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Regenepure – DR + NT KIT Anti Dandruff Shampoo, for Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment in Men and Women, 8 oz each

Regenepure Dr Hair and Scalp and Nt Nourishing Treatment Scalp Cleanser Anti hair Loss Duo Set

Key features

  • Regenepure Dr Hair and Scalp and Nt Nourishing Treatment Scalp Cleanser Anti hair Loss Duo Set

Honest reviews


Good results

I purchased this product because I was having terrible dandruff. My hair was dull and lifeless and was shedding like crazy, so I had to do something. I’ve been using the RegenePure system for almost two months and I definitely see an improvement. I still have a little dandruff when my hair starts to get oily but it’s not too bad. I’ve also noticed that my hair has stopped shedding so much. Before RegenePure, I was getting handfulls of hair whenever I’d wash it. Now, I only lose a few strands in the shower. It’s amazing! It does dry my hair out a little but, overall, I’d say my hair is much healthier after using this product. The down side is that the bottles are so small. I have super long hair and I’m on a tight budget, so $45 for the set is a little pricey. I’m surprised they’ve lasted me this long. I only use the DR treatment on my scalp, then the NT on all of my hair because it lathers more than the DR. I don’t use any other shampoo or conditioner with it. Also, I wash my hair every other day. I’ll probably purchase one more set, then go back to using a regular shampoo and conditioner.

Carlene Winder, GA

Waste of money I regret all the money I wasted …

Waste of money I regret all the money I wasted buying this hair loss product that does not do anything in your favor

Maura Bedford, OH

Drying, but more for your money

This is one of the many shampoos recommended for hair loss. They all seem to be based to some degree upon tea tree oil and peppermint. This one also has a "treatment" which smells a little like bubble gum. For me, taking some vitamin B seemed to help more than any shampoo. As with others, this is a little drying.

Janie Center Sandwich, NH


Yes, I feel like it works after awhile. It does make your hair sooo dry and you lose some hair at first but I think it somewhat works after that. I love Nizoral and would love for it to be back on the market. I had to stop using this because of how dry my hair got.

Katie Galax, VA

Great smell – not sure if it worked at all

I think the shampoo and the condition smell good. I really liked the conditioner, and although it’s really watery, it was great at getting any tangles out. It did leave my hair feeling dry and seriously took away any body, leaving my hair limp and flat. I used it for two months and have finally switched to something else as I couldn’t take the limp hair any longer. I’m not sure if it ever helped with hair growth. I feel like I have some new growth at the front of my hairline, but I really don’t know if it was from this product or the vitamins I started taking.

Tanya Irmo, SC

Great Shampoo ingredients

I alternate between the DR and NT daily. The DR has a menthol/Vick’s smell that washes out. I don’t know if this shampoo regrows hair but it is used by me for the 1% ketoconazole for seborrheic dermatitis in my mustache and eyebrows (it really works well for the flakiness, as I have had none since I started using it). It realy burns the eyeballs if you look for the soap bar. with the DR on. It does not have common allergens, sulfites, bad preservatives, SLS, methlyparabens, or carcinogens in it. I can not recommend this for regrowing hair, though it might; it just takes so long to tell (many momths)and it will likely just be peach-fuzz and just keep you hoping and using it. I did not buy it for that. I am 66 and not losing hair that I am aware of, but I am thinning. I will update as needed. This is a 2 pack so it is a total of 16 ounces for $45 at this time, about $2.82 an ounce. It is less expensive than buying the DR and NT separately, but it is still pricy. The NT does not have any Ketoconizole so it gives me a break from it every other day.I recommend it as a good shampoo for adults, will buy again, and I hope this helps someone.

Tania Fredericksburg, PA

love this stuff!

I do not have hair loss issues but I love this stuff! It cleans without stripping and I can go an extra 2 days without washing my hair. I have been researching how to have healthy pretty hair and it includes not washing everyday. This was a big jump for me as I have always washed my hair daily. These products make it so I don’t worry and my hair is soft and clean without drying it out. LOVE this!

Ingrid Mount Vision, NY


I’ve been using for over 5 months now and have seen ZERO hair growth. It is ridiculously overpriced… If I saw any results it would be worth it, but I don’t, so it’s not. On the plus side, It makes my hair and scalp feel healthy and I have no dandruff at all, but the same can be said of other products 1/3 the price and they actually smell good.The blue bottle is super watery and the green bottle is very thick and reminds me too much of Pert Plus both in smell and consistency–Both bottles smell artificial, but are not unbearable. I won’t buy again unless it was being given away–I’ll try something else that makes the same claims but smells better. I’d definitely recommend Nizoral Shampoo. That shows some results, but you aren’t supposed to use it daily–hence why I bought this Regenpure stuff, waste of money.

Tabatha Duncan, MS