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real Techniques Travel Essentials Set

About the Real Techniques Brushes View larger The Real Techniques Travel Essentials Set View larger About the Brushes Designed with pro makeup artist Samantha Chapman, Real Techniques brushes combine high-tech materials with innovative design to make creating a pixel-perfect look easier than ever. Synthetic bristles are ultra plush and smoother than the hair you’ll find in other brushes. Since our bristles are synthetic, it’s 100% cruelty-free. The soft fibers help create a flawless, high-definition finish in any type of light from sunlight to harsh indoor lighting. The color-coded system corresponds to the key steps of makeup application so you can create a flawless base, enhanced eyes, and the perfect finish like a pro. Each brush head is hand-cut to the perfect shape, allowing for precise application from dense coverage to a soft, delicate finish. The collection is suitable for a wide range of products and every makeup need from powders, creams, and liquids to mineral makeup, highlighter, and shimmer. Brush names on the handles make for easy reference when creating your favorite look. (Tip: Wash brushes at night so they are dry and ready for use in the morning.) About the Travel Essentials Set Essential Foundation Brush – Build flawless custom coverage with liquid foundation or concealer. Multi Task Brush – Sets foundation concealers with pressed or loose powders. Usable with bronzers for an over the cheek color application. Applies Blush to the apples of the cheek. Domed Shadow Brush – Tapered design smoothly shades and defines eyes. 2-in-1 Panoramic Case – Dual carrier and stand keeps brushes organized on your counter or on the go. Brush Care Tips We always love sharing our tips on proper brush care, since clean brushes create the best makeup results. We suggest using a brush cleanser to wash them every week if used daily. Here are some step-by-step instructions: Wet the brush with warm water, being careful not to fully immerse the base of the bristles. Place a pea-sized drop of brush cleanser (or any mild cleanser like baby shampoo) in the palm of your hand. Swirl the bristles in the cleanser in a circular motion until the brush is fully lathered. Rinse the bristles, squeezing from the base to the tips to remove excess water. Repeat until the water runs clear and all makeup is removed from the brush. Reshape the bristles to their original form and lay the brush down on a flat surface to dry. You can also gently brush bristles on paper towel to remove buildup. Makeup Artist Sam Chapman View larger About Sam Samantha Chapman lives outside London, England and is a mother of two. She is in high demand as a makeup artist and is a top-rated YouTube beauty guru with 170 million hits and counting. The press acknowledges her as an expert in her field; she is frequently quoted and regularly appears in national and regional press. Sam’s makeup artistry has appeared in publications including Harper’s, Tatler, Brides, Elle, and Cosmo. In the last 15 years, she has worked with top photographers including Nick Knight and Lord Snowdon. Sam also works with celebrities including Sir Paul McCartney, Peaches Geldof, Ashley Tisdale, Charlotte Church and more. Sam is in constant demand by private clients and students seeking training in her Pixiwoo beauty bootcamps.

Key features

  • Hand cut hair design allows for even and streak free application of makeup
  • Synthetic taklon bristles are non-porous and do not trap or absorb product, bacteria and dead skin cells
  • Bristles are less prone to breakage or damage as well as keep clean and maintain
  • Uniquely shaped and color coded aluminum ferrules
  • Includes Essential Foundation Brush, Multi Task Brush, Domed Shadow Brush, and panoramic 2-in-1 brush case/stand

Honest reviews


If just for the multitask brush….I would get this kit!

I was so excited when this became available on Amazon. It’s super affordable and every single brush is fantastic quality!!! I actually use the foundation brush for concealer on my face and the eyeshadow brush for undereye concealer and the multitask brush for powder. I love love love them all, the multitask brush is super super soft so it can push the powder into the skin and ensures it’s not sitting on top of the foundation and have my face looking powdery, I love it and use it every single day, I haven’t touched my Sigma powder brush since I got this one, when I’m cleaning my dresser I can’t stop touching them, they are so soft! These brushes are a definite must-have!

Flossie Fisher, LA

Makeup brushes

The large brush is too big to use for blush, the medium brush is too small and pointy and the smallest brush is for eye shadow. I found these brushes to be anything but useful.

Patti Woodburn, KY

Not my favorite brushes

I’m a fan of pixiwoo on youtube and have watched most of their tutorials. I was excited to try these brushes. For the cost, they are fairly good… but not great. Biggest warning I can give future owners of these brushes is to never subject them to extreme heat. I made this mistake (I left them in my car one day in the heat of summer) and the material covering the handle melted and has been flaking off ever since. I know I shouldn’t have left them in that heat but I think a brush should be sturdy enough to withstand a bit of harsh weather. All in all, for the price, they’re good brushes.

Lily Guasti, CA

Not Enough Brushes

A few more brushes would make this the ideal set for the majority of women. Sad to buy so many that will never be used. After several weeks of trying I am giving up on all the brushes. Too many loose bristles and no real improvement in how i look.

Bobby Whitethorn, CA

it is amaizing

thank youi got it at time and in perfict wayi got mare of it as gift and evry body is happy by it

Wanda Highmore, SD

Perfect for what I needed

These aren’t high-end brushes, but they certainly aren’t cheap, dollar store quality either! These are economical, soft, easy to clean and apply my make up flawlessly. The case is an added bonus.If you’re looking for a decent set of brushes and aren’t looking to drop a fortune – then you can’t go wrong with these!The case is just a case for me. I don’t use it as a stand up holder (basically it keeps them from being thrown in a drawer).

Colleen Curtisville, PA

Excellent value

This travel set has just the right selection of brushes you will need when you travel. They come in a handy easy to clean case. These brushes are the softest and are made from Taklon synthetic. This means you can use both powder and creme makeup with these versatile brushes. Absolutely worth every penny.

Keisha Bluefield, WV

Great Quality and Convenient

This brush set is inexpensive but high quality. The stand is very handy for quick makeup application in the mornings, particularly away from home. Highly recommend!

Jannie Rocky Ford, CO

not sure it’s names correctly

love the brushes, great quality, no shedding or bleeding of dye. eye shadow brush is great for concealer like sam and nic say in their vids and the multiuse brush is truly that, god for liquid and powder… so handy. the foundation brush is useful but not for foundation it’s more of a highlighter brush for me. also, these are full sized brushes which I like, but if you were looking for something compact and smaller, these are not it, but still great and I would highly recommend

Antoinette Osceola, IN

One of the best sets of RT Brushes.

Essential Foundation Brush – Meh. Out of the entire range of RT brushes, I haven’t used this one very often because I don’t feel like it’s big enough to apply foundation to my entire face. I usually reach for my Boots no. 7 or Mary Kay foundation brush. If you like your foundation brushes on the smaller side, you might like this.Multi Task Brush – YES. This brush is my most used out of all my RT brushes. I use it to apply powder foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, contour… just a GREAT brush overall, extremely versatile.Domed Shadow Brush – Great for blending eyeshadow. It’s on the bigger side of eyeshadow brushes.Panoramic 2-in-1 brush case/stand – Meh, I tossed this because I found it a pain to use. I didn’t like that it was always open and that my brushes weren’t sealed off from the outside environment when the case was closed. I would prefer if they came in a case like the Sigma brushes, or if they included a cute little bag to keep them in, but that’s just me. I don’t like having to put each brush back into a specific place, and I feel like this gets dirty and isn’t easy to clean.I could do my entire face with these three brushes. I would say that this is my favorite set of brushes out of all the RT brush sets.I’ve had the full set of these brushes since they first launched in 2012. Since getting them, I’ve used at least three of them every single day. That’s two years of constant use, and they look and preform the same way they did the day I received them. Since getting the full line of these, I have not purchased a single new brush. My old mac brushes lay untouched in the back of my drawer. Not to mention that just one Mac brush costs as much as the whole set of these ones. Did I mention that you can now buy these at Walmart?These brushes are superior to animal hair brushes in every way. They are cruelty free. They are extremely easy to clean– I timed myself, and I can wash twenty brushes in seven minutes. They do not get stained. I purposely didn’t clean red OCC Lip Tar off of my lip brush for a month, and the lip tar came off as easily as any other product. (I use Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Body Wash or just regular Equate hand soap to clean mine.) They don’t hold any funky smells or bacteria after washing, since the bristles aren’t porous, unlike animal hair bristles. For the same reason, they dry off very fast. My RT face brush takes about 30 minutes to dry if I leave it damp on a washcloth, and I can dry it almost completely in a few seconds if I rub the brush against a sham. I’ve cleaned and dried my brushes right before using them to do my makeup regularly. My mac brushes take hours (sometimes days) to dry completely, even if I wipe them against a sham first. Another advantage of the non-porous bristles is that you don’t have to condition them. After washing animal hair brushes, you are supposed to condition them with an oil or conditioner so they stay soft and don’t get brittle. If you don’t, your brushes will start shedding. The RT brushes don’t need to be conditioned, and they don’t shed.Then, they are soft. Softer than animal hair. They pick up product and dispense it with ease. Product doesn’t linger in the brush nearly as much it does on animal hair brushes, which lets me use less product. Truly a pleasure to use and apply makeup with. My one small gripe is that sometimes product can get stuck on the black grip part of these brushes, but that is hardly an issue since it cleans right off. They just might look a bit dirty after rolling around in your makeup bag.These are so durable and have held up better than any brush I’ve ever had before. As I said before, I’ve been using them for two years already and they look and feel the same way they did the day I got them. I’m sure that they will last for years to come. I would give these to a friend. I would repurchase. Affordable, durable, just a great product. These would be a great gift to anyone that wears makeup. I would recommend these over any other brush on the market. I feel that this is a truly superior product in every way.

Maricela Fort Mc Coy, FL

These are very reasonably priced brushes and very good quality.

Each brush in this set if soft and very good quality. The stand-up case was kind of cheesy so I threw it out. Overall this is a brilliant buy for some really nice makeup brushes.

Kelsey Jemison, AL

Good quality but not as useful as I hoped

Bought these and love them, but unfortunately I don’t need or use then as badly or as much as I thought I would. The small one I love for spot coverage application, and the biggest one is great for powder and/or blush, but the foundation one doesn’t work like I would have hoped, and so I stopped using it. However, they are definitely very good quality and since I use 2 of the 3 brushes, I’m giving it 4 stars.BTW, bought the eye brush set as well…LOVE IT!

Carissa Fayetteville, OH

Best I have tried for price

I was looking for a set of brushes that was good quality, easy to use and beginner friendly. I came across this set and decided it was a good price. I don’t regret it. They are very smooth and help me with the final touches because they make the makeup spread out smoothly and evenly. They pick up good amount of product and deposit it nicely on the skin. I use the pink one for blush and it does its job to deposit the color and smoothing it out. I use the purple one for eye shadow, specially if I only have time to deposit one color on my eye lid, and same thing here, it picks up a lot of product and spreads it out evenly. And finally I use the yellow one for powder foundation even though you can use it with any kind of foundation (liquid, cream, compact and loose powder). Easy to use, clean and maintain , the hairs don’t fall out when I use them or when I clean them. Very nice for the price. I recommended for all, beginners to expert, you will be surprised what you get for your money. Only thing I don’t use is the case, but if you travel this might be a plus for you, as stated in the title.

Sybil Esbon, KS

must have

even if it had 3 brushes, the case can carry more on the other side no need to mention the soft & high quality brushes

Millie Savery, WY


Absoutely love these brushes! These 3 brushes are really the essentials for makeup. You can use these 3 for eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, and powder… excellent, universal set!

Jaclyn Villa Ridge, IL

Great Great Brushes, Holy Grail Brushes for Me

I love Real Techniques Brushes and only wish that they would create more brushes. These brushes are fantastic for beginners and pros alike. They are perfect and affordable. I am so inspired that they were created by Youtube Gurus!

Jodie Omaha, AR

All you need for travel + buffing brush!

I ain’t about that life of buying a brush for over $20 so I bought these after watching the girls on YouTube swearing by them. No regrets. I love these brushes so much. My makeup looks so much better.

Rachael Cross Plains, TN

Good Make-up Tool

I love the multi-task brush. I use it as blush brush, it works very well with mineral powder. The minus one start is for the foundation brush, well, it is just me, not a big fan of flat foundation brush, i use it to apply my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and use the buffing brush from another set as foundation brush instead.

Jean Cragford, AL

Lovely Set!

If you could only live on 3 brushes, these are the 3 you should get. WORTH every penny.Foundation brush is brilliant, was considering to get a M.A.C 190, but don’t seem necessary anymore!Domed shadow brush is my saviour, for I use it to blend my Bobbi Brown corrector & concealer. It blends my concealer LIKE SKIN OMG I cannot describe how much I adore this brush! (and if you follow the pixiwoo sisters, they’re coming out with a travel size version, *squeaks*)And the multi-task brush, it’s SOFT WOW! For a synthetic brush, it’s obscenely soft (haha). Picks up blush like a dream!

Elsie Parkersburg, WV


I love my real technique brushes…they are well made and do a perfect applying my makeup. They are very versatile and Samantha Chapman does wonderful makeup tutorials, using her brushes, on youtube. Ive ordered more!

Lakisha Adrian, GA

Pretty Sure They’re Fakes

I’m pretty positive the brushes in the set I bought are fake. I purchased a few brushes from ‘Paris Presents Incorporated’ and they are all poorly made. The bristles are unevenly cut and the writing is off center. A few of them even had some mysterious liquid on the bristles causing them to be clumped when I received them…which I thought would resolve when washed a few times (maybe it was a protective coating?) but no, the bristles feel greasy, are hard to clean and do not go back into the shape they should be. Pretty upset.

Brandi Heilwood, PA

Best makeup brushes

These are better than all I’ve tried, which are mac, sigma, elf, ecotools and more. I have a lot of these, and they are the easiest to work with.

Shawna Philo, IL


I’m so impressed by these brushes. It’s affordable it does it’s justice as brushes without emptying a hole in your wallet. It has extremely soft bristles unlike MAC they use animal fur which you pay so much for and feels like steel wool on your face. I’m in love with them I want to get every brushes they make.

Jodi Energy, TX


The brushes are high in quality but not the brush holders. I mostly use the powder brush and the concealer brush

Harriet Conway, MA

Wicked Good

Love this set. Best one to get for starting off….and I honestly think that the smaller brush (purple) is the best concealer brush ever….actually went and bought two more of them. Good start off kit, for someone that does not want to spend too much. Easy to clean too!

Pamela Ringwood, NJ


I have been watching the Pixiwoo sisters on Youtube for years and have wanted these brushes forever! They are very very soft and seem to be well made. The bristles don’t fall out and they are very easy to clean, unlike natural haired brushes. The only thing is that they seem to work better on cream products rather than powdered products (because they are synthetic haired brushes), but it seems to work out for me because you can pick up less product and then build the color up while buffing it in at the same time. It makes for a longer lasting finish. I use these three brushes everyday and I intend to buy more in the future. Great bargain!

Johnnie Bloomingdale, OH

Wonderful brushes!

These are perfect for travel! They are incredibly soft on the skin and non-irritating and best of all, they didn’t shed! My favorite was the mutli-task brush but the eye shadow brush was a close second!

Queen Leander, TX

First Timer !

This was my first Real Techniques Brush purchase… and I am so glad I made this purchase ! I LOVE THESE BRUSHES ! Sooo super soft and my make-up goes on flawlessly. I don’t use the black case at all but it was still a nice addition. Love. ♥

Rocio Carolina, PR

The best brushes!

These brushes last a long time and keep their shape when cleaned. I’ve used real techniques for years and don’t plan to stop.

Manuela Kearsarge, NH

Incredible Makeup Brushes!

I was in the market to replace most of my makeup brushes, and in the 15 years since I bought my set of MAC brushes, their prices have seriously gone up (out of my price range). Therefore, I did my research on the best (affordable) makeup brushes, and Real Techniques was consistently rated number one. Some of the important things for me were:1). Excellent Quality: brushes that had substance, and don’t feel flimsy or lightweight when I hold them2). No Shedding: I can’t stand brushes that shed3). Variety: I don’t need a 35 brush set, when I use 12-15 specific brushes. I ONLY wanted great brushes that I need, and Ican see how easy it would be to get seduced by the huge brush sets for just $17.99….DON’T do it!!4). Realistic Price: I can’t pay $45 for one brush. But I don’t mind paying a little more for really good brushes.I got everything I wanted with this set, the Real Techniques Core Set, and the Stippling Brush. I’ll be back FOR SURE to buy the set for eyes, and that will complete my set. I am thrilled with these brushes, I use them daily, I take good care of them (washed them with Brush Shampoo before first use, and I lightly spray them with brush cleaner and wipe them down after each use), the cases are excellent quality, I can even fit my Stippling Brush in with this set, and I have not experienced any shedding after several days of daily use. I absolutely recommend these brushes, and this brand. On their official website, there are even tutorials on how to achieve certain looks, and how to use each brush, very helpful to me since I wasn’t sure how to use a Stippling Brush but I’m so glad I bought one, it saves a ton of money in foundation because you use 1/4 the amount used with a flat foundation brush. GET THESE WHILE YOU CAN, AMAZING DEAL!!!

Bettye Reader, WV