real Techniques Starter Set

Designed with pro makeup artist Samantha Chapman, Real Techniques brushes combine high-tech materials with innovative design to make creating a pixel-perfect look easier than ever: Taklon bristles are ultra plush and smoother than the hair you’ll find in other brushes. Since taklon is synthetic, it’s 100% cruelty-free. The soft fibers help create a flawless, high-definition finish in any type of light, from sunlight to harsh indoor lighting. The color-coded system corresponds to the key steps of makeup application so you can create a flawless base (copper), enhanced eyes (purple), and the perfect finish like a pro (pink). Each brush head is hand-cut to the perfect shape, allowing for precise application from dense coverage to a soft, delicate finish. The collection is suitable for a wide range of products and every makeup need – from powders, creams, and liquids to mineral makeup, highlighter, and shimmer. Brush names on the handles make for easy reference when creating your favorite look.

Key features

  • Eye definition goes high definition with our revised starter set.
  • Base shadow brush: applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color.
  • Deluxe crease brush: soft, oversized design for effortless contouring.
  • Accent brush: for precision detailing, highlighting and smudging.
  • Fine liner brush: for precision application of liquid of cream eyeliner.
  • Brow brush: distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows.

Honest reviews


Better deals for similar brushes

Basically, I went to ulta to take a closer look at these brushes. I have been lusting after all of these brushes for awhile and went to stalk them some more. When I looked at them closely most of the brushes in this pack were too…fuzzy. I was looking for something with cleaner lines for my eye makeup. I really like the quality of these brushes, which is why I think they are STILL a very good deal if you have a lot of makeup and wear it all the time, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. For the same price I bought the “core collection” set which is a better deal in my opinion, and has one small brush for applying eye makeup. I also bought a shading brush, which looks more practical for putting on shadows and such.

Kari Pineville, WV

“Quality products!” -updated review

UPDATE, UPDATE!I would not recommend these brushes. I have found that the quality is not as good as I originally thought. I dropped one and stepped on it and it smashed completely. Apparently the handles are cheap, hollow aluminum (or some kind of thin, flexible metal). I usually do take very good care of my things but I didn’t know that the brush had fallen on the carpet so I did step on it. I had to throw it away. I would prefer a brush with a handle that is made from wood or at the very least is solid. I love the Pixiwoo sisters but I do not recommend these brushes anymore. For inexpensive brushes I recommend ECOTOOLS. They are made by the same company but they have solid bamboo handles. They are much sturdier. For VERY good brushes, go with SIGMA.I left my original review below.”I bought these brushes because I was a fan of the Pixiwoo channel on Youtube. I really love these brushes. They are very similar in quality to the Ecotools brand (both are made by Paris Presents). The bristles are soft. I like all the brushes except the eyeliner brush. I wish this set came with the FINE eyeliner brush. Even applying thick eyeliner was sort of difficult for me with this brush. I understand that part of if is my lack of skills, but I did watch the tutorial. I think people are more likely to want a fine brush because with a fine brush you can go thick or thin. I ended up buying the fine liner brush separately for an additional $6. Also, the writing on the brushes isn’t as good as the Ecotools brand. These are new brushes and I can already see where the letters are coming off. It’s really not a big deal, but I would prefer the letters to be engraved so that they do not rub off.”

Jackie Yolo, CA

Incredibly versatile brush set at a great price

I purchased this brush set at Ulta probably six months ago and in all honesty, I use at least one of these brushes every single time I put on makeup (5-6 times per week). The brushes are great quality. The bristles are super soft and they’re synthetic so they don’t soak up products and are especially great at applying any creamy products (cream eye shadows, concealer, etc). I wash mine 2-3 times per week and they don’t shed at all and have kept their shapes beautifully.I find the base shadow and the crease brushes to be absolutely essential to my cosmetics routine. The base shadow brush is similar to the MAC 217, but slightly smaller, which I love. It is so useful! And while I rarely use the crease brush on my crease, I use it all the time as well. I use the crease brush to apply/blend cream products. I use it on cream eyeshadows, cream eye bases, eye primers, concealers, etc. I use the accent brush less often, but it is great for any type of detailed application. When I do need and angled brush, I prefer the Real Techniques brush to far more expensive brushes from MAC and Sephora. The pixel point brush is one that I use very rarely only because I use eye liners with built in applicators, but again, if you needed a precision brush, it would do nicely.All in all, these brushes are a GREAT deal. A single MAC brush would cost more than all 5 of these brushes and in my experience, not hold up as well. I love these brushes and I really wish Amazon would restock this line so I could purchase some more brushes.

Lillian Coker, AL

Don’t waste your money on this set.

Eventhough I’m still in love with Face Expert brush from Real Techniques, this set I hate because of the bristles size. You can cannot use them to apply and blend your eyeshadow properly. I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this set.

Jeannine Farmington, WV

Excellent value

This brush set at first seemed lacking. But, as I began to work with them, I found that each brush has many possible (and often surprising) uses. Each brush is dense, gentle on delicate skin, and so easy to clean. They have quickly become favorites among my extensive (and expensive) brush collection. As a MUA, I am not averse to spending $30+ on one brush in this size range. These are surprisingly fantastic brushes for less than the cost of a single brush. I plan on purchasing a few more sets to use on jobs.

Lea Malta Bend, MO

Pretty Eyes!

If you’re like me and you’re not a pro at applying eye makeup then these are for you! I’ve been practicing with these & my eyes look a lot better than when I use to use those little spongy tips. Ladies, you’ll be happy you bought these.

Vivian Vernalis, CA

Do the math

I dont exactly know how much does it cost every individual brush that real techiques sells. But I know for certain that I wouldnt buy this again because it’s not cool to check the brushes that come in here and notice that they dont work how they are supposed to.I’d say that the only brush in this kit that does what it says it’s the accent brush. Because it has just the perfect size, cut and amount of bristles to do its job.The base shadow brush is a joke, as it is the deluxe crease one and the liner. Really? How big do you think human eyelids are? They are massive. (Yeah, I like to exaggerate… but no really, they are way too big).I could say that the brow brush is too big too, but I think is still usable if you apply shadow to fill in your eyebrows (I dont, I use a pencil).So, My re-use?:I use the Deluxe crease brush to apply concealer, I think it really works for this, it has a great size and pressure to blend in creamy-liquidity concealers under the eyes.I havent yet figured out how to use the base shadow brush but I think it could work for applying liquid concealers around the face. (But I rarely do that).The liner? Well, that thing is just too big. You could use it to line up your eyelids in halloween, I guess.And as I said, I dont use powder to fill in my eyebrows, so no really much use out of the angle brush.Then do the math, I paid $15.50 for 2 brushes that I can definetely use and one that maybe I will.Is it worth it? Better ask yourself before buying this kit.

Adele Belington, WV



Hilda Plains, TX

Great Job Sam.

I have watched Samantha Chapman on YouTube for quite awhile so I was excited when she came out with these brushes. I do not live anywhere near an Ulta so I took to the internet to try and find these starter sets. I purchased this one as well we the face brushes with the gold handles and I use them every day. They do not shed or lose their shape and they pick up just the right about of product. Very good quality!

Janis Byfield, MA

Great quality and variety. Almost everything you need

I must say that I just love love love my brushed from Teal Techniques. I have had Mac brushes for more than 6 years and always found them shedding, these have not shed a single hair and they are so so soft and my skin goes all uhmmm and aaahhh when I use them!For the set; almost everything you need. The crease brush is a little big for my eyes, but I use it for other purposes. I find that a thinner eye liner brush (I do not recall if it is called that, but I mean the long thin one) would have been great, the one included is a little clumsy, but I used it for applying highlighter at exact places and for that it is great. I use this set a lot.

Tia Chelsea, IA


Samantha Chapman + Real Techniques = Best Bargain BrushesI am a free lance makeup artist and have a crap load of brushes. Since I’ve received these it’s pretty much all I’ve been using. The synthetic hairs grab product so well, especially cream and other emollient based products. The base shadow brush is heaven sent! I’ve used this brush for concealer under the eyes, to highlighting on the bridge of the nose and forehead, to spot concealing and it the delivery makes skin look airbrushed. Kudos to Mrs. Chapman & Real Techniques for a brilliant collabo!

Loraine Weiner, AR



Marjorie Nordland, WA

Best brushes from Brit MUA

I had been following Samantha and Nicola Chapmans’ youtube video tutorials for years before Samantha began the Real Techniques brush collection. They feel soft, hold product well without taking it back off of your skin, and create a flawless finish. Each brush is labeled with its intended purpose to make it easy, but if you follow Sam’s blog, she suggests different ways to use each brush. These did excellent for me, and I was happy to get them with my super saver discount!

Etta North Chelmsford, MA

Phenomenal Quality a

These brushes are absolutely amazing. They are so soft, really pack color on for great pigmentation, and blend effortlessly. I have a makeup brush obsession and have accumulated quite a collection, and I have to say I reach for these every day. I find myself using Samantha Chapman brushes over my MAC and Smashbox brushes of the same design. I don’t know what it is about these brushes, or how they are so affordable, but they are worth every penny and them some. I can honestly say that, for me, these are comparable to Sigma brushes. They really do so much of the work for you. I can’t rave about these brushes enough. If you’re considering buying them DO IT; you won’t regret it!

Angelina Fort Huachuca, AZ

Great Synthetic Quality Brushes at a Great Price

I found out about Real Techniques Brushes from Sam Chapman, who posts as Pixiwoo on youtube. Her demonstration and other positive reviews about this product, made me decide to purchase it. I think these Taklon synthetic brushes are amazing. I have found synthetic brushes to be irritating and uncomfortable for use in the eye area. But these brushes are soft and gentle. The deluxe crease brush and the base shadow brush are my two favorites. They are both versatile with many uses. I like the deluxe crease brush to apply concealer. It gives a beautiful finish. It can also be used to apply eyeshadow in the crease. I also use the base eyeshadow brush to pack on color on the lid and blend. The tiny smudger brush can be used to highlight the inner corner of the eyes or to smudge eyeliner for a smoky effect.The one negative is that these brushes are only sold in a set. I really wanted just the deluxe crease brush and the base eyeshadow brush individually. I haven’t used the gel eyeliner brush and the brow brush isn’t as good quality as the others in this set. The only problem I had was when the deluxe crease brush hairs separated from the brush itself. I don’t know why that happened. I haven’t had this problem with any of the other Real Techniques brushes I have purchased. The packaging isn’t great, but works well for travel purposes. I also purchased the Expert Face Brush and the Core Collection set. I love these brushes! If you are looking for great quality synthetic brushes that will get the job done for a reasonable price, this is for you.

Karyn Keuka Park, NY

Throw 2 away, keep 3

I found the "eyeliner" and "detail" brushes are stupid. The others are great though. They need to be washed before used or else they wont pick up any product

Lupe Hannacroix, NY

Fantastic value!

Don’t be fooled by the low price, these are fantastic little brushes: soft, do not shed at all, do not absorb too much product, and easy to clean with a brush cleaner. I use them all the time and I have higher end brushes too.I don’t use the stand much though, it’s nice for when you travel but I wouldn’t keep it on my desk for daily use as the elastic is pretty tight and it’s not super convenient to keep sliding them in and out.I also have their face stipling brush (it’s a brush for applying gel or liquid blush and foundation) and love it so much. I will buy more from the same brand!

Earlene Leavenworth, IN

Dont like

these brushes really did not like the texture of your hair is synthetic hard you can not put an eyeshadow it does not like me wanted them back but forget to return them for my work

Meagan Boerne, TX

Five Stars

a good investment

Herminia Kew Gardens, NY

Love them!

I was in the search of a set like this for my eyes, I’m not a makeup pro so I wouldn’t want to waste a lot of money on brushes. There are great quality, size and work excellent! better than expected!

Cathy Warren, IN

I love this set, wish the fine liner detailed was finer

All good. Worth way more than what we pay for this set. Hold up well after daily washing. Only con for me is the detail fine liner brush is too thick for me. But that is ok, I can use it for many other things.

Nichole Culpeper, VA


I bought the face brushes to try them out and I loved them now I bought these to try out and yes they work the brushes are soft but they pick up the shadows wonderfully the angle brush is my favorite it just works great and really shaps my eyebrows love love BUY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen Damariscotta, ME

Must haves.

These set of brushes are great! Professional quality. Works well with picking up eye shadow! This is absolutely "must haves".

Rae Bronson, IA

Love these brushes.

I love these brushes. They’re fantastic. They’re very soft and spread eyeshadows really well. This is a great set for eyes. You can use some of the brushes to apply concealer too.

Caryn Marine, IL

Great set of eye brushes.

Base Shadow Brush – Just to clarify since the picture is a little unclear– this is a round brush. I use this brush on a weekly basis, and it’s really nice. I never use it to apply eyeshadow, because it’s just too big. I use it mostly as a blending brush for my crease shadow. It’s also great for concealer if you have a large spot to cover, as you can use it as a mini stipling brush. Sometimes I use it to apply highligher or small contour (around the nose or chin). It’s also great for applying a wash of color anywhere above the lid. Admittedly, I would get more eyeshadow use out of it if it was smaller, but I do like its applications as a face brush. Great for blending.Deluxe Crease Brush – I don’t use this as a crease brush. I prefer a round brush with longer bristles for the crease, like the Mac 219, or bdellium 781 (bdellium is a great line of cruelty-free brushes). I use this brush for blending and sometimes applying to the lid.Accent Brush – A nice little brush. Works nicely on brows, eyeliner, or pinpoint applications.Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush – Out of my entire set of RT brushes, this is the one that gets the least use. The bristles are too long for eyeliner application, too round and flexible for pinpoint concealing. I have no use for this brush. I recommend the bdellium 710 for eyeliner and pinpoint concealing.Brow Brush – I find this brush to be a bit too thick to use on my brows, but that is personal preference. I don’t fill in my brows with a brush very much. I use this brush for blending eyeliner or shadow on my lashline.Panoramic 2-in-1 brush case/stand – Meh, I tossed this because I found it a pain to use. I didn’t like that it was always open and that my brushes weren’t sealed off from the outside environment when the case was closed. I would prefer if they came in a case like the Sigma brushes, or if they included a cute little bag to keep them in, but that’s just me. I don’t like having to put each brush back into a specific place, and I feel like this gets dirty and isn’t easy to clean.I could do my entire face with these three brushes. I would say that this is my favorite set of brushes out of all the RT brush sets.I’ve had the full set of these brushes since they first launched in 2012. Since getting them, I’ve used at least three of them every single day. That’s two years of constant use, and they look and preform the same way they did the day I received them. Since getting the full line of these, I have not purchased a single new brush. My old mac brushes lay untouched in the back of my drawer. Not to mention that just one Mac brush costs as much as the whole set of these ones. Did I mention that you can now buy these at Walmart?These brushes are superior to animal hair brushes in every way. They are cruelty free. They are extremely easy to clean– I timed myself, and I can wash twenty brushes in seven minutes. They do not get stained. I purposely didn’t clean red OCC Lip Tar off of my lip brush for a month, and the lip tar came off as easily as any other product. (I use Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Body Wash or just regular Equate hand soap to clean mine.) They don’t hold any funky smells or bacteria after washing, since the bristles aren’t porous, unlike animal hair bristles. For the same reason, they dry off very fast. My RT face brush takes about 30 minutes to dry if I leave it damp on a washcloth, and I can dry it almost completely in a few seconds if I rub the brush against a sham. I’ve cleaned and dried my brushes right before using them to do my makeup regularly. My mac brushes take hours (sometimes days) to dry completely, even if I wipe them against a sham first. Another advantage of the non-porous bristles is that you don’t have to condition them. After washing animal hair brushes, you are supposed to condition them with an oil or conditioner so they stay soft and don’t get brittle. If you don’t, your brushes will start shedding. The RT brushes don’t need to be conditioned, and they don’t shed.Then, they are soft. Softer than animal hair. They pick up product and dispense it with ease. Product doesn’t linger in the brush nearly as much it does on animal hair brushes, which lets me use less product. Truly a pleasure to use and apply makeup with. My one small gripe is that sometimes product can get stuck on the black grip part of these brushes, but that is hardly an issue since it cleans right off. They just might look a bit dirty after rolling around in your makeup bag.These are so durable and have held up better than any brush I’ve ever had before. As I said before, I’ve been using them for two years already and they look and feel the same way they did the day I got them. I’m sure that they will last for years to come. I would give these to a friend. I would repurchase. Affordable, durable, just a great product. These would be a great gift to anyone that wears makeup. I would recommend these over any other brush on the market. I feel that this is a truly superior product in every way.

Robert Grand Prairie, TX

Starter Set is right

Out of all the real Technique brushes I own, this set is my least favorite. Let me explain: I really like the first 3 brushes in the set, they’re very fluffy and dense. They wash well and no dyes came from any of the brushes. They also dry quickly. They’re great for packing color all over the lid, cutting the crease, and the baby one in the middle is actually perfect for getting eyeshadow right underneath your bottom lashes. The final 2 brushes are the ones I don’t picture myself using, they remind me of the brushes you get with a huge cheap palette of eyeshadow or something. The "Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush" is definitely not for eyeliner, the bristles are too long and too soft. You will not have good control using this brush. I’ve also found the "brow brush" is too big for anything: using it to fill your brows, applying eyeliner to the lashline, lining the lashline.. it’s just too thick. All in all, I’d say this is a good set for a beginner but I wasn’t too impressed. I’ll be using the eyeshadow brushes more than anything else in the set. However, I do highly recommend the real Techniques face brushes, they are great quality and I use them everyday.

Kris Haileyville, OK


I think these brushes deserve all what were said about them I am so in love , now I am planning to try the face brushes too

Tessa Homer, IL

Nice set

I really love real techniques brand brushes. The bristles are soft and feel nice on the skin. For the price, this is an excellent set which includes all the necessary eye brushes.

Jo Slaton, TX

A full set of good quality brushes

These were my first brush kit and I’m in love with them! Buying more whenever I can! I didn’t like the case, it could be a small bag or a cup like sigma brushes.

Beverly Vandervoort, AR

Great brushes except for 1 minor flaw

I love these brushes and quickly tossed my old ones and use only these. Super quality, easy to clean, do the job wonderfully. My only complaint is that the slanted brush is for eyebrows and therefore very stiff (e.g. hard bristles). I was hoping it’d be softer and thus I could use it for eyeshadow – I have an old slanted eyeshadow brush which I love for crease application. But alas, can’t use it that way, so I still need a replacement – however, otherwise the set is great and would buy again.

Eve Cactus, TX