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Reflections by Conair Home Vanity Fluorescent Collection Mirror, Matte Black Finish

The Conair Fluorescent Lighting Black Double-Sided Mirror features 1x/8x magnification for easy viewing when applying makeup, shaving or putting in contact lenses. This beautiful mirror includes an energy saving lifetime fluorescent bulb – which uses 60% less energy than the standard incandescent lighted mirrors by Conair. The fluorescent bulb also is 30% brighter. The Conair Fluorescent Lighting Black Double-Sided Mirror features an 8” diameter round head in a beautiful matte black finish – with elegant vine design and includes an On/Off switch located on the line cord.

Key features

  • 8″ Diameter mirror with 8x/1x magnification
  • Energy-saving lifetime fluorescent bulb; 30% brighter and uses 60% less energy compared to Conair’s best-selling incandescent metal mirror
  • Double-sided viewing
  • Rotates 350° for standard view or 8x magnification
  • On/Off line cord switch

Honest reviews


Love this thing!

It looks fabulous on my counter! The mirrors are perfect, I love the amount of magnification (hello pores). The light isn’t super crazy bright, which I like. I don’t know what the complainers are looking at or why they need surgical lighting to see it? I use this thing to pluck my eyebrows and apply eye makeup – it works great for these things. If you need a lighted mirror for normal use, this is great 🙂

Marcia Aubrey, TX

Cheaper ones work better

I just gave this away to someone who liked its decorative look because honestly, that’s really all it’s good for – neither the light nor the magnification is powerful enough despite the high price. My little handheld 15x magnifier does a better job.

Nicole Fairfax, MN

Bigger than I thought

But lovely. It is very pretty and the mirror is great. I wish the light was a little brighter – but that seems to be the case with most makeup mirrors.

Dianna Paton, IA

Definitely worth it

I’ve been looking for a mirror for my vanity and tried so many others that weren’t bright enough, or tall enough, or pretty enough. I decided to try this one because of the reviews and I am very happy that I did. The design is beautiful and the light is so bright and perfect for applying makeup or tweezing my eyebrows. It looks great on my vanity table and it stands at the perfect height for me.

Alisha Comstock, NE

Lovely design.

Awesome mirror. HUGE magnification compared to my old mirror. I hope it lasts as long as my previous Conair mirror. Looks great on my dressing table as a compliment to my Hollywood girl vanity mirror.

Juanita Forestville, MI

I love the shape because it’s so unique

I love the shape because it’s so unique. So far it works great for all my needs! I mostly use it to apply my makeup and the light is very useful so seeing things in great detail! The only drawback, but this is with all magnifying glasses I think, is that you have to get really close or things get blurry.

Josefa Brooks, GA