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Redken All Soft Conditioner Unisex Conditioner, 8.5 Ounce


Key features

  • Advanced silkening formulas transform the texture of dry, brittle hair. Provides intense softness, replenishment and strength.
  • Deliver increased manageability, movement and luminous shine.
  • Gives hair a silky soft texture.
  • Provides hair with inside-out conditioning.
  • Detangles and replenishes. Helps strengthen hair.

Honest reviews


frizzy and dry

I’ve been using this for years now..and this time not sure if redken changed anything in the ingredient or the seller is sending some duplicate which is not actually redken..this is making my hair all frizzy and dry which is odd. Well, anyways I bought it so will use it and then buy one in another store to make sure if redken really has changed something on this conditioner/duplicate product and will discontinue using this .

Madge Wheeler, IN

Great for thin, blonde hair

This is one of the only conditioners I continue to buy because it does what it advertises. My hair is WAY less knotty and WAY more healthy with WAY fewer split ends than when I do not use this product. Even if I don’t use this product everyday (I usually use it a few times a week) it does the trick. This bottle has lasted me MONTHS!

Georgette Littleton, NC

For those of us who need a heavy conditioner…

This is not so great as a one-and-only conditioner for me since my hair is pretty healthy. It’s also pretty fine so It really tends to weigh my hair down. But I use it on the last 4 inches of my long hair and it keeps the length healthy. I noticed my scalp was a little oily when I was using only All Soft.If you have thicker, drier hair, this is THE BEST. The avocado oil keeps your ends looking great. Might not be great for finer hair though.

Rosetta Bradley, AR

Best Conditioner out There!

This conditioner isn’t just for dry, brittle hair, it’s for anyone who wants luxuriously soft hair. You will find a big difference in the look and feel of your hair with this one. I’ve been using it for over half a decade now and absolutely swear by it.

Faith Letart, WV

It really make my hair soft!!

I love the smell and the texture of it. This conditioner really make my hair soft, I use this as my daily conditioner. Once a while when I need extra nourishment, I would pack on hair mask on my hair in stead of this conditioner. I would recommended this All Soft Conditioner to those who has normal to dry hair.

Stacie Redfox, KY

Redken conditioner

I’ve been having a lot of frizzy hair problems and couldn’t find a shampoo and conditioner that worked. This shampoo and the rinse did the trick. My hair is softer and tamer than it was. My hair doesn’t get greasy. I love this stuff.

Erma Bridgeton, NC