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Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo for All Hair Types, 10.1-Ounces

Breathtaking design meets unrivaled craftsmanship in the kohler tailored vanity collection. No detail was overlooked in the meticulous crafting of this collection, from the premium hardwoods to the specially designed hardware and vanity tops, all available in an array of finishes to create your own look. This damask vanity reflects the rich details found in colonial American architecture. Complete your vanity with a coordinating top, hardware, and accessories from the collection.

Key features

  • Combines with solid/expressions and ceramic/impressions vanity tops (sold separately) for a complete vanity
  • Frameless construction with full-overlay doors
  • Three-way adjustable slow-close door hinges with 110-degree opening capability for easy cabinet access
  • Full-extension 18-inch depth drawers with slow-close under-mount slides for smooth opening
  • Coordinates with the k-99686 damask knob and k-99689 damask handle (sold separately)
  • Clarifying for all hair types
  • Helps remove mineral deposits and styling product build-up
  • Adds shine, purifies and refreshes hair

Honest reviews



I was stoked about the previous reviews so I took a chance on this. I have super fine hair that gets greasy. I work out daily so it needs to be washed. I also read that doing a clarifying shampoo once a week can help make hair shiny. This however was too drying, my hair felt like straw, and needed a deeper conditioner than what I normally use. Won’t buy this again.

Ernestine Marion, MI

Updated- beware of long term use

I’ve deleted my prior review.. Be careful with this product…. I used it once every 3 weeks to remove any buildup on my relaxed hair. I’ve done ths for months and months…. The last time I used it… It completely stripped all of the oil from my hair and left me with matted roots and tangled ends. I couldn’t belive it. It took me hours of repeated oils and conditioner applications before I could get my fingers thoroug my hair. Sadly I lost the strands that tangled and haven’t recovered from the damage as my hair is still breaking. I don’t understand what happened but I won’t be using this ever again.

Janell Richmond, MA

does what it says it will

i bought both the redken extreme shampoo and conditioner along with this cream shampoo because of the very hard water i have to use. i use it weekly, and my hair is always shiny and squeaky clean after use.

Deloris Eagletown, OK

didn’t work

i have really hard water and it didn’t help at all. makes your hair feel really clean and smell good but did nothing for helping to remove the rust and calcium build-up. also had crappy customer service. there was a mix up in the mail and i originally paid for shipping and i finally received it 2 weeks later than what i was told. and i never received the 1st original bottle. the seller was ez to get a hold of and they told me to let them when i received the "lost bottle" and the 2nd one they sent out. needless to say i only received 1 bottle 2 weeks later. will never ever buy from them again

Crystal Edgewater, NJ


Excellent product… So creamy … Cleanses very well yet does not dry out the product…. Will definitely recommend this to everyone

Rosetta Tiro, OH

Great shampoo

Got my hair bleached and I decided to buy products to make it look nice and healthy again and this one really helped, used it before applying a protein on my hair and now it is nice and smooth.

Cheryl Bluff Dale, TX

Fantastic cleanser to use once per week

I have **extraordinarily** damaged hair, and have probably purchased around 500 different products– from shampoos to conditioners, from oils to creams– in hopes to find the product(s) that will help my hair looks its best. I am a very big fan of Redken products, so when I saw this Redken Cleansing Cream Shampoo at my hairdresser’s, I asked about it. She highly recommended it for use once per week, so I bought it.This cleansing cream shampoo is *NOT* like most cleansing conditioners (such as Wen cleansing conditioner, Mizani cleansing cream, or Loreal EverCreme cleansing cream). It is a cream *shampoo*, not a cleansing *conditioner*. This product is intended to strip products from the hair, not to moisturize damaged hair. Because it is a stripper, it should not be used daily.With my damaged hair, I put a lot of products in it to calm it down. I alternate among Redken AllSoft Oil, Redken Diamond Oil, It’s a 10 Spray, and several other such products. While I use other shampoos or cleansing conditioners MOST days, I do use this Redken Cleansing Cream Shampoo once per week to strip all those other products from my hair. It works beautifully!I would NOT recommend using this product every day; it is too hard on the hair. But for use to strip styling products from the hair, this shampoo couldn’t do a better job!

Robert North Garden, VA

Unlike Other Clarifying Shampoos

This one keeps your hair so soft without drying it out, as many clarifying shampoos have a tendency to do. Your hair feels completely clean. This is a great poo for after deep oil treatments.. e.g. I like to use coconut oil to treat my hair once a week to keep it in tip top shape. Highly recommend!

Kristina Buchanan, NY