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Red Cherry False Eyelashes #82

#82, Human Hair Black, Has a natural length and not too dark

Key features

  • 100% Human hair
  • False Eyelashes

Honest reviews


Awesome price and quality as expected!

There are always a few pairs in a bulk where the lashes are uneven however, I love this style and the quality for the price here on Amazon can’t be beat! There are so many other bulk eyelash companies out there and they just do not compare to Amazon’s prices! Wait for the price to go down like I did and order it in multiples, you will stock up and never go without!

Mandy Norris, SC

Too long!

I just started wearing eyelashes to give my own real ones a break from the curling and mascara. I started by wearing Sephora’s and MAC’s. Those are very light and airy, while the line from which they attach is thin and moves much easier. These Red Cherry eyelashes are much heavier, the attach line is thicker and harder to move, and they are way WAY too long. I try to look as natural as possible and there is no way anyone could pull these off unless they were deliberately going for the fake look. I love the way they look but it is just not the look that I am going for. I don’t like looking like a drag queen.

Jo Hephzibah, GA


A big fan of red cherry eyelashes!!! These are long and look so natural, this has to be my 100th time buying this eyelashes. You won’t find good quality in another eyelash after you use these. What I like so much about them is they can last for a week, you can sleep, shower, and etc with them on. I highly recommend!

Lelia Malone, NY

hello beautiful

these bad boys are so light weight i love it! they are long, and i like my false eyelashes long but they are much lighter than im use to and that makes me love them even more!!

Gloria Belmond, IA

Very flirty

These glam up a look. You can try to reuse them but don’t put mascara on them unless you feel like cleaning them!

Nita Bismarck, MO

Fast shipment

Came on time but I thought I ordered more natural lash. This is more for cosplay or costume. Very fake if you want fake look

Desiree Climbing Hill, IA

These are my new official favorite

I wear fakies when I have events to attend. They are natural but nice and long – if I could just put them on better…

Sylvia Elmore, AL


Great for the price, I will purchase again light feel long and lovely. I purchased many different types of lashes over the years and this one is my absolute all time favorite brand and number #82 You won’t be disappointed.

Pansy River Rouge, MI

Gorgeous 🙂

Looks pretty natural, my husband couldn’t tell they weren’t mine. They add great length and are durable with a thin crisscross strip (as shown in photo) They are one of my favorite styles.

Concetta Salem, MA


Perfect will order more there affordable and look great on feel great and you can wear more then once awesome!!!

Misty Ashby, MA

va va voom lashes

I am lash challenged, so I got these for a nice little lash booster when I go out, they look natural, I did some grooming on them, very comfortable and easy to apply.

Annabelle Norton, VT

Favorite Red Cherry Lashes!

Very beautiful, these are my favorites alongside with #43.I love them. I will definitely repurchase more of these lashes.

Kay Weimar, CA