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Redken All Soft Heavy Cream, Avocado Oil , 8.5 fl oz

super treatment for dry/brittle hair Heavy Cream Super Treatment is a rich, moisturizing cream that intensely softens dry, brittle or coarse hair.  Redken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System delivers <

Key features

  • Highest Quality All Soft available

Honest reviews


Awesome All-Soft

Does what it says. You’ll be amazed! Makes frizzy, dry hair smooth and soft. I wouldn’t use it every day, though. Once a week or so worked for me. And, like the previous reviewer said, a little goes a long way, so use most of it on the strands and ends, not at the roots. Perfect for my naturally curly, wild hair, it does what other salon hair "systems" that cost far more could not. Buy it. Use it. You’ll love it!

Mary Fort Atkinson, WI

Relieved to say the reviews were right!

I bought this based on other reviews and had a good dose of skepticism. As a naturally curly/wavy caucasian girl with thinning long hair and a mix of normal and fine strands with a smattering of gray, my hair is touchy – I almost never apply heat or styling appliances and when I do, I use heating protectorant sprays. I also color the roots to catch the new gray about every 2 months and do one salon overall color once every year or two to even out the color. I only use a wood or horn comb, treat my ends almost nightly with varying oils, and try try try to increase length. I avoid sulfectants, alcohol based mousse/hairsprays, stay away from dimethicones and I shampoo only at the roots. I deep condition every week using varying products which all say they work but in reality, often have little long term improvement. I thought this product would be another in the long line of experiments that failed to live up to the hype.After the first use, I was impressed…more so than any other product I can think of in the last few years. I always leave conditioner on longer than recommended….this I am leaving on an hour uncovered. Upon first use, the entire hair shaft was much improved, even my straw like ends. Repeated uses have only continued the improvement. My natural texture will never be ‘smooth and silky’ but I am no longer fretting over the ends like I used to. I finally feel like I have a real tool in my battle to improve my hair quality and continue growing it longer. This is the first Redken product I have ever tried and I am now looking at the rest of the line as a potential life line.

Angel Callaway, MN

From a girl with thick,coarse, naturally curly hair…..

If it works for me it will work for anyone. To top it off I also color my hair, and most the time i straighten it, so i put it through hell. This stuff makes your hair so soft, and actually makes my hair less frizzy. It’s shinier and feels less frazzled after i use this. It looks healthy. i love this stuff!!!

Erin Romeoville, IL

Have used this product for over 10 years!

This heavy cream is the best conditioner ever! I have curly coarse hair and I also relax my hair (Black American). The conditioner makes my hair so soft and full of life. A couple of months ago i had a lapse in judgment and decided to try a different product with keratin in it and it completely fried my hair. I couldn’t even run my fingers through my hair and it felt like straw. Finally after about a couple of months I wised up to the fact that the new shampoo and conditioner was causing the problem with my hair. So with my hair heavily damaged I decided to try this shampoo and conditioner again to see if it could repair my damaged hair and I’m so happy. My hair is soft again and very healthy. I can run my fingers through it again. I will never try a different product because nothing works as well as this and it smells really good. I shampoo and condition in the shower and I leave this product on my hair for about 15 mins. Also use the the shampoo with this product for best results. My daughters hair is very coarse and it feels very soft after using this product.

Carissa Nelliston, NY


Very thick. I’d say this is the best conditioner I’ve ever used and this time around I really destroyed my hair!

Adeline Caneyville, KY

Five Stars

all Redken rocks. i trust my hair to all of their products. this leaves hair silky soft for days

Manuela Imlay City, MI

great product

of all the expensive hair products i’ve purchased, this one is the only one that makes a difference to my hair. but i’m still trying to figure out if it’s worth the money.

Lacey Spearville, KS

the best

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream is the best Redken treatment of the entire Redken line. I luv all the Redken lines. Each of the lines are for different hair issues. All soft is universal. We all get dry, damaged, brittle, and dull hair. This product is the best for all those issues.I luv the fact it has avocado oil in it. Avocado oil is the best oil for dry-damaged hair. It smells great. After leaving it in my dry-damaged hair for about 1-hr with a plastic cap, my hair is soft, manageable, silky, and 90% less breakage occurs when I comb my hair.REDKEN Lines are some of the best hair care product on the market. Its in every high end hair salon. Its simply one of the best. My favorite is the all soft line. Its best to use the shampoo, conditioner, and the treatment together for the best results.

Claudette Sacramento, KY

Keeps my hair soft

This is a great deep conditioner, it makes my hair so soft. i do not use it all the time only when I take a longer shower.

Nettie Tamms, IL