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Remington D1001 Ceramic Airwave Hair Dryer with Wave Attachment and Anti Static Technology

The emi Airwave infused with anit-static technology is a unique dryer that includes attachments to different looks. The airwave attachment twirls hair into gorgeous lose waves while the concentrator creates smooth straight looks. The dryer also contain ionic ceramic and has 2 heat and 3 speed settings. The 1875 watt dryer has a cool shot which helps you set your style and has a 2 year warranty.

Key features

  • Unique AirWave attachment twirls hair into gorgeous loose waves
  • Airflow concentrator creates smooth straight looks
  • Static Control: Anti-static technology to diminish frizz and flyaways while boosting style control
  • 2 speed / 3 heat settings for greatest style control
  • 1875 watts for maximum power

Honest reviews


can’t review this product

Can’t review this product since it never arrived, and there seems to be no other way to clear this from my Vine “products to review” page. Sorry.

Melanie Taopi, MN


Cheaply made, and it doesn’t do what it claims to – if you can get waves out of this thing, I’d be truly amazed.

Deanna Bay Shore, NY

An excellent hair dryer for the cost

I don’t remember the last time I used a machine to dry my hair. Usually I just towel dry it or let the air take care of it. I am a guy with shoulder length hair and it’s generally complimented on so I’ve stuck with my usual pattern for years at it’s never done me wrong.I picked up the Remington D1001 to review simply because it was outside my usual comfort zone. Why not try something new? The price here on Amazon seems like a great deal compared to other hair dryers I have seen, especially with all the attachments that comes with this one.The hair dryer worked nicely. It never fried or frizzed my hair. However the fun came with the attachments. To test out the wave attachment on my already naturally wavy hair, I enlisted a few of my female friends to style my hair, which they have all been waiting to do for years “Can I put your hair in a french braid?” ‘No, I’m a guy. Why would I want a french braid.’ So my friends from the other gender persuasion loved the wave attachment and the following photos they now have of me for blackmail or other nefarious reasons. The wave attachment didn’t really do anything more my hair but make it a bit poofier, but I generally have to straighten my hair when it’s not in a ponytail, so I’m sure it will work better for others.All in all, an excellent purchase for the dollar amount, but it will probably be better off in the hands of a lady than a gentleman.

Bettye Wellsburg, IA

Works like Magic!

This is an amazing product! You just put a section of hair in the little attachment and move the dryer up/down. Your hair isn’t actually wrapping around anything–it just has this tornado effect from the dryer. I shoot it with cold air and after a few minutes I fluff my hair & have beachy hair waves. The curl lasts all day! It is amazing & works so easily. My hair actually seems healthier & shiny. Love Love Love It! PS: Use some beach spray like Philip B. Maui Wowie or Blow NY Beach Spray…makes the dryer work even better.

Bettye Sycamore Valley, OH

She says you can’t go wrong!

Ever since my mom saw the ads for this she just had to try it out but couldn’t find it anywhere locally but little did she now that Amazon had one on the way!She literally broke the box trying it out not even 5 minutes after the UPS truck left it at the door!Here are her notes on what entails:Dries hair VERY fastEven and intense heatTwist/Curls hair nicelyCool Shot to set in the “waves”Less frizz that the standard drier and brush routineHair feels silky and smoothAdds a fullness in the hair that seemed unattainable at homeShe highly recommends this product to everyone that wants that sleek and sexy look that everyone wants these days!

Rosemarie Verdigre, NE

Pretty good dryer

This is a very nice blow dryer, and does add volume to my hair, which is difficult to keep waved or styled. Every little bit helps and this dryer does the job. It does take a little getting used to, and I’d be happier (5 star) if it weren’t so bulky and awkward.

Benita Murray, NE

Gives you the beachy waves/mermaid look!

I have long, thin, stick-straight hair and I have always envied the beachy wavy hair look that some girls get naturally. I’ve tried everything in the last 10 years to get this effect: sleeping in sponge curlers, three-pronged curling irons, sleeping in braids, etc, etc. They all either made my hair look crimped, or just didn’t hold at all. This dryer is great. It give me that all over mermaid look without looking unnatural like the crimpers do. I had read reviews saying this worked for girls with naturally curly hair and wasn’t sure it would work for straight hair, but I’m happy to say that it does! I’m going to experiment with things like using bigger sections of my hair for bigger waves, and starting out with my hair a bit more damp!

Margaret Alexander, KS

Great price and great performance

What a great little hair dryer; I love the multiple heat and blower settings and the long (5 ft+) power cord is great.Definitely worth the price!

Anne Jones, LA

A good, reliable product, but not life-changing.

The nice thing about the Remington D1001 Emi is that, for women who are looking to get some curl into their long hair without having to use a lot of other chemical products, they can just pop on the Wave attachment and put those strands of hair and get them all swirly and wavy.Aside from that, there’s not much that’s really innovative, but it’s a good solid buy.

Irene Newton, IA

This is a specialty item, not for everyone.

I bought this for my wife after reading all the glowing reviews about this product. She likes it, but it does seem to be made for people with medium-long, fairly straight hair. Her hair is almost shoulder length and she doesn’t quite get the same results as some of the other ladies that have posted their results.She is going to continue to grow her hair because she is excited about the potential and is looking for a change. I guess she wants to look like a mermaid. I will say she was impressed with the overall look and feel of the quality of the product. She loved the box it came in and said it would make a great gift. She liked the fact that it had 3 heat settings, not to be confused with normal 2 settings that aren’t heat settings at all. They are usually high and low, both being the same temp, but one blowing harder. This has the 3 heat settings PLUS 2 speed settings. This product is very lightweight, which is great because it will take you a bit longer to do your hair in sections as instructed. If you fit the right profile, I think you will love this product.

Carrie Natrona, WY

Time consuming, but it really does work!

I have been needing a new hair dryer and I’m so glad I was able to pick this one up. I always have an issue with static and I typically let my hair air dry and straighten but often, especially in winter months, I still end up with static hair. This hair dryer really does help with that problem. I don’t have to sit around and wait for my medium thick hair to air dry and I don’t have to deal with frizz and static when I dry.The wave feature really does work though it is a bit time consuming. Having little ones around, it has been difficult for me to get through the entire process without interruption, though what I have managed to accomplish when everyone is asleep is nice, long waves that really make it look like I just got back from the beach. My hair has a bit of natural wave when allowed to air dry but I also get a good bit of “poof” when I allow it to air dry as well, so I almost always use a straightener after. Though with the wave attachment, I don’t have to wait for my hair to air dry and I get the waves without the poof!Even if you don’t plan to use the attachment, its a great value for this wonderful hair dryer. It’s lightweight compared to its size (it can be a bit bulky, especially with the attachment which almost doubles its size) and I love that it has the hanging hook. It feels very durable and appears to be made of high quality materials. It’s been well worth it’s purchase price and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it!

Helen Aquebogue, NY


I love this hair dryer. When used just as a hair dryer with the concentrator attachment, it dries hair very quickly. Three temperature levels are great. The high level gets hot! The two speed levels are wonderful for drying and styling. The wave attachment is very simple to use. Just section off hair, the smaller the section, the tighter the wave. I suggest using a thermal spray to protect hair from heat and use a spray gel or wave enhancing spray on damp hair and style with the waver. You will want to blow dry until slightly damp, then use the waver. This will create the “beachy” waves you are looking for. I finish my style off with a shine enhancer. Looks wonderful!

Angela Cottage Grove, MN

Less noisey than most

I liked the color and style of this lightweight dryer. The best feature is the comparative low noise even on high speed. The cold shot really works as does the 3 temperature settings (so many only have high and low heat). As for the wave attachment it did produce a slight wave to my shoulder length fine textured straight hair, but I prefer more of a loose curl look. What I enjoyed about this attachment was the gentle hair/head massage sensation. I would like to have that done all over head by another person as it was relaxing, just like when someone brushes your hair or gives a scalp massage. If I only used it for that purpose, it would be worth the purchase price. However due to the low noise factor, it will be the hair dryer I use most frequently.

Ava Fort Yates, ND

overall good product.

i’ve used the concentrator and it feels like the one the lady at salon was usin. i haven’t use the other attachments. I’ve an ionic dryer i hate cuz it dries my hair out and i get breakage. This one isn’t like it and since i got it, i haven’t used my old dryer. Things i love: it’s easy to use, quick drying for thick hair like mine, and it’s so easy to use i sorta straigten my hair hair while using it and i only have to use the flat iron once. I haven’t found anything i hate so far but if i do, i’ll come back and edit this review. For the price, it’s sooo worth it!

Mavis Minersville, UT

Great little hair dryer with a lot of ummph

Going back to basics: a fun little hair drier that does the job that you can just throw in your travel bags. Very light, which is what one forgets with all the push with the more professional hair dryers. Functionalities include hot/cold and two speeds: All you need. Also included are a nuzzle that provides an intense action and a funkier wave attachment, which works well for non-strong hair types! Not sure about the ionic aspect, but at least one’s hair does not get caught in the hairdryer, which happens a lot in the much cheaper cuts.

Briana Hosston, LA

Nice unit

Honestly, I’m tempted to say that the Remington Airwave does what it was intended to do and leave it at that. After all, how much can be said of a hair dryer? If it dries your hair, it’s fine, at least in my opinion. But it does deserve a bit more attention than that. It does come, after all, with attachments which focus the heat on sections of your hair, something I don’t normally make use of. However, for the purposes of this review, I did give them a shot, and found them a bit confusing, and difficult to affix to the dryer. Still, if I had longer hair that needed any sort of serious styling I suspect they might come in handy. It requires a lot of power, and might well trip a circuit breaker on a loaded line, but most decent dryers do. There’s a price for all that heat.In all honesty, I don’t see why you’d ever need much more than this. It’s a decent unit and can be easily hung out of the way via a handy hook on the handle. That clutter-busting feature alone makes it worth your consideration.

Jade Pike, NY

Good hair dryer, makes some waves

The main feature of the Emi Airwave is, of course, its claimed ability of turning long, straight hair into wavy hair. Well, it just happens that someone in our household has long, straight hair and she would very much like to see how she looks with her hair wavy. This is where the Emi Airwave comes in. But, let’s talk features first:- 1875 watts- 2 speeds- 3 heat settings- ‘cool shot’ button- long power chord (I like that)- removable and cleanable air filter- concentrator attachment- air wave attachmentAs a hair dryer it’s just a dryer – 2 speeds, 3 heat settings. There’s not much more to talk about other than it’s a little noisy.As a wavy hair maker… the attachment creates a vortex that makes the hair spin round and round and, after use, the hair does appear a little wavier than before use. I suspect that, if used repeatedly, the wavy effect will become increasingly visible – I will post an update if the person with long, straight hair decides to repeat the treatment and report the results. As of tonight, she appears to be somewhat disappointed and there’s no telling if she will try again.The good news is that, regardless of its wave-making capabilities, this is still a good hair dryer. One star goes off for it being as noisy as it is.

Suzanne Natural Bridge, AL

Good for beachy and casual look

Despite the weird look of it, if you like a very natural beachy look on your hair, this tube does the job. If you’d like a regular blow-dry, the tube could come off.The noise level, in my most honest opinion, is relatively high. I have another dryerConair Full Size Ion Shine 1875 Watt Hair Dryer, whose noise level is not as high or squeaky.Also, it is not made in a way that when you hold it, you know it’s well-made and sturdy. It is just not of good quality.The tube is what makes this a special product. It helps create that kind of beachy and wavy look. But, for a wavy look, an curling iron is a better choice.

Phoebe Townsend, GA


It has been a fun experience experimenting and learning how to use this dryer for my particular hair.My hair is past shoulder length in the back and a little shorter on the sides and bone straight, fine, but thick.My hair is also highlighted. I say this because the hairdryer, both on regular operation or in air wave operation is gentle, non frizzing and never too hot.It does a beautiful job as a regular dryer.The air wave system is the fun. So far, trying different methods, I have found:1. hair should be more on the wet side, not dripping tho.2. use a styling lotion, mousse etc….whatever you prefer.3. you may wish to go back to a section again and again for more umph.4. you may wish to dry the top of your hair the way you usually do, i.e. bangs etc.5. Give the waves TIME to set, get dressed, make the bed etc.6. Separate hair waves, you can actually use a wide plastic brush or comb to give volume here and there.7. When setting with spray, scrunch and lift andVavoom… is a whole new you!!DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. EACH TIME YOU TRY IT, YOU WILL GET BETTER AND MORE CREATIVE AND FIND THE WAVE LOOK FOR YOU!

Sheena Turners Station, KY

Great Versatile Dryer

Like others have mentioned, I like the fact that this dryer is not too heavy. Some leave your wrist aching before you’re done using them.As someone with natural curl, it’s nice being able to choose the wavy option and still eliminate the friz.One dryer that still allows me to use it for smoothing my hair too.Great concept.

Latasha Fay, OK

Takes longer than my normal styling time but I love the results

I was skeptical about this dryer. It seemed big and bulky. I’ve been using it for over almost two weeks and I’ve been getting tons of compliments.I have medium length, medium textured hair that does wave by itself but only on its own terms. I usually blow dry and straighten it. This takes 20 minutes tops…usually closer to 15. The Emi Airwave dryer takes twice as long but my hair actually looks twice as good and much healthier.I’ve used this both with the wave and nozzle attachment. The nozzle is supposed to straighten hair. It does whatever any other hairdryer does. The hair will be somewhat straight if a styling brush is used. Nothing groundbreaking on that attachment EXCEPT it gives the dyer versatility for the days that I might not have 40 minutes to do my hair. I would recommend switching the heat to the lowest setting before hitting the cool air blast. When I’ve forgotten to do this, my lights dim.I’ve played around with the wave attachment and here is what has worked best for me.I never not towel dry my hair. I comb it out and wrap it in a towel to soak up excess water.I then put in styling product. I usually volume mousse and, when it’s warmer, anti humidity spray.With the wave attachment on, I go over my entire head of hair for a few minutes. To use the wave attachment properly, hair has to be more wet than dry. However, the wetter the hair, the longer it will take.I then clip up most of my hair leaving the bottom layer exposed. I take about a 1-inch section of hair to work with. My sections look much smaller than the demonstration video does. I put the section in the top of the attachment (the blue part). I usually use the highest heat section. The dryer tumbles the hair. I usually keep the dryer on each section for a minute. I then go through the entire layer, creating the trundle curls, then I go back over each one of the sections.I then take the next layer down and continue in this fashion until my entire head is near dry. I will then go over my head overall with the dryer (not placing hair into the wave tunnel) until all hair is completely dry. Sometimes I will follow that up with the cold blast over my entire head for about two minutes.I then spend 5-10 minutes getting dressed, brushing my teeth, putting on my makeup. I then use my fingers to comb through my hair. My results tend to be more curly than wavy because of the nature of my hair and using smaller sections. I don’t use any finishing products once I’m done. My waves last for two days.The dryer gives excellent body and shine. The volume is amazing. I usually only wash my hair every other day. I’ve had no problems with funky looking hair in between. I also think this method is gentler on my hair than a traditional dryer and way more gentler than a straightening iron.My only complaint, which is why it loses a star, is it puts out so much heat from the way the attachment is engineered that my bathroom is really hot by the time I’m done. Even in April in Michigan I’m opening a window. This might not be so easily to deal with once summer comes.Overall an excellent product and for the price point…hard to pass up.

Fran Larsen Bay, AK

This dryer will Blow You Away! 🙂

This hairdryer has lots of power and settings. There’s a button (or what I would call trigger) on the handle that you can press to instantly turn the heat off. Overall this hairdryer simply has a good, sturdy “feel” to it. Some I have had in the past are too lightweight and not constructed nearly as well as this one. I’ve used it for a couple of weeks and have been very happy.

Bernadine North Lakewood, WA

Amazingly effective @ a great price!

I actually chose this dryer not because of the wave attachment but because it features ionic ceramic and a concentrator along with the 2 speed and 3 heat settings all for under $30. I’ve recently recieved what we’ll call “haircut gone wrong” leaving me having to spend time I simply don’t have each day blowdrying and then using a straightening iron… which further dries out my hair and leaves it frizzy with flyaways.I was skeptical when I took this out of the box, it’s far lighter then my 5yr old “professional” ionic dryer (which I’ve always hated, its switches are on the side and I’m forever changing the temperature and power or switching it off when trying to dry my hair) I turned it on and was shocked at the power it had, the temperature settings were perfect and best is that the controls are placed so that I don’t change them while using it. I snapped on the concentrator and was glad to see that it rotates as I hold my dryer at an angle, used with a flat brush and my hair dried super quickly and most amazingly was smooth and sleek, with less flyaways then if I had used my flat iron even! SOLD! Another nice feature is the end is well covered so that my hair isn’t being sucked into it as I’m drying which has happened with several other models I’ve used in the past. With the light weight, safer screen, and shorter nozzle I’m confident even my 5yr old could use this dryer!I haven’t used the wave attachment yet (my hairs needs to grow out some of these terrible choppy layers first) but I’m really looking forward to it. I used to spend forever with a standard curling iron to get that look and as a busy mom I don’t have the time anymore but loved the look. The only negative thing I can think of to mention is that the cord is shorter then my old dryer, probably only important if you have to share a single sink when getting ready, you’re forced to stay close to the outlet.I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better dryer for the money, especially considering it can give you two different looks, has the ionic technology, and a two year warranty!

Margery Bath, NC

Love It!

I needed a new hairdryer but kept telling myself my old one was good enough. I finally got this one, and it’s amazing. It’s small and lightweight, yet sturdy. It has multiple settings, including a great “cool” setting that works well on wavy/curly hair. The hairdryer also comes with what I would call a diffuser — a snap-on device for drying longer waves and curls.I got everything I needed in one hairdryer, and am really pleased!

Eddie Gilmore City, IA

Hair Dryer Worked for 2 Years

UPDATE 3/22/11So I ordered this hair dryer on May 2, 2009; as of March 21, 2011, my Remington Airwave officially pooped out. It was used practically everyday, twice a day, of varying times. I would generally use it for about 5-10 minutes, and my two toddlers would use it for about 15 minutes (total 25-30 minutes use daily). The dryer stopped working during a hair drying session, which was letdown. Thankfully, I still had my Conair that I owned since 2007, so we had something to dry our hair with. Oddly enough, I found that the Conair had significantly less power than the Remington when set on high (the Remington blasts the air at you!). Unfortunately, with all that power, it still didn’t last.——————————————————————————————————————————-The Remington Airwave Dryer is a great hair dryer. It’s strong enough to blow dry my “near waist” long hair, and not loud enough to make me go deaf while doing so. When testing out the wave attachment, I found it hilarious to watch my hair spin round and round in the tube, however it really didn’t make a huge different in my hair. I’m not sure if it’s because my hair is too long, or if because my hair seems to have a natural wave in it to begin with, but it really didn’t seem to significantly change my hair style. The wave attachment may work better for people with short to mid-length hair.I do love the hair dryer by itself. Recommended.

Minerva Hanover, WV

Amazing Waves!

I needed a new hairdryer and this was on special, so I thought why not. I read through all the other reviews to get a feel for how this worked before I tired it out. It actually worked the first time I used it. My hair is almost shoulder length, fine, and thin. I washed and conditioned my hair like usual. I used phomoliant with a drop of anti-frizz serum, mixed them up, and applied evenly throughout my hair. I pulled out my longer side-swept bangs and put them where I wanted them and just let the rest of my hair air dry until it was slightly damp. I did not section off my hair. I have no patience or coordination for that type of thing. I did lift the upper layers and put them over the top of my head as I dried 1-2 inch sections with the wave attachment. I used it on the hot setting for about a minute and then I used a cold blast for a few seconds. I did the sides and top of my hair first. Then I moved to the back of my hair, which i found to be more complicated because I could not see it. I started at the top and worked my way down. I used a mirror to make sure I got the entire back of my head. I noticed that some my hair was in longer wavy strands and some of it was in little bun like curls. I am not sure why it was so random. It could have been the angle of the dryer? I left my hair like this while I got dressed. Then I ran my fingers through my hair. Wow! Did I have the most amazing waves and body ever! Nothing ever curls my hair, but this did it for me. The smaller the sections, the curlier the hair. The larger the sections, the wavier the hair. It was surprisingly easy to use and didn’t take much longer than a regular blow dry. It was certainly much quicker than drying and using a curling iron. I recommend this tool for anyone that is not talented with using hair tools and has a hard time getting their hair to curl. My waves last three days at a time!

Alissa Welsh, LA

I like it!

This is a nice and useful dryer to have. The hair dryer itself feels solid, drys the hair well and and feels light. It has 3 heat settings and the hair dries pretty quickly; the cold air button is also useful for touch ups to avoid frizzies. The attachment does create some waves but don’t expect salon style result. It’s minimal and one needs to have some practice to curl really well. I would certainly recommend this product.

Joann Roseau, MN

Excellent, lightweight Dryer/Styler!

I’m a guy and don’t have long hair (though I do have very bushy, wavy, George Lucas-type hair when I grow it out), so my mother worked with me to review those aspects of this dryer I could not assess, and she loves it. It’s easy to honestly say that this dryer not only looks great, but it performs everything it’s supposed to very well too. However, as an added bonus, it is way lighter than our other hair dryer, even though this one might be a bit bigger. Having arthritis, my mother really likes the lightweight factor. And, yes, the two attachments that come with the dryer, the AirWave and the Concentrator, work well and come with simple to follow instructions. I found them easy enough to attach and remove also. This dryer has two speed settings, 3 heat settings, and a “Cool Shot” button. There’s also a removable filter on the back (cleaning instructions are in the Use and Care Guide, it is a simple matter). A very impressive dryer from Remington, and the big package makes it look great if you want to give it as a gift.

Francine Hallieford, VA

What’s not to like?! This is a great product.

This is a really good blow dryer. It looks scary and intimidating at first…and maybe still loks a bit scary and intimidating a bit later.I first used it to dry my hair prior to straightening it. First off, it left my hair static free and it was dry rather quickly. 10 points for that. It wasn’t even a little frizzy, as other hair dryers leave my hair. 10 points for that! Then, I barely had to use to straightener because the dryer left my hair very manageable, dry, and almost straight (wavy straightish). I have very fine hair and this dryer was perfect for it. Doing my hair in the morning is a lot faster now.The heat concentrator is really helpful to blow dry your hair straight.Recap: dries hair quickly, no static or frizziness. What’s not to like?!I later used the wave former contraption. It snaps into the dryer (and off it too). I would have preferred that it screwed in, I think it would last longer that constantly wearing through the snaps.This contraption is easy to use for longer hair. The length of my hair is down to my chin. It was a bit annoying having to reach into the contraction (when it was off, of course!) to grab my short hair at the other end. Regardless, I turned it on and watched the magic happen. It left a pretty wave in my hair. It gave me a whole new different style and it was easy to use.Overall, this is a great product. I may need more practice to perfect the waves in my short hair.

Mamie Crete, NE

Waves are too subtle, not worth the trouble

I have medium-long medium-thick hair with some natural wave. This unit is a very nice hair dryer but I am not sure that the results from the wave attachment are worth the trouble. It takes considerably longer to fix my hair this way, because you have to separate the hair into small sections. Each section is twirled inside this wind tunnel which twists it into a rope – a la dread locks. But once you run your fingers through it the waves are very gentle/minimal/sublte, not strong waves and not anywhere near curls. I could get this same degree of wave by just applying product and scrunching with a diffuser or letting it air dry. If I’m going to spend 30 minutes styling my hair I would rather use hot rollers to have more of an effect. Maybe because my hair is already somewhat wavy this didn’t make a big impression. If your hair is very straight and flat then perhaps the waves would be more noticeable. My results were very similar to the picture on the box (very subtle waves, but more volume) and the video example.

Margie Indian Wells, CA