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Remington Ci6219 Curl Perfect Style Solutions Curling Iron, Red

Frustrated with traditional wire-bound spiral curling irons that leave creases in your curls? Cut the stress out of your spirals with the curl perfect curling iron. Simply clip in the end of your hair and twist. Remington’s exclusive design automatically guides your hair onto the ¾ inches barrel for even heat distribution, delivering the perfect spiral curl, every time. Your hair will be protected by the ceramic barrel while your curls are set with ease. Better design, better price, better value.

Key features

  • Discontinued by Manufacturer
  • Exclusive curl guides
  • Effortlessly guides your hair into the barrel, to give you the perfect curl every time
  • Ceramic barrel to set a better curl and prevent hair damage
  • 340f high heat – 2 year warrenty

Honest reviews


Easy to use, love the clamp! Just not for everyone.

I really love the design of this curling iron. It’s so easy to use and hair falls right into place when wrapping around the barrel. I just wish Remington would have put more effort into this one!Pros:My favorite feature has got to be the non-traditional clamp at the base of the barrel. It does not lift up and clamp hair down as traditional curling irons usually have. Instead this clamp slides downward with your thumb creating a small space where you would place the end of your hair. You would then release your thumb and the clamp slides back up effectively holding your hair in place between the plastic sheath and thumbpiece. Though this design makes it more difficult for your ends to have a tight curl (since it is not clamped down directly onto the barrel as with traditional curling irons), this method of holding the ends of hair in place eliminates the problem I often get with my hair sliding too far underneath the clamps on traditional irons and getting tangled/caught in places where I’d have to yank hair out.The design is awesome because you could place hands over the plastic that twirls around the hot barrel and not get burned. Would be a great first curling iron for a younger child. The plastic sheathing guides hair into the right places and really does create the “perfect curl”…consistent every time.Cons:No heat settings. This iron was not hot enough for my hair. Though curls didn’t straighten out after a day, They certainly did not retain the curliness.Will not work on long hair. Period. Shoulder length or a little past shoulder length is fine. But my almost waist length hair was curled only up to my ears. It was extremely difficult to do the half and half method because the design of iron made clamping of hair mid way rather than at the ends, difficult. If I managed to clamp hair in and wrapped hair around barrel, it would only get close to the scalp but not quite. It’s hard to explain but as you got closer to your scalp the section of hair naturally widens and makes it increasingly difficult to get in between spaces on barrel. And the other problem is, when releasing hair that is from midsection up to scalp, you’d actually have to pull iron through entire length of hair to release hair (effectively straigtening out lower portion of hair that you had curled previously). You could of course try to unroll your hair gingerly but I found it just kept tangling my hair up.and last…curls only go in one direction. If you like to have curls turning towards the back of head for example, you could do one side but not the other.Conclusion:Save your money. This product won’t work for the majority of us.

Lindsay Natchez, LA

Very difficult to use

When I saw this on Amazon, I got excited because I was looking for something to give me loose, spiral curls. BUT after one use, I sent it back. It was very difficult to use – tangled my hair. As a working woman with limited time to spend on my very long hair in the mornings, I would definitely NOT recommend this product!

Cara Cedar Grove, WI

My girlfriend loves this iron

well, properly Iam not happy with the product, but My girlfriend loves this iron, now it takes more time to get ready!!

Adeline Conway, PA

i love this!!!!

I love it! As soon as I got it I had to try it out! It makes curling my hair a breeeeezzzzeee!

Marcie Rocky Point, NY


I REALLY like how my curls come out with this curling iron. I have hair down below my armpits and this works just fine for me. The curls come out so great and last a very long time especially if my hair is dirty or has gel in it (dry of course). Like other said I wish the iron went the other way also (thus the 4 stars) BUT for all the same direction it is really a great product. I never could get curls like this with a regular curling iron.

Chasity Springfield, NJ

You want curls, you got ’em!

This is an amazing curling iron. It is easy to use, and it creates ringlet curls that last all day! It will not burn your hair either. I highly recommend it!

Jamie Grand Chenier, LA