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Remington D3020 Volume and Shine Hair Dryer, Red

Get more from your ionic, ceramic hair dryer with the Remington Extreme Volume and Shine Hair Dryer. The ionic generator creates 90% more conditioning ions, leaving you frizz-free. Take your hair to new heights with the 1875-watt motor while ceramic technology provides optimal shine. Diffuser and concentrator attachments along with 3 heat and 2 speed settings, give you the flexibility to create multiple styles while the cool shot feature holds your look in place.

Key features

  • 1875-watts
  • Ionic ceramic conditioning for smoother results
  • 3 heat and 2 speed settings and cool shot to set style in place
  • Incudes concentrator and diffuser for multiple styling options
  • 2 year warranty

Honest reviews


Is it really that difficult to design a good hair dryer?

It’s hard to believe that Remington could produce such a flawed dryer, but they managed to do so, with this model.First of all, it’s larger/bulkier than it needs to be, so just storing it on a bathroom counter top or wherever, requires more space than normal. But the real design flaw with this dryer is its heat control. It has only two fan speeds, which might suffice if they had gotten the heat control designed correctly. Instead, one of the three heat settings is useless (the lowest setting supplies almost no noticeable heat), and so you really have less heat “range” than many other hair dryers.So the lowest heat setting provides virtually NO heat at all, the second (“medium”) setting provides about the right heat for many people’s hair, while the third (high) setting is quite hot, so you have to be careful using it. Because the useful number of heat & fan settings are so limited, there is no excuse for this hair dryer to be as bulky and heavy as it is.

Francine Banks, AR

Got It Right!

I got this dryer for my spouse who is not easy to please. However, to my utter surprise, she loves it. She said it is comfortable to hold, has numerous settings and does a nice job of hair drying. That is quite an endorsement for a product with a fairly low price tag. So, three cheers for me and three cheers for Remington.

Tori Pateros, WA

Remington Hair Dryer More Than Satisfactory

Since I’ve taken up swimming on a regular basis I decided it would be better and healthier to blow dry my hair before heading outdoors. The blower in the men’s locker room was a basic two-speed model that did the job but I wanted more.So I settled on the Remington Volume and Shine Hair Dryer which is relatively light and easy to use. The three speeds and two heat settings make it very easy to avoid my hair frizzling up from overheating.It does come with this diffuser tool which would be nice for the ladies I think but one that I never tried to use. The dryer has two nozzles, one to focus the air stream for smooth hair (good for me) and the other to diffuse the air stream to enhance curls and natural waves (not so much for me).I love this model. It fits easily into my bag, warms up quickly, with the low speed setting and medium heat I can get ‘er done quickly and be on my way into the autumn brisk or winter biting air without risk of catching cold or frosting my already gray strands.

Lynette Wethersfield, CT

Good hairdryer, runs nice and hot

Overall, good hair dryer that runs hotter than others we have had. No negatives!+s3 heat levels2 speeds-snoneOverall, would recommend.

Lorraine Phoenixville, PA

As for the promised shine and smoothness…eh.

My first impression was that it looked and felt a little cheap. It’s very light, which is great if you have really long hair, but the extreme lightness and plastic casing contribute to that cheap feeling.As for the promised shine and smoothness…eh. I didn’t notice any benefit over previous hair dryers I’ve owned. It also didn’t dry my hair any faster. The attachments work easily and do their job, but I wasn’t blown away by anything about the Remington Volume and Shine Hair Dryer beyond the price.

Lucille Stockton, MN

A great hairdryer

I have always wanted to try the attachments that come with the hairdryers. You know, like that diffuser circle? They always hurt, and I threw them away after a couple of times. This one didn’t get my hair all tangled in it, and it added volume and shine to my hair.It has three settings, from cool to warm to hot that are easily adjustable while drying your hair. Lightweight and portable, and easily fit into my suitcase for traveling.

Pam Terra Bella, CA

A lot of HOT, not so much AIR

With concurrence from the Wife…The Good:- The dryer is light- It doesn’t make a lot of noise, even at the highest setting- The highest heat setting produces very hot air- The filter screen is easily removes with an easy twist. This is as opposed to the nail-busting snap-off covers that are on some dryers.- InexpensiveThe Bad (for some):- Even at the highest setting it doesn’t put out a lot of air.Conclusions:- A smallish motor can account for the low output, high heat, low noise, light weight, and low cost. This is not necessarily a bad thing.- If you don’t need a dryer that ever puts out a lot of air then this could be a good choice for you.

Shauna Walker, MN

Very Light Dryer

I needed to get a new hairdryer and I saw two Remington’s that caught my attention. I ordered both because I wanted to review and compare the two together since they looked similar but one is almost twice the price of the other. I was intrigued as to what makes one pricier than the other.I got theRemington Ac9096 Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryerand theRemington D3020 Volume and Shine Hair Dryer.The Remington with the Silk Ceramic Ionic features is priced around $40 and the Remington Volume and Shine Dryer is priced around $25. They look similar in the design, shape and color. Even the controls are almost the same.Both dryers have:1875 watts3 heat settings2 speed settingsCool ShotDiffuser attachmentConcentrator attachment90% more ions for volume and shineThe Remington with Silk Ceramic Ionic technology has a couple more features than the Remington D3020 Volume and Shine Hair Dryer. The dryer with the Silk Ceramic Ionic technology has just that, the ceramic with silk proteins for the purpose of leaving hair smoother and less frizzy. It also has AC motor that is suppose to be a salon professional motor that gives 50% faster styling and 3x longer life of the motor. It does have a 4 year limited warranty whereas the Remington Volume and Shine Dryer has a 2 year limited warranty.I used both several times to get a feel of the dryer and to which one that I liked personally. I also did a small test myself to determine which one would dry my hair faster and leave it looking better. I towel dried my hair, which is long, thick and coarse. I parted my hair completely in two, pulling apart the two sides. I used a stopwatch and timed myself blow drying my hair dry. I used one dryer on one side and the other dryer on the other side.The results:Both dryers dried my hair in the same amount of time. Both sides of my hair looked exactly the same. The pricier dryer didn’t dry my hair faster or make it look any fuller or smoother.To me, the biggest difference was the feel of the dryers. The Remington with Silk Ceramic Technology is a much heavier dryer. The ceramic technology and the heavier motor make the dryer heavier. The Remington Volume and Shine is a very light dryer. I actually prefer the heavier dryer. It just has a nice, comfortable feel in my hand. The lighter Volume and Shine feels cheap to me. It’s just a personal preference because some people may like the feel of the lighter one.For me, the performance is the same between the two.

Valerie Corona, CA

It works

I have owned only hair dryer in my life. First dryer had a really good review online, yet was a total failure in reality. It didn’t work the way it was supposed to and gave me the result that I wasn’t looking for. It also contributed to my hair damage. After that I shy-ed away from hair dryers or any heated hair tools (unless it’s done at the salon).However, after many years I took a leap of faith picked this Remington hair dryer from vine. I gave it a shot without really being motivated. My hair is thinning, yet I needed something to quickly dry up my hair in chilly morning before going to work. So this dryer fit what I was looking for.I was impressed by my first trial. It dried up my hair and gave it extra volume. Not sure about shine but I definitely saw volume. I was done with my long hair within few minutes. After that I have given it few more trials so far I am seeing the same result as the first time.My only issue is that the added styling tools they have. I wasn’t that impressed with them. I had too many stray flyways after I used them. But as a hair dryer it worked excellent for me.Bottom line: If you have thin, fine hair this might be what you’re looking for.

Claire Floyd, IA

Love the Cool temp feature of this model!

I have to admit that I’ve had pretty good luck with hair dryers over all, most last over a decade (this is my 4th one). However, there is one huge standout feature on this Remington model that I especially like.There are two control switches, the first is the on/off and high/low switch. The Second is the temperature control switch with three levels and this is the aspect I love. The first level, runs cool while the second two are warm and hot. Sure it also has the cold shot option, but those only run for as long as you hold down the button. Therefore I really enjoy that I have the option to run on a cool cycle throughout my blow dry. This is great for me as I typically hate using my hairdryer when is it hot out, or I still need to cool down after a workout.Very, very happy with this feature.

Clarissa Eastman, WI

Ho Hum Dryer

I’ve used many hair dryers over the years, from high-end to drugstore brands. This particular dryer is nothing special.On the plus side, it is very lightweight, so might be a good choice for someone with impaired arm strength. But the reason it’s so light is it’s very cheaply made. In addition, it doesn’t get very hot or blow that strongly. Every time I use it I stop to see if I have it turned all the way up. It also has an abnormally short cord. I didn’t notice it at first because I stand close to the outlet, but when I went to dry my daughter’s hair, it didn’t reach where she normally stands. Never had that problem with other dryers.And if I may address the “ionic generator creates 90% more conditioning ions, leaving you frizz-free” nonsense…. come on. It sucks air in one end, heats it, and blows it out the other. There are no magical particles inside waiting to give you the hair of your dreams. Alas, wish it was true, but it’s not.Overall, while this dryer isn’t horrible, there really is no compelling reason to buy it.

Autumn Pageland, SC

I’ve had many compliments about how shiny my hair looks

It is a change to have a hair dryer that is lightweight. It makes styling easy and allows for quick switching of styling heads.The dryer does come with two attachments. I tried them both out but do not use them. They don’t stay on the nozzle of the dryer as well as I think they should. I was left fumbling to replace them. The dryer is more effective without them. I did not notice a difference in the shine or volume with or without them. Since I started using this dryer, I’ve gotten tons of compliments about how shiny my hair looks. I do believe it is doing something that is noticeable by others.I have been using this hair dryer as my main dryer for about two months. Aside from the attachments not staying on as well as I would like them to, I have no complaints about the performance of this dryer.This dryer has three heat settings: hot, warm and cool. The hot is HOT and I disagree with the complaints other reviewers have had with this issue. There are two speed settings, low and high. The high speed has plenty of power. I’ve also read complaints about the length of the cord. I’ve haven’t had an issue with that as well. The cord length seems standard to me. I can comfortable bend over and dry the underside of my hair. I’ve even had my sons sit on the bathroom floor to dry their hair (so that they are away from the sink) and the cord has been long enough.Overall, this is a light, simple, dependable dryer that does exactly what it should. I would purchase this without hesitation.

Dollie Buffalo Junction, VA

The Wife likes it

Remington D3020 Volume and Shine hair dryer has just about everything that is needed in a dryer. It has good volume with 1875 watts of power, ionic ceramic technology, 3 heats settings, 2 speed and cool shot. The dryer filter can be removed and cleaned with just a counter clockwise twist of the back. Operation is straight forward and if you are in need of a new dryer, the Remington D3020 will certainly do the job and is well worth getting.

Leeann Ekron, KY

Good hair dryer, not as strong as my Revlon.

This is a great looking Red Hairdryer.I have medium thick colored weave in my hair ,kind of short hair, and did not find this hair dryer gave my hairas much movement drying as my Revlon dryer does.I didn’t notice any Anti-Friz using this dryer!I think its a good dryer, I have only used it for a couple of weeks, and do notnotice anything different in drying my hair then using my old dryer.It’s not a heavy dryer, more lite weight, but using a smaller dryer, is lighter then this one.I gave it 4 star, as it is a good regular everyday Hair Dryer with a good price.The only thing I cannot figure out is, how to clean out the lint that cumulates in the back of a hair dryer!Can’t find anyway of opening this up!

Elisa Beech Bottom, WV

Gentle and useful

I shave my head, but I live in a house of folks with long hair.We have thick Asian hair, lush wavy, and a couple thinning curly types.Every person who used the dryer had good things to say about how efficient it was at drying hair, not drying out hair, or frizzing it up.’The Hot Rod of Hair Dryers.’ Actual quote.Recommended

Sasha Floral Park, NY

Loud and shuts off

I am on the fence about this dryer. Yes it is powerful, but when it gets hot it shuts off. That may be a safety mechanism, but it doesn’t make me happy. The plug has a reset button and I had to use it the first time I even tried the dryer. it is also extremely loud. The cats run and hide when I use it.

Elisa Oakland, ME

Remington Hair Dryer

I could only find good things to say about this dryer. It’s strong but does not burn my head, has multiple setting and two attachments that fit nicely and allow for lots of different styles. It has a cool button which is great for setting my hair after styling. It’s a bit on the larger side, but it is still lightweight. The price is exceptional considering the settings and tools it comes with.

Geneva Hughesville, PA

Blow dryer

This blow dryer does what a dryer is supposed to do – it dries your hair. I’m an older man who still has his long hair & in the past just drying my hair has been enough. But now my hair has completely changed from fine straight & light to curly, course and dark which my last dryer seemed to make worse. With this one I’m able to make my hair dry straight instead of making me look like an old school rabbi. It also seems to make my hair fuller on top where it has thinned slightly. My wife & daughter also say it works great for all their more rigorous styling needs. It’s reasonably priced, seems to be well made & should stand up to the rigors of daily use by 3 people for a long time. The Remington D3020 Volume and Shine Hair Dryer comes highly recommended.

Jasmin Warsaw, MN

adds volume and is offered at a reasonable price

My wife really likes this hair dryer. The bright red color stands out and my wife is happy with the color. Even on a low setting, this hair dryer gets the job done with ease. It is a little bigger than her old one (also a Remington which stopped working right recently after 5 years of use) so it didn’t fit in the small drawer, but that isn’t a big deal.Best of all, this hair dryer adds volume and is offered at a reasonable price. If it lasts at least 5 years like the old one, we will be happy.

Keisha Big Pool, MD

Our daugher’s “go to” hairdryer

Our daughter started using this dryer and completely switched over from her much more expensive unit from another manufacturer. Why? She says the new unit is light-weight, easy to use, and versatile. She finds the blower and temperature settings more than adequate for her hair drying/styling requirements. (She didn’t express an opinion about the “cool shot” feature saying she didn’t use it much as she didn’t see the need.)Based on this, the unit certainly deserves a five-star rating. The only thing that we’re not sure about is how long it will last. It’s an inexpensive unit (considering its versatility and features) and motor life is the key question. (We’re not talking about survivability if dropped or anything like that; don’t drop it on the floor!) But so far so good, and it’s seen heavy use for a few weeks. We’re very pleased with this product.

Staci Kanab, UT

A very nice hair dryer

I’ve never had an hair dryer before and as I wear my hairpretty short in a traditional parted cut, it hasn’t been really necessary.My hair is thinning as I age and the hair dryer tends to dry my scalp as well,but it is pleasant and my hair looks better after a showernot all wet and clustered up. They call my type of hair salt and pepperand I have had trouble with very dry scape in the pastso a little drying goes a long way. This dryer rapidly dried my hairand only seconds instead of minutes were needed.

Katheryn Bagdad, FL

works great!

I rarely need a hair dryer, but when I do its nice to have one that works well. This fits the bill, plus it’s attractive and looks nice on my counter top.

Lindsay Buffalo, OH

A great product at a great price

For the price, you cannot go wrong with this dryer. My hair is naturally thick, so I have to be careful when using products or dryers that boost volume. If I want a style with a little more oomph though, this product does the trick. As for the shine, I did notice an improved sheen. Not polished looking, but I did notice a difference. The attachments included are handy to have, especially the air director. I use that attachment 90% of the time when finalizing a style, and want to lock it in place without completely re-arranging it. If you want a dryer to boost volume and add some shine, there is not reason to spend 50 dollars or more when you can spend 20 max on this product and have the same results.

Jeanne Acton, ME

Terrific, Generates Good Heat

This is a great hair dryer. It can be very hard to tell online or looking at packages how well a dryer will work. For me, I want one that genuinely gets HOT as I have very coarse, thick hair. I also want one that puts out a lot of air. I’m happy to report that this dryer does both of those things well. It’s not wimpy in any way. I am very pleased with it, and the red color just makes it fun.

Lucinda Addison, AL

Nice dryer works very well.

This is rather lightweight compared to my other hair dryers. It comes with a diffuser which screws on, instead of slides on, and another comb type of attachment for doing straighter styles. I like my hair to be wavy so I always use a diffuser. The diffuser I was using slid on to my other hair dryer and occasionally would just pop off suddenly and hit the floor. I kept having to push it back on to secure it. So it is really a nice feature that this hair dryer has a diffuser that actually screws on to the end of it saving me having to keep checking to make sure it isn’t popping off. It is lighter weight than my other hair dryer which is a plus due to the fact it takes me quite a while to dry my hair with the diffuser, so my arm doesn’t get tired as quickly.The only thing I don’t like about it is that it only has two speeds, high and low. I really miss the medium speed that my old hair dryer had.Other than that it does a great job!

Roseann Speed, NC

It works fine and at a great price.

This hair dryer is great for the price. It has plenty of power, plenty of heat, and attachments that rival the higher priced hair dryers. It is very light weight but not very portable. My hair has a tendency to be on the frizzy side whether I use a hair dryer or not so when I used this, I expected much the same. Luckily for me, using the attachments for the first time in my life, I did not have that happen. At least not immediately.

Hillary Laguna Beach, CA

Decent Hair Dryer At A Reasonable Price

This is a pretty standard hair dryer with two speeds and three heat settings plus a “cool shot to set style in place.” It is not particularly small or light weight and reminds me of hair dryers I used years ago. I’ve certainly heard noisier hair dryers though this is far from silent. I can’t really say for sure that my hair has more shine or is any smoother after using it instead of any other hair dryer despite the advertising claims. There are two attachments to smooth or wave your hair but I didn’t have any special success with those either. But it does dry your hair relatively quickly at a reasonable cost so it gets an OK rating from me.

Jody Endicott, NY

dries hair faster, less frizz

The Remington D3020 Volume and Shine hair dryer is a brightly colored handheld hair dryer that works really well. It is surprisingly lightweight compared with other hair dryers I have used in the past, and it dries hair fast at lower heat. I had my wife try it, and she really liked this hand dryer. She noticed that her hair had far less frizzing after using it compared with her other hand dryer. I didn’t use them, but it comes with a diffuser and concentrator for styling your hair while drying. For its current selling price of about $25 it is a good value.

Maryann Roosevelt, MN

A very basic, but decent dryer

This particular hair dryer would be better used on someone with shorter, thinner hair. The power is just not there for someone with thicker, longer or curlier hair. For the most basic of needs it works quite well, but be prepared to spend a little while under the dryer. However I think the price more than makes up for its short-comings. It feels very lightweight and you get some heat/cool settings to play with. It also comes with a couple of diffusers, one of which I never use. My hair is nearly waist-length and quite wavy and it takes forever to dry it with this dryer. I use this only for quick scalp drying and I have a more heavy duty dryer for when I need to completely blow-dry all my hair. For the money it’s a pretty good buy, but not ideal for everyone.

Shannon Schulenburg, TX

No complaints

I have not needed a hair dryer for years but my wife uses them ergo this one went to her. For the price you are getting a lot of dryer here. While the dryer is larger than some my wife has owned it is quite light which is good because she has problems with her grip.There are three heat settings on this machine and two speeds. There is a cool setting which she likes. (Do be careful of the high heat setting as it is indeed hot!) The attachments were all useful and quite easy to place on the machine and remove…another plus as far as she is concerned.My wife has absolutely no complaints.Don BlankenshipThe Ozarks

Gale Sulphur, LA