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Recovery Complex Anti-frizz Shine Serum By Bain De Terre, 1.7 Ounce

Recovery Complex Anti-Frizz Shine Serum was launched by the design house of Bain de Terre It is recommended for normal hair.

Key features

  • Recovery Complex Anti-Frizz Shine Serum was launched by the design house of Bain de Terre
  • This is a serum that comes in retail packaging
  • It is recommended for normal hair

Honest reviews


Chemicals aren’t all bad.

I usually use organic or natural products without chemicals. However, there is no denying how amazing my hair looks after applying a small quarter sized application of this product. Although it has a light scent, I wish this product had no added scent.

Noemi Mayo, SC

Great choice for a serum

Why you should consider to buy this:1. Its relatively inexpensive2. It smells wonderful3. Its not incredibly thickWhere you should keep a bottle of this:1. Your desk drawer at work – mid morning or mid afternoon pick up2. Your gym bagThis is best used on dry hair. Nice alternative to oil sheen.Highly recommended for dry, damaged, ethnic hair, frizzy, curly hair, etc…This product soaks into the hair folicule, and doesn’t leave a oily residue (and I use over a quarter size in my hair)!I have dry, frizzy, damaged hair.Very nice product.

Darla Green River, UT


I am someone who used to always say that I hate my hair. I am in the process of growing out a lot of layers. I used this product everyday for about a week. It was amazing even on the first day. Now I use it every few days as a kind of maintenance. It totally changed my hair. I have also found some new favorite conditioners and shampoos but I know that this product had a great part in turning my hair around. A little goes a long way in the amount you use and how much you use it too.

Addie Bulpitt, IL

TOO greasy and didn’t do its job at ALL

It came in a really small bottle, I thought it’d be bigger for a 4.2floz but it’s not the seller’s fault.I applied just a little bit, but it still appeared greasy and didn’t seem to calm my frizzes. Not at all.It’s a little expensive for a small bottle like this(about $13).

Gussie Elfers, FL


i’ve been using this for 3 weeks now..don’t see any difference except it gives a shine to the hair..doesn’t seem to control any frizz at all. Won’t be buying it again.

Elva Mesa Verde National Park, CO

The best for removing snarls & knots in little girls hair!

I had to crack up when I saw another review called this "mommy magic" as that is honestly what I was going to title my review, in fact when I grab the bottle after washing my daughters’ hair I always say "time to add some magic" and they no longer fuss and cry about combing… just a small amount added after shampoo/conditioner and hair that before would take me 1/2 an hour of trying to be gentle and lots of crying now takes only a min. or two and no tears. Both of my girls sleep on pillow pets (think of a flattened stuffed animal) and end up with the worst snarls and knots right in the back of their heads, no amount of conditioning was getting them out and I was at my witts end…. I remembered I had some of this product, tried it and was shocked how amazingly well it worked. I was thrilled to see it in a bigger bottle available here on Amazon and plan to never run out.

Taylor Medina, WA

Not great

After reading many reviews, I was really hoping this product would work well for me and my daughter as we have to battle frizzes in our hot and humid weather. Unfortunately, it does nothing to help. It feels like a silicone product and is hard to wash off our hands so you can image how it coats the hair. Another waste of money, we’ll keep looking!

Alba Fairview, MO

Silky Smooth

I have been using this for years. Love it! I have color treated fine hair but lots of it. I normally put this on after my hair is dry but if I’m in a hurry and running out of the house with wet hair I will put it on wet. It gives my hair great shine without a greasy look. I don’t apply to the roots of my hair. I try to stay at least an inch away. It also makes it easy to run my fingers through my hair…it doesn’t seem to tangle as easily.I regularly get compliments on the condition of my hair. I know it is thanks to Recovery Complex. I can see the difference when I run out….UPDATE….. I had an old bottle I was finishing before I started using this Amazon purchase so I did not notice they had changed more than the bottle…(it now has a pump that is nice) but they have also added a scent. I think its nice but it wasn’t there before. All and all it seems as if it still works the same on my hair.

Bianca Disputanta, VA

Search has Ended

My family has searched for years for a product that would take care of our frizzy hair without leaving it greasy and weighted down. We found this product and our search has now ended. If you want manageable, soft, and non-greasy hair without frizz, this is the product for you.

Shawna Sayre, PA

Oh my love!

Searched for so long for a product like this! Light almost not there scent. I use it on wet hair. Works well. Leaves hair soft and shiny.

Eunice Oak Ridge, MO