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Redken Rewind Pliable Paste, 5-Ounces Bottle

Flexible fiber technology gives strong structure and sleek shine.

Key features

  • A pliable fiber network provides support and control so you can instantly replay
  • Inspired by the spirit, energy and fashion on the streets of NYC, Redken styling products translate the latest buzz into hot hair trends
  • Redken Rewind Styling Paste twists, shapes and texturizes your hair into changeable styles

Honest reviews


Great Product!

Have used rewind for many years. Just a little on the fingertips…very, very little…and then ran through hair keeps itmanageable all day.Really like it….and here on amazon, it’s very economical and a handy place to get it!!!!

Consuelo Hoquiam, WA

great hair product for men with short, medium-thick hair

I just repurchased this product for the fourth time my fiance. He has black hair that’s pretty short and fairly thick. He isn’t super picky about his hair (he’ll wash it with anything), but this is the only product he will ever use. It gives an almost wet look to the hair; a small quarter-size amount is all he needs to style it each morning. Occasionally he’ll re-wet his hair in the afternoon and put a bit more in the product for a more styled look, but it never gets goopy or greasy and dosen’t harden like many styling products tend to do after reapplication. It’s a bit pricey, but one jar lasts a few months. There aren’t any cheaper similar alternatives at the drugstore. It has a clean, somewhat masculine scent, and is blue in the jar but goes on clear. Ordered on Amazon, you can save about $1/jar compared to purchasing it at Ulta or a salon. If it ever gets discontinued my fiance will probably shave his head.

Rowena Loretto, KY

Buy It Here! I Just Paid $23 for this at CVS!

Yup . . .they saw me coming! So this is my first jar of this amazing hair styling paste. The jaw says it’s pliable and it indeed is. I have shoulder-length hair and like a product that delivers fullness and texture. This one accomplishes both, without the old gel/wet look. I’m done with mousse and really like what this product does for my style. The only other product I’ve found that does this is Aveda, and we all know one needs a loan to keep your shelves stocked with Aveda!A couple people I know saw me today and asked what I did differently with my hair . . .that it looked great. Thanks, Redken! I believe we’ll be friends for quite some time. And I’ll be purchasing it here on Amazon where I can literally buy two for the price I paid locally today for one.

Leann Waunakee, WI

great stuff

I use this styling paste for when I put my hair back…I use it almost daily when I put my hair into a pony tail for the gym. I have fine, blonde hair…holds my hair in place without giving me a wet, crunchy hair look. Love this product.

Debra Leasburg, MO

Versatile Styling Product

I bought this product a couple years ago and it instantly became one of my favorites. I have wavy hair and use it define my waves. It’s great because it washes off your hands very easily unlike a lot of oil-based products. It does have a scent that reminds me of men’s cologne which is not my favorite but it’s mild enough that it doesn’t bother me.What’s funny is since I bought it, my brother now uses it everyday to sculpt his hair. It’s definitely versatile so give it a try!

Lynette Dublin, VA

BEST ever used!

My hairdresser introduced me to this quite a few years ago, and it’s still my favorite of anything else out on the market for hair products. After washing hair, I put just a dab on my palm, rub both palms together & run thru hair. Then I style, and use just a "bit" more in places I need to style. It adds shine & volume, holds the style.

Jo Fordyce, NE

Perfect for my 2 year old’s spikes!

I love this styling paste for my son’s spikes. It does smell a bit feminine compared to the Crew fiber I used, but this is much easier to work with. Its a great in between from fiber and hair gel. Fiber is really thick and was pulling my son’s hair when I worked with it. Gel worked, but it didn’t stay in really long. This is a happy median and I really like it. He doesn’t say it hurts and it doesn’t leave build-up in his hair. It washes out well every night–we use it every day!

Maribel Forksville, PA

The BEST Styling Paste For Short Hair

I would not be without this styling paste. I have short hair and it really gives me lift and helps keep my style in place. It’s pliable and easy to work with. All you need to do is just lightly coat your fingertips with it, just a little bitty bit….not too much or it will look tacky. Just get a little bit smeared on the tips of your fingers, then fluff your fingers through your hair….lifting up at the roots and fluffing it out. I try not to mess with it too much….just a few "fluffs" and you are good to go. Then I give a little spray with some TIGI Masterpiece hair spray and I am ready to face the world. I LOVE REWIND. A wonderful product.

Chris Glasgow, WV

Closest to Bedhead Manipulator

Trying to find something cheaper than Bedhead Manipulator, the styling gel that I love, but is expensive. Tried many brand so far and this is the closest I have found. Not as good though. Still too sticky.

Tabitha Kensett, AR

The best stuff around

I love this stuff. Better than hair wax. Doesn’t leave no residue in your hair. Really holds up if you live in a place with humidity.

Sonya Parksley, VA