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Redken Extreme Anti-Snap, Lipids/Proteins , 8.5 fl oz

A protein rich formula that fortifies the damaged area of hair and helps reduce breakage.  Contains ceramides and fruit acids for added strength and shine. Exclusion Salon Distribution Additional Product Inform

Key features

  • Anti-Snap leave-in treatment foritifes the damaged area of hair and helps reduce breakage
  • Redken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System delivers a unique 3D Repair Complex of proteins ceraminde and lipids to help provide internal strength cuticle reinforcement and protective resurfacing
  • Hair is healthy-looking manageable and shiney

Honest reviews


Amazing leave-in product!

I am African American with relaxed hair and I absolutely LOVE Redken’s Anti-Snap. My stylist recommended this to me a few years ago after unending amounts of breakage in my hair and I can tell that using it has kept my hair from breaking, and also helps it grow. I have a new stylist who always raves about how healthy my hair is and I contribute most of that to Anti-Snap. Contrary to what some other reviewers have said about it drying out your hair, that’s not necessarily true. It can be a little drying to ethnic hair because one the main ingredients is PROTEIN, so it is recommended that you use a little bit of oil or a creamy leave-in conditioner after using the Anti-Snap. It is the best product for damaged, breaking, or just weak hair.

Beulah Millington, NJ

Great Product

I have been battling extremely dry, brittle split-ends for as long as I can remember and this leave-in treatment is amazing. I use it at night after my shower and put a generous amount on my hair. Honestly, I use like 3-4 pumps of this stuff and just saturate my hair after I comb out the tangles. I don’t use it on the roots, just from the middle down to the ends- focusing most of the product on my ends ’cause they’re the driest. I absolutely LOVE this leave-in conditioner! In the morning, my hair is soft and my ends aren’t dry at all. And it’s not weighed down or anything either so styling is a breeze.

Alta Stitzer, WI

one of my fav leave ins.

this has been one of my all time fav hair products(= it smells great and makes my highly textured african american curly hair soft and very manageable. I seall with coconut oil for added moisture.however the price is such a turn off and the product arrived SCREWED OPENED AND SOME POURED OUT IN THE BOX. Only reason I knocked off a star. Seller needs to be more careful with packaging.

Julie Purdum, NE


Used on fine, thin, naturally curly over processed hair after having a bad dye job then having it stripped, re-colored, re highlighted a couple times to have this dye job corrected. It was dry, brittle and breaking off after all of these treatments.I used it in conjunction with the Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner and these are my go to products if I ever do wrong to my hair. After a bottle of this stuff (again I recommend using the shampoo/conditioner accompanying it) my hair was like brand new. I just went out and got more today because I didn’t learn my lesson from last time and will be going through several months of correction to get rid of a horrible color I did on myself. I feel confident that the redken Extreme line can help keep my hair strong and healthy during the process! It’s a MUST HAVE!

Hilda Bausman, PA

great product

Redken Extreme Anti Snap is a great product to have on hand when your hair is weak, breaking, and falling out. I just relaxed my hair today, and when i was detangling, my hair was falling out from the root. It felt and looked dead. beyond repair. I calm down and reached for the Redken Extreme Anti-snap. My hair was easier to comb through, and less hair fell out. No one product can save total damaged breaking falling out hair. This product sure did help.I now use Anti-snap every time before i Blow dry my hair. This is my new staple product for an emergency hair fix. and every day maintenance. Will keep stocked up.

Diane Manchester, TN

Great product, affordable salon care for your hair!

My hairdresser used this after cutting my hair and I loved how my hair felt, so I had to buy some. I hardly ever repurchase the same hair product twice, but this I have repurchased many times. It only takes a little bit and I can tell the difference in the strength of my hair after if I stop using it. I’ve since purchased the matching Shampoo and conditioner from Redken. I love the body it gives to my long and fine hair and it lessens the breakage.

Christy Eastwood, KY

Great Stuff

I love this stuff. Like the Redken Extreme shampoo, I have used this off and on for some time and it works wonders on the hair. My hair seems to be much more healthy when I use it. It is also more manageable. I highly recommend this product.

Lynda Tulia, TX

great for thin, fine hair

I have a problem where I get too impatient waiting to see if leave in conditioner/hair repair products work, so I buy other products and then I use them all at once and then I can’t tell which one is actually working. That happened to me with this one.I can confidently say the following:Using this is better than using nothing. When I used it consistently, I noted fewer new split ends. I can’t say that it actually repaired my current split ends because I’m not totally sure if that’s possible if you aren’t getting regular haircuts.This is PERFECT for thin, fine grease prone hair. After using several products, I noted that even the best ones can weigh your hair down or just make your hair look downright awful if you use too much of it. That is not the case here. I would occasionally go pump crazy and put a lot of this in my hair. It didn’t weigh it down or look bad. I can see how some hair types would greatly benefit from this.This all being said, I probably not buy this again. It’s not that it’s a bad product.. I just think I’ve found better for my hair type. I really do recommend this for thin fine hair though.

Melissa Carmel, NY

Been using this for Years..Awesome

I have been using Snap for years.If I don’t use it on my towel dried hair before using the hair dryer, my hair hasa slight friz to it. I also use Redken smooth down shampoo, and conditioner.In my opinion it is the best for colored treated hair, that is dry.I have owned a large hair salon, and beauty supply. Redken Snap was my biggest seller asa leave in Conditioner. I have not found another product that can compare to Redken’s Snap.It gives your hair body, does a bit of contitioning, and you have control over your hair, no matter what type of hair you have.I noticed some people have said there hair does not fall out when they use Snap!I don’t think its from using Snap, although its a great product.

Eunice Lake Arthur, LA

Great stuff

This is a really great product. The only down side is the fragrance. It actually smells like the perfume vanilla fields. If you like that then this will be perfect as the product does work, and makes your hair soft and even shiny. The smell is strong, and I am not a big fan of vanilla scents so I don’t like that about it, but once it’s dry in your hair you can’t smell it anymore.

Virgie Stokes, NC

Helps protect hair

I bought this product after having bleached my hair one too many times and was looking for some relief. I know you cannot repair split ends but I wanted to help them out as much as I could without chopping off all my hair. A little on the pricey side I felt this Redken Extreme Anti-Snap cream was worth the price. I use it every time I was my hair and before blow drying and I mostly only apply the products to the ends of my hair where the damage is most noticeable. It helps smooth out he damage so much compared to not using the product at all (and blow drying). Having a bottle around is nice incase you feel like your hair needs some help being tamed and lasts a really long time! 1-2 pumps is more than enough!

Adela Wayland, MA

Really pleased

I am always looking for good hair products. I just don’t have great hair. I used to bleach it (I have since gone to darker blonde) so I had breakage and fly aways. This is some of the best stuff I have used, and I have used a LOT. Redken, overall, is a brand I have yet to go wrong on. If you can justify the price in your budget, it’s worth it! I have fine, straight hair and this did wonders!

Samantha Fordsville, KY

Great hair stuff!

I was looking for a good product for my hair which I have been coloring and straightening for many years. This product has a great texture and smells wonderful on my hair. After I wash my hair, I pump about 3 squirts of this cream into my hand and then rub it all over my head. It is not sticky, smells great and really does seem to strengthen my hair.

Joan Farmington, PA

Smells like cotton candy

I love this stuff! I apply to damp hair and then brush, then braid. my hair. Leave in, it has made a HUGE difference in frizz, health, etc….LOVE THIS!

Sophia Ringling, MT

Smells like bananas

This is great to use as a “leave in” before styling your hair. It smells like bananas to me. It is good to use as a heat protectant as well. It does smooth the hair down and calm frizzies.

Heidi Woodland, CA

Light and Softens My Dry Ends (Fine Tightly Curly Hair)

I use this leave in product on the ends of my hair strands every time I wash may hair. I have noticed a big difference when I do not use it. I use a very tiny amount maybe a quarter size throught my whole head of 3c/4a fine hair). I use other treatments in my hair (including a creamy leave in) and the combination of this with a lightweight creamy leave in and anti frizz serum results in perfect smooth hair when I use heat or roller set my hair.

Gena Prairie Grove, AR