Red Cherry #138 False Eyelashes

Red Cherry lashes are great for a night on the town or at the office. These lashes are of professional quality at a fraction of the price you may pay at a beauty salon. Kim Kardashian loves these lashes. They look great and make u feel like a million bucks. They’re easy to apply and easy to remove. Use a lash applicator when applying them to avoid glue on fingertips. U can touch up with eyeliner and a bit of mascara when necessary. Done correctly, you will get that instant wide awake look that everyone goes gaga over

Key features

  • beautiful lashes
  • instant new look
  • its about the eyes

Honest reviews


Four Stars

Was a little bigger than I thought but like them love price

Estela Vandergrift, PA

Nice and Full

These are very nice if you want something along the full side . More of a more not so Natural look but stillGorgeous and who cares when it comes to looking good 🙂 they are easy to apply and don’t need mascara as others doand that is sometimes a big help to me if in a hurry . Great price always !

Darlene Lucernemines, PA

Great lashes.

I really really love red cherry lashes and I usually just stick to 3 different types(wsp/43 for night & dw for daytime) but I’ve been wanting to try some different pairs from red cherry and these are super beautiful and flirty but too dramatic for me. These are way more noticeable than I personally like on myself but would be great if you want a fuller more dramatic look. I bought these because I have seen them on someone before and thought they looked amazing on them, just not for me. The quality is still incredible for the price.

Shannon Valley Springs, CA


Our makeup artistes wanted false lashes for special occasion makeup sessions. We found these and have been very happy with them.

Brittney Grassy Creek, NC

love them but not for me!!!

Came on time and these are perfect for people with big eyes ! I have big eyes as a girl and I still felt truly lol like a spider so I only wore them once but I have always relied on red cherry lashes for my clients. If you like how these look but they feel too big and long switch to #47 they are the smaller version of these eyelashes.

Cathryn Bath, SC