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Redken Body Full Instant Bodifier Volumizing Foam, for Baby Fine Hair, 5-ounce

Body Full Instant Bodifier

Key features

  • Volumizing foam for baby fine hair
  • Instant Bodifier volumizing foam pumps up baby fine hari with lasting anti-gravity volume
  • Weight-free conditioning and static free shine

Honest reviews


The BEST styling product I’ve ever found for fine/thin hair!

I swear I must have some of the finest/thinnest hair around (& do too some medication I have too take it makes it way worse too the point sometimes my hair falls out in clumps after washing & combing it, NOT GOOD)!! This product hands down is the absolute BEST I have ever found too really make my hair look thicker & gives it so much volume (& I’ve tried just about everything). You only need a small amount of it as well. It can be a little “sticky” but just wash your hands after, it’s so worth it!

Helen Weatherford, TX


This product is exactly what I have been looking for. I have very thin, fine hair and never can get volume. When I put this in my hair “unbelievably” the volume was thick and I could actually work well with my style. I will be getting another bottle soon, it’s amazing.

Christi Crowell, TX

Just ok.

I have shoulder length baby fine hair and I thought it was just ok. I only used 2 pumps and started at the roots. It felt like I had too much product in my hair and my hair looked dull. It may us it up here and there but doubt I will purchase again.

Lina Carrollton, VA

Not what it should be.

This makes my hair dull and coarse. This cost’s way too much for the end results. Buy something else.Smells good though.

Beth East Rutherford, NJ

Ok for What it is

This is ok. I read the reviews and tried it for my super fine hair. I would say this is so so and probably wouldn’t buy it again. It is not bad and does give my hair some volume, but it is super hard to determine how much to put on, because if I put on too much it really weighs my hair down, and if I put on too little, it does nothing. Might be worth a try, but I don’t highly recommend.

Lashonda Morro Bay, CA

Dries your hair out!

This product dries your hair out bad!! I used it once and will never use it again! I like the look of soft flowy and silky hair. If you like this type of look as well, do not use this product!

Margret Gadsden, AZ

actually does what it says

I have sparse baby fine hair, and even my co-workers noticed how much volume I now works best when applying to the bottom hair of damp hair and than blow-dry

Rosanna Woodstock, VA


I regret that I so quickly responded to my first use of this product and the initial praise. The results did not continue, and I’m back to the flatness of before. In fact, I hardly notice a difference whether I use it or don’t.

Sara Gratz, PA

Love it on my super fine, short hair

I have always used root boost but found this and ordered through amazon. It’s my new number one product for styling. I rub into my roots around my head and comb through then use another products for texture and this helps with that. Then blow dry and style. Definite volume and texture. Will be a regular product for me and will buy again.

Sara Nampa, ID

it works!

This is probably the first volumizing product that has ever worked for my hair, and I have tried just about everything there is out there, from cheap to expensive, from shampoos to mousses to gels and sprays. I have baby fine hair that is very limp and has no volume on its own. I use Redken when my hair is damp and again after I’ve dried it with a blow dryer. I think it adds a little extra volume when I add it to dry hair. Anyway, it gives me great volume and I like it because I don’t end up having to tease my hair because it already looks like I did! It doesn’t weigh my hair down either, I can’t feel the product in my hair, it’s just bouncier and really full looking. This product is great; will keep buying and hope it continues to work!

Caryn Albion, IN

No More Flat Hair!

I use this everyday that I have my hair down and it is great! I have fine hair but you would never know that if I didn’t tell you! I put this in damp hair, blow-dry upside down, style, spray and I am done! It holds up for most of the day! Even looks fuller once the day is done and my hair is ‘done’ for the day! Won’t need to touch up if you go out after work! LOVE this product!

Lauri Cohutta, GA

Stopped using it

Made my hair kind of greasy, which is the exact opposite of what I was hoping for. The hunt continues…

Gertrude Corfu, NY

Great body with no extra weight.

I have very fine hair, and I struggle to find a product that will give it some body without making it look weighed down and greasy. This is great! It gives my hair a subtle lift and grip without weighing it down. Also, the smell is wonderful! I highly recommend to anyone with unruly, fine hair.

Jerry Experiment, GA

Great product

This does a great job and delivers the results it promises. Smells like fresh herbs. Good value and lasts a long time.

Andrea Fayette, MS

Good But Not Great

I just don’t see the volume. I mean, Yeah sure it’s there, but it’s slight. And I’ve been using about 4 pumps!I run it through my damp hair, root to tips after brushing it out. Sometimes I blowdry, sometimes airdry. Same results, maybe a little thicker with the hairdryer. I just don’t understand why it’s not working for me. I’ll play around with it a little more, and hopefully I find the right amount, and perfect the whole application process thing. Maybe that’s where the problem lies?

Krystal Taneyville, MO