Rejuvenate Potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Traction Alopecia

Rejuvenate Potent Black Castor Oil is forumlate for people who suffer from Alopecia. This oil works deeper at cellular level, seeping into the pores to the hair roots. It nourishes and improves blood circulation bringing nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. The roots and hair shafts fed faster thus promoting quicker hair growth. If you are experiencing pattern baldness, Alopecia, Thinning hair, we recommend REJUVENATE. (Severe Damage) Please search for our other products that treat other hair loss conditions: Super Potent Black Castor Oil: Can be use if you are suffering from breakage, hair loss, shedding, as garlic and onion oils are known to improves blood circulation to the scalp, removes harmful toxins from the scalp surface, and makes the hair roots strong. If you are experiencing breakage and falling hair we recommend SUPER POTENT. (Damage Control) Therapeutic Potent Black Castor Oil: Was created because some people are allergic to garlic or onion. The popular scent is invigorating and therapeutic. This one can be use to slow down hair loss and improve the hair and scalp condition, as well get rid of dandruff, cut oiliness and stimulate the scalp. If your hair need minor improvements, but want to speed up hair growth we recommend THERAPEUTIC Potent. (Moderate Damage Control) STRENGTHEN Potent Black Castor Oil is popular among individuals who suffered from hair extensions damage. If hair extensions are not installed or removed properly it can cause extreme damage to the hair shaft. It is a well known fact that hair extensions can do damage to your natural hair. Highly recommend for individuals who are life long wearer of weaves, braid extensions, fusion weaving and chemical treated hair. (Extreme Damage Control)

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Love it!!

I love this oil! I have noticed a big difference in how my hairline looks now. It was thinning, now it’s trying to grow back in…slowly but surely. I use this in combination with the potent black castor oil. I think this one works better because it’s designed for what I am experiencing…traction alopecia.

Arline Ludlow, CA

Product review

I love this product because recently I suffered from Traction Alopecia around my edges, due to tight ponytails and weaving and tight braiding. I have been using this product over 1 month now and it works. My edges is starting to show peach fuss. The smell is like a strong onion smell, so I prefer to use it over night, I mix this with Emu oil, olive oil, tea tree oil and I put this on my hair, every other night. you don’t need much at all just 4-6 drops in your hand and rub it in the problem areas of your head. My problem area’s is my hair line, front and back. I’ve noticed hair growth with in 1 month, But you also have to keep up with you daily, weekly ,monthly hair regimen. Try it what do you have to lose Thank you, Iyauna

Lenora Van Meter, IA

Doesn’t work for me either

I honestly wanted this to work and really didn’t want to give it a bad review either because we all don’t have the same scalp; however, the honest truth is that it didn’t work for me. I started it Sept.21 and it is today Nov. 12 and nothing has changed. I followed the instructions to a “T”. I was using it on my edges and nothing happened. I contacted the buyer who is also the seller and she stated to give it time also if you have chemical damage this will not help. I want you to know that I do not have chemical damage but trichotillomania which isn’t a chemical burn. I know hair can grow there because I have little spuds even before the oil. I’ve tried this oil on other parts of my scalp and it still doesn’t work. I’ve been using an other oil and it looks promising. I know it’ll take a long time before hair is restored around my edges. Unfortunately, this product only works on scalp with hair already. It needs to start off with a healthy scalp. FYI It’s important that you remove the gunk and buildup on your scalp for any product to take place and help grow. I’ve done that and this product still didn’t work.

Lourdes Oxford, IA

Not sure if it really did anything

I used this every night and I am not sure that it did anything. It seems like it would and has great ingredients. I actually make my own similiar stuff and I think what I was using was already working great so thats why I didnt see any difference

Myrtle Woodville, MS

Very good product.

I would recommend this for everyone. You won’t be disappointed. Try it, you may like it. Tell them i sent you ! Ms.Alita Copney

Kellie Hillsboro, TX


This stuff did not work for me. Only gave a bad smell in my hair but I kept it and just mixed with others oils until it was gone. Wasn’t worth returning, but I will not purchase again.

Candace Big Lake, AK