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real Techniques Blush Brush

About the Brushes View larger View larger About the Brushes Designed with pro makeup artist Samantha Chapman, Real Techniques brushes combine high-tech materials with innovative design to make creating a pixel-perfect look easier than ever. Synthetic bristles are ultra plush and smoother than the hair you’ll find in other brushes. Since our bristles are synthetic, it’s 100% cruelty-free. The soft fibers help create a flawless, high-definition finish in any type of light from sunlight to harsh indoor lighting. The color-coded system corresponds to the key steps of makeup application so you can create a flawless base, enhanced eyes, and the perfect finish like a pro. Each brush head is hand-cut to the perfect shape, allowing for precise application from dense coverage to a soft, delicate finish. The collection is suitable for a wide range of products and every makeup need from powders, creams, and liquids to mineral makeup, highlighter, and shimmer. Brush names on the handles make for easy reference when creating your favorite look. Brush Care Tips We always love sharing our tips on proper brush care, since clean brushes create the best makeup results. We suggest using a brush cleanser to wash them every week if used daily. Here are some step-by-step instructions: Wet the brush with warm water, being careful not to fully immerse the base of the bristles. Place a pea-sized drop of brush cleanser (or any mild cleanser like baby shampoo) in the palm of your hand. Swirl the bristles in the cleanser in a circular motion until the brush is fully lathered. Rinse the bristles, squeezing from the base to the tips to remove excess water. Repeat until the water runs clear and all makeup is removed from the brush. Reshape the bristles to their original form and lay the brush down on a flat surface to dry. You can also gently brush bristles on paper towel to remove buildup. (Tip: Wash brushes at night so they are dry and ready for use in the morning.)

Key features

  • Hand cut hair design allows for even and streak free application of makeup
  • Synthetic taklon bristles are non-porous and do not trap or absorb product, bacteria and dead skin cells
  • Bristles are less prone to breakage or damage as well as keep clean and maintain
  • Uniquely shaped and color coded aluminum ferrule
  • Online video tutorials at

Honest reviews


Decent Brush – Just Not for Blush

I bought this brush and other Real Techniques brushes as I’m a big fan of Sam Chapman, and believe she would only bring to market a great quality product. I own many high end brushes: mostly MAC and Nars, but also Hourglass, Shu Uemura,and Chanel. I also own some drugstore brand brushes, but have to say, for the most part, you get what you pay for. The high end brushes, in my experience, outperform their cheaper counterparts (although EcoTools does make some good, low cost brushes). I wear full-on makeup everyday, so I need a stable of good brushes.So back to Sam Chapman’s Blush Brush….I have owned this brush for nine months, have used it many times, but not every day. It is marketed as a blush brush, but in my opinion, it is way too big to be a blush brush. Using it as a blush brush I get two huge swathes of color on my cheeks. Yes, you can maneuver the brush and color pickup and placement to get the right application — but it’s too much work. A brush should fulflll its intended purpose effortlessly. This brush does not.What I use this brush for is blending and highlighter application. I don’t use it for powder — it’s too small for that.The bristles are soft — perhaps too soft for powder blush application. The brush does not shed and washes well — I wash my brushes after every use, and this brush holds up — but like I said, I don’t use it every day.The size and weight of the brush are just fine. the flat handle, does make it awkward to store if you use a stand-up jar. The black matte plastic handle is prone to pick-up fingerprints and get messy. Aesthetically, the brush is not my cup of tea (ugly metal ferrules and cheap looking plastic handle), but for the price point, it is fine.It’s a good, affordable brush for someone starting a brush collection, but buy it with the caveat, that unless you have a huge face, this is really not a blush brush. If you already have a great collection, you may be like me, and find that you rarely reach for this brush.

Alice Howells, NE


i orderd 2 of real Techniques Blush Brushbut i got 1 real Techniques Blush Brush and 1 real Techniques stapiling Brush

Glenna Oneida, TN

Great face brush for blush and many other applications

First off, what is with no one having these brushes in stock?? I picked the Real Technicques Blush Brush up at Ulta a couple of months ago, and I’m glad I did because I haven’t seen them since.This is a quality brush. It is super soft and does not shed at all. It’s got a great shape, slightly more rounded than a tulip head brush, but still very multi-purpose. It’s got a slightly pointed tip so you can definitely use it for blush, but also for contour and/or highlighting. It is a sizeable brush though, so if you wanted to use it for all over powder, it would be great for that as well.The handle has a flat bottom, so this brush will actually stand up on its end with little effort.Overall, great brush, well worth the price!

Jeanie Cambra, PA


finally got it, very soft, couldnt ask for a better brush to apply blush. highly suggest it, real techniques is a great brand.

Amie Donaldson, AR

bunny is not my real name

its really good my sister bought it and she loved it its so soft and i like to play with it to

Frances Ramona, CA

Great brush, just not sure as a blush brush.

This brush was the softest of all the ones I purchased (i bought all three sets, plus this extra). It felt fantastic on my skin and picked up product easily. I think my concerns are just that it isn’t as firm as I’m used to in a blush brush. It takes some building up to get a darker blush look, but in all honesty, that’s probably a good thing.

Elisabeth Jean, NV

I love it

I’ve been a fan of Real Technique brushes for a while now, and this is the best Blush brush I have purchased. WOW – I wasn’t disappointed. This brush is amazing quality and is so soft! It applies my blush effortlessly whilst leaving your face with a soft glow. It’s very easy to clean and maintains it’s shape which has been a real problem for me with other brushes purchased in the past. This brush dries quickly too – I leave this to air dry and it’s good to use again within 2-3 hours. Excellent buy – I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this brush to others and the complete Real Techniques range.

Pauline Hazel, KY

Pretty Good– Just Not for Blush

This doesn’t outperform my Mac brushes (which I consider mid-level), but I love how soft this is. It’s far too big for applying blush, unless you pinch it, but I’ve found it works great for applying setting powder. I’ve had this for several months and it hasn’t begun to shed at all- even despite quite a few washes. Overall, its a good brush for the value.

Shelley La Fontaine, IN


It’s amazing for applying blush! It’s a heavier hand than using a stippling brush but light enough to avoid packing on too much color! Love.

Diann Alvarado, MN

Very soft blush brush

I bought this blush brush at Ulta. I actually have a few blush brushes, but I really wanted to try this one because I’ve enjoyed all of the real techniques brushes I have bought. Initially I thought I would use it for bronzer due to the large size. However, I especially like the Real Techniques Brush for highly pigmented blushes (e.g., my Lancome Blush Subtil blushes, my Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes) because it helps you control the amount of color you apply to your cheeks. It picks up color really well so it goes on evenly. For many blushes, one swipe is all it takes. I swipe one side of this brush on the blusher, then I swipe it along my cheekbone. If I want a touch more color, I repeat, so it is easy to build the color to get exactly the intensity that you want. Then I use the end to blend.I have a smaller, denser blush brush (Smashbox Brand) that I like to use as well, but that one really is better suited to lighter, less pigmented brushes that don’t show up easily on my cheeks. With darker, more pigmented blushes, a dense brush tends to apply too much blush, so I need another brush (the EcoTools blush brush) to blend it out. I also have a Mac 168 (the large angled brush), but the Real Techniques blush brush gives a more natural application and is just as soft. The Mac 168 is better for contouring.I highly recommend this blush brush. Don’t let the large size fool you. This brush is used differently than a denser brush. As I stated, you swipe the SIDE on the blusher then swipe the SIDE across your cheekbones.

Maggie Columbus, MS

mais ou menos

Apear de macio, achei grande para blush, penso que acabarei usando para pó mesmo. O cabo também é muito espaoso.

Jillian Kailua Kona, HI

love it

i love the packaging of this item. it was well organized and well wrapped. the brush was as displayed in the picture on the website. i recommend it for all make up lovers. the brushes are so soft and it doesn’t smell.

Brooke Lemon Cove, CA

love it …..

i am so in love With this brush It’s very soft but get the product very welland i recommend to try it …………

Carmen Union, NJ

favorite brush!

I love this brush. I use it for bronzer and blush, and while I was skeptical at first, its shape is really perfect for these, because it really helps get the makeup right where you want it, while also blending it into your face so it is very natural looking.

Lavonne Radiant, VA


I wanted a new blush brush and after reading reviews and watching tutorials on youtube, I decided to give real Techniques a try. I’m so glad I did! It arrived quickly and I used it for the first time today. I can’t believe the difference between my old brush… which I thought was pretty good… and this one. Big difference! It is a little bigger than I expected, BUT because of it’s shape it allows for precise application. The wonderful thing about this is its ability to be dual purpose. I applied my blush (which BTW, it didn’t pull off my foundation or concealer over my melasma on my cheekbones **dancing jig**) and then I was able to lightly blend in a little powder highlighter on top of my cheekbones. It was perfect! I walked downstairs and my husband looked up from the couch and said "Hey Gorgeous!" Even he could tell a difference, and you know men don’t always pay attention to the little details…lol. I also ordered two of the rT sets… the core collection, and the starter set… oh, and the face brush. Seeing how fabulous this brush worked, I can’t wait to receive the others. My main issue is covering up melasma and mild adult acne, and I had decided to revamp my entire makeup routine because what worked when I was 20, just ain’t cuttin’ it at 40ish. I would definitely recommend this one.

Lynne Greenwich, UT


Soft brush but won’t hold any product so I’m not sure what it’s purpose is. Have tried w/lose and pressed powder both as well as blush and it will not hold the product. Very disappointed.

Johnnie Mesa, CO

Plush and blends well

I have a lot of make up brushes but I’ve never had a blush brush that was shaped like this. As with all real Techniques brushes, the brush hair feels very plush and soft against skin. The brush picks up color quite well and applies product beautifully. The tapering all round really helps with diffusing and blending color to achieve a very natural blush finish. The size of the brush head is big enough for it to double as a powder/finishing brush as well which is perfect when you’re travelling. The flat base allows the brush to stand on its own on table tops in the event that you don’t have a brush holder to store brushes. The brush feels nice held and the extended aluminium ferrule is a nice touch design-wise. The brush hair is easy to clean and has held its shape even after many spot and deep cleanings. I’ve had the brush for over a year now and I’ve never experience any shedding or bleeding at all.

Alexandra Mahanoy Plane, PA

Excellent brush.

I love all the Real Techniques brushes. They’re amazing. This blush brush works just the right amount of color on the apples of the cheeks. Its really fantastic. It blends the color really well, so you won’t have any streaking. All of these brushes clean up nicely with any sort of makeup brush cleaner or even face wash for that matter.

Caroline Upperville, VA

A bit big for blush,

but it’s still one of my favorites and I reach for it everyday. It’s soft and when I washed it after arrival, the water came out clean- no dyes! Woo hoo! It picks up color and deposits it flawlessly– i use it with Nars orgasm or Mac peachtwist. Also, it dries super quickly after washing which was shocking because it’s so fluffy and dense. I think I now officially own all of the real techniques brushes and I feel that they are a worthwhile investment.

Norma Wilmar, AR

This is a great blush brush!

I purchased this entire brush line because I adore the Pixiwoo sisters and wanted to try Sam’s signature brush line. I really like this brush! The tapered end makes it easy to define the contour of the cheekbone as well as apply blush to the apples of the cheeks. It is very soft and the product goes on smoothly and evenly.

Germaine Haines City, FL

Excellent for blush placement

I am new to these brushes and using them for blush. This one is perfect and helps me place my blush in the perfect spot. Also it is very soft and does not pick up too much makeup at a time. This is great for anyone but, especially someone who is not a make up expert.

Sonya Ontario, OR

Great brush

The first thing I did when I got it was wash it. It shed a few strands but not a lot. The brush picks up blush/bronzer well. You only need to put product on the very tip and it applies so smoothly. I love this brush the quality and price are outstanding. I have washed several times and do not have an issue with shedding. If you want a quality brush at a great price then go for this.

Thelma Elma, IA

Bronzing brush

I agree with the other reviewers this brush is too big to be a blush brush, but it works great as a bronzing brush or setting brush.

Aurora Tempe, AZ


This is a perfect all rounder brush.. U can use it not just for blush but as a powder brush as well.. The brush is ultra plush and very soft.. Love it…

Chris Okemah, OK

A steal for the price

I love these brushes. It will probably replace my other powder brushes. It’s 8.99 and for what you get and the quality, it’s a complete steal. This isn’t much of a blush brush but more of a all over powder brush. I used it for blush and it gave a nice flush of color. I would probably only use this for my harsher blushes where I need a lighter touch. The shape is pointed so it gives a lot of control if you wanted to use as a blush brush. Personally I wouldn’t use it for blush unless I was in a rush but it would get the job done. It’s an awesome powder brush though: the bristles are soft but firm and it feels really good on my face. It does not disturb the makeup on my face when I use it and it holds it’s shape after washing which is a huge plus.

Rosario Mason, OH

Doesn’t work well for its intended purpose

This is an alright brush but I could not get it to work for blush application. It is too big for this. And, It just went on WAY too dark and it would not blend out the blush no matter how hard I tried. I can see it working well for highlighter, powder foundation, or setting powder, though. It is very soft and holds its shape well. These are good quality brushes.

Eleanor Island Pond, VT

Awesome brand of brushes!

This is the second blush brush I have bought from real Techniques. The blush brushes are fluffy, hold product really well, and wash/dry really well, holding their shape. The price for these brushes is really good too!

Susanne Shinnston, WV

amazing blush brush

I use this to contour and for blush and I am really pleased. Has never shed and is REALLY easy to wash. It does not stain either. Works great with powders, creams and liquids.

Deana Hawesville, KY


This brush is very soft! It’s tapered and can be used for MANY things besides blush. I actually prefer to use this for bronzer, contouring, and highlighting than for blush. The brush is VERY easy to wash and dry. The handle is nice and a good texture. Also, it’s VERY cute :). For around $10 you can’t go wrong trying this brush!

Lynn Mazie, KY

A good blush brush

Another good Real Techniques brush. It picks up a small amount of product and can apply a sheer coverage to a full coverage depending on your desire. Blends well. I am really enjoying this brush

Francine Gasquet, CA