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Remington All That! Beach Wave Rollers

Remington H2032DT: The First Fabric Hot Rollers for Easy, Comfortable Styling! Traditional styling methods plus new heat technology for creating todays hottest hairstyles. Create trendy twists, sexy spirals and wacky waves. Remington Heated Rag Rollers Includes: (16) Hot Bendable Fabric Rollers (1) Trendy, Compact Heated Case for Easy Storage

Key features

  • 16 soft, fabric, heated rollers
  • Easy to use – no clips
  • High heat capacity rollers stay hotter
  • Gentle on hair – less damage
  • Light and comfortable to wear

Honest reviews


The anticipation of its arrival in the mail proved to be more exciting than its results…Bummer !

WHAT A TOTAL FAIL..After watching a you tube tutorial demostration video about the greatness of these “All That” beach rollers, I was super hyped about ordering them. I even read the reviews which proved to be an almost even split of likes and dislikes- but i took my chances anywAs the reviews from several sources said, these rollers do not get hot, more like luke warm. The bits of heat they do retain is lost the moment they are removed from its heating bed.The product instructions say to let them heat for 15 miniutes-I let them cook for a half hour.Putting them in your hair is the easy part, but not worth the anticipation of waiting to see the final result.In my mind, i thought i was going to get statement making bouncy spiral curls, like the beauty in the video. I was FLAT DEAD wrong (much like my hair after taking them out). These rollers barely curled my hair. What was left of the curl was gone within miniutes of attempting to syle my hair.I think this product is a complete hit or miss. Many reviewers have positive comments while others, not so muchEven having seeing the desired result on a home made video proves that this product is not necessisarily misleading, but it is not for all hair types, textures and lengths.If you have thick long hair, this product is not for you. You will have much better results with a good set of hot rollers or a curling iron.I wouldnt convince anyone to go searching for these not so all that rollers, but advise that you buy at your own risk.The only consolation i have in ths purchase is that for $20 I do not have a problem with regifting them to a close pal who may have better luck with them then I did or keeping them around if someone wanted to borrow them to try a new look.Total bummer..

Benita Tyler, TX

Nice Set

I got mine at Wal-mart on sale and so far they have served me well. I wish I had gotten into hot rollers as a younger person…and not having the metal clips makes these pretty easy to handle…and they stow neatly in the case.

Sherri Florien, LA

One set is not enough for long, thick, hair!

I have long hair down to the middle of my back and I have a lot of it! I knew looking at the 16 rollers (one inch of hair per roller) would not be enough for my hair. I brought two sets which worked out perfectly.What I don’t like about the set is that it literally takes 30 minutes to heat up. 15 minutes does not get the rollers hot enough to curl your hair. These curlers only work is you take small one inch to two inches of hair at a time. Otherwise, its pointless. Normally, with other roller sets and irons, it takes about 15 minutes to curl my hair. This take a full 30 minutes to curl my hair. Also, the rag rollers themselves are not that great. The wire that allows the roller to bend, is very flimsy. I have a feeling that this set is not going to last long.However, I do love the results. The curls are beautiful and it is worth using on days when I have time. Otherwise, if I’m in a hurry, I would not use this set.If you are interested in “different” rollers that do not use heat, I would recommend Curlformers (search for it on google or youtube, also available at Sally’s Beauty Supply Store). They don’t use heat, and I sleep in them. I love the results!

Flossie Perry Park, KY

Wish I could return

I was very dissapointed with this product. The rollers take forever to heat up and still dont get very hot at all even leaving the curlers in my hair for 30 minutes doesnt give me the “beach wave” result that the product itself is named after. I would not recommend this product if you’re looking for beach waves. The revlon 3 barrel waver is much better to achieve that result quickly. Even wearing my regular $2 foam rollers overnight gave a better result than this product. I dont have thin or thick hair, it’s regular and curls very easily so for this product not to give the result it claims really says a lot. The product itself was overpriced for the poor quality, shipping price was ridiculous (close to $9-bought from DealYard) who also has an extremely non-flexible return policy so I will probably end up cutting my losses and keep the product rather than pay to ship it back because I was disatisfied. So overall the product was horrible and no one should purchase it.

Frieda Bradley, SD


I ordered these after watching a video that made them look so quick and easy to use. While they ARE very easy, they are certainly not very quick, and 16 rollers were not enough to do my whole head. (I don’t have that thick of hair – pretty average.) The heating element is not very big, which means you really have to use fairly small pieces of hair to get it to work, which only adds to the amount of time/effort you have to put in to get them to turn out. Then when I took them out my hair just looked kinky more than it did curled, so I had to change the plans of wearing it mostly down for the event I was headed to. Up it went (with a sigh) and I wished I had just curled my hair after all.Disappointed in this product.

Taylor Oldtown, ID

Takes a while to heat up, but good

Yeap….you’ll want to plug these in at least half an hour bef0sore you need them. On the plus side, the case is HIGHLY portable and the rollers are easy to use. They can be used in different ways to create different kinds of curls: 80s big hair, 70s Farrah Fawcett flips, beach waves, and more!

Henrietta Zumbro Falls, MN

Works wonderfully!!

I purchased these after seeing a Youtube video and also because I was using a curling wand daily to curl my hair. My hair was becoming extremely dry so I tried these…I LOVE THEM! They are all that…I get up in the morning let them warm for 15-20 mins (zip case up to retain the heat) then I wrap my hair around to create beachy waves. I let them stay on for 30 mins for loose waves and all night if I want tight curls. I have retired my curling wand. Ross had this set but I didn’t buy it when I saw them but $19 is not a bad price to pay for comfortable/versatile heat rollers.

Germaine Butte, ND

fun and easy

work really well. Easy to travel with. Warm up fast and produces a better ringlet curl vs your traditional spiral.

Erna Saint Helens, KY