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Remington CI96X1B T|Studio Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand,Curling Wand, 1-1 1/2 Inch

Get voluminous, professional curls with the Remington Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand. Featuring the most advanced ceramic coating infused with real SILK proteins, this styling wand provides more ceramic content than traditional styling tools giving you an effortless, long-lasting curl with less frizz and damage. The Silk ceramic barrel combined with 410-degree high heat and professional performance creates smooth, beautiful salon curls in no time.

Key features

  • Color May Vary
  • 1 Inch – 1 1/2 Inch styling wand for professional tight and loose curls
  • Silk protein-infused ceramic barrel for silky-smooth curls
  • 410-degree digital salon high heat
  • 30 second heat up time and 60 minute auto shut off
  • Includes heat resistant glove for safe and easy styling and a 4 year warranty

Honest reviews


Leaves much to be desired

This styling wand is great for doing someone else’s hair, but lacking as far as doing my own hair. Without the clip to hold the hair in place, my hair slid down from the fatter part of the wand to the slimmer part even when I used the glove to hold it in place. Using a mirror, with everything being viewed backward, I couldn’t coordinate the winding of hair sections with gripping with the glove and not getting burned or letting the hair slip on the wand.It worked much better when used on a partner as I could see exactly what I needed to do. It is really only good for making very tight curls, but it excels at that. The heat up time is great, and maybe with time I could do a better job on my own hair, but for now I was simply frustrated.I believe this is best suited to a parent who wants to do their daughter’s hair, not as well suited to individual use.

Ila East Thetford, VT


I purchased this styling wand hoping for the soft waving curls that come from wrapping hair. This styling wand was a great disappointment. First – the off/on and heat control buttons are in a terrible location – right where you want to hold the wand. I was constantly accidentally resetting the temperature while trying to use this wand.The next problem is the heated styling area of the wand. No part of your hair will stay on the larger part of the wand – hair slips to the very tiny end – and slips off completely. You are given a glove to help prevent burning, and I assume to help physically hold your hair onto the wand. I found the glove to be cumbersome and it was hard to section my hair while wearing it.I have tried to use this wand twice with disappointing results each time. The uneven curls produced at only the very ends of my hair were ridiculously tiny and unnatural in every way. I would donate this wand to charity if I thought it could be of use to someone else, but I don’t think it could. I do not recommend this product.

Kelsey Sprague, WV

Requires Patience and Practice

I really believe that this is one styling tool that actually takes some practice and getting use to because after many tries and failed attempts I just gave up altogether. The styling wand itself has a nice sleek look and very easy instructions for setting up and adjusting it to the temp of your choice. But once it was time to actually wrap my hair around the wand that’s where the problem came in,this process was the hardest. Either the curl didn’t curl correctly or I kept burning my hand…even though it did come with a glove to protect just one of your hands from the heat.I don’t know about this, it just seems like it requires more work than an actual curling iron. Lots of patience and time is needed while using the wand to get the right look you want. I’m all about simplicity but this is not it. In the words of Sweet Brown…….” Don’t Nobody Got Time For That”

Elaine Tremont City, OH

Didn’t work for me

The styling wand is similar to a curling iron but there is not a clip to hold the hair while curling. The wand is just that…a heated wand. It comes with a thermal glove to prevent burns. It works by wrapping individual strands of hair around the heated wand. Curls are supposed to result. We’ll, despite several attempts, it didn’t work for me at all. I have color treated permed hair. I’d rather just use a curling iron.

Lolita Litchfield, NH

No Magic Wand

In general, I really like Remington products. Even their inexpensive ones are typically well-designed and work as advertised. Unfortunately this is not the case with the Ci96x1 Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand. The wand comes in a slim and wide version. The one being reviewed is the wide version, advertised to produce large, loose curls.The box includes the wide styling wand, a heat-resistant glove, and a user guide. The wand itself is easy to use. Simply turn it on and it heats quickly. It heats in like 30 seconds. It also has a 1 minute shutoff.But it is all downhill from there. The wand does not have a piece which runs along the wand shaft, which is often found on curling irons. Instead you use the heat-resistant glove to hold your hair and work it around the wand. There are other products like this, and there is nothing wrong with the design. BUT….This wand doesn’t seem to produce any curl. I certainly didn’t expect tight curls (again, this is the wide version of this product), but at most, you get some wave to your hair, not a loose curl. We’ve used lots of curling irons in our home among my wife and three daughters, and my wife is a beautician so we are pretty familiar with how these products work.While the Ci96x1 Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand gets hot quickly, it really doesn’t work that well. Also, the included glove will protect you a little, but its really no more heat-resistant than any other type of glove.If you are looking for something to add some wav to long hair, you might like this product, and it isn’t expensive so it’s worth a look if you think your hair tends to be very responsive to curling products. But in general there are much better irons out there, some for the same, or lower, price.

Kristy Alma, WI

Beautiful Natural Looking Curls!

I received this in the "wide" 1.5" to 1" wand size and was a little concerned that it would be too large for my current hair length (about an inch or two below the shoulders) but it was perfect and since I plan on growing my hair out again, I’m glad I won’t have to purchase a different size later on. I’ve used styling wands before but never a tapered wand and I can honestly say that the taper does give you more natural looking curls. If you want big loose curls that look natural, then this is definitely the wand for you. The only problem I had with the tapered style is that it’s easy to run out of room on the wand to wrap your hair around it if you take up too much real-estate as you start from the top (largest diameter) down. With a non-tapered wand, you can usually just slide your already wrapped hair up further on the wand – you can’t do that at all with a tapered wand. I always hold the wand so it’s pointing straight down on the side of my head where I want to curl my hair. Takes a little practice to get the hang of it but once you do, you’ll be able to curl your hair so very quickly! It usually takes me only 20 minutes tops to do my hair, regardless of my hair length. Highly recommend this curling wand; affordable and it gets results 🙂

Pat Talala, OK

FAST, better results, no burning

This was my first curling iron that didn’t have the alligator clasp style, and I wasn’t sure how well it would work. However, it far exceeded my expectations. Here are the ups and downs that I’ve noticed:PROS:–Hand wrapping the hair around the barrel provides a more natural curl shape and more even heat distribution.–It doesn’t overheat/burn your hair, partly because of the hand wrapping, and partly because it’s ceramic.–It heats up very quickly, has different heat settings, and has a digital readout of the current temperature. That’s definitely a first for me.–My hair actually curled with this! I have straight hair that doesn’t hold a curl well with a metal curling iron, but for whatever reason, with this one it did. This makes bigger, natural looking curls.–The cord is a decent length for ease of use if your plug isn’t right next to your mirror.CONS:–If you’re buying this (I got mine on Vine), it’s a little expensive. However, I compared the price with similar devices at Target, and it is a much better price on Amazon. Also, you do get what you pay for. I’m very late in writing this review and have had mine for some time now, and it’s holding up perfectly.–Don’t lose the glove!! If you lose the heat resistant glove that comes with this, you’re basically screwed. I wish it came with several, as it’s bound to get lost.–Even though it heats up super fast (like seconds), it’s going to take some time to do all the wrapping, and there’s definitely a learning curve. It will be tricky at first, but you’ll get the hang of it over time.

Dolly Moraga, CA

Good and bad qualities

First the positive aspects of this iron. The ceramic wand and the temperature setting are fabulous. I love the digital temperature reading and the way you can lock it in. The wand is totally ceramic and smooth for even curling. Now the negatives. I just couldn’t get the hang of the “clipless” feature. When I first took the iron out of the box, I had to consult the Internet to see what was going on! I guess that is my own ignorance but I didn’t know they even made curling wands like this. I used the heat glove on my left hand and did not sustain any burns. I just haven’t managed to get the performance out of the iron that I would like to see. Maybe if someone else used it on my hair for me it would look better but I end up with sort of a mess. I have very thick should length hair.

Nora Campbell Hill, IL

400 degree ceramic stick…got another use for it?

I don’t know what other use there may be for a 400 degree ceramic stick, however according to my wife, hairstyling is not one of them. It looks good enough and it gets hot, however there is no "clip" to hold the hair on the barrel, so it just slips right off. I suppose if you want to risk second degree burns you could use the glove and hold your hair on the barrel. I noticed another reviewer mentioning it might work better for doing someone else’s hair and that could be true, because doing your own is not practical.

Toni Webster, KY

Good quality…but not good for short hair.

The product is well made, heats up fast, and is of good quality…but it is simply not made for people with short hair. My wife liked it well enough, but offers that a purchaser needs to keep in mind with which hair length it will work best before buying.

Latonya Roby, TX

Remington Style Wand

I must admit, I am a clod. I am very uncoordinated. I thought this would be more difficult to use than a regular curling iron. It was not. I always use the heat glove included so I don;t burn myself. You plug it in. It heats up very quickly. Then the curling begins. This might be even easier than a regular curling iron. No tangling your hair in the spring. The curls last all day. For me it is a miracle.

Helen Leesburg, VA

I wanted to like this.

I’m giving this three stars which by Amazon’s definition means that it’s okay. The concept of using a glove to wind hair around a hot barrel is an interesting one.Why is it needed however? I guess if you do not want to have a dent in your hair? I understand the standard curling iron has a clip to hold your hair (or what do you call this mechanism?) and there is a possibility where if you started curling above your hair ends that you could end up with a dent in your hair. THAT is the only advantage I see to using a glove and winding your hair around a hot barrel.Otherwise this tool isn’t efficient in my opinion. I have long, thick and coarse hair. I have LOTS of hair and I don’t curl ALL of it using a curling iron but depending on what I want to do, it’s a lot of work to have both arms up trying to hold hair tightly around this barrel.Never mind the fact that my hair constantly slipped on the shaft and never really wounded up tightly and it all ended up slipping to the bottom.Also the glove doesn’t protect your hand from lengthy exposure to the hot barrel so you are forced to hold a strand of hair away from the barrel and not touch the barrel longer than a few seconds or you do feel it through the glove.Now the results of the effort I put in to use this …Eh it’s okay. What curls I achieved through the effort of trying this was not bad and did last. I will admit I used some hair spray (which I always do) to help with the hold.

Josephine North Sandwich, NH

I like that it gets very hot, but I need a clip to hold the hair to curl it!

I bought this product because my hair broke off and I needed a small curling iron to try to curl it. This iron gets very hot, but I cannot curl my hair with it because it doesn’t have a barrel clip to hold the hair in place. I would never recommend this iron to anyone.

Estela Ketchikan, AK

Hard to use on your own hair

This item was really hard for me to use and I finally had to give up. The concept is simple, you wind up your hair and hold it in place with your gloved hand. It’s hard for me to do it though. Even with the glove, the wand can be very hot. I can’t see the back of my head and it’s awkward trying to reach around to get it in the right angle to get the curls right. This would probably be an excellent product if you’re using it on another person…or you have to be pretty darn skilled to use it on yourself.The pros:1. Fair price2. Good looking, quality product3. Heats up very quickly4. Makes excellent curls when done right5. Adjustable temperature settingsThe cons:1. Hard to use on yourself, especially if you’re not very practiced already.2. If you’re not careful, it can still burn you and burn through the glove.

Julianne Stearns, KY

Better for fine to medium hair

I recently cut my hair that went down from the middle of my back to a long bob that falls right at my shoulders, so I was super excited to try this wand on my new ‘do. Right away I liked that the wand is very lightweight and it heats up quickly. I have medium weight hair that is in healthy condition but needs product to have texture and this wand curled my hair quickly, resulting in big soft curls. I also tried this on my sister who has very thick, heavy, long hair and the curls just didn’t take. Because of my hair type, I’ve received the desired results from this product and I recommend it to people with fine to medium hair.

Esmeralda Americus, KS

Easy to Use – long lasting curls

My 15 year old daughter has very long very thick straight hair. She has recently become more concerned about her appearance, has discovered boys, and has been wearing makeup. She has been seeing infomercials on different products that allow you to make curls and wanted something that would do it. Remington Ci96x1 Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand was a good choice for us. I did not want her to get something that would damage her hair. This product claims that it gives you a healthy, effortless, long-lasting curl with less frizz and damage.The product specs include:1" – 1 1/2" Styling Wand for professional tight and loose curlsSilk Technology: Silk powder coating infused on to the Ceramic surface.410 degree F digital salon high heat30 second heat up timeIncludes heat resistant glove for safe and easy stylingDigital display controls for temperature control and 60 minute auto shut off.Overall a good curling iron that I would recommend.

Joy Beedeville, AR

Super fast, super long lasting waves every time!

This is my third Remington ceramic styling wand (I keep buying them, my sisters try them, and love them so much that I have to buy a new one). I keep trying different barrel shapes and they do produce slightly different looks depending on the design, but what is always the same is the stunning result.This wand creates slightly looser waves, but even though they are those soft romantic waves, they still stay looking just curled for days (I’ve gone three days before and probably could have gone four). And unlike the traditional metal curling irons/wands, these retain heat amazingly well so the last curl looks just as good as the first one. It also takes significantly less time to curl my whole head (and I have very long, very thick hair). i just love these!

Therese Ohio, IL

Great, but for use on others not yourself

Styling wands are basically curling irons without the top clip to keep your hair in place. This means in order to get the tight spiral curl, you have to hold the hair in place yourself while it sets. Which is why Remington includes a heat-protective glove with the wand! Thus there is a trial and error period while you adjust to using the wand. Best tip- make sure the 1 inch part of the wand is next to your head- this will keep the hair in better placement on the wand itself.This is easy if someone is doing your hair for you, but can be difficult to do the back part of your hair by yourself. The included glove is adequate enough to protect your fingers while holding the tip of the hair in place.I like that it has a built in stand, but I do wish it was a little bigger, as if you don’t set it down just right, it can tilt and start to roll over. I solved this by putting a folded towel underneath it, just in case. The cord also swiveled very easily, staying out of the way while I curled the hair.The main problem I had was that the buttons are on the handle where I kept putting my hand, hence I had to make sure I locked the temp in before starting on the next section of hair. Once you do this it is ok, but really it is a bad design. I like that I can take the temp to high to use on my hair, which is thicker and coarser than my daughters, and on low for her fine hair.It does heat up in 30 seconds, which is amazing to me!This new wand will more than take care of our current curling needs for now!

Kathy Lyndon Station, WI

Works well just be careful and don’t burn yourself

This really works well and gives your hair really nice curls. This styling wand comes with a glove to use so you don’t burn your hand while you are using it. It gets very hot and although there is protection for your hand you should be careful so you don’t burn other parts of your head like your forehead and your ear. Your hair needs to be fairly long to use this styling wand. The curls are a nice size and leave your hair nice and bouncy with curls.

Luisa Longleaf, LA

Does a nice job

You likely have seen these type of styling wands before, and you may have been curious to try them out. This is a good wand to start with since it’s inexpensive and does a decent job. The concept is simple – instead of using a curling iron to curl your hair, which leaves indentations on your hair where the clip holds your hair, you simply wrap your hair around the wand and hold it for a bit, which sets the curl.It’s easy to use, and comes with a glove (necessary so you don’t burn your hand while holding the hair around the wand). Learning how to curl it well does involve a learning curve, so don’t give up if you’re struggling at first. You will get the hang of it and you’ll be able to have beautiful curls.

Adelaide New Kent, VA

Silky, shiny, curls!

I chose the Remington Ci96w1 Silk Ceramic Slim Styling Wand to review, and have been really pleased with the results!Remington Ci96w1 Silk Ceramic Slim Styling WandI’d never used a “styling wand” before – always a curling iron, or flat iron. I also have one that does waves, but it’s a whole different animal…so to speak!The Remington styling wand comes with a special glove to prevent burns to your hand because a styling wand has no clip, like a curling iron, to hold your hair. You wrap your hair around the wand, and hold it in place until the right level of curl is achieved. It took me very little practice to learn how to use the styling wand, and I really like how it makes my hair look and feel!The wand heats up quickly and retains the high level of heat well. You can adjust the temperature depending on your level of comfort, but I go with the highest temperature to get my hair done quickly! With a curling iron, depending on the kind used, I’ve found I have to be much more careful because they seem more damaging. The styling wand is infused with silk, leaving my hair beautifully silky, shiny, with soft bouncy curls – which feel wonderful!The cord on the unit turns as you turn the wand – so you don’t end up with a tangled cord. The wand sits on a counter w/o fear of burning the counter, but there are silicone cups available for those who are worried about burns or damage to surfaces.The only downside I’ve found is there’s no automatic shut-off – which, for me, is imperative to have with devices that heat up. With kids and our dog around, I always try to get auto shut-off. This is the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. If you’re not someone who needs this, then by all means this is the perfect styling wand!

Dessie Westbrook, TX

Sexy curls in no time!

This was my first curling wand. It was tricky at first but after a few tries I was actually good at it. It was much easier than my old curling iron. The heat protective glove was very helpful. You really need it. It takes about 30 seconds to heat-up and with 410F max heat! It’s hot so please be careful! The on/off and temperature buttons are at the same level as the handle so you don’t accidentally hit them by a mistake.The 1/2-1 wand is just perfect for everyday curls. It also has 60 minutes automatic shut-off just in case we forget to turn it off. This wand is a keeper. I would recommend doing your hair from inside-out… so you will have that fuller volume. But if you are in a hurry, you can just do the outside part of your hair and then the inside of the bottom. My guy likes my hair curly and this wand does its job well! You feel sexier and he thinks so too!!!

Susan Hessmer, LA

Wand-style curling iron NOT for me

I’ve used curling irons since I was a teenager (I’m now in my mid-40s), but I have always used traditional clip-style irons. Currently, I use a large barrel clip-style curling virtually every day to add body to my straight fine hair. For special occasions, I like to create tighter curls, and I have a smaller barrel clip-style iron that I use for that purpose. However, that curling is quite old and in need of replacement. I thought that this might be a perfect opportunity to update to a wand-style iron, especially since I would only be using it on an occasional basis.The Remington Silk Ceramic Slim Styling Wand is an attractive iron that has several nice features, including various heat settings and auto shut off. Like most wand style irons, it comes with a glove to prevent burning your fingers when using the iron; it is called a “thermal” glove, but it appears to be nothing more than a simple cotton glove (although it worked well enough). I also found that this curling iron did not heat up as quickly as promised: although it is supposed to come to full temperature in 30 seconds–as evidenced by the numbers no longer flashing–I found that this took about a minute and a half. And because of the awkward positioning of the controls, you MUST lock in the temperature (press and hold to do so); otherwise, you will easily turn off the wand accidentally.I may have been able to tolerate the above issues had the wand worked for me. Even using the glove, I found it near impossible to keep my hair wrapped around the wand. My hair is not overly short (it’s shoulder length and layered), although, as noted above, it IS quite fine and straight. Perhaps this added to the difficulty of using the iron, but shouldn’t someone with straight hair be able to use this product? I persisted in attempting to use this want multiple times, but eventually I gave up, realizing that this style of curling iron simply was NOT going to work for me.This might be a better choice for longer or more heavily textured hair. However, I definitely would not recommend this styling wand for those with fine, thin hair similar to my own.

Eva Lineville, AL

Great Waves and Curls

The Remington Ci96w1 Silk Ceramic Slim Styling Wand creates amazing curls, even when my hair was not freshly washed. I had been out in the sun and by the pool for a couple of hours before I did my hair with this styling wand. It gets hot… and has controls that can make the temperatures go upwards of 450 degrees.The size is perfect for waves and curls that are loose, not so tightly defined and they look natural. My hair is long and coarse and I had no problem getting the look I wanted with waves everywhere in less than 30 minutes.The biggest drawback for this product is the lack of ease for a one person user. My sister had to help me achieve the waves I wanted the first time I tried this styling wand. I kept accidentally increasing the heat and burnt myself once even though I’ve had plenty of experience with styling wands. The buttons for heat control are flat where you grip the wand handle with your whole hand and I think the idea was you wouldn’t put much pressure on the buttons. Unfortunately it doesn’t take much pressure on the buttons for the temperature to either go up or down.

Louisa Grover, WY

Gets The Job Done

This is pretty good, but nothing really extraordinary. The buttons are in an awkward spot where I was constantly hitting them while trying to use it, but at least I could feel the button shift so that I could make sure it was set the way I wanted.There’s definitely a pretty serious learning curve going on here, in terms of the difficulty of using styling tools anyway. Since you have to wrap by hand, you have to get used to gathering up your hair and figuring out how much to use at a time to get the curl you want. It also takes a little trial and error to develop some confidence about how well the glove can protect your hand. My early results weren’t great, partly because it took me a while to get over being unwilling to let my gloved hand even brush the tool.Once you get a handle on using it, though, it’s good enough for most people’s use. If you’re really serious about styling your hair with something like this regularly, and especially if you have thicker hair that doesn’t respond to heat as fast as fine hair, it’ll be worth your while to invest more into getting a higher end tool with a slightly better design that can also go to higher heats.I’d also look into getting a styling tool holder that you can set up on your counter or put on your mirror so that you have a safe place to put it when it’s out of your hands. They only cost a few dollars, you can use them to hold other styling tools when needed as well, and it could save you a nasty burn by making sure the hot part of the tool isn’t where you can accidentally touch it if you lean forward or bump it and knock it off the counter or something.

Jean Jacksboro, TX

Nice iron…

I really like this iron. It works very well for my thick waist length hair. Unlike ordinary curling irons, there is no clip to keep the hair in place. You must wind the hair around the iron & keep it in place with a gloved hand. So, there’s a learning curve here. But you can check out vids on youtube to see how it’s done. It does take practice to use this iron, I don’t feel that’s a mark against the iron itself. I like to twist a section of hair then wind it around the iron to get a loose corkscrew style curl. This keeps the ends from coming out and not getting curled. My waves lasted all day and into the next without looking shaggy. I have long coarse slightly wavy (often times frizzy) hair. If that’s the texture of hair you have, I think you’ll like this iron once you get used to using it. Practice makes perfect.

Nicole Toone, TN

Works Great Making Spiral Curls – But Takes Practice

This curling iron I have tried and tried on my own hair and finally got it to work and my hair looked great. Kept the curl. But I found that this is frustrating to use and does take lots of patience. When I go to my neighbors house and take the wand, I am able to style her hair well. However with practice it does get easier to use this wand and it does an exceptional job of spiral curls.

Corine Smithmill, PA

Nice curling wand for touch ups at home.

My gal has long, luscious, dark brown hair and sometimes likes large wavy curls for a change of style. This 1″-1/1/2″ Wide Curling Wand was exactly what she needed to replace her old model Remington styling wand.Likes:
• Sleek and modern with a digital setting display.
• Heat protective glove.
• Easy to use. Plug it in, press the On/Off button until the display comes on, select heat setting (low, medium, or high according to hair strength, texture, and thickness), let it heat up in 30 seconds, press and hold the “-” button to lock the temperature, and use the gloved hand to wrap hair around the wand (smaller section for tighter curls; larger section for looser/larger curls).
• My gals has years of experience using home curling wands so using this one was a cinch in terms of wrapping the right amount of hair around the appropriate sections and heat curling the right amount of time.
• Manufacturer claimed “Silk protein coated ceramic” wand supposedly provides more even heat and less damaging to hair. Seems to work well for my gal’s hair.
• Auto shut-off after 60 minutes. Common sense dictates that all curling wands should not be unattended and make sure to unplug after each use!Concerns:
• Like all high temperature curling/styling wands, consistent use/misuse may eventually damage hair.
• Unless one is experienced with curling wands, be very careful not to burn hands, scalp, or face.Overall:A useful curling wand for last minute touch ups or on-the-go hair styling. For more long lasting and consistent curls, my gal still prefers her professional hair stylist!

Kim Barnstable, MA

Ugh — Awkward and Ineffective

This styling wand is difficult to use, and no matter how hard I tried or how hot I made it, I could not get my hair to curl properly. Because it doesn’t have a clip to hold hair in place, you have to wind your hair around it and then hold it in place, using the supplied glove, while the curls take. One problem for me is that I use different hands to style my hair on different sides of my head. It was a pain to remove the glove and put it on the other hand every time I switched sides/angles. Plus, the glove makes it difficult to separate the hair into sections. I imagine it *might* work if you were using it on someone else’s hair, not your own. I just couldn’t position the wand, wrap it, and hold everything in place, especially in the back.I was excited to try this but ended up disappointed every time I tried to use it.– Debbie Lee Wesselmann

Sonia Hawk Point, MO

Not an Authority, Not Even Close, but…

AKA Thank Goddess for the GloveI am not what you would call a hair expert. That’s putting it mildly. I tend to just let it dry in a ponytail because my hair is too naturally curly and frizzes.So I got this thinking it was a straightener.I told you I’m no expert.The last thing I need is curls, and that’s what this baby provides. And I had to give it a try.The first thing I want to say is it does everything it promises–it heats up quickly and lets you know when it’s ready. It gave my hair added small curls.Not what I wanted, but I can’t blame the Remington Slim Styling Wand.

Teresa Pequabuck, CT