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Remington CI97M1A Ultimate Stylist Teardrop Wand, Black

The remington ultimate stylist teardrop ceramic styler gives you the look you want every time. With a ceramic barrel that reaches up to 410 degrees you can create luscious waves with the teardrop wand attachment. Plus, the additional conical wand and extra long curling iron attachments are compatible to complete your collection (sold separately).

Key features

  • Ceramic technology – get salon-quality heat up to 410 degrees, heating up fully in 60 seconds
  • Teardrop barrel – remington’s unique teardrop design creates unforgettable waves
  • Heat-protective glove – don’t be afraid to get close with the included protective glove
  • Removable Barrel – Don’t forget to complete your collection with the compatible conical wand attachment and the one-inch, extra-long attachment from the Ultimate Stylist Collection.

Honest reviews


not for shoulder length baby fine hair

What a cute idea. What a nice looking product out of the box. The packing materials could be improved upon.BUT…does it work? I was so excited to try this teardrop shape out and here’s what I got.Weird resulting hair. I wrapped my hair around the barrel as instructed and I got a resulting tangled up mess. I’ve never used a curling iron without a clip, so I tried it again and again. I even watched YouTube videos and alas….this curling teardrop shaped iron does nothing for my hair. My hair is shoulder length. I did notice that the girls using this curling iron with success had extremely long hair….halfway down their backs and it wasn’t layered. This made my hair just shoot out from the scalp in crazy mix-matched ways. It made me look like a crazy old lady. I think you need hair long enough to wind around the rod 7 or 8 times. Mine goes around 3 or 4…and the result is a squished piece of matted hair.(and hey…the instructions say to adjust the heat…but HEY you can’t. There is no heat adjustment!! The glove does work to ward away heat but you can’t hold your fingers against the iron for very long even with the glove on) The packing materials could be improved upon. The wand is removable and you can use the base and attach different attachments sold by Remington. Why not just sell the item with several different wand choices?? Perhaps I just need a different wand…but hey who’s going to purchase another attachment on pure hope that that’s the problem?

Terry Boneville, GA

Finally! Natural waves!

Clarification: This wand does not make three different curls with the included teardrop barrel shape – you must purchase the two additional barrels (a small barrel and a large clip barrel). This review is for the included teardrop barrel and not the two optional barrels.I have thick, fine blonde hair and getting that I-just-woke-up-like-this type of wave in my hair is near impossible. I either end up with prom-like corkscrew curls or no curl at all. I’ve tried all kinds of wands, from tapered barrels, to hot rollers to twisting the hair before curling it. Something about this teardrop barrel shape does the trick and gives me gorgeous, loose, natural-looking waves.In the box comes the handle, with a swivel cord (love) and an attached teardrop-shaped barrel. You can purchase additional barrels, but since I was looking for the natural wave, this one was all I needed. There is no heat setting – just on and off, and this thing gets hot. It didn’t burn my hair and yet it did get a good shape into my hair.Also included is a glove to protect your hand, although it looks like a cotton or cotton blend and really doesn’t do that much to protect your hand. It will protect you from a quick touch but it won’t protect you from prolonged contact.The barrel heats up quickly, is easy to use – just wrap your hair around the barrel and hold – and feels well made. If you want that lovely natural wave, this is your curling iron.

Jacklyn Luray, TN

I have been told by my hairdresser that high heat is horrible for my permed/colored hair

It heats up well, but not as hot as I’m used to. However, I have been told by my hairdresser that high heat is horrible for my permed/colored hair. Also, I’ve had super hot wands in the past that were a fire hazard. One actually melted at the tip and had I not been there it could’ve been a disaster. I have no such anxiety about this wand. It is shaped perfectly, holds my shoulder length hair in a comfortable grip that does not tangle when released. Black is a rather dull color, but I’m sure they will offer other colors if they don’t already. A glove is included so you can touch the wand without burns. The barrel shaped end is easy to make the wave style curls and quite fun to use. They also include tips in the instruction sheet on how to make other style curls. The wand is very thick and a hard plastic that I don’t think will crack easily if dropped. I may find out later on since I have trouble in that area. The little stand on the bottom keeps it up off the counter. I also love the tiny book with photos of different curls they have attached to the cord. I’ve only had it a few weeks, so I will write an update in the comments section after a few months as to how it is holding up to all the use.

Effie Avila Beach, CA

Junk From China

This arrived with a Teardrop barrel which was already installed into the handle. Also included was a "heat resistant" black glove and a "Use and Care Guide". Tied to the handle was a small leaflet indicating that three different looks are possible with this wand: Waves, Tight-Medium Curls and Tight Curls. However, only the Teardrop barrel for Waves is included. Barrels for the other two styles must be purchased. Another larger size attachment which was tied to the handle is a twofold warning: "Caution – This Product Can Burn Eyes" and "Warning – Burn Hazard – Keep Away From Children"The guide continues with the dangers of using this wand with one page devoted to "Important Safety Instructions" and another page repeating the burn hazard warning. One page of the guide suggests that you "test a small section of hair before using. Then adjust temperature depending on hair type". I decided to test this on my hair to make sure it was safe before turning it over to my wife. I put on the glove and let the wand heat up.The results of my test made clear several things:The glove is useless because the temperature is beyond the gloves ability to protect against.The Teardrop is well named because if you expect to get curls you will be disappointed to tears.There is no temperature adjustment. There is just a on/off capability.There is no way in hades that I would give this useless and potentially dangerous tool to my wife. She agrees.The recycle bin had no problem accepting this useless piece of junk.

Jeanine Bunceton, MO

Not so good!

I was excited to try this thick barreled curling wand for my long hair. It comes with a protective glove for the opposite hand to prevent burning. I used heating serum on my hair just in case of potential burning or singeing because of the previous review posted. I am happy to report the wand didn’t burn my hair at all. Unfortunately, it didn’t really curl it either. It made some slight waves, but not many at all. Perhaps it’s because of the peculiar shape of the wand. The directions say it can make three different types of curls with varying tightness. I’m not so sure about that. It didn’t work nearly as well as my regular thin wand that I use. I also found it difficult to maneuver. Of course, that might be a direct result of the arthritis in my hands. Overall, I was not impressed with this product.

Pam Shelocta, PA

How to fry your hair and your fingers

At first appearance, this product seems to be a worthwhile purchase. But once the product is plugged in, its poor design is apparent. Without the clip that holds the hair to the barrel, the user must wrap the hair around the barrel and hold it with the “heatproof” glove provided. First surprise: the glove isn’t heatproof! If the fingers burn so readily, what damage might this wand do the hair? Second surprise: the curls are very loose. It would take an hour to do a full head of hair, even medium length.Frankly, I am surprised that a company with Remington’s reputation wouldn’t do more product research before putting this item on the shelf. It is not only unsatisfactory, but below the quality expected from hair styling products currently available to consumers. Big disappointment. I would really like to give this product no stars. Luan Gaines/2014.

Michele Pilot Point, TX

Best curling iron for long hair

Love this My grandaughters hair is long and straight and I was able to fix her hair and it stayed curly for the longest time. Never happened before 🙂

Carissa Saint Andrews, TN

Great for long, minimally layered hair

This is a nice styling wand for anyone with long hair with minimal layers. It gives a nice, beachy wave to the hair that lasts all day and is a nice change from what a traditional, circular curling iron provides. Having said that, this is definitely not for anyone with shorter hair. The results are a little too untamed if there isn’t enough length to the hair to wrap around the barrel a few times.I have used styling wands before that do not have the traditional clip to secure your hair around the barrel so my learning curve with this teardrop wand was minimal. The included heat protective glove helps protect your hand when wrapping and holding your hair in place around the barrel and yes, this technique does take some getting used to.This is actually a very nice, well made styling iron with a swivel cord and barrel rest to protect countertops – although it really should have adjustable heat settings. But my biggest hesitation in giving it a more glowing review is that it is very limited in who this will appeal to – women with long and minimally layered hair. If that is you, this is a five star styling wand and will give you sexy, beach waves. For anyone else, you need to look elsewhere. Too bad since if Remington had included the interchangeable attachments rather than sell them separately, this would work for a wider audience.

Catherine Canon City, CO

too hot and awkward

This wand made my hair stick up in weird directions, was extremely hot, and is awkward to hold/use because there is no clasp to hold the hair to the wand. The weird frizz that my hair got after using this makes me think it was burned. For reference, I have hair that’s medium thick and the length is about three inches above my shoulders.The directions say “with your gloved hand take sectioned hair and wrap around the wand…. keep hair around the wand by holding the very ends with your gloved fingertips”. Doing that results in very hot finger tips, regardless of the glove. As I was moving my other hand I accidentally brushed against the wand, and the unprotected finger was immediately burned, with a small blister forming. There is no heat adjustment option.The box includes a code to scan and advertises that you will be taken to a site with “more information & styling tips and tricks”. I was hoping for a little more information, thinking maybe I was doing something wrong. A scan of the code took me to the site to purchase more attachments– I didn’t find any tips or tricks on the mobile site at all. I see in other reviews that users have tried YouTube– but I really feel that I shouldn’t have to spend time searching online just to figure out how to use a product.Disclaimer: I received this product free via the Amazon Vine program in exchange for posting my honest opinion.

Lori Manhattan, IL

Close to Useless

Not functional, impractical, badly designed product. Don’t care for the teardrop design. It dosent hold the hair in place but you do get a heat resistant glove included. If you do manage to get it working or get ahold of the hair you will get a half wave. Also would like to mention for tight to medium tight curls you need a teardrop barrel that’s not included but it tells you in the pamphlet what to do to get the look even though this piece isn’t included. It does get very hot and seems to serve little to no purpose unless you want to achieve a look that look like you just woke up or barely there waves or small waves. Some of Remington’s products/wands are good but this one doesn’t seem like a very good buy. Can’t do much with it and the results aren’t what I expected. Not recommended.

Geraldine Gosport, IN

Results as promised

It took me a few tries to get the hang of using this stylist, but when I did, I liked the results. It is different without the clamp to hold your hair, you have to use the glove correctly, but when you are successful, you get the look promised. Read the directions carefully, and follow them, and you should not have any problems curling your hair with it. It does work better on longer hair rather than short hair, because it needs enough to make the waves. If you have short hair, this will not work for you.

Nelda Bristol, TN

A winner for the right kind of hair

My household absolutely loves this item. The waves are gorgeous and fairly easy to make. The barrel is big and and teardrop really does make a difference. I wouldn’t point out that there was something in the directions about adjusting the heat… but I don’t think that can be for this model. Also Just for uhhh testing purposes lets call it I tried grabbing the barrel with the glove. DONT GRAB THE THE BARREL WITH THE THE GLOVE. It was pointed out to me that it was just to keep your hand safe while wrapping it. That makes a lot more sense. It does heat up fast and gets very hot. I think the interchangeable barrels are a little gimmicky since they’re not included.EDITED TO ADD: Maybe the long hair was the difference between our success and others not liking it. My gf hair goes down about halfway down her back and her hair is incredibly thick and straight. (Like people stop and tell her how great her hair is… and she’s mexican just fyi because apparently these kind of things matter when it comes to what kind of hair you have.)

Susana Rye, NY

Great wand for big curls

This is an awesome wand. I love the big barrel it makes great curls. There is one big draw back but all wands burn your hands and I hate it. This one comes with a glove that really doesn’t work that great, I have another glove and put them together. That was a little better. Overall this wand just works great and heats up fast.

Kasey Chataignier, LA

Just alright

My wife was so excited to try this thing out. It comes with a "heat resistant glove". Really it’s just a small glove that you would get at the dollar store. And believe me. She said it is NOT heat resistant. My wife has shoulder length hair. The barrel of this thing is huge. She could barely wrap her hair around it one and a half times. The curls looked nice at first but quickly lost all volume and shape. All and all she was pretty disappointed.

Juliette Tuxedo, NC

Works well but a bit inconvenient.

Got this for my wife who needed a new curling iron. It works well and gets up to a good temperature to do its job. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it doesn’t have the usual clip or bristles to hold the hair in place while it is curled – it comes with a small glove that you wear to protect your hand from the heat, and you simply wrap your hair around the wand that way. My wife finds this a bit inconvenient and would prefer to either have a clip or bristles.But other than that it works just fine and she’s fairly happy with it.

Latanya Fenelton, PA

Longest lasting curls of any wand my wife has tried

My wife tried this wand out a few times over the past several weeks and offered very simple feedback – "It’s the best curling wand I have ever used". She has tried some VERY elaborate systems from Japan and Hong Kong but they always seemed to require a lot of work for results that lasted for less time than an average dinner party.This product from Remington have her the longest lasting curls of any device she has tried AND required absolutely no effort. There were no individual curlers to pre-heat, no multi-phase application and next to no waiting time before the wand was ready. You plug it in, wrap your hair around it for a few seconds and you’re done. Period. Seriously – next to no work.

Shanna Claiborne, MD

Love this

Love this wand. Big soft curls. Once you get the twirl of it!

Robert Oil Springs, KY

Trendy. But not my thing

I suppose the big selling point to this styling rod is that it is open to inter changing heads for different looks (sold separately of course) . Also it is ceramic (my big selling point.), it has the rotating swivel cord that is now a must when considering any styling product. Heats up to 410 degrees quickly and turns itself off when not used after half an hour, etc.My gripe is that I didn’t pay attention when I ordered it and I assumed that because it is a wide barreled wand (3 inches in circumference) I figured it automatically came with a clip to hold hair in place. Nope, just a heat glove to protect your hand as you hold your hair in place. While this is the trend, I’m old school and I prefer the clip which works better with layered hair. Also despite the tear drop design which is designed to specifically give waves (not curls) is not particularly necessary as the waves they create are identical to my standard round wide barreled styling wand.So on trend but I’m from the wrong era to really appreciate it.

Claire Cantril, IA

Teardrop Stylist Wand Was Very Disappointing

My wife has shoulder-length thin hair and had unsatisfactory results with the Remington Ultimate Stylist Teardrop Wand. The wand did produce a curl but the curl did not last more than an hour.So it’s possible that users with different hair texture or hair lengths might achieve different results. Or it may be that different hair products placed on hair when using wand might get better results. So I checked reviews for experiences of other users and noticed that others with medium-length hair were unhappy with the results while ladies with long hair achieved better results.The wand does come with a glove to protect you hand from heat when it gets close to the wand but glove does not offer protection if you accidentally touch the wand. The product also only comes with one setting. Teardrop stylist did not product curls – disappointing.

Marci Kotzebue, AK

For Long Hair Only

This is a very awkward curling iron. It does not have a clip; instead you are supposed to use your hand (protected by a "heat-resistant" glove) to hold your section of hair while it is curled. I think it might work fine for someone with long hair, but my hair is shoulder length and the sections just dropped out quickly. It gets very hot so I imagine it curls the hair quickly but the awkwardness of getting a section wrapped around the barrel with my gloved hand really didn’t speed anything up.I’m going to give it to my daughter whose hair is long – maybe she’ll have more luck than me!

Mindy Carrollton, MI

Missing Parts?

Having once spent a lot of time working on the sales and management end of the beauty business, i have a little more knowledge than a typical man my age might possess. Reading about the features possessed by this wand according to the product information,I was sure this would make my wife’s beauty ritual shorter and more effective. However, in reality it not only doesn’t have a clip to the hair to the wand, but also didn’t come with the heat protective glove it promised. With a stated temperature of just under combustion for paper, I don’t foresee this wand getting much use.

Andrea Dumont, CO

This is one big whampum curler. My wife has …

This is one big whampum curler. My wife has sort of short hair, and couldn’t get this curler to the right position to do the job. Our daughter has longer hair. The Michael Jackson glove that came the curler is suppose to protect your hand. She says that she can still feel a lot of heat through the glove and does want to use it… so she manages with a comb and patience. This curler does get hot, so my daughter warns, if you have sensitive hair … beware… if you’r not careful.. you might curl your toes as you see the hair float down to your toes.

Nadia Pardeesville, PA

Good wand

This works great like any wand does. But since I didn’t get the attachments I can’t review them. It is cool you can get attachments but I can’t tell you if they are easy to put on or how they work. If you are going to buy a wand why not get this one. You can buy the attachments later. I like that it comes with a glove. It also heats up fast.

Lacy Roxobel, NC

Great curler!

Essentially you are getting two curling irons in one with this. The main iron gets super hot so be careful of your fingers and skin! When you put the attachment on, it isn’t as hot but is still hot. I used this on my daughter and the curls were very nice and lasted for a long time. If you use the right hair products, the curls will stay all day.

Leann Carlotta, CA

Good Product

This Remington Ultimate Stylist curingling iron is a quite unique. With the ability to switch out the end to create different looks, it’s very handy no matter what type of hairstyle you’re going for. My hair is a bit to short for the large curling rod that it comes with, but I was still able to try it out and found that I really liked it. I’ll be purchasing the attachments and trying those as well. Great Product!

Alexis Howe, IN

Not a favorite at all

Difficult to use, and dangerous. You curl the hair around the barrel manually instead of the clip that holds the hair on, they give you an oven mitt to avoid burns but that thing gets hot. It takes way too much coordination and there are easier ways to achieve the same results.

Josefa Kittery Point, ME


The REMINGTON ULTIMATE STYLIST TEARDROP WAND is useless. I have shoulder length layered hair, and for the most part, that means I can wrap my hair around the wand only once. That leaves my hair sticking out in weird directions and my ends uncurled. I did try winding my hair to the ends and holding them with the included "heat resistant" glove, but the glove is not that heat resistant! This iron is HOT, and I burned my fingers almost immediately. The instructions say to try different heat settings, but the REMINGTON ULTIMATE STYLIST TEARDROP WAND does not have any setting other than on and off. I cannot understand why Remington would produce this product without a clip. The REMINGTON ULTIMATE STYLIST TEARDROP WAND is hot and dangerous without one.

Jeanine Newburgh, NY

For long hair only and the wand style takes some getting used to…

Let’s start with the obvious: this is not the usual barrel/clip curling iron that you’re probably used to using. This is a curling wand, which requires that you wrap your hair around the iron and hold it in place. I have used this style of iron before, and while I’m really handy with a “normal” curling iron I find this wand style takes some getting used to. That being said…This wand creates really pretty “S” shaped curls/waves on long hair – the longer the better. You need to have enough length to wrap the hair several times around the wand to get the desired look. My hair is several inches below my shoulders and it isn’t long enough for this iron to work well. Also, if your hair is long but has shorter layers you’ll probably find that the layered pieces end up sticking up in a funny corkscrew type curl. I used this on a friend whose straight hair hangs well past her mid-back. This wand created loose, tousled curls that looked natural and amazing! Curl, then pin the hair up into a loose updo and you have that sexy unstructured look that’s really popular right now.The glove that comes with the wand is not an oven mitt! This iron heats up to 410 degrees and you do not want to grab it or touch it even if you have the glove on. The glove is just meant to offer some protection against the heat as you hold the hair in place. Just like any other curling iron you can burn yourself if you touch the barrel.While I do think that this wand creates nice curls for long hair, it gets no more than 3 stars from me:*the heat should be adjustable – not every hair type needs 410 degrees*the attachments that are sold separately should really be included and sold as a set; that would make this product much more versatile*I’d like to see the packaging emphasize that this is a tool for LONG hair; I can see folks with medium length hair buying this and being completely disappointed with the resultsRecommended for long hair only and be prepared for a learning curve if you’ve never used this wand type of iron before.

Elsa Lewis, WI

Cumbersome to use, poor results

Two women in my family tried out this wand and they were both underwhelmed by the design and performance of the product.One of the users has long and thick hair, the other’s is shorter and thinner. They both agreed the wand was very cumbersome to use. One of the big design flaws is that there is no clasp to keep the hair in place after you’ve wrapped it around the wand.Instead, they give you a “heat-resistant” glove to hold it. Really? Not only is this kind of a silly idea, but the glove was definitely NOT heat resistant – if you hold your hand too close to the wand, you can feel the heat through. Holding it too long/too close seemed to risk your hand getting burned.For the woman with thicker hair, the wand did produce nice curls. But to curl a whole head of hair would take a really long time and in, her opinion, isn’t worth the effort this product requires.For the woman with shorter hair, all that work didn’t even yield good curls.This is a poorly designed wand whose developers may not have even talked to women about the process of curling hair. For a concept that has been around for so long, there’s no excuse for a product that doesn’t do the job.

Esmeralda Titonka, IA

Beach Waves

I wasn’t entirely sure about this odd looking teardrop shaped iron until I used it. Surprised it worked so well. The wand produced some very nice beach style waves on my long hair (see photos). And the curls only got better looking (more relaxed) as the day wore on.I think there is a lot of confusion about how to use an iron without a clip, so I tried to explain that visually with a photo in the images section.****You are NOT supposed to touch wand/iron with your gloved hand, let alone hold it there. The glove is meant to protect hand from an ACCIDENTAL touch. Look at the photo on the side of the box and please read the instructions. Also, nowhere on the box or in the instructions does it state that there are multiple heat settings but rather interchangeable barrels you can purchase.Here’s what I think of the teardrop wand.PRO-creates very nice beach style waves-great for long hair-easy to use after you get the hang of it-barrel can be removed and replaced with other shape (conical etc)-inexpensive compared to other brands-smooth barrel-swivel cord-barrel rest prevents counter surface damageCON-only one heat setting (410)-you have to buy the other barrels (couldn’t Remington just include them?)-not for shorter hair lengths, hair would wind up sticking out in kinky anglesRecommended for longer hair lengths seeking easy beach waves.

Nellie Mayer, MN