharp. However, I have to note that many new trimmers on the market feature these so-called self-sharpening titanium coated blades.- I like the fact that there are three different motor speed, although so far I have always stayed on the lowest in my actual use. In terms of testing, I did notice that the higher speed seems to cut smoother. But of course, you trade run time since this is battery-powered.- One comb to do them all. Although this trimmer is shipped with three combs: fixed 1.5mm, variable 2-23mm, and 22-42mm, in my routine I only need the middle comb. That means I don’t need to change combs at all.Cons:- No tapered comb. The one thing I really miss from my old corded model is the pair of tapered combs. This makes cutting the side (around the ears) a bit difficult.- The touch buttons are a touch too touch-sensitive. :O The length of the comb is adjusted by a motorized clip, which in turn is controlled by two touch-sensitive buttons (like your laptop’s trackpad). I already had to reset the trimmer two times so far to reset the touch sensitivity, or else I can trigger those buttons in the air, as far as over a quarter inch.- The reason I am not sure this will last long is this: you still need to take out the comb to clean it. However, given the motorized design, there is only a very small clip of plastic (one on each side) to hold the comb to the trimmer. I am quite concerned that they will break easily. Only time can tell.Bottomline: I find this to be a high quality product. The construction is sturdy, and the rubberized surface adds to the grip. The cons I listed about are all either very minor (touch) or very common (no tapered combs). That’s why I think this is worth a solid 5/5.

Gladys Clayton, AL

Excellent Shaver

The Remington HC5950 has a great shape which lends itself to an ease of shaving all body areas quickly and sharply. While we didn’t use all the heads, the ones we did added to the overall ease of a clean even shade.

Betsy Lanoka Harbor, NJ

The features are a nuisance

I’m not a professional hair stylist but neither am I a novice. I’ve cut my husband’s hair for the last ten years and my son’s for the last four. Therefore, I was amazed at how difficult these clippers were to use.The worst: I put in the appropriate comb, adjusted it to the desired length and turned it on. But as I pressed the clippers to my husband’s head, the comb SLIPPED and went down to the closest setting. I almost completely shaved a swath out of my husband’s head. I gasped, which immediately worried my husband (You never want to hear a gasp from the person cutting your hair.) My husband looked in the mirror and thankfully, he kept a calm disposition and said, “Well, I guess you’ll have to make the whole head that length now…” In the end, with creative blending, the haircut turned out well and my husband was pleased but adjustable combs should not slip like that. From now on, I always test it by pressing down with my fingers before putting it up to my husband’s head.And really, the adjustable combs are a nuisance. The only time they are locked in place is when you are actively cutting. But the moment you turn the motor off, the combs are adjustable again. The controls are very sensitive and an accidental brush from my fingers would change the settings. When I put it on the counter, if I accidentally put it face down, the lengths would get screwy. It got exasperating very quickly.The combs themselves are also poorly designed. They wrap all the way around the clippers so that the excess hair gets stuck within the combs and jam things up. I had to stop periodically to remove great gobs of hair.Lastly, you would think turning something off would be a easy thing but not with this! You press the power button and wait. The display remains on for a bit longer and if accidentally touch one of the controls, it immediately comes back on! So you really have to sit there and wait for the darned thing to completely shut off before you put it back in its case.And of course, the case is too small. You have to be a master at Tetris to get the clippers and all the accessories in the case and be able to zip it up.Clearly, this product did not go through a rigorous testing process before being offered to the public.

Carmen College City, CA

Good alternative to the barber shop

As soon as this arrived yesterday, I had to try it out. I was long overdue for a haircut and had, years ago, cut my own hair (modified buzz cut) with my trusty Wahl clippers. This was like a dream, a vast improvement over the Wahl, with its different combs and pesky cord getting in the way. The sharpness of the blade, the power of the motor and the freedom from having to switch combs and shove a cord out of the way all made the process of cutting my own hair an almost pleasurable experience. I would say pleasurable if it actually cleaned up the hair on the bathroom floor but it fell down on that score–perhaps in the next iteration? All in all, this does the job well, making it possible for a novice like me to self-cut without ending up with a haircut I am embarrassed to show in public. Now, will I never return to my barber? No. This can’t compare with the extra details I get from my barber (especially on the back of my head), but it does quite nicely in a pinch and I recommend it.

Lana Terrebonne, OR

Good Clipper, but I’m Still Going to Stick with My Wahl

I like using my own clippers instead of going to the barber every two weeks. However, since I’m usually doing my hair, I find that I’m rather picky with them. Remington impressed me with their new HC5950… at least in their product page. However, I was less than impressed with the product once I started using it.UNBOXING:Simple packaging, both cardboard and plastic clamshell. You get the clippers, three attachments, a brush, clipper oil, a bag and the instructions. Nothing too hard to take out, or put together.REVIEW:You really should read the instructions before using this clipper system. Yes, most can probably get it after monkeying with it for a few minutes, but would you really try to use something on your hair that you can’t work right? Not me. Anyway, once you’ve read the instructions, you’ll note the following:- fully charge the clippers before use- the touch system works incrementally, A is the 0.1mm increments, B is th 0.5 increments and C is only for the large clipper attachment.- you cannot run the clippers unless it is in the locked position- there are three clipper speed settings to use on your hair- blades should not get wetOnce you’ve got that down, just choose the conversion from the regular plastic attachments to the mm settings–it’s in the instruction book, and you’re good to go. The clippers can go for about 40 min cutting before needing a recharge, but usually it takes much less to cut your (well mine at least) hair.I think there are a few good points on this model: 1) it’s usb rechargeable, 2) it’s cordless, 3) it only has 3 attachments.However, I found more bad points: 1) Hair clippings get stuck in the attachments when anything but a 1mm setting is used, 2) You need to go over the same place multiple times at different angles to cut all the hair to the same length (big problem), 3) changing sizes of attachments take longer than switching out standard shields because you have to reprogram (push the buttons) the clipper to get it to a different size shield, 4) Unless you use the fastest speed setting, it will not cut through coarse/thick hair, 5) there are no scissors to trim bangs or around the earsOVERALL:So Remington upped its game with a touch control and cordless hair clipper system. It’s probably better technology than the corded version with the multiple attachment shields. However, when it comes to cutting hair, this just doesn’t do it very well. I have a $20 Wahl clipper system that has all the cut sizing shields that I can cut faster (changing two to three shields instead of reprogramming), more efficiently (I only have to cut over a section of hair once, twice at most), and cleaner (no hair gets stuck in the clipper) than the HC5950. I think this is a “good” trimmer, but if you want a better trimmer, skip all the gadgets and get a standard Wahl.

Marylou Westfield, IA

Not Impressed

To clarify what you get with this product: it is NOT one clipper with one plastic sizer that goes up or down. It is actually three plastic sizers that you can attach to your clippers. From the description I expected one clipper with a single plastic sizer that would replace all the other sizers I’ve got with other clippers. Not so. Take that out of the equation and we are left with the touch controls and the ability to raise or lower sizes on the clippers instead of manually by replacing. How does that work? Not that well.You clip your sizer on then you choose the size you want to go with. Once you select you press a side button to turn on and lock your clippers in place. (For that part they work as you’d expect.) What I found was that it was hard to select just the right size once I started. So when I wanted the top to be 12 and the sides to be 10 (or blended) I found it very difficult to change the size and start again. When I finished with the first size and turned off the clippers to change the size it kept on wanting to size all the way down. I’m not sure what the deal was with that. But I had to fight against the machine sizing down while I wanted to size up and then try to quickly turn it on to lock the size. Frustrating.I have had several clipper sets and changing the plastic size really isn’t that big of a deal or hard. Is this faster? Not really. Is it easier? Not really? Does it work? Mostly, once you pick your starting size. A mediocre three stars for me.

Trisha Bahama, NC

Uses mini-HDMI connection to charge up. Comes with cable AND an additional charger.

This is a pretty cool contraption. It has a nice quality feel and heft to it, yet not too heavy. There is a smooth surface for the controls, but the rest of it is coated in that nice silicone veneer like modern cellphones. I’ve never accidentally dropped this item.1. The 3 included blades attach and detach very easily.2. I’m not big on reading instructions, but with this little high tech hair gizmo I’d highly recommend it. There are a a few electronic features that you just don’t find on standard hair clippers.3. The settings screen is very easy to read even outside in the middle of the day.4. The power adjustment of the clipper length is super easy and very precise, much more precise than I personally need it to be. It can flip back and forth between mm and barber #. The switch lock keeps it in place so you don’t accidentally change it while you’re cutting.Especially due to my youngest kid’s aversion to getting his hair cut, it’s takes a lot longer to cut his hair with all the pauses (and there’s a lot more of it). Also since his hair was so long, it frequently clogged the clippers, and I had to remove his hair from between the attachment blades to keep going. I was able to comfortably get two full haircuts on my 2 kids (spaced 2 weeks apart) off one initial charge with a little left over. One has fine hair and the other coarse hair.BONUS: The charger is great, it’s rated at 1 amp (fast), but has a little plastic tab so you can only use it for the clipper. (However, if you don’t care about warranty, it’d be pretty easy to shave off the tab and use it as a charger that works on any mini-HDMI input device.) ALSO, it comes with an additional standard USB to mini-HDMI cable, so you could charge this clipper from your computer if you want to. Maybe Remington should have called this an iClipper 😮

Bettye Sinsinawa, WI

An Impressive, Professional-Quality Trimmer

I found the “Remington HC5950 Touch Control” clipper to be a very sophisticated model over the typical corded/cordless models that I’ve owned in the past (Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit,Wahl Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer, andRemington Short Cut Clipper Rechargeable, Cordless, Haircut Kit).Positive Notes:1) The trimmer is operated completely by digital touch screens (no buttons or switches) which is HUGE upgrade over anything I’ve ever seen on the market. You can turn it on/off, adjust the trimmer height and cutting speed, and more all at the touch of a button – AND – you can lock these settings while you are trimming so that you don’t accidentally change mid-cut.** Of course, you pay for the technology upgrades, as this model retails up to twice the cost of standard trimmers, but in my opinion the price is definitely worth it. It’s always better to pay a higher price ONCE for quality than bleed money on lower cost products.2) Being able to change the guard height at a single touch – and having it lock in at that level – is phenominally helpful! No more stopping to adjust the height and/or bumping the adjustment lever causing the blade to lower/raise by accident.3) The three guards that come with the trimmer are high-quality, smoked plastic which looks sharper than you’d get from cheaper models and are more wear-resistant.4) I haven’t used it very much, but I didn’t notice that the unit got quite as hot as other trimmers that I’ve owned. Some of the cheaper models get EXTREMELY warm during a simple trim job.5) I found the trimmer to be very lightweight (for a rechargeable) and I liked the feel of the trimmer in my hand.6) The fact that it is rechargeable is clearly a positive over having to fight with the stupid cord.Neutral Notes:1) In my opinion, the actual usage of the trimmer was similar to any of the other less expensive trimmers that I’ve used for the past 10 years. You are still required to trim from several different directions to ensure all the hair is cut. This isn’t tedious or time-consuming – its simply a fact of life when using a mechanical hair trimmer and something that you will experience at any salon. I’ve NEVER owned or seen a trimmer that cuts all hair to a constant length in one pass – NEVER.2) I’m not sure why there are three different speed settings. Everyone knows that the fastest setting cuts the best so why would you used a slower cutting speed? This seems like an option that almost no one would regularly use.3) Although the trimmer is USB-capable, I’m not sure if this option is a positive or just a novelty. I guess if you were on a trip, you could just bring along one USB outlet and use this to recharge multiple devices (including the trimmer) so that might be handy. However, the plug is small and when you are at home, I don’t see you plugging it into your computer very often.Negative Notes:1) Hair continually gets stuck in the guards. I did not see any way around this and was constantly pulling hair out of the smallest guard in order to ensure that it cut right. The larger guards were not quite as bad.2) The carrying bag that is shipped with the product is not large enough to carry all the guards, the cord and plug, the instructions – AND – the clipper. I see this as a major detraction as the clipper and its accessories cannot be stored together which will ultimately result in the mishandling/disappearance of one or the other. Considering the cost, I shouldn’t have to use the carrying case of another (cheaper) product for my brand new clipper.3) It was not super easy for me to change the guards. It is very obvious how to snap the guards into the trimmer and they stay put, which is good, but it was counter-intuitive on how they needed to be removed and the included instruction manual did not adequately describe the maneuver for removal.Overall, the positives of the “Remington HC5950 Touch Control Haircut Kit” far outweigh the negatives and I’m extremely happy with the look, feel, and usage of this product!

Della Wenden, AZ

Powerful, cuts well, good battery life, quieter than average but I don’t like charging via USB cord

I have cut my own hair for well over 10 years now. I keep my hair cut very short and I just don’t see any reason to go to the barber shop. I seem to replace my clippers about once every year. I have tried many different electric clippers over the years with most of them either being really bad or really good. I think these clippers would definitely fall into the very really good category. I don’t know that they are my absolute favorite of all time but they are one of the best.These clippers are very unique because it has a touch screen on the top of it. At the touch of a button you can change the length of cut right down to the nearest millimeter. That means no more confusion about which attachment to use, all you have to do if remember the number of millimeters for your favorite length. There are three different comb attachments depending on what length you cut your hair. However most people would probably only use the same comb attachment and wouldn’t need the others. The combination of the three different comb attachments and adjustable clippers will give you over 100 different length combinations. It also comes with a travel bag but everything doesn’t fit in the bag so what’s the point. Why not make the bag a little bigger?These clippers will charge within 90 minutes and will run for about 40 minutes on a full charge. The battery life is good enough to complete several haircuts before charging. On the downside you must charge these clippers with the included USB cord. It doesn’t have the ability to charge with an electric power outlet. I am not sure what they were thinking by doing this and it just makes it more difficult to charge. I think that these clippers are a little quieter than the average pair of clippers.These clippers are strong enough to cut through a thick head of hair without bogging down, jamming or cutting badly. They give a nice clean cut without having to go over and over the same area. While you are in the cutting mode the length adjustment locks in place so that you don’t accidently hit the button while you are cutting. Hair tends to get stuck in the comb attachment but that happens with most clippers. It usually just takes a few shakes and most of the hair will fall out. Occasionally you will have to remove the comb attachment and clear the hair but that doesn’t happen often. They also cut well without the comb attachment. They give a nice clean cut when trimming around your neck, ears and sides.Overall I think these clippers are a good choice. There may be better clippers if money is no option but I think these work well and are a good value for the price.

Becky Lummi Island, WA

A great hair trimmer

I actually cut my own hair just because I do not like other people touching my head and sitting in a barber’s chair. I used a Philips Hair trimmer prior to this until the battery gave out. I decided to try this one to see if it is better. It is much better. It is silent, cuts very smooth and just looks great. The adjustments are a snap so that you can cut your own hair. I also use this on my beard and it works great. I highly recommend this for male grooming.

Tisha Pauls Valley, OK

Just the Right Touch

I have used this haircut kit weekly and it does a good job of cutting. It is a great advantage not to have a cord to get in the way. The attachments are quite different from the typical corded cutter. It took a little adjustment to get used to them. In the past year I have used the Wahl, Conair, and Remington cutter kits. Though the Wahl and Remington kits do a good job, they cost twice what the Conair does. All the cutter blades dull with usage and for that reason I prefer the Conair kits. Once the blades dull and the cutter starts pulling its time to throw it away and get another one. The much lower cost of the Conair makes it the best choice.

Casandra Woodbridge, VA

Nice and Sharp blades;cordless…dont need USB

We stopped paying for haircuts for my balding husband years ago. In the past we have bought Remington and Wahl haircutting blades. His old Remington was getting worn so I was excited to try the NEW Remington HC5950. At first, I have to admit, we were both intimidated by the state-of-the-art control panel. And a USB charger? But then we used it and it worked great ! It took about 90 minutes to fully charge (we used plug-in vs USB). The two improvements we noted in the NEW Remington cutter was that 1. blade seemed sharper thus yielding a closer cut and 2. there was less vibrations which again led to a closer hair cut. It is also noticeably quieter. And the cordless action makes it easier to use as well. I am not sure if ALL of the bells and whistles are actually necessary but if the electronics is what allows for a quieter, less shaky hair cut, then I am for it. I would recommend this haircut kit. You can save a ton of money cutting your hair at home especially if your husband’s hair is like mine! We simply used the shortest blade.

Jane Benedict, ND

Good quality and value

Pros-nice looking (cool digital display)easy to use (once you get the hang of it)cordlessergonomiccuts hair efficiently ( I didn’t cut anybodys ears off, hurray!)cons-digital display took some time to figure out (ok so I didnt read the directions!)heavier than a corded model (may cause fatigue with use with multiple rugrats)rechargeable battery life questionableoverall seems like a good value for the occasional user

Mercedes Easton, PA

Best he ever used

When I first orderd this trimmer, I had visions of trimming my dog (Lhasa Apso) with it. However, my fiance saw the package when it came in the mail and declared it a dog free zone. If it touched the dog, it would not touch his beard. This is a man frequently mistaken for Santa a few weeks after a beard trim so I was more than happy to let him “claim” it as long as he talked to me as he used it. Then it sat on the bathroom counter, plugged in and charged, for the next several weeks. I read the instructions and played with the settings. It’s very nice because it gives you the option of selecting barber values (use a number 3) or length (1/4 inch). I set it for barber values. A simple touch on the up and down arrows adjusts the guard. It comes with two different guards and a switch on the side to let the trimmer know which guard is installed. When you are ready to trim, lock the guard in place and have fun.So far this review probably hasn’t told you what you REALLY want to know. How well does it shave. My fiance finally used it for the first time last night and I can promise you it will never get near the dog. He has had a thick, coarse beard for more than 20 years and has gone through MANY trimmers. He declared this trimmer to be the best he has ever used. The cut was smooth and clean with no pulling or tugging on the beard. His beard was pretty long so he set it on #1 and trimmed it very short. The cut was even and looked like he had just been to the barber. He said it had lots of power and was suprised because it’s a cordless shaver.My final assessment: quick charging; easy to program; sharp and powerful. I recommend it and might have to invest in another one so I can use it on my dog.

Cheri Bear Mountain, NY

great haircut kit

I’ve had this haircut kit a month now and have tried it out twice and overall i am very happy and have had no issues at all with it. If your looking for a quality, easy to use cordless haircut kit this is definitely one i can recommend. Here are my observations during my time with it:(1) 3 combs (1.5mm , 3-23mm, and 22-42mm). The combs themselves are well made and durable even though they are made from clear plastic. I wouldnt have any fears of them breaking. They were easy to attach and remove as well.(2) touch buttons were both positioned well and tuned perfectly. Not too responsive or unresponsive to touches; with increments of .5mm per touch. Dont worry about accidentally pressing the touch buttons, the only way the trimmer starts running is when you turn the switch on the side, which locks the touch buttons.(3) very high quality feeling device and despite its size , handles nicely and isnt too burdensome.(4) one minor thing was since there is a display showing the mm’s being used and 3 different combs, you have to adjust a switch on the left each time you change a comb so that it shows the proper mm being used on the display.Other tidbits:Comes with case, small brush and oil can charge via usb (though it takes quite long), or via ac adaptor (~90minutes).It has a barbershop numbering system as well, instead of the default mm if you prefer it.Display turns off automatically 10 seconds after motor is turned off.

Benita Hettick, IL

A favorite

We have several different razors (corded and cordless) that I use to shave my husbands head and this is my favorite. Sometimes I find cordless razors just aren’t as powerful as the corded ones I have but this isn’t the case with this razor. It’s quite powerful and it has 3 different speeds. I had no problems shaving his head which he lets grow out for a few weeks. He likes it short (usually a #1 or no guard on some razors). The guards easily slide on/off this so it makes cleaning it quite easy.This razor has some really unique features that I haven’t seen on any other razor. One is the adjustable levels by just hitting the up/down arrows. The razor itself only comes with 3 combs/guards because that is all you need with this as you can adjust the levels to almost any level you can imagine so you can really customize the cut. You can use the typical #1, #2, #3 that you would ask the barber for or you dial in to the MM. It would really make getting a nice fade easy since you can easily select which level you want without having to change the combs (and have to worry about storing 15 combs). The other feature that was really different is the touch interface. There aren’t any buttons or switches on the front but its all a touch interface. It was very easy to use and responsive. It also will “lock” the display when you are cutting so you don’t accidentally move the comb up/down while cutting. It is also charges using USB so I can use any charger since I have an abundance of those around the house. it charges quite fast (about 1.5 hours) and it runs for quite a while without having to recharge and it still has full power after using it a few times.The razor is also nice and light and easy to grip. I would recommend this for anyone who wants trimmed or short hair as there are so many features.

Bridgette Steward, IL

Sharp Blades for Clean Cut

At first I became a bit annoyed with all the switches and buttons and adjustments on this razor, it seemed like they went overboard, but after using a bit, I got used to it. The various controls are not bad if you can set it up like you want then keep your hands off everything except the on/off button.The blades are very sharp and give a nice clean cut. I like using the smaller comb the best. With the larger combs, you have to be careful to maintain the same cutting angle or you’ll get different lengths. A pro won’t have a problem, but hair trimming doesn’t come natural to me.This trimmer will do any length from super-close to about 2″. There are 3 combs, pick an approximate length by the comb then fine tune it on the trimmer. For longer lengths, you’ll get a better result if you keep the cutting angle the same.When finished, brush of the blade with the included brush and pack it all into it’s case. The case isn’t fancy but it holds the trimmer, combs and accessories. Also included: wall charger, computer charger (uses standard micro usb) and oil.Time to recharge is 90 minutes or less.

Kenya Glady, WV

Some bugs need to be worked out.

I WANTED to love these, as I’ve been cutting my husbands hair for over a year. He is super picky, and previously spent $20-$30 every 4-6 weeks getting his hair cut.I learned how to clip horses when I was 10. I owned a yorkie for almost 13 that I regularly groomed myself (because his skin was super sensitive and I was annoyed he’d come home with rashes), heck, I have even shaved down our long haired cat. Cut my husbands hair? Pshh I got this.I digress. Anyway – I wanted to love these because they cut down on clutter, don’t need to be plugged in to work (actually its recommended they aren’t) and they seem like such a cool idea.My husband saw the USB cord and became nervous. How fancy are these clippers! Well, for the record, as far as I’m concerned the USB is just for looks or I guess it could be useful if you travel a lot but I’m not exactly sure why the cord wouldn’t be just as useful.There are three “blade guards”, each with a length purpose with a pretty wide range (stubble, longer styles, shorter styles).When I first used these, they were great. Then I went to adjust them…and they did their own thing. From there on out, It was a constant fight. I’d select “4” and they’d move to “5.5”, I’d select “6” and they’d move to “7”….I was constantly trying to argue with them the length I wanted.Also, hair kept getting trapped in the guard which was annoying. I kept having to stop to clean it, and then argue with the clippers about the length – vicious cycle.If it wasn’t for this, I would love these. I saw another reviewer was having the same issue, so its good to know I’m not alone.Until these bugs are worked out, I can’t recommend. I spent more time arguing with the clippers then I would have if I had used my old set that had I switch out the clips.

Cathy Mondamin, IA

Over engineered

This trimmer gives a good cut, once you get it working. I had to reset the device 3 times (it’s like a little computer!) to get it to work properly. The trimmer has a function that lets you set the cutting length electronically. Unfortunately it insisted on resetting to the shortest setting all the time, until I “rebooted” it. Most of the settings are accessed via a touchscreen type of interface. It’s very sensitive and hard to use if you’re slightly clumsy of finger. I’d personally prefer mechanical adjustments that stay where you put them. I think this trimmer is going for the ‘neat’ factor and is just way more complicated than it needs to be. Give me a sharp set of blades and some trimming guides and I’d be all set.

Inez Wilmot, OH

A good BUY

Pros:- Strong motor which can be set to Low-Medium-High depending on the thickness of hairs being cut.- LCD readout of battery-time remaining.- Comfortable to hold.- Sharp blades.Cons:- The various hair-length guides get stuffed-up with hair when cutting and are time consuming to clean up than anything. Hence these clippers are now regulated to be used only when I want to completely shave my head clean during the summer time. The rest of the time, I’ll opt for haircuts instead.Thank you.

Margie Marthasville, MO

Stopped Working

I had to update my previous five star review. This isn’t very old and just stopped working.Previous review:My step daughter does hair for a living. She tried this out on my son and gave him a pretty nice faux hawk. She said that it isn’t quite as powerful as her professional clippers and doesn’t have quite the flexibility, but for a home set of clippers, she gave it a thumbs up. She loves that she doesnt have to change clips. She also claimed that it is top of the line for a man’s home use.We also like the sleek design, the digital adjustment, and the fact that it is space saving plus you don’t lose clips. Her professional clippers are in the $200 range and have to go through a great deal more wear and tear than these.

Eloise Owaneco, IL

Sharp Cut Outweighs Complicated Buttons

My brother burns through a pair of clippers every year so we are always in the market for new ones.Here’s what he liked about this pair:- The biggest set of teeth were bigger than most and perfect for cutting his thick white hair.- Without the teeth it cuts very close.- The clippers cut really well, particularly on his neck and around his beard.Problems:- Too many buttons. The clippers were complicated enough that he had to read the instructions.- It needs a set of teeth between the biggest set and the next set down.He thinks the close cut and the functionality of the large teeth outweigh the problems so he likes these clippers.Price is competitive.

Lula Birmingham, NJ

Instructions are a bit confusing

This did a great job of cutting my hair, but it is different from my past haircut kits and a little “odd”. Just turning it off and on should be a simple matter, but until you read the instruction booklet, it is not easy to figure out. The power button is there, but there is a separate “lock/unlock” switch that must be in the correct position. You must select the setting for the particular comb you are going to use or the comb won’t go on….etc…just lots of things that are easy but “the NEED TO READ” is there.That said, it cuts easily and the type of combs used make it feel like nothing is touching your scalp…very smooth and pleasant.

Faye Chauncey, GA

Terrific control!

This Remington haircut clipper gives you total control over your haircuts. You can find your exact length you want without guess work and use the lock and cut switch lock on the setting of your choosing then it activates the clipper. The storage concern is no longer a worry about pieces getting lost or flying all over the place if you drop them because the adjustable combs give you the versatility of 100 or more combs without so many pieces laying around creating a messy space issue. Its also interesting that these blades are self sharpening.. you do not have to wonder if your hair is going to get tugged by a dull blade. The power system is a serious bonus too giving you a choice between using it with the cord or to charge it up and go cord free for 40 minutes at a time. The blade has a quick release system thats great for easy cleaning and the touch features show the tri boost, the remaining battery life, and length adjustment clearly. This is great for your personal use or to give as a gift!

Virginia Garland City, AR


THIS is an outstanding hair-cutting tool.Where do I start?Okay, with the fact that it is cordless! This is FANTASTIC – not tripping over the stupid wire, not worrying about cutting the wire – Yes I am that special 😉 And the charge holds for about 40 minutes after an overnight plug. I trimmed all of my hair – really thick frizzy – and after about four minutes of having it on and off – the charge was still up at 39 minutes. It powered through – not even faltering. Very solid product. The strength of the motor was consistent – no worries there.Okay – you are going to have to keep the directions if you are like me and the icons are not self explanatory. Also you will need to learn the left side of the shaft has the A B C height level and the right side has the on/off and lock.The middle top of the wand has all the electronic touch features and everything is electronic – the cutters rise and lower with the up and down arrows – no obnoxious CLUNKING into place – they just easily automatically slide up or down; there are three speeds – controllable all on the wand – I think the icon is a speedometer – and the battery level charge is there as well. I LOVE checking the batter level!I just loved this trimmer. I plugged it in overnight and it was good to go. Reading the directions and going through all the buttons took a solid five minutes. Since I won’t use this every day, I will keep the directions in the pouch.Let me tell you that the additional snap on attachments all fit perfectly and are easy to get on and off – NOT like my other cutter that I really struggle with snapping the combs on and off.One thing to note – always use two drops of oil on the blades before you start. I didn’t know that, so I am glad it was very clear in the directions for using this cutter.I am not sure if you could use this is in an industrial setting all day, but for the home user – I give it an A+++

Sallie Calimesa, CA

Does the job

If you are looking for a nice weight haircutter this works fine. I like to trim a little around the edges when I don’t get in for a cut. I’m sure it would work fine for a whole haircut if you knew what you were doing.

Irene Cochranton, PA

its ok.. will need time to do full review

well so far its OK but it is a bit heavier for a portable product.i do like the attachments, the micro usb charger (heck i can charge it from my cell charger on the road if needed!), and it comes apart with one button for easy cleaning. the lcd read out is also clear and easy to read.the buttons and combinations are alot so make sure to read the manuals… and of course lube! metal against metal that vibrate needs lube. so be sure to lube it up after uses..time will tell about the battery life as well as a few other options on there.stay tuned..

Imelda Livingston, KY

Expected More

I thought these clippers would be much more advanced than your standard manual control ones. In the positive side, it is lightweight, recharges and it is easy to change the settings. On the bad side, if you have thick hair, even if you start out at the highest setting and work your way down to the lower settings, hair gets clumped in the blades and in the guide. This means while cutting the hair, you have to stop frequently to clean the hair out or else the clippers are useless.

Lula Linden, WV

Like a pro

My grandfather was a barber and my pop always had great tools. This reminds me of those tools but not the price. They have three speeds and are variable. They are not big and clumsy, they fit in a lady’s hand quite nicely, and do the job. Not bad for the price.I like the fact they are cordless. Be sure to charge it up as soon as you get it. If you feel uncomfortable about cutting hair, this is a nice tool for between visits to the barber. I used it on my nephew, around the back of the neck and the sideburn areas and it worked well and spruced up his look.

Stacie Bethlehem, GA

A high tech hair clipper

This is one fancy hair cutting tool. The instructions were a bit confusing, but once I got it figured out the thing is pretty cool. It has an LED display that shows the three speed levels, the amount of time left on the charge (You have about 40 minutes) and the length setting for each of three combs. As you press the buttons for up and down the comb rises or decends, so the length of your cut can be longer or shorter. I love the sleek look of it and the high tech features. The only problem is that it’s very easy to press the up or down button by accident which could have some pretty disastrous results if you are cutting someone’s hair.A plain old fashioned hair cutter is probably easier to use and certainly easier to figure out initially, but if you like the newest highly engineered products, you’ll probably enjoy using this hair clipper.

Sondra Hillview, KY