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Redken All Soft Shampoo, 33.8 ounces Bottle

Redken All Soft Shampoo – softness for dry/brittle hair All Soft Shampoo gently cleanses and softens dry, brittle hair. Formulated with Redken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System and illuminating Silk-Luxe Complex that deliver gold camelina,avocado oil, olive oil, argan oil, and silk amino acid to provide intense softness, replenishment and strength. Hair is wrapped in softness with increased manageability, movement and luminous shine. (33.8 oz)

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  • Highest Quality All Soft available

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Amazing shampoo

I have naturally curly hair that is very frizzy. Every time I wash my hair, I usually have to spend 10-15 minutes combing the tangles out in the shower with a wide-tooth comb. With All Soft, I hardly have any tangles and my hair is soft, shiny and manageable. Any product that can get rid of my snarled mass of tangles as well as prevent further frizz is a keeper. Smooth Down shampoo by Redken is also great for taming tangles and frizz. It is hard to beat Redken products–my stylist highly recommends Redken and I can see why. She uses Redken color on my hair as well. You won’t be disappointed.

Phoebe Edgar, WI


I have frizzy, wavy hair and this shampoo did not make my hair soft in anyway. It was in no way better than any cheap shampoos, not worth th money at all. Was disappointed hearing lot of people feel the same after they came up with this new formula

Robin Catoosa, OK

A very good shampoo for dry hair

I have dry hair plus I live in a dry climate. Finding the right shampoo has always been a challenge for me – some products make my scalp itch & break out, others just leave my hair feeling brittle and/or weighed down. I hardly ever use styling products for the same reasons. This shampoo leaves my hair feeling light and soft and easy to comb through; and I don’t need a conditioner. While I do still use a clarifying shampoo maybe once a week, this is a very good daily shampoo for me.

Leanna Granger, WY

good stuff

Smells like Apricots, creamy lather, hair appears smoother but no more moisture than any other product. Feels gentle and not harsh

Cleo Allakaket, AK

love it

best shampoo around if you have damaged hair. It is terrific to make your hair manageable and healthier looking. No regrets

Angelica Oskaloosa, IA

redken all soft

This shampoo makes your hair really soft and shiny. However to get that softness the shaft of your hair is blown up causing alot of friziness. There is no smoothness to your hair at all so if you have frizzy hair to begin with, this is like double the frizz. Adds alot of fullness and body to your hair since it is poofing it out. If you had fine hair this would be perfect to give some body. Does create healthy hair. If your hair is badly damaged this will get it back into shape.

Erin Indian Orchard, MA