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Red Carpet Manicure Must Haves Kit

The must haves kit essentials for the perfect Red Carpet Manicure kit includes everything you need to prepare, care and color and finish your Red Carpet LED gel polish manicure in minutes. Leaving you with weeks of gorgeous color and incredible shine, that lasts and lasts.

Key features

  • Essentials for LED gel polish application
  • Dries instantly
  • No smudges, no chip
  • Weeks of long wear
  • Made in USA

Honest reviews


Great system!

The RCM system is one of the best that I’ve tried so far in regards to gel polish. Unfortunately, all of the liquid products in this kit can be purchased for a much better price. The acetone and alcohol can be bought at Sally’s for way cheaper than these tiny little bottles that don’t last long. The actual polish components are great though.

Autumn Mirando City, TX

Mini sized

Products are a little smaller than Gelish Mini but just as good. I’m experimenting with different gels and so far Red Carpet passes

Elena Redmond, UT

Ok to get started

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the at home gel manicures and so I got this because it was more economical than buying some other brands I am more familiar with. Everything works well, so if you need these products I recommend it. However, I find several steps unnecessary as you might have something already that works the same (ex: the replenish is just a nail oil, and the purify is practically rubbing alcohol). The top and bottom coats def work well with the lamps I just think they smell really bad. When I run out I will probably buy CND but there is nothing wrong with the function of these products.

Eileen Buchtel, OH

Loved it, first time user

I am ecstatic about this purchase, now when I reorder I do know, that I will not need 2 of the bigger bottles, just acetone and 90% rubbing alcohol. I will probably only reorder the prep, base and top coat.Worked beautifully with the red carpet LED lamp I purchased. Everything done in less than 10 mins, I’m sure when I reapply it will take longer because it takes 20 minutes to remove the Gel polish.I actually didn’t use the Red Carpet Gel polish but purchased Gelish since it was a few dollars cheaper or had free shipping.Also keep in mind this KIT DOES NOT come with a Gel Polish just the base and top coat.Saving me $30 each time. This purchase was worth it.

Cathleen Islip, NY


I bought this kit along with a UV light for my sister as a gift for Christmas, the package arrived on time and packaged well, I gave it to my sister on Christmas day, she opened it and did her nails the same night and they looked awesome, I have decided to buy the same kit for myself, along with the light 🙂

Clarice Diboll, TX