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Remington CI95AC2 T|Studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand, 1/2-1 Inch, Pink

Gorgeous salon-created curls are a breeze with the new T Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand. Featuring a high-tech ceramic wand infused with real pearl, this patent-pending technology provides the most advanced ceramic surface for the smoothest glide on the market. Your hair is left smooth and silky with a luminous luster. This must-have styling tool offers easy-to-read digital controls and heats up to salon-standard 410 F so you get picture perfect curls that last all day. The multifunctional tool has a cone shaped design offering a variety of dimensions to meet your style needs.

Key features

  • Ceramic pearl technology for the smoothest salon finish ever
  • 1 inch to 0.5 inch tapered barrel to create variety of curls
  • 410 F Degree salon high heat
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Includes heat protective glove for easy styling

Honest reviews


Good For Quick Curls – Recommended

My teen daughter was thrilled when this Remington Curling Wand came in and used it almost right away. She has very straight, medium thickness hair that takes curls fairly easily using regular curlers and this curling wand worked very well for her. Here are our observations:Pros -+ Gets Hot Quickly; it comes up to temperature fast and is indicated on the digital display+ Smooth Wand; the coating on the wand is VERY slick, making the curling process very easy+ Tapered Wand; allows more natural looking curlsCons — Tricky to Use; there was a bit of a learning curve since this is fairly different than her old clamp type iron and rollers- Easy to Get Burnt; this gets very hot and the body of the wand is completely exposed, so I highly recommended using the included protective gloveMisc -* We found that using this on someone else’s hair is easier (and safer) than doing your ownThis wand does produce good results very quickly, but it might not be for everyone (especially younger kids) due to the risk of burns.Recommended, with the caveats above.CFH

Jill Taylorsville, KY

Does pearl make this magical? It’s AWESOME!

I had only moderate hopes when I bought this, and WOW am I impressed! The curls it creates are amazing, and they hold like curls never have before! I have fine, straight, long hair. Normally, my curls will fall flat within a few hours, even WITH hairspray or other products. These curls held ALL day, with NO products, on the first try! I’m honestly a bit baffled, because I never thought that was a possibility for my hair. I don’t know what it is about this iron/wand that does the trick, but I’m ecstatic!I bought this iron because my husband bought the Remington Pearl rollers for me a while back. That was one of the first appliances to really curl my hair, and I’ve tried everything. Based on that and the price of the wand (cheaper than the rollers) I had to give this a try, despite all the burn warnings I’ve seen in reviews. I’m not a professional by any means, (and I’m rather clumsy) but I’ve used this wand several times without incident. I AM, however, accustomed to wrapping my hair around the barrel of regular irons, so I didn’t have any difficulty getting used to that. I have yet to burn myself, because the wand never touches my skin. I can see how if it did, however, it would result in some nasty burns, especially on higher heat settings. Be careful, ladies! I also have yet to wear the glove that comes with this. I tried the lowest heat setting the first time I used it, and it worked perfectly, so I don’t feel the need to turn it up. I think too often people decide to crank the heat settings as high as they will go, without testing first. This wand will reach 410 degrees, and I don’t think that’s necessary for most hair types. Start at the lowest settings, and work your way up. If you’ve never wrapped your hair this way, DEFINITELY wear the glove, especially if you use higher settings. So far, I don’t need the glove, and doubt that I ever will. If you’re having problems maneuvering the wand or burning yourself, try practicing with it off. Might help.The wand is super lightweight, easy to maneuver, and works better than any curling iron I’ve ever owned. It heats quickly, works quickly, the buttons are well placed/made (I don’t accidentally turn the iron off) and you can “lock-in” the heat setting so you can’t accidentally change them while curling. Also, my hair doesn’t have that strange burned smell it always has with other irons, including ceramic ones. I just can’t say enough good things about this wand. I’m so thrilled with it! The only complaint I could voice about this is the lack of a protective heat-resistant sleeve to put it in after use. All things considered, though, I can’t really complain much about that! HIGHLY recommended.

Taylor Norwood, NJ

Good quality for great price

I have had this curling wand for 2 weeks now. I have a lot of experience with curling wands, so I thought I would weigh in, since most of the reviews on this product are from people who don’t seem to have much knowledge about how to use them or what to expect.First off, this is a good quality curling wand. So far, I haven’t noticed any “cheap” traits about it. It is not too expensive and is a great deal.Now a bit about wands in general for those who are new to them. Curling wands are not for inexperienced users! They are not “super easy” to use. That is why there are still curling irons with clamps still out there, for those who need the clamps. I have had 4 different brands/types of curling wands. All of mine came with gloves, which I never use because you need to be able to have a good hold on your hair to get the look you want. So if you learn how to hold and maneuver a curling wand, you do not need the glove.Second, these wands do give you a more natural and professional curl/wave, and can do so quickly, but it does take practice to achieve the goal. There are numerous types of curls, spirals and waves you can make with a wand and each one calls for a different technique.Third…..DO NOT get a curling wand that is multiple size barrel (like this one) IF you do not have experience with one. Start with a wand that is a one size barrel to learn and then gravitate to these. These multiple size barrels are great, they can change up the curls and waves nicely and make a more natural look, but because the barrel gets smaller on the way down, it does mean if you don’t know how to use it, it can be frustrating and difficult to keep your hair even on it, without slipping….like I said practice makes perfect.Now for this particular wand, it is infused with real pearl…this is great, yes it makes the wand slippery! Now use logic and realize that the more slip and smoothness of the wand, the better for your hair. If you hair does not slip from a wand then you should be worried because that means your hair is sticking to the wand with the heat, by burning it.So if you buy this particular wand, understand that it is more slippery, I noticed that this wand does make my hair shine more and look more smooth and soft.I have extremely thick hair and a lot of it. My hair is naturally curly, but it is messy curly so I use wands to touch up my curls and make them nicer, similar to what Taylor Swift does. Now, even though my hair is natural curly, does not mean it is easy to curl with an iron. Since I have very long and thick hair, plus the large amount….it is very heavy and tends to weigh down, so curls tend to flatten easily. I have used this wand several times in the last two weeks….I did my hair early in the morning and went to an 8 hour shift of work. At the end of the day, my curls were still there and not frizzy.All in all, this wand is a great deal and perfect for someone looking for decent quality at a low price. Like I said, this particular style of wand needs some experience and/or practice.The bigger sized barrel of this wand is better for big loose spirals or beach waves hair styles. The smaller one would be better for tighter more Shirley Temple curls.If you are a beginner to curling wands, don’t be discouraged, they are fantastic, but start with a one size barrel to learn.I will update my review in about 6-8 months to review the long term quality of this product. 🙂

Kristy Hillsboro, IL

hot hot hot

It does the job! Down and dirty, hot and fast, this is your tool. Four stars for doing the job but with reservations: be careful or you’ll be visiting the ER with some very nasty burns.This is an entirely different kind of curling iron than what I’m used to and the first thing I want to say is : DON’T GET BURNED! If you aren’t a pro at handling a curling iron, stay away from this one. And don’t let the kids use it either. This baby gets hot fast and it doesn’t have the clippie bar a traditional iron has so it’s a little trickier to hold your hair and get it wrapped around the wand. A “glove” comes with it to protect you hand since you have to actually hold your hair on the barrel. The glove may be something special but it looks and feels just like those cheap exfoliating shower gloves you can get in the drugstore. It really doesn’t give you that much protection. It’s better than nothing but the heat comes right through so you better work fast.I like that this has a user variable setting in degrees (just like your oven) so you decide how hot you want it. Although the is actually 100 degrees difference, the range is still a bit on the high end to my way of thinking. Thick coarse hair will need the higher ranges but the low end is still pretty crispy for my normal hair. Fine or thin hair might get fried even on the lowest setting. I actually had steam coming off my hair after I used it while my hair was still dampish, and that was on the lowest setting.I think the controls on the handle are excellent. I also liked the way you have to hold the power button down to turn it off and on. How many times have you accidently turned your iron off when you had to change your grip on the handle? You can also lock in the temp setting so you don’t mess that one up either. The LED is easy to read and the iron cools pretty quickly too when you turn it off.The texture on the wand was nice. It is nonslip but cleans up nicely if you have product on your hair when using it.While I liked the idea of having a cone shaped wand for varied curl sizes and hair lengths, I don’t think this feature works very well. Maybe if the cone was just a little longer with less size variation in any one area. My hair is short so I didn’t need to use the large end at the base at all and I didn’t need to have curls of the same size since I used it for a casual touseled look. I doubt I could have used it for something more structured.It was really hard to decide on what to rate this. The innovative design and heat features made this a real winner. The crappy glove and radical size difference on the barrel really detracts though. I ended up with four stars because it would be an excellent tool for advanced and experienced users.I plan to have my grown daughters try this curling iron out on their longer hair and will update this review if they get a more positive experience than I did.

Ginger Oakhurst, CA

Curl up with a good look…

When I read that this curling wand heated up to a whopping 400+ degrees, I thought “No way.” I have suffered enough back of the neck burns at the hands of my ordinary curling wand. I didn’t think looking like an A-Bomb survivor would offset even the curliest of hair. But then I realized that any woman who wears heels that make her eyes hurt shouldn’t be finicky when it comes to mere burning flesh.The Remington T|Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand is the best curling iron I’ve ever used, and my first encouter with one was back in the day when, when my mom heated this wire contraption over the open flame of a gas stove. Amazingly, the high heat doesn’t char the hair. Maybe it’s the “crushed pearl” technology. For all I care, it could be voodoo.My hair is shoulder length and perfectly straight. I hate straight hair. I want a gentle curve, bounce, a little volume. To achieve this, I had to use more equipment than NASA uses for the average space probe. The Remington T/Studio…oh hell, just call it The Thingy…gives all that, and there is no smell of frying hair. It seems to bring out a little extra shine, too. And the curls last!The first time I used it, I had to drive halfway to Yemen to see a client. Clients are not only annoying and picky little creatures, but somehow they always find inconvenient places to build their nests. Anyway, I was tootling along on my way to the lesser boondocks in the usual driving conditions found in Los Angeles (an Aztec phrase meaning “Hey Einstein, you ever think about using a turn signal?”). So naturally I was tearing my hair out because the geezer in front of me was doing 8 miles an hour and stopping at green lights, and the lunatic behind me was tailgating because I stubbornly refused to levitate over the geezer in front of me. And then came the cold sweat when the maniac in the car next to me didn’t look before changing lanes into my lane. That’s when it happened: Just as I was about to roll down the window and give a general International “I’m Not Satisfied With Your Driving” Salute to this trio, I caught sight of myself in the rearview mirror.My hair looked so good! All the anger drained away. I tossed my head, and my lightly curled hair tossed. It had bounce, it had body. I tell you, I never looked at the road again. Why upset myself needlessly when I could look at that perfect hair.Normally when I arrive for a meeting after driving 90 minutes in traffic, my appearance causes people to ask if I want coffee or a CPR. Not this day. I waltzed in, kempt. So thank you Thingy. You not only have given me the best looking hair ever, you have also shown me a new way to beat road rage and driver stress. Why watch those lunatics careening around the roadways when I can watch my hair?In the old days, I used to put on make up, read, do a crossword puzzle…just like other Los Angeles drivers…to keep calm while motoring. Now I don’t need those cumbersome accessories. I have my hair to admire. And I’ll bet the scientific genius who invented Pearlized Technology doesn’t get so much as a peep from those Nobel Prize people.

Eliza Union Center, WI


My hair is straight and fine. I’ve used all sorts of styling tools, especially since I found a hair stylist who really knows how to cut my hair. I have more styling tools than I care to admit, but I like trying new ones. Usually it’s fun, but it wasn’t with this wand.The first time I tried it, I discovered the barrel is very slick. I could not get my hair to stay wrapped around it. After ten minutes of sectioning, winding, picking up and winding again I decided to let it go and try it again another day. The second time I tried it, I had quite a bit of product in my hair, and that made it stick to the barrel just enough to wrap until I got to the end of the strand. It’s hard to feel my hair through that glove, and I wasn’t getting it wrapped all the way to the end, so I wound up with curls with little straight wings on the end. I finally resorted to holding my hair on the wand with my gloved hand to wrap the entire strand. I spent about 45 minutes working on my hair. My arms were exhausted, and my fingers were burning, as were my ears where I bumped them. My hair didn’t look good, either.There are many tools you can use to curl your hair. Curling irons with clamps, rollers, hot rollers, curling brushes and flat irons, likeCorioliss Pro Fix Flat Iron, Pink, orRemington S9950 Shine Therapy Moisturizing and Conditioning Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener, 1″. You can find lots of videos on the internet that show how to curl your hair with a flat iron, and it won’t take 45 minutes.I cannot recommend this wand. It’s difficult to use, and frankly, it isn’t safe, even with the glove.

Lucille Belleville, NJ

Dangerous …

Since people are always getting upset at negative reviews, I’ll save the long-winded explanations and just break it down like this so that it’s simple:1. The exterior surface of this particular ceramic wand is
• incredibly
• hot. 410 degrees actually. I’ve handled many over the decades and this one seems to be close to the top of the list in heat. Without a ‘squeezeclip’ and handle to keep this away from surfaces, you can easily cause burn marks on whatever surface this thing touches, barring stone. Does the manufacturer supply a well-designed Wand holder to keep the wand safe when it’s not in your hand? No, they don’t. Most have that clip and handle mechanism attached and when it’s placed on a counter top it sits safely at an angle while you have to readjust your hair, grab some product or what have you. No amount of labeling can prepare anyone for this thing.2. Even with the glove on, you can barely touch the wand itself to form a curl. The glove is very little help and seems like it might give someone a false sense of security.3. Children anywhere near this thing? No. Absolutely not. Even leaving this plugged in seems to raise the danger level dramatically.4. Does some very basic but non-lasting effects with short-hair, but you really need
• a lot
• of long hair to get the maximum potential from this.5. A crimp mark is the reason for this not having a’squeezeclip’? Really? That’s hard to fathom that it would spark some product designer to say: “Hey, this thing would be so much better without this pesky squeezeclip in the way causing crimp marks.” Please, people.6. If you have layered hair – don’t even think about using this thing.7. You could easily spend a good 45 minutes just trying to figure out some basic techniques that are otherwise unneceessary with other curling wands.8. Have just-manicured or wet nails while trying to curl your hair? Not with this. How can you wear a glove when you have wet nails?9. Remington should’ve at least designed and supplied a handy wand holder or ceramic tray, or something. Not giving the user one is just really bad, bad, bad.10. Other ceramic devices are actually covered because the intensity of the heat that reaches 450 degrees. So, because it’s only 410 degrees, it’s safe to have it exposed? Really? What awful rationale.This is just a poorly designed, poorly thought-out product that has a greater potential for danger than it does for fashion or style. The cons far outweigh and pros and I’m being nice….

Elaine Shavertown, PA

Maybe Its Me?

It may very well be that I just don’t know how to use this type of curling iron, but I couldn’t do it. I bought this curling iron around Christmas time because I wanted to curl my hair for a holiday party – no luck!I have tried several times to use it and either the curler doesn’t get hot enough to curl my hair or (if I turn the heat up) it burns my hand right through the glove.I also can’t figure out how to wrap my hair around the darn thing and have it stay tight enough, long enough to do anything. Maybe its because my hair is cut in layers? Or maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing (although I read the instructions and I understand the basics…)This product just doesn’t work for me. I will be sticking to my regular barrel curling iron unless someone can show me how to make this thing do what its supposed to do.

Latoya Woodland, MI

NOT for super fine, thin, naturally wavy, or shorter than shoulder length hair

That’s the type of hair I have and this curling wand on it = disaster!To start this non clamp type of iron does not work well on my slightly less than shoulder length hair (between shoulder and chin somewhere). Strike one. Next thin and fine hair and this wand just do not get along. Maybe very long thin hair would work. That’s not what I have. Strike Two. Lastly, I have naturally wavy/curly hair with 3A-B spirals underneath and a barely wavy canopy – so I was hoping this would give me “natural” looking waves to balance some of my hair-in-equity. It didn’t. In the slightest. Strike three.I’ve been using curling irons of one form or another for about 35 years — so they aren’t new to me.The way you use this is very awkward – though it looks like it might be better with long straight hair that is not so slippery that you’ll fight the wand to get your hair to curl round it. I cannot recommend using product to achieve the non slippery-ness because buring product into your hair at these high heats can cause problems. The glove that comes with it may prevent burns (though I’m not testing it by leaving it on my hands and trying to burn them) but you can still feel the heat. Just to get one curl took about 5-6 times. Even with my thin hair this means about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. No thanks.

Malinda Luxemburg, WI

I threw it away after the first use…OY!

It had great expectations over this product. I had heard many wonderful things over curling irons of this type of nature. So I opened my box, plugged the thing in and waited for it to heat up. I was a little taken aback over the prospect of using a glove to help curl my hair on an iron with no clamp, but the idea of beautiful bouncy curls atop my head prompted me to dawn the glove. Three curls in and I decided I hated the thing. I am not a hairdresser nor have I been trained in this arena I am guessing one needs to be in order to happily and successfully use this product. What may have started out as a beautiful curl up the barrel ended up in this twig of a thing of hair. No, I didn’t burn my dew, but no matter how I tried I couldn’t get my hair to lay flat over the barrel. The glove didn’t help in that respect either. Sure it helped me in keeping the heat from my skin, unfortunately my hair stuck to the glove when I moved it through my hair further frustrating my efforts. 3 curls in. 10 minutes later. I unplugged the beast and threw it away, dug out my old iron and happily finished my hair. It needs a clamp to hold the hair in place or unless super tight to the scalp line your hair will slide up the barrel. I really don’t have that kinda time to fight with a piece of beauty equipment such as that. So in the round file it went. Sorry, can’t say I would recommend this product at all.

Bette Freeborn, MN


OK, WOW, WHERE DO I BEGIN ?? I have 7 curling irons in my own collection and i thought this would be great. First, it comes with a glove. Do you know what the glove is for? to hold the barrell as you twist your hair around it and hold it in place. there is no top part that you flip up or open and put the end of the hair in and close it to hold it in place. you actually have to hold your hair on the steaming hot barrell !!! yes, i tried this thing 3 times. each time, i almost burnt my hand. the glove does not offer that much protection. i just don’t get it. why would anyone get this thing? i can’t figure it out. it’s time consuming to no end. it actually took me about 10 minutes to curl one strand of hair, and that was between taking my hand off because it was burning, my hair falling off the barrell and then putting the hair back, if they would make it into a regular curling iron, i would buy it. i love the ceramic part and it was a pretty pink color and i like the digital temp but wow, this is literally a hot mess.

Phoebe Proctorville, OH

Too dangerous!

I have never been one of those women who feels you need to suffer to be beautiful. I just can’t recommend a curling wand that is practically guaranteed to burn you.Including a glove is thoughtful. I imagine it would be impossible to work this product with gloves on both hands. Unless you are totally focused every minute on not burning yourself, you will accidentally touch the ungloved hand to the wand and…youch. It seems like there should be a way to attach a clip to secure the ends of the hair without compromising the other features of this product.Other than the danger factor, how did it perform? OK, I guess. I have very long, thick hair and it was difficult to get the ends to curl. There was no way to make the ends stay against the wand without burning myself. However, it did get hot fast and curled the hair quickly, and a couple of days later I still have a fair amount of curl (that last bit probably says more about the weather and my hair than the virtues of this product).As to the burn hazard, all the warning labels in the world won’t make it different: Remington has put out a very dangerous product.

Neva Goldonna, LA

Not for layered hair

I have to admit that I’m not very good at styling my hair…but I do have a Sedu Revolution Flat Iron that I do fabulous curls with so I’m not a total retard in that aspect. I wanted to try this out because it’s a totally different way of curling hair and therefore would be able to do the spiral curls that would be very pretty…and I cannot do with my flat iron. Well…that was the theory, anyways.This items comes with a pink curling wand and one heat resistant glove. You will need the glove. It was very quick to come up to heat and that’s about the end of the pros. I have layered hair and I couldn’t get good results with this wand. I guess maybe if all your hair was the same length, you would just grab a section of hair and wrap it around the wand. If you have layered hair though, you get a lot of frizzies sticking out as you’re trying to wind the section of hair around the wand. The few curls that I did manage to get, the curls felt dried and burnt. Not like my Sedu flat iron which comes out bouncy and soft. I really needed to use the glove so that I wouldn’t keep burning myself, yet the glove made it so that I couldn’t feel my hair very well and I couldn’t manipulate my hair properly. All in all – I wasn’t able to curl all my hair with this thing and just got frustrated so I stopped.I would not recommend this item unless if you really know how to work a wand type curler. If you do…then this one does work. It gets up to heat properly and does make some pretty curls. It’s just not for me.

Ann Buffalo, IA


I haven’t tried this product yet but I’m sure it’s great because of the reviews that I read. I will come back to put my review after I try this product.

Heidi Buena Vista, PA

Curls you’d slap your momma for.

I get seriously great curls with this wand. They still look awesome even after being pulled back in a pony tail during a three mile bike ride in 110* heat. I just take the pony tail down when I get to work each day and finger comb out the curls or use a large toothed comb.I’ve read other reviewers who say this product is dangerous and they’ve gotten burned and it’s too hot for hair and all manners of other complaints, but I have not had any bad experiences with this product at all and I was a 100% beginner when i received this product.I suggest watching a couple of vids about using wands so that you can get a good understanding of how to do it. It’s very similar to using a curling iron, but the main difference is that you wrap your hair around the wand, rather than using the wand to wrap your hair with.I do one side of my head at a time and pull the other into a hair tie to keep it out of the way. I do use the hottest setting most of the time because of my bike commute to work, but if I’m doing my hair other wise, I use the lowest setting. Working in 1/2 inch to 1 inch sections on the right side of my head, I hold the wand in my left hand and brace my wrist against my head somewhere so mhy hand does not move and the tip of the wand is pointing somewhere towards the floor. I have the glove on my right hand and with the hair in my fingers, I wrap it around the wand from the handle to the point. I leave it about three to five seconds and let go. If the heat is too intense on the gloved hand, you can use the tip of your finger to twirl it around the barrel so it does not stay in one spot to heat up.I do not use product to help the curl set, not even hair spray after I’m finished, I just let the curls fall out naturally throughout the day. After 12 to 16 hour days my hair still looks great and has amazing body. Love love love this product!

Young Grand Island, NY

Not worldwide voltage as listed in the product description

I just received this item today and haven’t used it so the rating isn’t based on the product but rather the faulty product description. I ordered this curling iron as it was listed as having worldwide voltage but the box didn’t list it as being dual-voltage as I’ve seen before. I opened the box and the instructions only specify 120V so I went to the Remington website which states this item is NOT dual-voltage. Bummer…it’s going back…

Ashleigh Bamberg, SC

Clipless curling iron

I dont have the patience to figure this out. It looks easier to maneuver than it actually is. My hair stylist even hated it. great idea horrible execution

Jewell Griffith, IN

not functional, use your regular curling iron

This is almost impossible to use. You have to heat the barrel, wrap your hair around it – hold your hair in place ( without burning yourself) wear the glove, which makes actually getting your hair on the barrel so difficult. Just use a wide barrel curing iron! That works far better – this is a bad design.

Paula Salol, MN

Such a disappointed.

I was reading all the comments and though to myself wow,ok,i would give it a try.I was so excited to try it out.Turn out,it made my hair look like a total joke.Like seriously,it burns my hands,and this is not even my first time using it,it doesn’t hold curls well.C’on people,save your time and money,and go buy you a HOT TOOLS curling iron,pay a bit more,but the quality is excellent.

Essie Puxico, MO


hard to use, very bulky, and dangerous for kids..u can easily hurt your self, i didn’t like it..u get what u pay for

Kristin Matinicus, ME

Tricky to perfect

The new Remington Curling Wand is a bittersweet addition to the world of hair styling devices. On one hand it is innovative, provides Salon-level heat (410 degrees), offers a variety of professional ways to curl hair without the creases caused by the snapping curling irons, and comes with other bells and whistles like auto-shut-off and digital controls. On the other hand, it is an extremely tricky task to give yourself gorgeous curls while maneuvering your hair with the thick heat-resistant glove. In fact, it’s right near impossible. Even though the glove is a safety must, it is shockingly cumbersome and so frustrating that eventually you’ll want to try it bare-handed, risking potentially serious burns, and still wrapping your locks around the wand is no walk in the park.The final results–if given enough time and effort–are potentially better than one can achieve with a regular curling iron. The curls are tighter, more natural looking, pretty much exactly like Taylor Swift’s hair. But, I noticed they also seem to fall flat much sooner. So it is, if you leave the house the second your hair is done to go to dinner and a movie, your hair will most likely appear untouched by the time you get home. I’m guessing this has to do with how delicate the process is of winding the hair around the wand, whereas you can singe much easier with a curler that has a grip.In the end, this creative new product may be very exciting for the extremely talented stylist who is a genius when it comes to delicate hand work, while wearing a large glove or while risking 3rd degree burns. For the average woman, however, my guess is that the amount of time and effort it’ll take to perfect the product will not be worth the minor benefits. Still, the non-clamp curling wands are the only way to go for full, lively curls – it’s just 1000x easier to let a salon professional do it for you.(Note: As a short-haired male, I obviously needed help with writing this review. My findings are based on observations and the reports from my sister who has been using this product off and on [mostly off, given it’s complexity] for the last 3 months.)

Joann Malone, FL

Welcome to Burn City!

I am an avid curler, at least once a week I go for the look. But this curling iron left me with enough burns that I needed to check into an ER. And not the 90s kinda ER where George Clooney was still all kinds of right. The problem I had was with the nape of the neck. To get the correct tight curl I had to come seriously close to the nape of my neck and received a slight burn for each curl. I even got a few on my fingers when winding the hair around. What does work with this curling iron is that it gets hot VERY quickly. And even though it provided a glove for protection, I kept forgetting to make sure that I had to maneuver the curling iron with the gloved hand, an inconvenience to say the least.

Elvira Leeds, ME

Maybe I’m iron-deficient …

but I just can NOT figure out how to use this darn iron without burning my hands. It comes with a little heatproof glove, but I find it too difficult to handle my hair to wrap around the iron while I’m wearing it.Furthermore, the iron is QUITE thin, which is going to give you very definite ringlet-type curls. If that’s what you’re looking for, this will probably work great, but I am 34 and don’t want to look like Shirley Temple! I normally think of irons this small in diameter as being for shorter hair, but I don’t see how anyone with short hair COULD use an iron without a clamp like this.In addition, the design is rather … well, suggestive. I think maybe it’s the pink color that does it. It honestly looks more like a “marital aid” than a curling iron. My husband (who admittedly has a rather juvenile sense of humor) cracks up every time he sees it.That said, the iron DOES get nice and hot, and gives you a nice, defined curl with no “bump.” But I’d rather have a slight bump than burned fingers.

Lillie Crystal Bay, NV

Didn’t enjoy this.

Didn’t enjoy this curling wand. It works but I dont like that there is no traditional clip on it to hold the ends of your hair. If you misplace or lose the glove your probably gonna burn your fingers. Just my opinion but….. no thank you on this one.

Eileen Kendalia, TX

I never used

Not sure what’s wrong with it but it only worked one time and I didn’t get to do my hair that time. My dh thinks it’s probably the cord-a wire is broken in it. I did look forward to using it but I’m sure the hair gets very hot so I’d put a towel around my neck area. If I’d bought the dumb thing I could take it back but since it was free I shouldn’t complain lol

Marsha Coalmont, TN

Not for me

This is a very nice curling iron: the only problem is I can’t get it to work. It’s designed to turn hair into the kind of spirals you’d get at the salon, but I guess I needed someone to come alongside me and show me how to use it. All I got was hair that spiked in really funky directions. I wish I knew someone to give it to, because this device will only take up space under my sink. The main flaw — from my perspective — is that there is no clamp to hold the hair in place. So I was unable to get the hair closest to the end to get any curl at all — sending it flying out in multiple directions. I’d show you a picture, but it’s pretty bad.The curling iron heats quickly, comes with a glove to protect your hand that is winding the hair around it, and is a very pretty pink. I only wish I could use it.

Nettie Manteo, NC

Wife Hates It

I was looking for item to use with an add-on. I asked my wife if she needed anything and she said a new curling iron. I made a major blunder by ordering this iron without showing it to her first. She hates it primarily because of the glove part. She prefers the clamp type. I told her that over 1100 reviews gave it 5 stars. She said she would try it again.Long story short. She burned her finger and made a suggestion as to what I could do with this curling iron that she now hates with a purple passion. Being a good Samaritan can have its downfalls at times.

Frieda Hooksett, NH

Returned it.

I think the pearl part is a great concept, but I could not get the hang of working without a clip. It’s a pain to put the glove on, especially during the summer months, and even then, you can still burn your hands if you touch the wand for too long.

Agnes Augusta, OH


Granted, I’m not very gifted when it comes to styling my hair, but I’ve had a great deal of success with my T3. Nonetheless, always eager to try something new I was happy to receive this.Wow! it really heats quickly, and it is HOT! My hair is short and I have a slightly singed ear to prove that it can be dangerous to use if you/re not very careful. The heat protective glove is really a necessity.In addition to short hair my hair is also very fine so I had a difficult time keeping it on the wand. I loaned it to a friend with long, thick hair (who is much more accomplished at styling than I am) and she was quite pleased. I’ve not had much luck with it, but will keep trying. My lack of enthusiasm is probably due to the length of my hair, the fact that it’s fine, and my being styling challenged.

Leann Mc Nabb, IL

caused frizz

Turned my hair into a frizz ballI gave it 2 stars because it heated up quickly.Returning it and going back to my hot air brush which leaves my hair like silk.

Ginger Exeter, CA