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Red Cherry False Eyelashes #43

Great way to extend the length and thickness of your eyelashes in seconds.

Key features

  • 100 percent human hair
  • false eyelash extension
  • handtied

Honest reviews


Yay Red Cherry Lashes!

These are good lashes. Very light weight and you won’t notice you have them on. They are extremely long for me. This is more for like going out but there are ladies out there that like them for everyday use and that’s okay. My eyes are small so I need something shorter for my eyes. I really like that the outer edges are longer, it gives your eyes a very nice cat eye look. Awesome quality but they need to be treated carefully if you want to reuse as they can easily mess up.

Caitlin Sandia Park, NM


These were a little too long for me but I trimmed them up and they looked so amazing. Not fake, just FULL! Try these out!

Cassandra Sibley, IL

Best lashes ever!

These are by far my favorite lashes! A nice in between of "those are fake" and "those are natural". I love the length and how thick they look with my actual lashes. I have huge blue doe eyes and these just bring them out even more!

Jacqueline Pleasant Valley, NY

Very dramatic lashes

I purchased this product because it was recommended on youtube. The lashes looked good on the video–not to over the top. The product itself is lovely it you like lashes that are dramatic (never pass as real–everyone knows they are false). The ends flare out quite a lot. I want to emphasize that this is a a good product, just not for me. I prefer something more subtle.

Goldie Summit Station, OH

These are not for everyday

These are very fancy, very high class and good quality lashes.They are INCREDIBLY long, though. It is absolutely obvious that it’s not your eyelashes, because it’s so big and long. It’s gorgeous, but it’s for a night out or something.I knocked a star down because I wanted something less VA VA VOOM and was sure that this is gonna be it.It’s still awesome, though.

Peggy Saint Peters, PA


love them… really good lashes especially for the price! Real human hair so they look great! I just wish they came with glue

Bianca Wyatt, MO


if you want natural hair lashes that will look natural on you then this is the brand for you! will never buy other brands red cherry is the best and this particular #43 are so natural looking that no one comes to know youre wearing falsies. At a party my mom was wearing falsies from walmart and i this RD #43 and brothers gf came to know my moms were falsies and thought mind were my natural lashes haha!! that was funny bc she also wears glasses.

Edythe Safford, AZ

great lashes overall but not for me

red cherry lashes are great! Durable, lightweight, long, thing everything you want in falsies but for me….these particular lashes were toooo long. I know it sounds crazy but the just didnt look natural on me whatsoever. i will definitely be buying from this company again!! Great price, wonderful product

Christy Knapp, WI

super cute

They were super cutei wore it with thick makeup so they weren’t too bigThey lasted welllove them

Myra Rougon, LA

Great Product

I know a lot of great makeup artists that use these eyelashes and I was very impressed with them. They are super light weight which is the best part. They say on well and look amazing. I would recommend these to anyone who loves lashes. I will stock pile on these!

Shelly Fort Mill, SC

Best false eyelashes ever!

They are a little bit long but still wearable , feel very light on my eyes VERY easy to wear. compared to the other brands of false eyelashes I tried before..Red cherry is my favorite! now I dont need to wear mascara ..yay!

Dorothy Shell Rock, IA

Wrong size!!

Was too long than I expected. Kind of un-natural looking( for my eyes) I should have research about their sizes. I tried it coz it was cheaper than the Ardel wispies.. Might order again but in a different size( natural looking one)

Edna Columbus, NM

Great for makeup artists!

I personally hate these lashes on myself but as a freelance MUA I love having these in my kit. They’re a hit with my clients and real human hair!

Simone Nelson, WI

Good lashes.

These really look good and I couldn’t beat the price. These are very dramatic, I would not recommend for everyday wear. I feel beautiful with these on!

Darlene Schleswig, IA

Great cateye lashes

If you’re doing a smokey eye or a cateye these are perfect! the length at the outer corner makes your eyes pop!

Patricia Laclede, ID