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Remington D-2012 Salon Quality Ceramic Hair Dryer with Professional AC Motor and Tourmaline

The Remington Professional line offers new high quality hair tools at an affordable price. The line features Celebrity Stylist Richard Marin preferred technologies: tourmaline, titanium, and ceramic. These technologies help seal the hair cuticle to repel humidity and static which results in incredible lasting frizz-free shine. The dryer is lightweight and ergonomically designed for comfortable handling from all angles around the head. A salon quality AC motor is within the dryer and this motor helps contribute to a faster drying time in comparison to other leading dryers with DC motors. It has 6 different power setting combinations (3 heats and 2 speeds) and includes both a concentrator and diffuser making it great for any hair type or styling need.

Key features

  • Tourmaline + Titanium + Ceramic even heat protection
  • AC motor lasts 2-3 times longer than a standard DC dryer motor
  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Ionic conditioning with 3 heats and 2 speeds
  • Diffuser and Concentrator Included

Honest reviews


Comfortable Hair Drying

1. I was very happy with the smaller size and lighter weight of this dryer. It doesn’t get heavy while using.2. I really appreciate the easy reach of the temperature buttons, cool shot and on and off buttons.3. It also dries hair more quickly than other dryers.4. It has a nice look to it.5. Lastly, this dryer is easy on the hair too.It leaves hair feeling soft and looking glossy.I love it and recommend it highly.

Staci Balmorhea, TX

Great value.. reasonable price!

Ok this was a surprise .. this blowdryer was way more than what I realized it was going to be. The motor is designed to last 3 times longer than your normal hairdryer.. talk about a moneysaver! Its a maximum 1875 in power.. professional quality unit that comes with a airflow… ( i have curly hair so I love this!!!) and a another attachement for it you want to straighten your hair and oh.. hello….!!! a cool shot button so you straighten and save that curl painlessly… yep. I’d give it 10 stars if 5 wasn’t the hightest we are allowed! One last comment.. the intake filter is removeable.. its easy to keep your blowdryer clean, safe, and help extend the life of your purchase.. dont walk to get this one!

Bobbi Ithaca, NY

This is no Chi…

This hairdryer has an advertisement on the front of the box saying that it is comparable to Chi’s professional hairdryer. Well, I use the Chi pro hairdryer and this is NO Chi. This is heavier, MUCH louder, and even with the higher wattage–takes much longer to dry my hair (and I have short hair). The cord is not heavy duty like the Chi, either. I am not sure why they advertise it as comparable to the Chi, but hey–they said to compare it, and I am.On the upside–if you’re looking for a regular (not professional) hair dryer, this isn’t bad. Yeah, it’s loud…but most regular dryers are loud. The price is rather high for a regular dryer–you can go to Costco and get the package hairdryer/brush/accessory set for less and have a regular hair dryer.I am not going to keep this, but rather put it in the guest bathroom or give it to my college-kids. Most people would find this sufficient for drying your hair, but I’ll stick with my Chi.The attachments are nice–the diffuser is nice and the concentration attachment is useful, too. The entire unit is shiny and good looking…The controls are easy to figure out and use.So–as a hair dryer, it’s okay…compared to the Chi–no way.

Jenifer Ball Ground, GA


My wife loves this new Remington hair dryer! She is 5’1″ and petite and the compact size fits her hand perfectly. The weight is well balanced and not too heavy. It dries her thick hair quickly and just plain works well. For the price, this is a great buy if you are looking for a more compact hair dryer with professional grade components.

Alejandra Lincoln, CA

Good hair dryer, but not for me.

From my wife:Let me start out by saying that I have very fine hair. Therefore, my hair tends to get flat and oily pretty easily…I have to wash it every morning to maintain any sort of body. One of the big pluses of this hair dryer (for most people but unfortunately not for me) is that it makes your hair a lot smoother. For me, this was actually its downfall. It made my hair so smooth, that it made it flat, with no body to it whatsoever…but like I said, this could actually be a good thing for people with much thicker or curly hair.As far as the blow dryer itself, it was pretty light, had 3 heat settings ad 2 speed settings and came with a small and large diffuser. The diffusers worked quite well when I wanted to wear my hair wavy. Overall, good hair dryer, but just not the right one for me.

Lavonne Gibson, LA

Sleek and powerful

As described, the Remington D-2012 Professional AC Motor Titanium/Tourmaline Dryer is powerful. One great feature is that the heat setting buttons “clicked” into position and does not get accidentally shut-off since your hand lays over them while in use. The airflow is forceful but somewhat loud. It fits nicely in your hand and easy to maneuver with its ergonomically sleek design. It is not “lightweight” but for the average hairdryer of this size the weight is acceptable. I recently had the Babyliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Dryer – 2000 Watts and I can honestly say this dryer is just a powerful for a lot less. It’s hard to find a hairdryer that has all three-heat protection features – tourmaline, titanium, and ceramic for such an affordable price. Has a four-year guarantee, which is an added bonus. However, I do wish the cord was a little longer since it only measures 6 feet instead of the average 9 feet.

Leigh Henderson, NY

Pro grade blow dryer!

This is a very solid blowdryer. It has a very sturdy feel to it, and is heavier than most competing products. Don’t get me wrong. It is not cumbersome or super-heavy, but it feels like it has some weight to it when compared with similarly-priced products.It has typical “pro grade” power (1,875 watts) and very easy to use rocker switches. As with most dryers, there are 3 heat settings and two speeds, as well as a ‘cool shot’ button. The dryer also features tourmaline ionic technology which does help to minimize frizz.I consider the fact that its heavy to be a plus, as it leads me to believe it has a nice, strong motor. However some people might be put off by its somewhat heavier-than-normal weight.Its cord is 6′ and a few inches. I prefer something about 7′ or 8′ for more flexibility in moving around, especially for a product touted as “professional”.The dryer includes a large diffuser and a concentrator, typical attachments for a blowdryer. The diffuser is pretty large and performs well on curly hair.The dryer is somewhat quieter than most others I’ve used, which is a plus. Also, the rocker switches on it are very easy to use which is nice.Overall, a very good product.

Susan Blunt, SD

Solid hair dryer

I was very pleasantly surprised by this hairdryer, it had more features and a better button layout than I had expected. It is a very good buy for the <$50 range.Pros:
• Selected airflow stays constant even when changing heat settings. (Other inferior brands decrease air flow when heat is lowered)
• Easily adjustable yet secure buttons. (other brands are either awkward to move or move by themselves during the drying process)
• Barrel doesn’t overheat so you won’t accidentally burn yourself on it.
• 2 separate switches for the settings encourage longevity of dryer motor: 1 for heat, and the other for airflow.
• Attachments (diffuser and concentrator nozzle) snap on instead of sliding on.
• Does not sound like a lawnmower (although not exactly quiet): but reasonable for an 1875 Watt midsize hairdryer.
• Comes with a diffuser.
• Removable intake filter and cap/cage. Especially important if you have pets in the home as their floaties invariably gets stuck on the filter.
• 1875 Watts power does feel like 1875 Watts power.Cons:
• Despite multiple settings, not enough velocity for its size. Needs one more “high” velocity setting.
• Cord shorter than average for a dryer of this size
• Not as quiet as advertised.
• Not lighweight, but more midweight. However, balance in the hand and arm is good.It compares itself to the CHI dryers which I have not tried and therefore cannot comment, but I would buy this dryer over any Braun (Europe), Revlon, Vidal Sassoon, Oster, Andis or Conair in this price category. The Babyliss are a bit quieter and flashier looking, but cost a bit more. The T3 series, for what it does, seems way overpriced when compared to this Remington. Overall a good hairdryer at this price and a solid buy. (There is a 4-year warranty too)

Beulah Harrington, WA

excellent, powerful action

We’ve been using this hair dryer for a few weeks now on a constant basis. Overall, this is a powerful blower that gets your hair dry quickly with excellent balance of heat. No hot spots that cheapo dryers can develop. Yes, it is on the heavy and bulky side but that’s because of the quality construction. I have no doubt this dryer will continue to last for years to come.

Bobbie Pine River, WI


This is by far the best hair dryer I have used in my entire life. I have really thick hair that typically takes at least a half hour to blow dry. Imagine my stunned reaction when this baby made my hair dry in 5 – yes 5 minutes!!!! I have never understood people that travel with hair dryers and consider them something they couldn’t live without but I’m quickly realizing that this sucker is my new must-have-item. YAY!! I’m in LOVE with this dryer!

Traci Malta, ID

Lightweight but powerful

The hair dryer is lightweight but powerful, easy to handle, and versatile in its variety of heat and fan settings. I found the large attachment for spreading the heat over the entire head especially helpful for when I wanted to dry the hair without blowing it. Blow-drying also worked well, with ample heat to get the job done. The instant cool button would be helpful to a professional, but the heat-adjustment switch is sufficient for me, a casual user. The motor is pleasantly quiet.The only slight quibble I have with it is that the safety feature built into the power cord makes for an extra layer of on-off; and until I learned which button was on and which was emergency off I found myself fumbling around for half a minute before I could actually turn the dryer on. (It’s not intuitively obvious whether a red button should mean “hot,” and therefore “on,” or whether it is red as for a panic button to turn the device off; or whether the “reset” button is to reset the unit to “on” or to reset it to “off.”)

Bobby Mammoth, AZ

Good Price, Not Too Heavy, Effective!

Having experimented with five hairdryers in the last year, I have a fairly good frame of reference for comparison. And, for me, Remington nicely fits my needs.Three out of the five dryers I recently tried were WAY too heavy. Maybe because I have thick hair that takes a while to dry … but after about five minutes, my arms just ache. I did not have this problem with the Remington. And, that is a tremendous boon!!The power is excellent (as with most dryers). The cool-shot adds shine. And, yes, it is very noisy (no matter how they try to promote this item).As noted by other reviewers, the diffuser does have a tendency to become dislodged. (I had the same problem with theTRESemme Philips HP4990/05 Thermal Creations Hair Dryer!!) I wish there was a better way to ensure that these attachments remain on!! Still, it is one small problem … and the overall product is quite nice.If you are seeking a powerful, inexpensive hairdryer, try the Remington!! It promises to please!!

Louella Lake Pleasant, NY

Great hair dryer for the money

While only moderately useful for drying my short hair, I loaned this to my fiance to check it out and she said it was great! She used to have a very expensive hair dryer and said that this one worked just as well. Of course, everyone’s hair is different but the important thing is that the temperature is good and with the optional diffuser attachment, there are more options depending on your hair style. Male or Female, this is a great product at a good price and the quality seems very good at this price point as well.

Michelle Battle Ground, IN

Makes a big difference

This is a great hair dryer. I blow my curly hair straight and then flat iron it smooth. My old “cheapo” dryers would create a mushroom-shaped pouf on my head, which, in turn, would take forever to flat iron out. This dryer makes my hair noticeably smoother (and much less freaky!) and cuts my time with the flat iron in half!I did give it four stars instead of five because it is slightly on the heavy side, but not so heavy that I would return it. I would purchase it again. Maybe it will help me work on the muscle tone in my arms 🙂

Concepcion Attapulgus, GA


My husband gifted me with this fantastic dryer, and I love it. It compares very favorably with higher priced dryers and, in fact, in some areas I think it outdoes them.I’ve found the narrow airflow concentrator particularly helpful as I have very fine short hair. A wider airflow concentrator simply blows my hair all over rather than allowing me to style it – dry but no style!It’s light enough for me to hold comfortably and the three different speeds let me take my time or rush.Very pleased!- Gail Cooke

Mari Tarpley, TX

Like a Leaf Blower for your Head…

The Remington D-2012 is definitely a grade above the $10-$30 hair dryers you see at Target. Whether or not it is comparable to a CHI, I don’t know. I DO know it is half the price of a CHI, and unlike Farouk (who makes the CHI), Remington will honor the warranty if you buy it on the internet. The CHI is a solid product so not many people get bitten by the voided warranty when you buy on Amazon, but there’s always that chance.The D-2012 has two air speeds and three heat settings. I use middle heat + low airflow for my short guy hair. My wife uses high heat + low or high airflow for her long thick hair. She says it drys so fast that her hair is dry before she has finished styling it.The dryer has a very solid, commercial grade feel to it. Read this to mean it’s heavy compared with basic hair dryers. I find it to be quieter than my wife’s old dryer that claimed to be quiet.All in all this product is a winner if you are looking for a really good solid hair dryer but you don’t have the coin for a CHI. This hair dryer is likely one of the best in the sub $50 category.

Crystal Prairie Grove, AR

This is a great quality Remington product.

You will notice the quality of this product as soon as its out of the package. The plastic is thick and has some give to it, not like that cheap stuff that is hard and brittle. The motor is very tolerable. I would say it is quieter than most I’ve used. I like the three speeds as well as the three temps. That is so much better than just having one temp and a slower speed. It still has a cold shot to freeze your hair when you’ve got it where you want it. Great product!

Lupe Riverside, TX

So far I like it….

I like the extras that came with this hair dryer. It has attachments for curly or straight hair, plus a cold shot button that helps when you’re drying thick hair. I’ve used it without problem for a week now!

Estela Farmersville, OH

Terrific hair dryer!

This Remington hair dryer really is a terrific hair dryer. I’ve been using it for about a month now and my hair has never looked better. It has three heat settings and two speeds. I use the lowest speed unless I’m in a big hurry. I do the same with the heat settings because all of them are great for drying my hair.It is a heavy hair dryer, but that does not matter to me. I never dreamed it would work this well. After drying my hair and then using the flat iron, my hair is frizz free and shiny. I love it!

Noemi Whitefield, NH

My wife rates this as excellent, with only on CON–that there isn’t one lower setting for the fan.

My wife (who doesn’t speak / write English by the way, hense not writing this herself) especially likes the attachments and overall quality of this dryer, the three heat settings which provide just the right range, as well as the no heat / blow only setting.But she says the blower is far too strong and wonders why it doesn’t provide a lower setting than hurricane strength. I can only guess that this is because if the heat setting is on high there has to be a minimum amount of fan strength to keep the unit from catching fire.I imagine that a professional hair stylist has the advantage of being able to hold the dryer some distance away from a customer’s head and that’s why it’s so hot and blows so strong, but of course someone using it on themselves doesn’t have that advantage.Ceramic is nice, as well as the ion emissions.BOTTOM LINE: Despite complaining about the strength of the fan, she already tossed her old dryer and uses this one because it is a professional level item. I imagine she’ll get used to the fan strength.

Mariana Corona, SD

Excellent product!

One of my best recently acquired products. Does a great job! My teenage daughter borrows it all the time, which is high praise. 🙂

Nelly Winthrop, IA

Calms the frizz…

I was very interested in trying this dryer; it features all the current blow dryer buzzwords – tourmaline, titanium and ceramic – all or severely guaranteed to “calm the frizz” for people with hair like mine.My hair is thick, with a wave, and it absolutely mushrooms after blowdrying or in high humidity. It takes forever to dry my hair, so naturally your weary arms tick up the heat factor to get it DRY already, and that in turn ups the frizz factor.I must say, I was impressed. The dryer features several heat and style settings, so to give an honest portrayal of the results, I kept the heat on the equivalent settings as my usual blow dryer. Then, after a while when my arms would usually get tired, I increased the volume setting.Unfortunately, with this blow dryer, I wasn’t faking the exhaustion in my arms. This isn’t the heaviest blow dryer I’ve ever used, but it’s up there! If there was such a thing as getting muscled from using blow dryers, I’d be Ahnold already. I wasn’t faking it when I reached the point in the blow drying when my arms were saying, “Enough already!”The dryer is more than enough power to accomplish the job. What was interesting was after my hair was dry, it really WAS less frizzy than the same routine done with my usual blower dryer.The second time I tried it, it was raining out and about a billion percent humidity, the perfect laboratory for determining if all the tourmaline/titanium/ceramic add-ons actually worked to keep hair smooth.It kind of did. What I can say was my hair frizzed, but it frizzed LESS, and it was much shinier than I’ve ever seen my hair in humid weather. I guess that’s an endorsement, but not enough of one where one might forgo a flat iron to flatten out the kinks.The dryer comes with a diffuser, which I’ve always found to be WAY too much work and time (if your arms hurt with regular blow drying, you’ll be crippled when you’re done using a diffuser on thick hair!)If you’re in the market for a blow dryer, and you have a problem with the frizzes, you might want to give the Remington serious consideration. It did a nice job for me, but the gold standard – not having to use a flat iron – remains elusive, even with this dryer.

Bertie Telogia, FL


Delighted to say I’m married to a very, very happy woman! She’s really impressed with her new Remington hairdryer, and compares its performance to another brand that costs quite a bit more.She’s particularly impressed with several of the dryer’s qualities. First of all, it’s quiet (She couldn’t even hear the phone ring when she was using the other dryer).Secondly, there’s what she calls a “magic button” – actually it’s the “Cool Shot button.” She uses this once her hair is styled he way she wants it then a quick waft of air keeps her hair in place. She says she’s not found this feature on another dryer.For me, who can resist a four year warranty? A high five for this dryer.

Elsie Grand Island, NE

AMAZING DRYER! Quick & Quiet!

When my old Remington dryer that is 7 years old broke I started looking for a replacement, needless to say I ended up returning 4 dryers before I found this one. I loved my old dryer because it was so quiet, I can’t stand the dryers that have a high pitched whining noise. So I called Remington & they told me this was the quietest dryer they make (they measure by decibels & this dryer had the lowest). So I bought it & it is super quiet, the motor doesn’t really give off any noise the only sound you hear is the airflow. And the airflow on this dryer is super strong, its much stronger than my last dryer so it does dry your hair pretty quick. I am very pleased with this product. It comes with a 4 year warranty too. The hot setting is hot but its nice because it doesn’t get hot enough wear it feels like its burning your scalp. I actually bought mine at walmart online for $27, it was such a great deal! I highly recommend this dryer, its great.

Lucy Oxly, MO

Does Its Job

My hair is short, straight and fine so drying time, unfortunately, (what I wouldn’t give for fantastic hair) has never been an issue with me. On that basis, I don’t know that I’m qualified to review the finer points of a hand-held hair dryer and hence can only comment on its features and whether or not it does what it’s supposed to do.The Remington D-2012 Salon Quality Ceramic Hair Dryer (with tourmaline) positions itself on its packaging against another dryer in the same price range (which I don’t happen to own). It includes a concentrator and a diffuser, neither of which I have reason to use. Not unlike just about every other hand-held dryer on the market, it adjusts for both airflow and temperature. Its claim is that its AC motor lasts longer than DC motors; I have no means of verifying this. To be honest, I don’t use the Remington D-2012 all that often because I keep it at my parents’ house so that I don’t have to travel with a dryer when I visit. However, it does a good job for me and even though it seems a tad flimsier than my other dryer (hence the one-star demerit), I can recommend it regardless.

Shelia Lavinia, TN


I was not impressed with this product. The hair dryer is pretty heavy compared to some of the other ones on the market, additionally the low speed setting still blows your hair too much, making it harder to style your hair. However, it does come with a diffuser which is something that you don’t normally get with a blow dryer.

Dixie Deale, MD

True Professional Quality Hair Dryer

This is a simple, yet solid hair dryer. It is light (at least compared to a cheaper Conair), powerful and works nicely. The attachments are nice to have as well. It’s reasonably quiet, or quieter than older previous hair dryers.The highest setting could be a little more powerful for my taste and the warm could be a little warmer, but these are minor points. The simple style is just perfect, the buttons are well placed and it’s easy to change settings on the fly. Only a long retractable cord would make this better.Bottom line, it’s an above average performing hair dryer at a good price point.

Danielle Gilbert, MN

Perfect size and weight

Definitely a great dryer. Nice and lightweight yet very powerful with various heat settings. Most professional hair dryers are large and very heavy so your arm tires while drying your hair but this one is smaller and easier on the arm. Would recommend.

Liliana Fernandina Beach, FL

Hair Dryer Got Me Back To Blow Drying My Hair First Time in 15 Years

I am one of those people who honestly has not blown dried my hair in over 15 years. This is because I usually found the hair dryers, ackward, hot to my scalp, and never had enough time. This Remington hair dryer has actually had me rethinking how I style my hair in the morning.The dryer is easy to use and hold, does not burn my scalp as hair dryers of the past have, and is relatively quick to dry my hair.

Denise Delcambre, LA


This is my new favorite hair dryer. It has numerous settings so I can get the heat and air flow that I want for various sections of my hair. The balance is good and it is not too heavy, which tends to be a problem with other hair dryers with this excellent level of air flow volume. I wish it had a retractable cord, but that would add bulk that I would probably be unhappy with!

Alexandria East Montpelier, VT