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Real Techniques Lash Brow Groomer

Designed with pro makeup artist Samantha Chapman, Real Techniques brushes combine high-tech materials with innovative design to make creating a pixel-perfect look easier than ever: Taklon bristles are ultra plush and smoother than the hair you’ll find in other brushes. Since taklon is synthetic, it’s 100% cruelty-free. The soft fibers help create a flawless, high-definition finish in any type of light, from sunlight to harsh indoor lighting. The color-coded system corresponds to the key steps of makeup application so you can create a flawless base (copper), enhanced eyes (purple), and the perfect finish like a pro (pink). Each brush head is hand-cut to the perfect shape, allowing for precise application from dense coverage to a soft, delicate finish. The collection is suitable for a wide range of products and every makeup need – from powders, creams, and liquids to mineral makeup, highlighter, and shimmer. Brush names on the handles make for easy reference when creating your favorite look.

Key features

  • Hand cut hair design allows for even and streak free application of makeup
  • Synthetic taklon bristles are non-porous and do not trap or absorb product, bacteria and dead skin cells
  • Precision metal comb includes protective cap for storage and travel
  • Uniquely shaped and color coded aluminum ferrule
  • Online video tutorials at

Honest reviews


extremely disapointed customer :(((

when this product arrived at my house, I was excited to finally have a "Real Techniques" brush of any kind since they are supposed to be a premium brand name. When I opened the envelope, I was very disappointed, as the tool it’s self was bent/cracked about one inch above the black rubber tipped end. I looked a the shipping envelope…it was in perfect condition; then I looked at the clear packaging which the comb/brush came in and it was also in perfect condition; which leads me to believe the comb/brush was bent when it came from the factory; and they (the seller) knew it was like that; then sold it anyway. Not a nice thing to do. I am not at all happy about it either.

Carly Boonton, NJ


After I saw a review of this brush on youtube I knew I had to have it, the metal tiny part of the other side of the brush is great to separate your sticky lashes!! 😛

Jamie Steamboat Rock, IA

Great brush.

Love this brush, not many brands make a metal comb, most of them are plastics. Metal comb is way better for combing lashes, separate them very well.

May Heflin, LA


I love this lash/brow groomer. I am collecting the whole Real Techniques set, and am always pleased with the quality of the brushes.This brush, on the brow grooming side has nice sturdy bristles. The bristles are black, and have some purple colored bristles mixed in. I thought this was a cute touch. I have had no problems with loose hairs on this brush.The lash side, is metal, the prongs aren’t too sharp, and they are sturdy. A little cover for this side is included.The handle is some kind of light metal, and the black part has a unique texture. It reminds me of the NYX matte lip creme case texture.I love it. And would buy again.

Amber Westby, MT

Gets the job done

I love the lash brow groomer. It works brilliantly. No need in paying for high end brushes when this is just as good or better.

Rocio Matteson, IL

Simple and clean.

These eyebrow groomers are really all the same at the top. This product stands out because of the handle! It’s aluminum so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or snapping. It’s also nice and long, and has a cap on the end.

Beatrice Nashwauk, MN

just what i was looking for

I used to have the same lash/brow groomer that I purchased from Sephora, but lost it awhile ago. I was about to purchase one from Sephora, but felt that $14 was a bit steep and decided to check on here. While on most of these groomers the eyelash part is made out of plastic, I was happy to see that this one is made out of metal. This is such an amazing deal too. I’m happy I found it.

Chelsea Lane, IL


The reason I bought this groomer was for the metal lash separator….The plastic ones are truly worthless. If you want to sweep put clumps and separate your lashes, this baby does a beautiful job….must have. The brow groomer is useless though.

Jo Afton, TN

Great Brush

I ordered this brush with the realTechniques Starter Set and the Core Collection and I love them all! The handles are brights and colorful in my makeup bag which makes them easy to find on trips. I travel a lot for work and these are great!

Joyce Brookfield, WI

A must-have for anyone who grooms the brows and lashes.

The brush part is very firm, which is perfect for me. I do not like soft brushes for my eyebrows. The metal eyelash comb is great! Very durable product and so inexpensive. Would purchase again. Shipping was fast and well protected in its own case, then bubble wrap in a medium size box. My only recommendation would be to consider not overpacking.

Megan Hewitt, NJ

Metal lash comb teeth surpass plastic ones by a mile!

The brow groomer part is fine; nice bristles, does what it’s supposed to do, which is brush your brows into place. But the metal teeth on the lash comb are terrific! Most plastic lash combs have teeth that are too thick to separate delicate lashes. The metal teeth are thinner (but not sharp) and very able to separate mascara-coated lashes to help give the full-lash look I want. I’ll never go back to plastic!

Hazel Lebam, WA

If you’ve only ever had plastic ones in the past – you will kick yourself after you use this one with metal teeth.

It’s not that expensive & it far exceeded my expectations – the metal teeth on the comb don’t come anywhere close to comparing with the typical plastic ones I’ve always had (and paid more for). this is definitely in a whole different league of cosmetic tools. Get it – seriously – just get it! You’re worth it!!

Beryl Falling Waters, WV

FINALLY! A lash comb that WON’T break!

I’ve gone through a few combs like these, all with a plastic teeth. And they all worked fine for a few months until the little teeth broke off. SO irritating.Because this thing has metal teeth, I don’t see them breaking off as easily (or ever). My prayers have been answered!This is great for brushing eyebrows with the bristle side and getting rid of mascara clumps with the comb side. Real Techniques has yet to disappoint.

Michaela Tower City, PA


I’ve had several of similar product because I have long, full, and curly eyelashes and they tend to twist and weave! specially when I wake up in the morning.I also use the brow groomer for my full eyebrows.This is the first time I am buying a groomer that I do not know how to keep in my hand so I could see both the lash metal groomers and my eyelashes. The weird angle and the relatively bulkiness of the brow groomer side and the plastic in between these two sides really block your way to see your eyelashes. I poked my eyes a couple of times and still don’t feel comfortable using it without doing some weird acrobatic things.The metal seems pretty good quality and it is a decent product, but be careful not to poke your eyes.

Chandra Equinunk, PA

Real Techniques Lash Brow Groomer is a great product!

I use this lash brow groomer every morning and love it. On one side is the brow groomer and on the other side is a lash groomer to get rid of clumps of mascara and even your lashes out. I have two of these, one in my home makeup bag, and one in my travel bag. Real Techniques makes the best makeup brushes and are the only ones I purchase now!

Jerry North Monmouth, ME

Great brow groomer….

I love all of Sam Chapmans brushes I own them all and believe they won’t disappoint you. You can watch her on pixiwoo on youtube her and her sister are very talented.

Stacy Paducah, KY

Love it!

I love it. Very useful after applying mascara. I use it to separate my lashes. The brush is good for brows too. Good quality construction.

Willa Lynn, NC

Get it!

I HATE the plastic versions. I use this to separate my eyelashes between coats of mascara and it works STUPENDOUSLY, in addition, I use it to groom my brows as well. Please, PLEASE do yourself a favor and get this instead of the plastic cheap ones. It will last much longer. My only dislike is the color, I would have preferred plain silver or black instead of the pink/purple colors that the real techniques colors come in. Yes, Im a woman, but not all of us adore these outrageous colors. Simplicity = better,

Rosario Alexander, ND

Liking it

I like this lash groomer sadly this is a tool that never works in the way I wish it would, I don’t use the brush side really, I prefer a spooley to groom my eyebrows but I like the fact that it has a metal comb and that it has a cap. Good for the price.

Mercedes Halbur, IA