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RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

Within ten minutes (development period) Refectocil produces permanent coverage and even coloration which lasts several weeks. The vivid coloration is light and water resistant. A complete line of tinting accessories renders the application of Refectocil professional, simple and very profitable. Refectocil is the perfect choice for dyeing beards, sideburns and even intimate hair!

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hate, hate, hate

Hate this product, it does not tell you that you need to buy the solution separate to mix with it to make it work and it really did not work. I followed directions and I am also a cosmetologist. Did not work at all as described.

Irma Carthage, TX

Does its job well.

Please don’t let the printed instructions worry you, especially the part about how this shouldn’t be used to dye eyelashes, and how it may cause blindness. Those words are put on the instructions because there is a law in the US that bans the sale of products used to dye or tint the eyelashes. (This law was enacted decades ago when an entirely different eyelash dye blinded at least one consumer. Hence the law. And yes, back then US lawmakers were into protecting consumers and not only the companies that harmed them.)So even though you can purchase this product online, the US retail packaging has to coyly pretend this item isn’t for dyeing eyelashes, even though it’s sold in every other country for just that purpose.I’ve used it to tint my eyelashes and eyebrows and it did a fine job. I got a little in my eye once and it stung, but I wiped it off and there were no problems whatsoever.I had to mix this paste with a few drops of developer (purchased separately) and goop it onto my lashes.Prior to applying it, I gently covered my lids and under my eyes with petroleum jelly. If this dye gets on your skin, it will stain it for a few days. (Ask me how I know this.)This stuff doesn’t like to stay on lashes. It doesn’t stick like mascara does; it slides off. I’ve tried different methods and what works for me is to pile it on with the little soft plastic wand that’s included in the package. I have used a clean mascara wand to apply it, but I found the soft plastic stick worked better.If you’re a first-time user, you may benefit from having someone help you. Oh, and check YouTube for videos about how professional salons do it (do a search by the product name.) There were many helpful tips.The instructions tell you to squeeze out about an inch or so of the dye and add a few drops of developer and mix. That amount was waaaaay too much for me and my sparse lashes. I had plenty to use on my eyebrows — and those of everybody on my block! The dye stayed on my brows a lot better than my lashes. And it did a great job darkening both my lashes and my brows just as I wanted.

Francesca Greenville, NY

no mention you need to purchase an oxidant separate

I am extremely disappointed there was no mention of having to purchase an oxidant. That makes this tint not such a good price at all. The oxidant is another $13.00. For those of us that are newer doing our own lash and brow tints this seems pretty deceitful. This product can go back to where it came from.

Cherie Kintnersville, PA

Worked Perfectly

Well I’ve never dyed eyelashes before but I thought I would give it a try. I ordered this with the refectocil 3% developer (you need both). I read the other reviews so I also decided to use an old mascara wand that I’d cleaned. Prior to mixing the product I applied a thin layer of vaseline under my eye and on my eyelid. Then under my eye I took a small cotton pad and “stuck” it to the vaseline so that it was almost touching my lower lashes. Then I mixed the product and gently rolled the mascara wand in the dye and put it on my lashes just like I would mascara. I waited the prescribed time and then removed the cotton and followed the directions for rinsing etc. I ended up with no black smudges anywhere on my skin and my lashes are definitely darker. Like others have said it’s not a HUGE difference because it just darkens the lashes you already have, but for me it was enough! I’ll definitely be using it again!

Natasha Bledsoe, TX


I did leave feedback once but I’m happy to do it again. I put little bandaids under my eyes which worked perfectly, mixed the product, for me it was best to use an old, washed mascara wand, applied it to my upper and lower lashes, got a little in my eye but didn’t freak out, wiped the tears and re-applied and have had darker more noticeable lashes for about a month now!!

Gabrielle Orange, TX

Be Careful

I just used this yesterday and my lashes look great. I’m amazed at the color. The problem is the “developer” which is hydrogen peroxide. I believe that’s what made my eyes burn and sting. I’m going to try it again to see if it works without the developer.The applicator that comes with the dye is useless, so be sure to have something available to apply the dye. I used an old eyeliner brush. The bristles don’t stay together anymore, so it’s likes an artist’s brush, which would probably work as well. Have tissues and cotton swabs handy just in case. If you apply the dye first thing in the morning or later in the day, oils from your face will help to keep the dye from staining your skin. I washed with plain bar soap and had no trouble removing the dye from around my eyes. I did get some on my fingers and fingernails. It had washed off of my skin by the next day, but it stayed on my nails for a couple of days. I’m going to be sure to have at least one coat of clear polish on my nails before I do this again.

Jolene Lindsay, MT

worked great

Worked great to dye my lashes. I just used regular Hydrogen Peroxide it is 3% like stated in another review it worked grate and saved me a bunch of money. My lashes are nice and dark just wear clear mascara to make them look thicker.

Twila Dennard, AR

Its ok. Not worth the fuss.

It fades, is somewhat difficult to apply, and makes my eyelashes difficult to curl. But the dye does set fast, so theres that. . thats nice.

Jami Eloy, AZ


OK I read the reviews. I watched application video’s on youtube. I planned this in my head…Here is what I learned as a first time user. Yes it does work. I washed my face and eyes. I had an old mascara brush clean and ready to use.. But NO that didn’t work. The under eye pads also were not for me. I mixed the solution in a small glass bowl using approx. 1/4 of an inch of dye and approx. 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide. I used Vaseline on my eyes. As close to the lash line as I could get it. I ended up using the tool that came with the dye. I did the dying using a magnifying lighted makeup mirror. One eye at a time. I left it on for approx. 15 minutes…I WAS VERY CAREFUL. I felt a minor bit of stinging, no big deal. I used an old clean damp cloth to remove the dye. I did manage to stain the first two fingers on my right hand so next time I’ll use vaseline or thin gloves also I did get a bit of dye on one top lid but not enough to freak out… My lashes are thin and light so I chose black. It actually does work……………..2nd time I used paper towels under my eyes. I had to slightly dampen them to get them to stick. I still got some on the lid of my right eye but used the other end of the applicator to rub is off….Both times I got dye on my right index finger. I must remember to use vaseline on my finger…I’m happy with the results…

Mattie Avon, NC

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (PURE BLACK) .5oz

I have used RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (PURE BLACK) .5oz to dye my eyelashes.Pros:- it produces lovely, naturally-looking black eyelashes- it is relatively easy to use- a little product goes a long wayCons:- it washed out pretty quickly (which is the reason why I took a star off my rating)- it stung while being applied (I am not allergic and I did not get it into my eyes, but it still gave me a burning sensation that lasted a day.)Overall, I am happy with this product and I will buy it again.

Cornelia Glen Mills, PA