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Relief Epsom Salt Lavender – Calming & Relaxing Soak, 16 oz,

Relief Lavender Scented Epsom Salt. Resealable package. Calming and relaxing soak. Soothing relief from exertion and stiffness. 1 lb package

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WAY – WAY Over Priced – Purchase it somewhere else.

All the references to purchasing this Lavender Epsom Salt for a $1.00 is correct. Epsom salt prices here are way out of line. Heck, you can get Epsom Salt at any Stop & Shop in Massachusetts for $3.50 for ( four (4) pounds ) actually less. The person that stated it isn’t the sellers fault is correct – it is US suckers that are buying it for this outrageous price that are the ‘fools’.

Ila Mc Connells, SC

Well.. bad price

I actually got this to use in a recipe for weed killer. It didn’t seem to kill the weeds (I understand this is not the intended purpose), but not only that, I saw the exact same product for $1 at the Dollar Tree the next week. Ugh.

Lacy West Nyack, NY


~Thanks so much Amazon, customer service & the seller for this mini pedicure.This pack of Lavender Epsom Salts really does sooth your tired feet. Great aroma and you can use it anytime.I had been using plain Epsom Salts, now, I’m hooked on this aroma of lavender.Don’t hesitate, treat yourself.Hope this review was helpful to you.~

Esmeralda Carlisle, AR

Great product!

I love this stuff, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. Makes your feet incredibly soft and smells very nice.

Josefina Tyrone, PA


Epsom salts are cheap but boring. This version, with calming lavender scent, brings the spa experience into your home. My understanding is that lavender is also a natural antiseptic, but this manufacturer is not making that claim. Anyway, I like it very much. I use it in my foot baths. Just two tablespoons does the trick.

Cherie Gypsum, OH

Very Good Product

Love the smell and it is very soothing when I want to relax and treat myself to a foot soak!

Morgan Philo, CA

A bit pricey

I love adding this scented Epsom salts to my bathing water, but this seems a bit pricey for the quantity.

Ursula Whiting, IN