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Redken Extreme Cat Protein Reconstructing Treatment Spray, 5 Ounce

This spray delivers protein and ceramide to help fortify weakened areas,. Protect internal strength and reinforce surface protection and shine. For distressed hair. Made in usa.

Key features

  • Extreme Cat Protein Treatment by Redken for Unisex – 5 oz Treatment
  • Extreme Cat Protein Treatment by Redken for Unisex

Honest reviews


saved my hair!

after bleaching and re-bleaching my hair 3 times in 1 week, this stuff (in cunjuction with smooth down conditioner and anti-snap) SAVED MY HAIR. I went from sections of my hair breaking off to the scalp to NO breakage at all. You must leave this in your hair for at least 10 minutes with a shower cap if you really want good results. Make sure you rinse and follow up with a deep conditioner. If this could save my bleached blonde hair, it will save yorus!

Margret Stottville, NY

No difference noted

I bought this product after seeing a review and recommendation on YouTube but I noticed no effect on my color treated long hair at all. Also the bottle design is HORRIBLE. With wet hands you cannot grasp it firmly enough to spray on your hair because it’s tapered at the top. Very poor design. Will not buy again. Buy “It’s a 10” instead.

Beulah Lecontes Mills, PA

Did nothing for my hair.

This product was recommended b/c my hair was a bit dry from coloring.I purchased it and used it. I did not see any type of results. Good nor bad ones. My hair stayed the same. For the price that I had paid, one would think this product would have worked better. The product did not do what it was supposed to do. Maybe it was just me?

Susan Clive, IA

Thank god, but an egg will do too!

My hair was TRASHED. It was so sad I ruined it by repeated bleaching, dying, toning, abuse from shampooing everyday. I went to a stylist to see what I could do because I felt like I just needed to shave my head, it was that bad. He suggested I use Redken’s CAT and their other extreme lines so I bought the CAT bottle. He instructed me to use 3x in a row the first day leaving in a few minutes each time then 1x a day for a week.WOW. I don’t know much about hair but I do know if your hair is very damaged,takes hours to dry, and is sort of slimy when wet (like you pull on a strand and it keeps stretching then snaps) it’s a sign it’s fried. Also, my hair was breaking quite a bit when dry. It was super soft when wet, but that was misleading because as it dried the moisture from the water left.SO my point of sharing that is to state that if your hair feels hard after you use this that’s a GOOD thing because the proteins are fortifying your hair. This product made my hair hard after the first use and after 3x in a row it was significantly more healthy. Follow up with a deep moisturizer.Then it hit me the next night. I spent $18 on this bottle when an egg mixed with oils does the same thing. My hair is almost fully restored to what it was before the chemical abuse. Be patient and don’t lose hope, it’s a process that takes time

Caryn Hampton, IA


I’ve been using this for months now and this was a reorder…I did some damage to my hair and this helps make it feel healthy again

Iva Glendale Springs, NC

Hard to Grip, but Good Stuff

This is really great stuff. The reason I’m not giving it five stars is the shape of the bottle. When I’m in the shower, it’s really hard to grip while spraying this stuff in my hair. I had to buy a different spray bottle from the local drugstore and put it in there.

Juana Greenville Junction, ME

Finally, a cure for damage!

I trust nothing else except Redken CAT to repair my damaged hair. I was a licenses cosmetologist for 13 years and I swore by this stuff. Will keep buying!

Gayle Kittery Point, ME

Best Product Ever…

After a rough and rocky flirtation with John Freida volumizing hair products, I had some severely damaged hair. I am using the whole "Extreme" line to get my hair back into condition and this is my favorite product. I keep a dry washcloth in the shower. After shampoo and conditioning, I blot my hair with the dry cloth and spritz this through. Leave on 3-5 minutes and rinse. It does wonders and is worth every penny.

Sheree New Iberia, LA

Great for damaged thin hair

I like this product as there are not many products on the market that restores protein to the hair like CAT from Redken. It shipped from London! I was unaware when ordering, so it took a couple of weeks. No biggy though. The product is hard to find anymore where I am at and was the same price I’d pay here with the shipping, since its discounted on Amazon.

Abbie Swifton, AR

good weekly treatment to add protein and replenish your hair

I have waist length, light brown (natural color), thin/fine hair and I live in CO so it’s dry/mixed weather here – lots of sun, wind, rain, snow, etc. for your hair to deal with. Thin hair needs more protein, so I use this treatment once a week. I also triedChi Deep Brilliance Silkeratin 17 Hair Fortifying Treatment, which seemed to work even better, because it immediately made my hair feel thicker (as I was rinsing the product out). Try both and see what you think. I shampoo, rinse, squeeze as much water as I can out of my hair, then spray a LOT of either this or the CHI spray in, leave in for 10-15 minutes, then rinse, then condition – once a week and both work very well.

Catherine Castleford, ID


I severely damaged my hair with bleach but I was able to repair it decently with this reconstruct or and with using the anti snap. I am ecstatic with these products from redken

Nita Pleasant Hill, LA