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Redken Color Fusion Advanced Performance Color Cream 12N Neutral

Redken Color Fusion Advanced Performance ColorCreme was created with Redken’s exclusive High Fusion Technology, which combines Advanced Dye Performance with an Exclusive Conditioning Creme System for unsurpassed quality in permanent haircolor. Color Fusion forms long-lasting color that resists fading and won’t wash out. 

Key features

  • Redken Color Fusion Advanced Performance Color Cream 12N Neutral

Honest reviews


Redken Color Fusion 5BC

Level was just right but color was a little flat on me. I’m planning on adding a little red but I’m sticking to REDKEN after trying them all and I do mean all. I’ve been coloring for 33 years and I’ve experimented alot. Redken holds and holds and holds even after deep conditioning and using styling products. Mine has barely faded in almost 3 months. You can’t get mileage like that out of either boxed or salon color. Yay Redken.

Melody Garwin, IA

Amazing professional hair color

I love it. I mixed it with the 12Av for an amazing blonde color. Highly recommended. I will repurchase this for sure.

Yolanda Slanesville, WV

No good.

The color was not received as described. Would not recommend. Did not resemble the color that was advertised. I was very disappointed with this purchase as it was not at all what I expected.

Leslie Howard, KS

Nice coverage

I combined 6GG and 5GR in equal parts. My hair looks amazing! it has a nice rich color without the cooper tones. I used a 20 volume cream developer and was able to created a homogeneous solution in a matter of minutes. I am not a professional at all, I just have enjoyed Redken coloring for a while. Redken Color Fusion is my favorite so far. It’s been a month since my l last coloring and the color hasn’t faded away. My hair doesn’t grow very fast so it still looks really nice. Very pleased with this product, highly recommended.

Constance Mckenna, WA

Best Tint

Redken Color Fusion is worth every bit of 5 stars. My color stays true till my next coloring. I like to use it with 30 volume peroxide to get that extra lift. Amazon’s price for this product is fantastic. I could never find this deal where I live. By coloring my own hair I save something like $60.00. You can’t beat that!!

Nanette Central City, IA

Very pleased

I use this in conjunction with a processing solution……that solution starts with a ‘t’…..tresso?…..something like that. Anyway, I use the 9 neutral to lighten my hair a bit……..I leave it on 7 minutes, don’t use a plastic bonnet, apply it with a brush, start underneath and work my way up to the top……..wash it out and Voila! Then, a few days later I highlight my hair with Revlon’s Frost and Glow……my hair looks professionally done and trust me……I’m no pro!

Valarie Micaville, NC