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Redken Color Extend Shampoo & Conditioner Liter Duo

1 NEW REDKEN COLOR EXTEND SHAMPOO LITER & 1 NEW REDKEN COLOR EXTEND CONDITIONER LITER REDKEN COLOR EXTEND CONDITIONER New! Color Extend Conditioner detangles and smoothes hair for a finish full of color reflection.Redken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System and powerful 360º Protective Complex help shield, stabalize and secure color intensity. If you want to get your moneys out of your color, use color extend. REDKEN COLOR EXTEND SHAMPOO New! Color Extend Shampoo gently cleanses and protects to leave hair manageable, refreshed and shiny. Redken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System and powerful 360º Protective Complex help shield, stabalize and secure color intensity.

Key features

  • Fights the four causes of color change: environmental aggressors, poor cuticle condition, coloraltering minerals, water attack
  • Refreshes and moisturizes hair
  • Protects Color from fading
  • Fade-Resist Complex
  • Provides a vibrant, shiny finish

Honest reviews


like the product

i like the conditioner better than the shampoo. i did loose a lot of color using the shampoo. i recommend using the conditioner first then the shampoo to cut down on color lose

Adelaide Thornton, WA

Worth the Money

I absolutely LOVE this shampoo/conditioner! I have extremely oily/fine/thin hair and this stuff works great! I have also noticed that it does extend my color in my hair and leaves it shiny and beautiful! When you have colored hair it is important to not wash your hair with cheap shampoo/conditioner and honestly you get what you pay for! I spend $150 bucks to get my hair colored, so I don’t mind spending a little extra on the products if they’re going to help the color extend to its fullest! This conditioner is also great because it doesn’t leave your hair greasy and it helps detangle it in the shower. I also love the color extend deep conditioner that I use about once a month (same line made by Redken) and it helps your split ends be minimized and your hair restored! Again, I have way oil hair so using a deep conditioner is something I’m always skeptical about because they’d typically leave my hair greasy and gross. The Redken color extend line, including the deep conditioner, have never left my hair gross, oily, or flat! They also have ingredients in them that are good for heat resistance!

Pearlie Granger, IN

New formula did a number on my scalp

I have used this shampoo/conditioner set for years with great results, until I purchased the new formula (which includes cranberry oil). For some reason this new product left my scalp itchy, oily, & caused me to break out along my hair line. With the old formula my roots would only be a tad bit oily by the 3rd day of not washing it, now on the 2nd day my roots are greasy & my hair feels dirty & looks limp. It feels like there is a heavy build-up on my scalp & hair, which is causing it to look duller & the color less vibrant. Needless to say, I will not be using this set anymore after many faithful years. The old saying definitely applies here: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Helen Minor Hill, TN

Great for color treated hair.

This product is great for color treated hair. This is a very good price and nice to get in larger size. The salons offer smaller bottles with large price tag.

Brenda Wyatt, WV

redken color extend

I have coarse porous hair and this takes the color out!!!! In fact if I make a mistake and the color goes too dark this is my go to shampoo for fading it fast! It does a good job of conditioning and your hair does shine, but it is also designed to keep color in which it does not for coarse hair. This should stipulate on the label that this is not intended for coarse hair!

Gilda Black, MO

Buy These and Save on Coloring

I got this duo of Redken shampoo and conditioner 6 months ago when I had my hair hi and low-lighted.The highlights and lowlights are still very much there after all these months.Every time I go to get my haircut, my stylist can not believe that the color is still there!Definitely worth the price, it will save on coloring costs for months.

Sara Luning, NV

Good stuff

Only products my wife uses. So much cheaper on Amazon then at a salon. These last her for months. They also sell a pump that works with these bottles, really cuts down on waste that way too.

Deanne Addyston, OH


When my stylist used this on me a week or so ago, we were talking about how fragrant this product is. Super fragrant. But I used both this morning and it isn’t fragrant at all. And the shampoo is foamy, like when you first beat egg whites……I was looking forward to the fragrance, aside from the color extend, so I am disappointed with this product. I’m a little concerned that it may have been tampered with…… Maybe things like this need to be bought at a salon? I really wanted to love it. I bought it from “Beauty in Style” with the order fulfilled by Amazon.

Marcy Oakdale, CT

Love it!

This shampoo and conditioner is the best! I always buy these big bottles, but it lasts me for months. I have thick, fine hair about two inches past my shoulders and I wash it once a day. Doing that, this lasts five months or more. I can tell a noticeable difference in how long my color lasts. I’ve been using this shampoo about two years and I still love it.

Catherine Beaver Island, MI

Not any better than others

This shampoo and condition due doesn’t seem to be any better than any other that I’ve tried. So not really work the price. The size was huge though. But will be trying something different.

Maggie Nashotah, WI

Loved it at first

I use to love this product, however recently noticed that my hair is unhealthy, dull, flat, getting tangled, and large painful zits growing around my scalp. I couldn’t believe this shampoo was creating this, so I decided to change and use another product. After two weeks of using another product, I came back to Redken Color Extend shampoo and conditioner. And again, my hair felt and looked unhealthy, dull, flat, was getting tangled and started getting large painful zits on my scalp. Sadly, I no longer use this product. I gave it a 3 b/c the product worked GREAT when I first used it.

Julianne Lindsay, MT

The perfect shampoo/conditioner.

I have elbow length hair. The shampoo alone is conditioning! I can comb my hair wet with shampoo only. Use both shampoo and conditioner and you hair will be super soft and plumps up your hair. Shampoo smells wonderful! I am a shampoo junkie and considering throwing away my stash and keeping this exclusive.

Cathleen Sulphur Springs, TX

Amazing price for a great shampoo/conditioner!

I am so glad to have found this on Amazon. These bottles would cost more than twice as much in my Salon, so this is a great, great buy. At this price and size, it’s barely more expensive than some drugstore brands.I have colored-treated hair that is fine and oily. Redken Color Extend has a nice lather, mild scent, and makes my oil scalp feel squeaky clean. The conditioner does NOT weigh my hair down, which is sometimes a problem for me. My color looks great – I am certain that it doesn’t get as brassy as it did when I was using regular old Herbel Essence. And my hair has great body too! I used to wear my hair back most of the time, but since switching to Redken I can wear it down more often because it’s not as flat.Overall, I love this set. If you have fine oil-prone hair, this should be great for you too!

Kelley Aplington, IA