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Red Carpet Manicure Light Pro 45

The RCM professional LED light is a 6 watt LED light that cures the Red Carpet Manicure LED gel polish and its accessories for a Red Carpet Manicure. The professional LED light is small, compact and saves time while efficiently curing the Red Carpet Manicure LED gel polish on either the fingers or toes. The Red Carpet Manicure professional LED light will cure structure in 30 second sand LED gel polish colors and brilliance in 45 seconds.

Key features

  • 6 watt LED light that is small, compact and efficient to use
  • Cures the Red Carpet Manicure gel polish for a manicure that lasts up to 3 weeks
  • Preset 45 second timer
  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • Made in USA

Honest reviews


Works with Gelish

RCM and Gelish are apparently the same brand so I was confident prior to buying this that it would work for my Gelish system and my RCM colors equally well. It did. In fact, this is SO superior to my regular UV light that I won’t ever go back. It clearly cures faster but harder as well. I guess maybe my bulbs were weakened in my regular UV light. It’s not like there’s a gauge or anything, so really, how would I have known?I do an entire hand at once, I just pick up the light with my other hand and curl my “to cure” nails in (like I’m gripping a tennis ball). Works just fine. In fact, I like that I don’t have to maneuver wet nails into a small box because my nails always seemed to hit something or find dog fur somehow. Also, it’s kinda cool to watch. The Gelish Top It Off glows under the light so I can see if I’ve missed an area, like the tips. Just don’t be an idiot like me and do touch ups with the top coat while the light is still on. You will ruin the brush. On the plus side, it was cool to watch it cure…less cool that it cured to my nail. Yes I know. Very dumb moment.Also, it is my understanding that an LED light is still a type of UV light, so clear folks like me should be aware. Luckily it’s only 45 seconds per layer (unlike the 5 minutes for my old UV!) so it’s still no where near as dangerous.

Jayne Merrifield, VA

Actually Received Gelish Lamp

This lamp works great! It’s the same shape as the one in the picture, except that it is white and Gelish brand (not Red Carpet). I’m happy, I bought it to go with Gelish polishes anyway. It’s compact, which is perfect for me, doesn’t take up a ton of room on my desk or with my stash. I can fit all four fingers in it, then I cure my thumbs together separately. Goes so fast since the LED only takes 45 seconds to cure at the max, and the auto timer is awesome. Love it!

May Beech Island, SC


It works great. I travel with the light, so it helps that it is compact. I use it with Daisy or Harmony product. My days of going to nail salon is over. I do my own and friend’s nails. I love it!!** I saw some people had bad reviews on this product. Don’t worry too much because it does work. I have used it so many times and I have no problems curing my colors. If you wipe the topcoat with alcohol And color comes off, You may not have covered the color with the top coat well enough. (Watch the edges.) I can’t even describe to you how much I love this light. My nails always look awesome now. You can accomplish this result with other LED lights, but this one certainly works.

Phoebe Slater, CO

Works great!!

I was using a UV light to do my gel manicures and it was taking forever! Probably took me an hour do do both hands. I thought I’d give this a try since the curing times were so much quicker. I was skeptical until I tried it. Works perfect. Cures in 45 seconds. Yes, you do have to do your thumbs separate, but I was already doing that with the other light. Now it only takes about 30 minutes to do both hands. It’s wonderful!!

Esther Cloutierville, LA

Works Great!

This light works perfect for doing your own gel manicure at home. You just plug it in and press the button and it turns off after 45 seconds so you don’t have to watch the clock.

Deana Rockhouse, KY

Awesome and super fast!!!

I love this led light!!! I usually use a UV light to cure my gelish manicures, but I decided to buy an led one so I don’t get the harmful uv rays. This light is so much faster than using a uv light. It took me about 30 minutes to do a manicure, compared to over an hour when I used the uv light.Some people in the other reviews have complained about this light being too small and having to cure your thumbs separately. I don’t find this to be a big deal at all since each time you cure, it takes only 45 seconds. Also, when you get your nails done at a salon, they usually cure your thumbs separately too so it’s not a big deal having to do that at home. Overall, I love this light and I definitely recommend it especially for the low price!

Milagros Hillman, MN

I just LOVE this little bad boy.

This thing has been a fantastic addition to my life!! Until a few months ago, I had never tried gel polishes. I didn’t want the UV light, as I had tried that and it wasn’t my favorite. I ended up sending it back. It heated up the nails so much it felt like they were on fire – Plus – UV rays = Cancer. SO… no thanks.Than I stumbled upon this little gem. It’s so small, light, portable and it works so quickly!! I really love it!If I had to complain about anything at all, it is that it is too small to accomodate a full hand… you have to do your fingers and thumbs separately – it is very small. You also have to be very careful not to hit the back of it with your fingertips, as it is fairly shallow. Who needs depth though… you’re only trying to dry the polish on your nails – as long as you’re careful, and don’t mind doing your thumbs separately – then I would say go for it!It’s pretty awesome 🙂

Michaela Roseglen, ND

Same as the salon

I have been a fan of gel manicures since they came out. I used to pay a lot of money at the salon (35 + tip) to get a french gel manicure. My salon get manicures always lasted about 5-7 days, so I expected this product to do the same. I am hard on my nails- regular manicures maybe last a day with out chipping.This product actually lasted longer than the gel manicures I recieved at the salon. I have done about 4 different manicures since having the kit- each lasted longer than 5-7 days. (8-10 days generally- with touch ups i am sure they could have lasted longer). I have saved a lot of money and time (with practice I can definitely do it faster than the salon pros) using this product.I just wish they had more color options!

Beatrice Bray, OK

Works Great

I was hoping it would work well and it does, cuts a ton of time off the manicure from the UV. I use Gelish products and it works Great!

Deanna Atwood, CO

Great, quick way to dry nails

Recently purchased this LED nail lamp and love it. Not only does it work great for regular nail polish but gel nails at home as well. Way quicker than letting nails air dry on its own! Bring the salon to your home with this great, mini nail lamp. Would recommend!

Lee Buffalo Mills, PA

This Pint Sized Light Packs a Punch

After a few trips to the salon for a gel manicure, I thought I’d give it a try at home. I first purchased a less expensive UV lamp, which was probably 5 times bigger in size than this one. I love the small size of this lamp as it barely takes up any space with my nail supplies. The Red Carpet Manicure Light Pro is a tiny-sized LED lamp that cures faster and more efficiently than the bigger UV I had purchased. I have small hands so I was able to cure all of my fingers on one hand, to include the thumbs, at one time. The timer worked perfectly and it is positioned on the top of the lamp so that all you have to do is give it a quick tap place your hands under the light and wait for the light to turn off. I found a keeper and would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Gabriela Wood River, NE

Works well for the price

I bought this based on the reviews and the price, and am not unhappy with my purchase. It does what it’s supposed to do, I only wish I could fit my thumb in with the rest of my fingers. Oh well! An extra 2 minutes isn’t such a terrible burden to bear.

Loretta Penn, PA

Lasted about a year

I have used this lamp for just about a year now. I have had no problems up until my last two manicures. I noticed my polish wasn’t as hard as it should be. ( I could put a dent in it with another fingernail, and it would slowly pop back out. ) When this first happened I thought maybe I was to blame, maybe I had applied the polish too thick. But after I had the same problem a second time, I knew better. Plus, after applying my Gelish TIO, I wiped off the tacky layer with alcohol and some of my color came off.I am disappointed this lamp did not last longer than one year.

Keri Tutor Key, KY